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  1. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Mels! We're calling you Mels now. It's fate!
  2. General Chat

    Look, I said before it wasn't me that posted that! Raylenth stole my phone and logged on as me! Could you please stop bringing that up, Chris!
  3. Infinity War roll call

    Got our tickets at last! Next Thursday at 6:15!
  4. Yes, yes, that's the 20th time this month you've mentioned it. Get over it!
  5. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    Roughly a week or so before the event, Mr. Happy.
  6. Yay, Black Lightning, Doctor Who and Stargate guest!
  7. General Chat

    ...unless it's Henry Cavill...
  8. General Chat

    4. We don't talk about Fight Clu-- oh, wait. Wrong scenario.
  9. General Chat

    Comic guests, mate.
  10. If he was able to attend Collectormania, he'd be announced at the same time as LFCC, eti. Demanding him to attend won't change this.
  11. New Attendees advice thread

    A LOT. lol As you have Gold Passes, you get in earlier (think it's 5 minutes off hand) and that'll give you a chance to get your Virtual Queue (VQ) tickets for autographs for the Diamond Pass guests you want to meet (Golds get to join any non Diamond VQ line without a VQ ticket, for Diamond guests, you still need a VQ ticket, a raffle like ticket you're given at the end of the guests queue and you can join whenever your number is on the board) The schedule is released about a week before LFCC, so be sure to note your Photoshoot times if you have any. Be sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes, bring water, and just remember to enjoy yourself!
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Never heard of those B movies...
  13. Tickets Only?

    It depends on availability on the day, TJ. LFCC has sold out in the past so it very may well do the same this year. The regionals tend to not sell out so you're able to pay at the door for these. For LFCC and probably Collectormania too you're better to prebook your ticket.