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  1. robmoriarty

    Sonita Henry Cancellation?

    She's no longer listed on Eventbrite or the main DST website, but no announcement?
  2. robmoriarty

    Guest suggestions.

    Larry Nemecek has been a much requested name in the online groups I mingle with. Have asked the man directly and he said he’s available, please see if you can make it so SM!
  3. robmoriarty

    Being William Shatner Party

    "Let's party! At Destination Star Trek the fun doesn't stop when the hall closes! We have a themed party on Friday and Saturday nights at the nearby Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Friday night we bring you the Being William Shatner party! No denying James T Kirk is synonymous with Mr. Shatner, but we thought it only fitting to celebrate his long and varied career. Will you come dressed as T.J. Hooker, The Big Giant Head, Stan Fields, or a creative mashup? Or perhaps you will celebrate the man himself by donning your best Canadian apparel or maybe come as a cowboy? Come kick off the weekend and dance the night away."
  4. robmoriarty

    What We Left Behind World Premiere

    and London on the 19th...
  5. robmoriarty

    Next Guest Announcements - Next Week

    and echoes of "KAAAAHHHHNNN!!!"...
  6. robmoriarty

    Next Guest Announcements - Next Week

    Would be nice to have some kind of official update, even if it's just stating the obvious - it's the silence that drives everyone crazy. Then again - in space, no-one can hear you scream...
  7. robmoriarty

    Guest Cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    I know of three he's been at this year, one of them in Europe too. As QS says, it's all about timing.
  8. robmoriarty

    Guest suggestions.

    Think it was on the LFCC forum, fingers similarly crossed!
  9. robmoriarty

    Guest suggestions.

    yes, she's in Leeds that week. I'd put her up/feed for however many extra nights needed, AND drive her there myself if it's a dealbreaker SM!
  10. robmoriarty

    Guest suggestions.

    Defo more Voyager/Enterprise representation please. I know it's DS9 heavy for anniversary purposes, but an even split across the other instalments would be fab.
  11. robmoriarty

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    Seems to be a bit of confusion on FB. Some are emailing and being offered a refund if they upgrade to a group photo from two individuals, others are being told they can't - seems to slightly differ depending on whether they are emailing shop@ or the one you suggest @Raylenth. Is it possible to get clarification from someone on exactly which address to use and what the policy is regarding such upgrades - too much inconsistency it seems from what many are saying.
  12. robmoriarty

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    @Queen_Sindel What's the best email address to use? I heard from someone else this week the shop@ address has been discontinued?
  13. @StuartG2198 DST FB confirmation Camille has had to cancel too.
  14. robmoriarty

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    The DST facebook page, just received email too.
  15. robmoriarty

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    I've just been told the duo shoot has been cancelled, both still attending however...