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  1. You are tempting me so much right now, especialy because there is another Con on the horizon I was trying to go to because of the (seemingly) better lineup. But now, they've got Kingston, Barrowman AND Coleman all there Sunday. Urgh.
  2. Really though? Last minute flights and all that? XD
  3. Now I'm mad. I wasn't planning to come this year. SHOULD I?
  4. Fantastic, looking forward to what might be the last day of my life
  5. Oh, jeez... I haven't seen you here in a while (Probably because I was gone for quite some time) How are you?
  6. I am so happy for everyone who is enjoying this announcement!
  7. That might be wise, mainly because he is quite common at different events, so it's not like he is going to be sold out close to the event. I do wish you luck though. I understand you cannot make it to the event on any of the other two days?
  8. Oh yes, I do know how it feels. Last year's LFCC was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I mean, when you get (almost) all the Doctors in one place, it's more than impressive. This is why I believe so deeply that it might be the second time Showmasters make my life so much happier. I of course will not be upset if my guesses are wrong (and I never am), because I do realise how other people might feel about the people I wouldn't particularly care about. More love, that's what we need.
  9. Not only Twitter. I never cared this much for an announcement ever, so I might lead those riots
  10. Well, that's what I thought as well, but he never stated that, so I am trying to make shure there was no misunderstanding as to the fact he just cancelled one day, not the entire appearance. Better safe than sorry... I hope he makes it on another day (Sylvester is the nicest.)
  11. It will never be enough for me to mention my only dream: Tom Holland, please He literally is the only person I would pay every price for.
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