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  1. robmoriarty

    Guest Suggestions

    And she's 8 years older than me!
  2. robmoriarty

    Guest Suggestions

    Less of the "old" please @natedammit... Everything else is fine!
  3. robmoriarty

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes please!!!
  4. robmoriarty

    Possible new event?

    winter event - 23/24 November
  5. NOTE FROM QS: Thanks rob for pointing out the awkwardness. Issue solved.
  6. she is easily one of the nicest guests I've ever met!
  7. Get in! Thank you SM! Another one to sign my Chris Reeve letter...
  8. robmoriarty

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    Met her this month at another event, she is lovely! Well done SM.
  9. robmoriarty

    Digital Photos

    For those asking, digital photos from Destination Star Trek Birmingham 2018 are now up! Thanks SM.
  10. they're up!! NB. They aren't all in shoot order, so might take a while to find your photos if you remember where you were in the queue! Thankfully found all of mine.
  11. robmoriarty

    Stage looks very small?

    size wasn't the issue, it was the height - people on back rows struggled to see much.
  12. robmoriarty

    Photo thread

    Thanks. Yes, all I said was, "Let's be silly!". Their responses on Twitter since have been just as entertaining!https://twitter.com/robmoriarty/status/1054126757836713987
  13. robmoriarty

    Photo thread

    My selection...
  14. robmoriarty

    Admiral Package information

    Michael, Nicole, Aron, Max and Chase. What was discussed is of course classified Sigma Nine clearance only... Yes, Gerri and Kelly both on top of ensuring everything went as planned, and any slippage resolved quickly.