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  1. Infinity War roll call

    Just got back from my screening and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Having finished a Series of Unfortunate Events, I feel like I should repeat my (unfulfilled) guest wishes from last year: Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, K Todd Freeman, Lucy Punch, Usman Ally, Matty Cardarople, Cleo King, John DeSantis, Jacqueline & Joyce Robbins, Patrick Breen, Sara Rue, Joan Cusack, Aasif Mandvi, Alfre Woodward, Don Johnson, Rhys Darby, Timothy Webber, Roger Bart, Kitana Turnbull, David Alan Grier, Tony Hale Obviously Neil Patrick Harris and Patrick Warburton would be ace, but I fear they might be slightly more difficult to get (feel free to prove me wrong, Showmasters!). With Into the Badlands starting again (a show that's unfortunately absent at European conventions): Daniel Wu, Orla Brady, Sarah Bolger, Aramis Knight, Emily Beecham, Oliver Stark, Madeleine Mantock, Ally Loannides, Marton Csokas, Dean Charles Chapman. For The Flash: Candice Patton, Jesse L Martin, Grant Gustin, Neil Sandilands, Malese Jow, Matt Letscher, Teddy Sears, Kim Engelbrecht and above all Hartley Sawyer. For Gotham: Donal Logue (you never know), John Doman, James Frain, Chris Chalk, Michael Chiklis, Nicholas D'Agosto, Benedict Samuel, Crystal Reed, Richard Kind, David Zayas, Cameron Monaghan, Michelle Veintimilla, Camila Perez, Nathan Darrow, BD Wong, Jamie Chung, Michael Cerveris And could you please try and get Derek Jacobi and Malcolm McDowell back?
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTINE ADAMS

    Had to skip her when she was at Collectormania a couple of years back, definitely will not be making the same mistake twice :)
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - LINO FACIOLI

    Really a pity he's Sunday only I'm still in doubt whether or not I'll go on Saturday, had he been there that might've been a deal breaker. Hopefully he'll be back somewhere else soon.
  5. Guest Suggestions

    He does. So come on, Showmasters!
  6. Guest Suggestions

    I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who frequently asks for more Lost guests Even better with Ian Somerhalde already present! As for myself, I'd still love to meet the following: Jorge Garcia (also: Hawaii Five-O, Alcatraz) Josh Holloway (Colony, Intelligence) Yunjin Kim (Mistresses) Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man, the Hobbit) Terry O'Quinn (Castle Rock, Silver Bullet, the Stepfather) Naveen Andrews (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Sense8) Matthew Fox (We Are Marshal, Party of Five) Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-O, Hellboy) Elizabeth Mitchell (V, Revolution, Once Upon a Time) Ken Leung (Inhumans, Star Wars 7, X-Men 3) Maggie Grace (Taken, Fear the Walking Dead) Malcolm David Kelley Jeremy Davies (Justified, Saving Private Ryan) Jeff Fahey (Planet Terror, Machete) Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz, the Mummy Returns) MIchelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious, Avatar) Zuleikha Robinson (Rome, the Exorcist, the Following) Cynthia Watros L Scott Caldwell Sam Anderson (Justified, ER) Mira Furlan (Babylon 5) Tania Raymonde (Texas Chainsaw 3D, Death Valley) John Terry (Full Metal Jacket, Living Daylights) Alan Dale (Dominion, Priest, Once Upon a Time) Fran├žois Chau (The Expanse, The Tick) Kiele Sanchez (The Glades, Perfect Getaway) Rodrigo Santoro (300, Westworld) Sonya Walger (Flashforward, the Librarian) William Mapother Kevin Durand (The Strain, Robin Hood) Marsha Thomason (Haunted Mansion, White Collar) Fredric Lehne (Men In Black, American Horror Story) Blake Bashoff Patrick Fischler (Happy!, Once Upon a Time) Daniel Roebuck (Final Destination, The Man in the High Castle) Michael Bowen (Breaking Bad, Kill Bill) And many more!

    My biggest guest for the event (so far), gutted
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - PETER MACON

    I was planning on watching the Orville some time this year, guess I'll have to make sure I do it before this summer ^^
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - MARK STRONG

    Was just watching Kingsman: the Golden Circle last week and was wondering if he'd ever do a con Thank you Showmasters for this splendid guest!
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    Fantastic name! With Catherine Marie Stuart and Nick Castle already announced, I'm good for today ^^
  11. Very happy with this one! I was gutted when she cancelled a couple of years ago
  12. Guest Suggestions

    I will renew my plea for more voice actors at LFCC! Interesting in particular is that I've noticed several Disney actors (Jodi Benson, Paige O'Hara, Linda Larkin, Scott Weinger, Robby Benson, Christopher Daniel Barnes) are doing conventions in the US, it would be amazing to get some of those over here! I'm sure many would love to meet the voices of their childhood. Not to mention all the other work they've done in animation (is there anything more fitting for a Comic Con than Christopher Daniel Barnes who voiced Spider-Man for 5 years in the animated series?).
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON

    I'd love to get his autograph for his non Doctor-Who work, but I fear that might be impossible without a Diamond Pass since he's only there for one day. What to do, what to do.
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN ALEXANDER

    After James Dodd last year, this is a really awesome announcement. Thanks Showmasters!
  15. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Gene Hackman has done book signings, so unfortunately it won't be him.