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Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON

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Latest Guest Announcement: Christopher Eccleston

Attending: Sunday

Autograph Price: £95

Photo Shoot Price: £85

Photo Shoot Price with the exterior of the TARDIS: £95

Diamond Pass Price: £235

1x Guaranteed autograph from Christopher

1x Guaranteed standard Photo Shoot with Christopher

1x Exclusive Mug


This will be Christopher's first signing at a convention event in the world!



*Dr Who - Doctor Who 
*Thor: The Dark World - Malekith 
*28 Days Later - Major Henry West 
*GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - McCullen/Destro 
*Gone in Sixty Seconds - Raymond Calitri 
*Shallow Grave - David Stephens 
*The Leftovers - Matt Jamison
*Legend - Nipper Read
*Lennon Naked - John Lennon 
*Heroes: Claude

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