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  1. Nice to see her back, and at a most reasonable price, too! Decisions, decisions...
  2. Ooo! That's a lot cheaper than I was expecting. Have met him already (he's a lovely guest), but might just go for an Iron Fist auto this time if I attend CMB. And if there's a duo with Jessica, I'm most tempted...
  3. CosmicAvatar

    Guest Suggestions

    Gosh. It's been just over four years since I did my Christmas wish-list, so let's see where we are. I've removed a couple of shows that were nice to have as I'd prefer to focus on the below. OK, a couple of wishes may have been granted elsewhere *cough*, but I believe SM and ME have fulfilled the majority, and, given the calibre of guests we've already had in recent years, this is totally doable, yes? So... Whedonverse (assuming we can't get them for Hallowhedon) - which, alas, is no more *sniff* Sarah Michelle Gellar Alyson Hannigan David Boreanaz Clark Gregg Gina Torres Sean Maher Ron Glass (Denied forever. RIP *cries*) Morena Baccarin Neil Patrick Harris New: Michelle Trachtenberg as she appears to be doing cons now... Hellboy Doug Jones Ron Perlman Supernatural Jeffrey Dean Morgan (please, please, please, dear LORD) Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Metallicar! Star Trek: TNG/DS9 Marc Alaimo Cirroc Lofton Wil Wheaton 24 Kiefer Sutherland True Blood Stephen Moyer Anna Paquin Alexander Skarsgard Rutina Wesley Ryan Kwanten The Hitcher/Ladyhawke/Blade Runner Rutger Hauer Heroes Zachary Quinto Jack Coleman Kristen Bell Masi Oka Ali Larter The Dresden Files/Arrow Paul Blackthorne Elementary Jonny Lee Miller Lucy Liu Aidan Quinn Battlestar Galactica Callum Keith Rennie Lucy Lawless Sam Witwer Dean Stockwell V Marc Singer Faye Grant Sherlock (assuming we can't get them for Sherlocked) Benedict Cumberbatch Mark Gatiss Grimm Sasha Roiz David Giuntoli Bitsie Tulloch Game of Thrones (I love them all and already had an impressive collection by 2014, but particularly) Tom Wlaschiha Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Natalie Dormer Rory McCann Natalia Tena Gwendoline Christie (got auto, need photo) Maisie Williams Pedro Pascal New: Richard Dormer as I tried and failed to get his photo and auto last time and really need to remedy this now New: Kristofer Hivju The Mentalist Simon Baker Robin Tunney Boston Legal/The Blacklist James Spader Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Matt Smith Christopher Eccleston
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    Ooo! Definitely interested in meeting him.
  5. CosmicAvatar

    Who did you get?

    Autos and photos with Cirroc Lofton and Doug Jones, both of whom were lovely, and a last-minute impulse photoshoot of Armin Shimerman at the Quark's Bar prop shoot (I was in the final batch so the wait was nearly two hours, but worth it. Poor Armin - he must have been knackered).
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    Star Trek photos for autographs

    Good call! I’m currently in the pre-show queue bracing myself for the opening rush to the sales table and it never occurred to me to check the dealer tables first. Hoping there are some Cirroc shots there, otherwise I’m going to have to join the hordes anyway...
  7. CosmicAvatar

    Interesting.. Very Interesting

    Oh, dear... another chance to spend money!
  8. CosmicAvatar

    Doug Jones update

    Ohhhh, thank goodness. I was terrified that he'd be appearing on a day I wasn't! Thanks for the heads-up.
  9. CosmicAvatar

    Digital Photos

    Awwww, that's a shame. I preferred my discarded Michael J Fox one from LFCC 2015 - the second one was worse as his eyes were mostly shut, but I couldn't bear to go back a third time.
  10. CosmicAvatar

    Digital Photos

    Thanks for the link! Unfortunately it's been so long I can't remember why I wanted to look at them. [/senility] I think I wanted to look at an initial shoot of me with Aimee Garcia that was discarded before I could see it on the day, but it doesn't appear to have been posted - all I can see are the ones I took home. Ah, well!
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    Star Trek photos for autographs

    Yeah, and they'll be Star Trek-only photos (unlike, say, at LFCC), which is normally fine for me, but for Doug Jones I'm bringing a Hellboy pic (and if I could have got a pic of him as one of the Gentlemen from BtVS, I'd have brought that too. SO EXCITED).
  12. CosmicAvatar

    Star Trek photos for autographs

    Worth a shot, though. Mine arrived in about a day!
  13. Normally I buy Trek-related 8 x 10s at the show, but I'd like to bring a non-Star Trek 8 x 10 to be signed - is that OK? Don't normally do that for a specific show-related con, but don't want to assume I can, either.
  14. CosmicAvatar

    DST 2018 Talk and Photo Schedule

    Thanks - always good to be able to plan in advance (although I will of course keep checking for last-minute changes).
  15. CosmicAvatar

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    So excited Doug Jones is going! I was gutted when he cancelled LFCC last year.
  16. CosmicAvatar

    Guest Cancellation- Camille Saviola

    Awwww, nuts! She and Cirroc Lofton are the only guests I'm coming to see. Never mind.
  17. CosmicAvatar

    London Comic Con Spring for 2019!

    I really don't want to attend yet another event due to costs, although the location at least means I save on hotel bills. I'm already up to my ears in cons/signing events next year, though. *sigh*
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    Are you missing the Con?

    I'm so relieved about these dates. My friends had sent me a Save the Date card for their July wedding a week or so ago and I was dreading having to say, "Ummmm, I'm afraid the LFCC is that weekend..." *cough* I love them dearly, but come on! Needs must and all that.
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    Are you missing the Con?

    Do I miss getting up at a horrendously early hour each day, mainlining painkillers so I can keep going, getting horribly hot and sweaty at times, and worrying whether I'll get everything I want done? Well, no. I'm glad something of this scale happens to me just once a year! But the memories of my encounters there are absolutely priceless. I'm fondly remembering hanging out with friends and striking up random connections in the many and varied queues. And of course looking at my photos and autos and grinning like an idiot.
  20. CosmicAvatar

    Stranger Things Alphabet prop photo shoot?

    Here's mine...
  21. CosmicAvatar

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    And some more: Ivana Milicevic William Hope Matt Smith Christopher Eccleston David Duchovny Paul Kaye Tom Welling Jack O'Halloran Rory McCann Amber Rose Revah
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    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Here are some of mine: Nathalie Emmanuel Iwan Rheon Peter Capaldi Tim McInnerny Pearl Mackie Vladimir Furdik James Callis Paige Turco Staz Nair
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    Autographs still wet.

    My Julian Glover auto was still a bit damp when I put it in the auto holder, despite me having fanned it for a while beforehand to dry it. I didn't notice until I got it home and went to take it out to scan it in. The others were fine. As far as I know, everyone was using Sharpies, so perhaps I was a little premature. Never heard of an auto staying wet this long, though.
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    Special Assistance

    Oh, yes. I have a few friends with disabilities, some of which are visible, some of which are not. One is a US friend with fibromyalgia. She loves me showing her around London when she comes to visit, but gets so exhausted she has to use a wheelchair a lot these days, and it really is an eye-opener seeing how far you can (or rather, can't) get with one. It is gradually getting better, mind, but there's a way to go.
  25. CosmicAvatar

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Love the lightsabre poses!