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  1. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    2nd this. And she can bring her dad and husband along, too!
  2. wjbleming

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Glad you had a good time, Bannsider! I asked the crew at the front desk on the road out on Saturday afternoon and they've said SM is coming back next year but there's no fixed date yet.
  3. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Carey Mulligan.
  4. wjbleming


    Nate. Who else?
  5. wjbleming

    After Party/Meet Up

    So am I, actually. Surprised you don't have a record deal yet.
  6. wjbleming

    General Chat

    And just when @Raylenth is getting into bed...
  7. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Bless you!
  8. wjbleming

    General Chat

    The next question for those without is "Can I pass myself off as a child?"
  9. wjbleming

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Even setting it as a reminder in your phone calendar rather than an alarm clock would help. I'd imagine, if your phone is like mine, the alarm clock can't be set to vibrate where a calendar reminder can. Can be a tad awkward if you set it to vibrate and it suddenly goes off in middle of the panel! lol
  10. wjbleming

    General Chat

    If you're stopping by Belfast, then you're in luck. We don't live too far away. lol
  11. wjbleming

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    I blame the bear. It's only natural.
  12. wjbleming


    So the bear is actually TooTall?
  13. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    They are indeed! Comic Book Guys had General Zod stopping by into the shop earlier!