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  1. wjbleming

    Big guest annoucement

  2. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Pfft. Anyone can do that. Buss See?
  3. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Jo Martin.
  4. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor. (Doctor Who)
  5. wjbleming

    Who are you meeting?

    Oh I disagree. She hasn’t experienced The Hug yet.
  6. wjbleming

    TV shows watched in 2020

    Aaaand you’ve lost him. Well done!
  7. He’s up now. Panic over! lol
  8. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    I wouldn’t exactly say no to this... lol
  9. There’s a guest posted on Twitter that’s not (yet) on the forum?