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  1. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Guest Suggestions go in th Guest Suggestions thread. You don't need to create a new one, Liam.
  2. wjbleming

    Guest suggestions for next year

    If he was able to come to Glasgow, he'd have been announced at the same time as LFCC Spring, SakKen. It's not unheard of for schedules to change, but I wouldn't expect things to change, unfortunately.
  3. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Arnie and Stallone might be too pricey for SM (amongst another reason I don't think I can discuss on here), but Dolph was at LFCC 2016, so it's not impossible!
  4. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    2nd Amy Jo Johnson!
  5. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Best check your junk mail, then. We've been talking trash about you for a brave while now...
  6. We are either really bored or lacking in work I guess Or checking the forum before work.
  7. Best to post him in the guest suggestions thread, taz, as SM won't discuss guest negotiations.
  8. wjbleming


    You ok there, Kurda? lol
  9. wjbleming


    If he was able to attend Collectormania, he'd be announced at the same time, iiii. It's not unheard of for guest's schedules to change, but I wouldn't get my hope up about it. (I must keep reminding myself that I've been wrong once before, and there's a Collectormania announcement this Friday. )
  10. Nothing better than a bit of toilet humour!
  11. wjbleming

    Big guest announcement 28/11 at 6PM

    I wholeheartedly agree with that´╗┐´╗┐! I wholeheartedly disagree with that!
  12. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Well, that's what the oil will do to you.
  13. wjbleming

    General Chat

    This'd be why. No hooves were harmed in the transferring of servers.
  14. wjbleming

    General Chat

    R4, you're far too young to be drinking! How could you!?
  15. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    If he was able to attend, he'd have been announced at the same time as his LFCC appearance. On top of this, mate, but I think, going by his prices at LFCC, he might be too big for a regional show like Belfast, it'd cost too much to have him come over. Things can change though, and I've been proven wrong on the first count there once before.