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  1. EllaBlair

    Statement From Jason

    There goes all my money if that's true. I have a Harry Potter tattoo I think I have to meet them all if they come!
  2. EllaBlair

    Statement From Jason

    Meryl Streep? Not sure she would ever do a con but I would definitely class her as legendary.
  3. EllaBlair

    Statement From Jason

    I use a crutch and agree that a seated area would be really great! However I did find last year the crew were really well coached on how to handle extra assistance guests that if I asked for a seat they would somehow pull one from seemingly nowhere to give it to me. The other attendees too were quick to offer up their seats if they saw me. All very much appreciated on my end. As for the three potential guests I'm dying to know who they are. For once I have a little bit of extra money going into the convention so I'm hoping it's someone I'm dying to meet.
  4. EllaBlair

    General Chat

    I saw Bon Jovi down in Dublin about 10 years ago, they put on a fantastic show I'm sure you'll have a great time. I'm jealous of you seeing the Harry Potter play despite spending quite a bit of time in London for work I never have the time to go see both parts.
  5. EllaBlair

    General Chat

    I did enjoy the show, I've been a massive fan of Slash for years and seen him before when he played Mandela Hall a few years back (also with Myles). There was a few sound issues with Myles which sucked but loved Slash's 20 minute guitar solo in the middle. I'm also going to be seeing George Ezra and The Killers at the same venue in the next two weeks so hopefully they manage to get the sound issues sorted by then. On another note I finally booked my hotel and flights!
  6. EllaBlair

    General Chat

    Thanks for posting this! I was searching for the Rumbelle photo last night and searched Emilie, they mispelt her name so it didn't pop up. Bought the shoot now!
  7. EllaBlair

    Guest Suggestions

    Since we have Charlie Sheen how about Martin Sheen? Would love to meet him and some of the other West Wing cast.
  8. EllaBlair

    General Chat

    Slash? I was there too! ETA: Also did you run into my little sister at a Pokemon raid a few weeks ago? She couldn't remember your name haha.
  9. I think Krysten Ritter is pregnant? So I don't think it'll be her.
  10. Met him a few years ago in Belfast! Lovely guy, highly recommended. Might have to get a photo this time.
  11. EllaBlair

    RIP Peter Mayhew

    I'm very sad I never got to meet him now. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and since he was always a staple at these events I assumed I would have more opportunities in the future. Guess you never know. RIP Peter, you will definitely be missed.
  12. EllaBlair

    Guests & Selfies

    I went to a different event not long ago and they had a sign up at the desk saying it was x amount for an autograph, x amount for a selfie and x amount for both. I don't know if that might be an option? It was a much smaller event than LFCC though.
  13. EllaBlair

    Who are you meeting!?

    Once you've been to one you'll never look back! Welcome! My guest list is too long considering we have 4 months to go.
  14. EllaBlair

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Sorry @Queen_Sindel I didnt even think about identification of event when I posted.