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  1. Right, we know he lives in Sevenoaks. I've got family there, we'll sort it out! lol
  2. Is that a clue? lol
  3. No, it's Jack Hughman Also, why don't we have the floor plan yet?
  4. Questions! When? How many? And most importantly: WHY!? lol
  5. Sherlocked UK 2017

  6. London Film Fair

    Wouldn't expect anything less. Camels are speedy typists, after all. lol
  7. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Terry O'Quinn! (And so does StuartG! )
  8. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Terry Crews
  9. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Robert Carlyle.
  10. Sherlocked UK 2017

    HI Maggie, The LA Sherlocked is happening this year, but it doesn't look like there's going to be one in the UK one at the moment, unless dates are still to be confirmed, etc.
  11. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Lou Ferrigno.
  12. Having 2 people in a photo ?

    Yeah, you would have to buy 2 photos and you can have the 2 of you in the photo and have 2 photos with 2 different poses or have one each with Nigel Benn.
  13. Hotels

    Yep, we have. Stayed there last year and staying there again this year. Managed to get a good deal on a twin room.
  14. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Managed to get this 1st appearance of Miles Morales in Belfast Saturday week ago pre-signed by Brian Michael Bendis.
  15. Films watched in 2018

    Black Panther - Really enjoyed the movie. The acting, costumes and characters were all great! Deliver Us From Evil - Decent movie, but it had a lot of false jump scares in the first half of the movie. The Visit - Great return to form for M. Night Shyamalan. Great movie!