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  1. General Chat

    wouldn't have many issues VQing with this version either! #WhichNumberDoIHaveAgain? #DoYouFeelLuckyPunk?...
  2. General Chat

    could be worse, especially if they gave me the chair I actually wanted...
  3. General Chat

    Likewise. And oh yes it could be. The only thing bigger than the mechanical ar*e on my chair is the ar*e driving it…
  4. General Chat

    I'd love to see them try that with my electric wheelchair, 175kg before I even get in it! #GonnaNeedAFewMorePeopleThanThat
  5. General Chat

    On Saturdays wheelchair access feels a little like this...
  6. General Chat

    which one's you? #easilyconfused #justchecking
  7. Thoughts for next year

    Sped up and all to the tune of the Benny Hill soundtrack...
  8. Thoughts for next year

    and the photoshoot areas... and the toilets to tbf, NO ONE will wanna see THAT!
  9. Thoughts for next year

    and promptly get thrown out of any main stage talks...
  10. Hotels

    yep, I'm there this year too for thurs/fri night.
  11. Thoughts for next year

    7 guests and 1 diamond for me, thank god for plastic!
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    That, and "which batch are you?"...
  13. New Attendees advice thread

    Sometimes they did, sometimes not - usually hand written if they are.
  14. New Attendees advice thread

    Click on your name at the top of the page, account settings, then signature on the left hand side.
  15. New Attendees advice thread

    Would be interested to know from mods or organisers, has sign language ever been offered as a support option during main stage talks at any SM events? Starting to see it more often these days as I go around different events.