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  1. Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood) Eve Myles (Torchwood) Met both in Belfast in 2014 bu never got round to getting their autos, so 6 yea long hunt, I guess. Did get a 3rd at the same time (from the FB sale) but it never arrived with these, have messaged the SM FB on Saturday but no reply as of yet.
  2. Keep meaning to grab a level arch file to organise mine tbh. But I’m planning on organising mine at the moment by the show/film it’s from.
  3. Can I run* to get VQs this time? *Please don’t. You’ll anger Too Tall!
  4. Tony Amendola - Master Bra'tac from the Stargate franchise.
  5. Steve Cardenas - 2nd Red Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger.
  6. You look like you've lost weight. Have you lost weight? Go you!
  7. Chill, Roy, it's not the bear!
  8. That was 1 time, Nathaniel, and only because you asked for them!
  9. I tried but it would seem Mr. @The Friendly Dalek would need to reciprocate the follow so I can do the needful.
  10. Mr. Dalek is already on the Twitter. I've encountered him previously.
  11. Unfortunately it's still classed as another event even though it's been cancelled.
  12. @Starbuck73 You might want to edit your post there, it’s against forum rules to mention non SM events.
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