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  1. My Highs: I was only one day for few hours, but it was amazing experience. Guests - I just had few autographs and ALL the guests were just simply amazing. I had long chat with Aly Michalka about her band and other stuff. She was beyond nice. Rahul Kohli when asked "are you having fun?" replied " I am, but the most important thing is are YOU having fun?" plus nice talk about NSYNC. Jewel Staite took the time to talk to everyone and she was super nice. Roce cIver was a pleasant experience. She noticed my pounamu and we had a nice chat about New Zealand. Some of the crew. - I think
  2. Ok so my pics from the LFCC. Just five, but omg so amazing photoshoots
  3. I have clashes. Only clashes. aaaaaaa *panic mode on*
  4. I'm sure it's been posted many times but is there any chance with my batch 5 tom welling to have am shoot as I can't totally stay until 5pm as I have important errand to run?
  5. Noooo!!!! I won't know if I can go until Friday so I hope that the tickets are not sold out! My absolute dream guest
  6. O M G I SCREAMED! And then I saw Sunday only. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
  7. I'm meeting him because I'm shallow and he's really good looking lol But on the serious note I like him as an actor so I'm super excited
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