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  1. New Attendees advice thread

    I'm totally new here so if I have one guest to meet will I manage with my gold pass?
  2. General Chat

    I am hoping that i will stick to my one person and that is it as i have to save up
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    I was going to come and see only Jewel Staite and now... my transformers dreams are coming true
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    NOOO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - PAUL WESLEY

    OMG I cant be;ieve I guessed it was someone from Vampire Diaries! My man Paul!!! Hell yeah!
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - IAN SOMERHALDER

    Omg I guessed Vampire Diaries!!!!!
  7. Guest Cancellation - Stanislav Yanevski

    Whaaaat?! Nooooo!!!!
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    exactly! My lawyer will contact your lawyer!
  9. Another Number Game

  10. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Well I never knew that he was doing movies as well. And I am sorry, delicious? Consider us, vegetarians, as well
  11. Films watched in 2018

  12. Well it depends on what you mean by delicious. As if he is eye candy for example then I'd go with Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Or Michael B. Jordan. Or Sebastian Stan. Or all of them
  13. Films watched in 2018

    The Maze Runner 50 shades freed Black Panther mother!