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  1. Guest Suggestions

    John Barrowman
  2. Guest Suggestions

    John Barrowman
  3. Guest Days & Prices Belfast 2018

    Looks like the Gremlins are doing their best again with the system, SM.
  4. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Melissa Benoist, David Bradley, Kaley Cuoco, the vast majority of James' list (there's too many to list. lol), Chyler Leigh, Danielle Panabaker, Julianna Harkavy, Katie Cassidy, Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Terry O'Quinn and Sir Patrick Stewart.
  5. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Justice League. I enjoyed it. Main villain was very weak, but other than that, a decent film.
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Aron Eisenberg
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Arrowverse cast
  8. years of regret

    ...Is that you, David?
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Joe Glass PJ Holden Nick Roche John-Paul Bove Simon Furman Will Simpson
  10. years of regret

    I don't agree.
  11. years of regret

    I agree with you disagreeing with his disagreement.
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Someone like Jason Isaacs? Also known for Harry Potter, The OA, Dragonheart, Resident Evil, Elektra, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Green Lantern Emerald Knights, A Cure For Wellness and Star Wars Rebels.
  13. Guest Suggestions

    The rules are that you can't mention any other conventions on here and that you're respectful to other users and the convention guests.
  14. Guest Suggestions

    Laurie Holden, Jon Berthnal, Melissa McBride, Michael Rooker, Lennie James, Lauren Cohen, Scott Wilson, Emily KinneyJosh McDermott, Seth Williams, Steven Ogg, Michael Cudlitz
  15. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Tom Baker, Liam Neeson, Peter Capaldi, Matt Lucas, Michael Shanks and Pearl Mackie.