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  1. What, no more fam!?!?!?!?
  2. Let’s face it, the only joint shoot is between the 2 of us, toots.
  3. Hey, Pin, in the same boat here, and haven’t booked anything yet. Don’t want to commit to anything yet for it to be postponed again. Had been thinking along the same lines as what's been posted already: not booking anything till we’re sure it’ll go ahead, and even if we do, looking down the possible refund route for flights & hotel in case postponement happens and we’re cancelling our trip.
  4. Merry Christmas! Don’t worry. I’m just getting in early for next Christmas!
  5. Not very often I’m on here these days. No new yellow backgrounds? Hmmm.... BOOBIES
  6. But also yes. Actually, always yes.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54761824
  8. As I said in the other thread. We’ll most likely hear soon...ish.
  9. At the moment it is unless it’s not. lol SM are most likely waiting till the last minute to make sure if it’s ok to go ahead with it or not.
  10. Admit it, it’s my hugs and sheer presence you miss. That’s pure bliss.
  11. Hi Cailsey, Showmasters have said the convention is still going ahead unless they decide otherwise. Showmasters have said they’ll give an update in September so we’ll know if it’s being cancelled in the next few weeks at most.
  12. Just found out minutes ago. Shocked! Wakanda forever!
  13. And now we understand how you came to be your current pleasant self.
  14. There’s a simple answer with the Bear?
  15. Who? Mods, NB: it’s a meme, it’s not me being rude
  16. Nope, I steal it from Reg.
  17. I know what hers is. It’s Nateisgr8! Exclamation point included.
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