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  1. My Highs: I was only one day for few hours, but it was amazing experience. Guests - I just had few autographs and ALL the guests were just simply amazing. I had long chat with Aly Michalka about her band and other stuff. She was beyond nice. Rahul Kohli when asked "are you having fun?" replied " I am, but the most important thing is are YOU having fun?" plus nice talk about NSYNC. Jewel Staite took the time to talk to everyone and she was super nice. Roce cIver was a pleasant experience. She noticed my pounamu and we had a nice chat about New Zealand. Some of the crew. - I think his name was Ben, he was by the D photoshoot on Saturday. I couldn't stay all day and I had so many clashes and he let me go with the Diamonds for Tom Welling and super early for Jewel Staite. When I said I'm forever grateful he just said to make sure I am having fun and that's the best thank you. And the girl who was managing Rahul's VQ as in the morning he didn't have VQ and afternoon the number was almost 600 and she let me go without it as I had to leave soon after. Jason Momoa saying hi to me Lows lack of air con or rather proper air con. - I was sweating like crazy. All the guests were sweaty and unfortunately it shows in the pictures with shiny faces. some of the crew. - Some lady, I know she was just doing her job, didn't let anyone join Jewel's queue because sh had to control the amount of people. The queue was a mess, someone who was behind me got the auto 15 minutes earlier than me as she jumped the queue, Also some people were joining and she was banning me from joining despite other lady saying it's ok for me to join. Queues - they were a mess at some point I didn't know which wueue was for which guest. Announcing David Tennant - this was a low blow IMO. Even if he had to cancel it would've been nicer to have him announced much earlier. I was broke by the end of the day when SM announced him and thanks to that I missed out on this opportunity. So not very nice. Security - why bother with the bag checks whn they have 5 second look and are letting you go? After I left to go to the shop and came back they didn't even bother with checking any of the bags. No photos - I mean come on! I totally don't understand the No photos policy. I get that the posed pics are stopping the queues and they can be banned, but the guests are celebrities, having security chasing you down just because you dared to take a pic was a low blow. I mean it's just a pic and this year the security was very rude about it. Sometimes people can't do photoshoots and just having a quick snap at the table is amazing. I personally don't take pics of celebrities signing stuff, I prefer to be in the pic with them, but still don't get it and it was just strange.
  2. Ok so my pics from the LFCC. Just five, but omg so amazing photoshoots
  3. I have clashes. Only clashes. aaaaaaa *panic mode on*
  4. I'm sure it's been posted many times but is there any chance with my batch 5 tom welling to have am shoot as I can't totally stay until 5pm as I have important errand to run?
  5. Noooo!!!! I won't know if I can go until Friday so I hope that the tickets are not sold out! My absolute dream guest
  6. O M G I SCREAMED! And then I saw Sunday only. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
  7. I'm meeting him because I'm shallow and he's really good looking lol But on the serious note I like him as an actor so I'm super excited
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