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  1. Probably unlikely, but couldn't make the Saturday at the winter edition (only went Sunday) and really bummed I missed out on Harry Lloyd and Jason Flemyng. So feel free to bring them back. Other than that, I still hope to cross out more names on the wishlist in my signature (I mean, some of these must be possible right!)
  2. I always assumed it was because it's cheaper for British guests (no need to book a hotel, appearance fee for only one day)
  3. While I don't expect any more guests to be announced, I'd still like to suggest Bill Paterson (for Sunday)
  4. If I remember well, she got through all VQ's at Spring last year. She's a fast signer for sure. There were no personalisations though, so skipped her. If she's doing them this time around, I might get her autograph as well.
  5. I know Saturday is the busiest day, but it'd be nice to have some House of the Dragon guests for Sunday as well :) And after tonight's announcements, Amy Steel and Warrington Gillette would be amazing additions!
  6. Was hoping for a couple more than just the one announcement, but it's a very good one nonetheless. Let's just hope it won't turn into Joseph Quinn-madness
  7. Pondering about which Buffy/Angel guests I'm still missing and the following would be great: Michelle Trachtenberg Robia LaMorte Vincent Kartheiser Amy Acker (unlikely though) Christian Kane Elisabeth Röhm Stephanie Romanov There's always Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz, but they don't seem too likely Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (to join Clark Gregg) Chloe Bennet Henry Simmons John Hannah Jeff Ward Joel Stoffer
  8. Hope so too, the event is 2 months away and there's barely a guest list (especially for the Sunday). I'm starting to get really worried about Showmasters
  9. Would be pretty nice to have Cindy Morgan (Tron) or Nancy Allen (Robocop) at a future London event
  10. Man, it just pains me that he and Flemyng are Saturday only
  11. Since Showmasters is so keen on Star Wars, here's hoping they'll invite W. Earl Brown (Scream, Deadwood) to the winter edition
  12. Indeed, super fan friendly. Glad I decided to meet her
  13. When I wanted to queue up with my VQ ticket, they told me they had cut the line because she was going to go for lunch and had a private signing afterwards before she'd be back. Really strange, but perhaps they meant the send-in items and shop items?
  14. Not that it matters now, but they did refuse it at a Collectormania I attended. Which was incredibly inconvenient (since I don't live in the UK and never need pounds otherwise)
  15. They used to hang up signs for that as well though, it's a shame that wasn't the case for this edition
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