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  1. wjbleming

    General Chat

    https://deadline.com/2019/08/kevin-feige-spider-man-franchise-exit-disney-sony-dispute-avengers-endgame-captain-america-winter-soldier-tom-rothman-bob-iger-1202672545/ Reports coming out aren't looking good in the slightest. Granted they're only reports at this stage, but still.
  2. They have been announced already, actually.
  3. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    Yeah but MY living room is so much closer. Let's face it, we trump you both, ours is far closer. And better!
  4. wjbleming

    Guest Suggestions

    And when they can all come directly to your home.
  5. wjbleming

    Who are you meeting?

    And I daresay there's plenty of local people on here that are close enough to get local proof for us non locals.
  6. It's the old age. It's forgivable.
  7. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Yep, and a group hug too! With the bear at the centre of both!
  8. Lars Onsager - Sager - Bob Sager
  9. wjbleming

    Natedammit's super original '19 Questions' game

    Are you feeling blue?
  10. wjbleming

    Natedammit's super original '19 Questions' game

  11. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Invited? No. Forced Provided with delicious home made jam? Yes!
  12. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Then we'll bring the jam to you!
  13. wjbleming

    General Chat

    Have the bear in charge of it and his life will be made. (I'd have said he'd be overjoyed but.... ya know...)
  14. wjbleming

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    And at the moment they're only rumours. Chances are there's nothing to them and people are stirring things up.