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  1. Since they're doing a rocker thing this year I'd suggest Gerard Way. He's also done comics himself that had a show made from them (Umbrella Academy).
  2. One of the best guests I've ever met! Recommend him to everyone.
  3. Patrick Warburton Holly Marie Combs Charisma Carpenter
  4. Well it's my birthday on Saturday and my city is throwing a party to celebrate! I keep telling myself that but really it's our Pride parade so I'll be attending that. Out for a meal on Sunday. Weird to think LFCC isn't happening again for another year.
  5. Undecided about DST it depends on funds over the next few months. Would love to meet George Takei so it's a real possibility. At least I have another convention in a few weeks (not showmasters) to get rid of the con blues.
  6. And I'm back at work wishing I was still in London. Sad times.
  7. I saw @wjbleming and his brother at least 6 times. Funny despite living not that far from each other I never run into him here. He has ran into my sister randomly before though! You guys were just everywhere this weekend @Ravogd I saw you 3 times I think? So you were the other one I saw the most!
  8. Eccleston was moved because there was a leak in the ceiling at Lana Parrilla's desk. I was in the queue at Lana's waiting for her to come back from lunch and everyone was getting rained. They came over and told us they were moving Chris to a booth so Lana could be up against the wall and away from the leak.
  9. I'm up for a photo of all of us next year!
  10. I think we read the same things and there were some horribly inappropriate sexist behaviour towards Jenna. No girl should have to put up with that and if I was her I would have been tempted to give up and go home. She stayed I give her props for doing so. I need to get my photos on here I have a few on my phone but I'll get the rest up later.
  11. I think I may have cut through a few lines but I always said excuse me and thanks when I did. Sorry if I offended anyone!
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