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  1. should i go gold next year?

    I wasn't getting any autographs this year and I had 19 photoshoots. I had loads of clashes, but the crew is there to help you and with no GP I managed it all with zero stress. If you're going there all three days I am sure you can manage autographs as well, a lot of queues were open on Sunday and there was no problem with any autographs. But it is all up to you what you like. I had GP last year and to be fair I wasn't very amazed. I managed just fine this year and had lots of time to rest and relax.
  2. Weekend summary

    Well this LFCC was different. I was supposed to save money, but spent way over my budget. Didn't get any autographs. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the weekend as I would do of circumstances were different. On Friday I managed to pull myself through the day, on Saturday it was better. I have great memories and even if I wasn't in the bestest of moods, I was still happy. Benedict talked to me, Finn decided to do another pic with me, Wil Wheaton touched me lol and Tomy Flannagan almost strangled me to death in his bear hug. But this hug made me feel better. It was super nice to be there again. Until next time :)
  3. What about Wil Wheaton?

    Oh thank you! :)
  4. Post your lfcc pics here!

    Ok, my pics. Ufortunately I am not photogenic.... at all Alan Tudyk Alyson Hannigan Benedict Cumberbatch (who thought I was dressed up as Snow White) David Labrava Finn Jones #1 Finn Jones #2 Finn Jones #3 Finn Jones #4 Kristen Renton Mark Boone junior Mark Sheppard Michael Rosenbaum Natalie Dormer Phelps twins Sean Biggerstaff Tommy Flanagan Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton and TBBT set TBBT set
  5. What about Wil Wheaton?

    They mentioned just no touching but I knew it already from Iceman. So I was stressed. But when he put his hand on my back I was like cool. But the next day photoshoot with TBBT couch we were told no physical contact, no handshakes no hugs no kissing But he was so lovely anyway. Super polite.
  6. Experience with the SOA guys

    I've met them all only on Friday, but only photoshoots. I thought that David was very weird. He had literally the same pose in every single picture. He seemed to not be keen on doing any poses or whatever. Came late, didn't say hello or whatever. Just stood there with the toothpick and was like weird. Mark was lovely. Actually my pic with him is weird as he asked me how i was and i tried to answer and smile at the same time and the photographer took the pic so it looks like he's telling me naughty stuff and I am wondering if I should laugh or punch him in the face Tommy was lovely! I asked for a hug and he just grabbed me and hugged me so hard I couldn't catch a breath lol. I regret not having his autograph.
  7. What about Wil Wheaton?

    He used to have swine flu and he actually tweeted once that he has some sort of anxiety when it comes to touching people he doesn't know. Problem solved. At least there is an explanation not like with Famke. And he actually did touch me so all good.
  8. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    She is soooo pretty!!! And soooooooo nice!
  9. The Adventures Of Tim Balloon

    I even managed to have a pic with the balloon
  10. What about Wil Wheaton?

    Well he put his hand on my back so idk It doesn't look awkward. I was scared of that pic, but it was great!
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - FINN JONES

    Finn and me DAY1 DAY2 (my favourite) DAY3 And when we took this pic, he held me and said "Wait! I have better idea! Let's do the WW pose!" And we did!
  12. I wanted to meet him for so long!!! And he was quiet, but very polite. Lovely guy!
  13. Message from the Mods

    Maybe because I am tired I just read the thread title as "MASSAGE" from the mods lol Nate, I was looking for you
  14. I knew 80% of the answers. But I was self banned from the quiz. Very hard quiz.
  15. Message from the Mods

    I know you saw me. I saw you. Few times. I actually saw a good amount of people. I am happy.