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  1. @charliechuck71 You haven’t seen LFCC Spring, have you?
  2. Yeah, set to open late 2024. Source: https://olympia.london/future
  3. Oo, cheers for the heads up! We have ours tomorrow with her and was wondering how it was being done.
  4. I'm planning on seeing Nate. I'm hoping he'll sign my body. Cosplaying as Nate. If I'm lucky enough, I'll pick up Nate. Yeah, welcome to the Nate Appreciation Society.
  5. Website looks like it needs updated. Mr. Ramsey is listed as all weekend there, and just Friday here.
  6. Do you honestly need someone to comment on your age? (P.S. It’s a no comment from me )
  7. If you’re fearful of your battery dying, a good idea is to grab yourself a power bank. Got my last one out of Tesco a few years ago and got a higher MaH recently in Argos with fast charging option alongside it. Just need to be aware that there’s restrictions on flights, but most power banks are below this.
  8. Yep. As @Not bad for a human! mentioned, Ray is now set to appear at LFCC Spring 2023.
  9. Thank you for your infinite wisdom, o wise one.
  10. Sent 1 as well, ign is JamieofArds ^_^
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