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  1. EllaBlair

    General Chat

    Bought a diamond for John too! Definitely getting photos with Lana and Robert but they're going to have to wait for now.
  2. Yay Emilie! Hoping we can get a Belle and Rumple joint photo in the future???
  3. Love the Once Upon a Time guests! Lana is fantastic trying to decide whether I want a shoot or a diamond pass.
  4. Omg . He's literally one of my favourite actors of all time. Can't afford the diamond pass until payday but I'm so excited to meet him.
  5. Well there goes my money, diamond pass booked. I was not missing out on Captain Jack!
  6. EllaBlair


    Stop itttt, I so wish I could go to this event
  7. EllaBlair

    Films watched in 2019

    I watched a Star is Born at the weekend. It cut out on me at some point and I found out I just didn't care enough to turn it back on so yeah that was a bust.
  8. EllaBlair


    I missed out on meeting him at LFCC so good announcement!
  9. EllaBlair

    General Chat

    A lot of Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland, you can find a few tours that will take you around the sites if you're a fan of the show!
  10. EllaBlair

    Films watched in 2019

    Oh God what has become of me if I am validating your opinions
  11. EllaBlair

    TV shows watched in 2019

    I discovered last week that Dollhouse was on amazon prime and rewatched it all while off work. Its a shame it didn't get more seasons!
  12. EllaBlair

    Films watched in 2019

    Inside Out is one of Pixar's best movies, I love it. I also agree that Up is overrated if it wasn't for the first 15 minutes it would be considered a mediocre story.
  13. I definitely recommend using the service if your children are autistic. I have used it for the past two years due to mobility problems and the crew are fantastic once you show them the wristband and will go out of their way to help you. I won't go into details (as per QS's request) but it is definitely worth it and made the whole convention a lot easier for me.
  14. EllaBlair

    A Cards against Humanity meetup

    Love the game, I'd be totally up for it.
  15. EllaBlair

    TV shows watched in 2019

    The Birds and the Bees? I think it's one of my favourite episodes they've done. The reunion scenes were the sweetest.