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  1. wjbleming

    General Chat

    And it'd be grrrrrrrrrrreat!
  2. wjbleming

    General Chat

    HA! I wish I was 12 again! That way I'd befriend the bear and change his whole outlook on life! Maybe even make him a happier person!
  3. No I'm not! Nuh uh!
  4. wjbleming

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Re: the Daleks, I believe I remember hearing there's a contract in place where they have to appear in each series. No idea how true it is though or if it's just hearsay.
  5. wjbleming

    General Chat

    I LOVE THIS AND WANT ONE NOW! Please note it will not be inside and any attempt to move it inside will be met with a toasty haircut.
  6. wjbleming

    Forum Updates

    Had asked about Belfast next year at the end of this year's event and was told it was happening. As it's not up yet either, it's safe to assume not all the regional cons have been input yet in the Upcoming Events section.
  7. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Nah, large lake between us, remember? Safe over here! *touches wood* Hope you and @R4wly97 get better soon.
  8. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Want me to S-P-E-L-L it out for you?
  9. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Man flu equivalent it is, then. lol
  10. wjbleming

    Goodbye Sheffield...I guess

    Not all the regional events for next year have been released. Only the 1 so far. I'm sure @Queen_Sindel would agree that the remaining are being fine tuned before being input in the Upcoming Events section.
  11. wjbleming

    Cardiff Fil and Comic Con?

    Unfortunately not. Like the rest of the regional shows, no dates are known at this time. Just Glasgows date.
  12. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    This! ^^