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  1. Thank you Clare Cowan.....for sorting 2nd stage area Sun :-)
  2. some sort of signage for photo shoot areas would be really appreciated. Is a v noisy area and some of us are getting older now and just can't hear - I half expected the 'cheesemakers' to be called at the back of one shoot ;-). I hate barging my way to ask someone near the front to find out what is going on. I feel for the people calling because they must have no voices left after the weekend
  3. Trying to think women as loads of blokes listed here....Judi Dench, Sharon Stone, the one who played Baby in Dirty Dancing, Oliva Newton John, Meryl Streep, Olivia Colman (would love to meet her), Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler (LOTR connection?) Also some more guys (am trying to get this auto LOL) Al Pacino, Keano Reeves, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt,
  4. Has Daniel Radcliffe done a con? would quite like him I've LOVE it to be Harrison Ford as I think he is THE most important person (also my first crush along with Avon from Blakes7) but I honestly can't see him doing it - he hates interviews etc. it would be his worst nightmare being harrassed by us hordes LOL.....but if it is I need to remortgage the house! I'd also love Johnny Depp, Christopher Eccleston, Arnie Schwarzenegger(sp?), Robert Carlyle, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, David Duchovney, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr, Ewan McGregor, Richard Dreyfuss and all the rest of the names listed on here He doesn't fit the criteria but I'd give my right arm to meet Michael Caine
  5. Had great weekend thanks despite a major panic attack being stuck in a crowd which was unable to control itself unfortunately. Photo areas were much better on Sunday - acoustics not great so hearing what was being called was a bit of a challenge. Some newbies near me were very confused about where they should be and when and as we were all at the back of the crowd it wasn't easy to understand myself..however, got through with no risk of personal injury. I think the crew did brilliantly in the main - I don't know about anyone else, but there seems to be some very aggressive attendees as the scrum for VQ tickets was bordering out of control...these are grown up people sprinting and barging and I witnessed 1 mob almost swallowing a poor lass giving out VQs unfortunately (injure an attendee and her friend being abused when she panicked and tried to help the VQ lady) ,maybe I'm just old The only small thing for my friends and I was collecting VQs at Matt Lucas area on Sunday - there was no-one apparently handing them out until I saw her talking to another crew member - bearing in mind it is apparently a free-for-all now for VQs, was a tad frustrating as was late getting others we wanted. Guests were all great, and the Diamonds we got were worth it.
  6. Think you might find the exceptionally obnoxious woman was attempting to protect the young lady giving out VQ tickets who was in danger of being swallowed by the surge, and had already had her friend swallowed and injured by the said surging crowd. I am sure she would apologise for your hurt feelings, but was attempting to get a bit of order out of the chaos.
  7. Have to say, the best LFCC I have ever been to - loads of space, loads of air, no problems getting in, I get panic attacks in crowds so for me to actually be able to mooch around the stalls and buy stuff was amazing. Bag search people all very nice, guests brilliant. My only constructive comments - Getting all the big guests together in the autograph hall is probably easier for security reasons, but it makes that area hell on earth with crowding. Photoshoots - I know people shouldn't, but everyone will crowd around making it a nightmare to hear what batch has been called without barging through....some sort of display? Megaphone? The blond Scottish gentleman hosting the Rutger Hauer talk was dreadful - only 2 questions were allowed from the floor because of his incessant wittering, and as for asking Rutger to quote 'that line' at the end....well a good host would have checked that was ok before the talk started! Gold pass room was a tad small for the number of gold passes sold.....and as someone else has said earlier, some squash would be brilliant. Those conical paper cups might be cheaper but was pretty impractical with queues for the one water dispenser! Sound quality in the talks wasn't great However, a much better experience and I am looking forward to next year :-)
  8. Oh I soooo agree. Only managed 2 talks this time but the Rutger Hauer talk was appallingly hosted by this man. My friends at other talks he hosted said the same
  9. Would like to meet Christopher Heyderhal, and it would be really great to have Carmen Argenziano back - lovely bloke with lots of interesting stories
  10. Hi, All in all had a good time thx. Don't get rid of the Gold Passes - went gold myself for first time and was invaluable. Goody bags a bit naff - gave mine away. Was still worth it for other privileges so plse keep, we needed them. Hopefully chill out zone (absolutely essential) Call the Diamond passes something different......reading this thread it seems that the actual use was perhaps 'open to interpretation'...'Star Guest' pass? The App sounds good. But please don't underestimate the power of signage, signage, sound, sound, and signage. There were occasions on Sat I would not have been able to reach my phone to check up on an app. I would suggest not everyone who attends reads the forum, or the website, or would know about an app.....need to cater for all punters somehow. More crew in photo booths. Unfortunately, required for people who queue from the beginning of a shoot even tho the forum etc. has given approx timings for tickets being called....thus some of us little-uns with panic disorders can't get anywhere near to see what is being called (ref: Signage & Sound again) room to sit for a min for all not just golds I was interested Jason to read your notes on Photo shoot areas never all going to be in the same room. I'm surprised by that.....although I take the point of having to move the Guests..........but I guess us punters have to move too and that wasn't as easy as you might think. Looking forward to next year tho.
  11. Actually I thought Showmasters and the Crew (volunteers remember) did pretty well. The Diamond pass arrangements need a bit more tweaking and describing in words of one syllable but I am sure they will be reviewing now. Things unavoidably get rescheduled because even the guests are people and might need a pee or something at a time that is not on the schedule. Showmasters do always say, and I seem to remember reading something just before the Con, that if you have queries try people in blue shirts, but people in red shirts are the most experienced Crew (volunteers remember) and/or the main desk. There are improvements that can be made because people are not perfect. I was sweaty, freaked out by the crowds and miserable, and I wasn't getting any direct abuse, so I personally would cut the Crew (volunteers remember) a bit of slack.Based on my observations from all 3 days, some things like photo shoots and talks would go a lot more smoothly if people actually did what they were asked e.g. come back at quarter past......person stays put and still tries to push in etc. However, I have a major set of issues about the management of the venue, e.g. the inexplicable complete closure of one of the biggest staircases; the closure of both sets of toilets on the ground floor at the same time, the random designation of lifts as being 'up only' etc.. the random holding of a lift completely empty...apparently for a VIP....only for said VIP to arrive in the other lift with security and <god forbid> other members of the public; The designation of the biggest and most robust staircases (I'm not talking about the little one Showmasters built..I get the reason for that one) as either 'up' or 'down' only at random times of the day.....at least an hour of one was when there was actually no-one using it at all........I could go on and I will be writing to Olympia because I think that was appalling.
  12. RDA, er, RDA, and RDA again and anytime
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