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  1. Newcastle film and comic con

    Okay guys. I realize these Twitter news came as a disappointment. But please watch your wording. Twitter is handled by someone completely different than the forum. I saw the tweet too this morning and messaged a number of people asking for explanations, but I haven't heard back yet. The forum will be updated once the office has confirmed.
  2. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    As the others have already said, highly unlikely. They have tried to avoid Diamond Pass Talk clashes as much as possible, but sometimes it is unavoidable, especially with two such different fandoms.
  3. Deutsche Showmaster Fans

    Schau bitte hier rein, da sollten eigentlich alle Fragen geklärt sein. Fotosession Tickets müssen (bis auf die Prop Shoots) vorher am Sales Table gekauft werden. Nur die Prop Shoots ohne Gast werden an der Photo Area bezahlt.
  4. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    Everything noted up to ths point.
  5. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    Tardis is Green Screen area. Exterior of Tradis will probably switch between areas, but that bit will be confirmed Monday.
  6. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    Mentioned before and reported.
  7. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    This is a draft only giving the times of the photosessions. The timing which batch is in which session has not been announced yet.
  8. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    Information about Blackadder shoot with Miranda and the one with 3 people without Miranda: this is correct. Some people have bought the 3 people shoot and have chosen not to upgrade, so of course they will be receiving the picture they paid for.
  9. Diamond Pass Questions

    Yes, that is what the announcement says.
  10. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    TooTall asked me to keep lists for him. I have noted everything posted up to here. Just don't expect another draft on the weekend please.
  11. Ray Park Saturday evening demonstration

    If Memory serves me correct you will probably have to leave and re-enter. At least that's how it was done at previous Shows.
  12. She is. Try searching for "Val" if you can't find her.
  13. New Attendees advice thread

    Yes. We have a handy FAQ for basic questions like this.
  14. Answers to FAQ

    At photos? You go and show crew your Diamond Pass. They will sort you in.
  15. Answers to FAQ

    Agreed. I would add Ingrid as a possibility, but she may get added throughout the day.