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  1. Queen_Sindel

    Photo Times

    It's still over 3 weeks to go. That is by no means "Close" in convention Terms. Even the Hotel Shows from Massive Events didn't normally have the schedule up this early. 2 weeks at the very best, just like ravogd has already explained.
  2. Queen_Sindel

    Help Needed With Cap Package

    Unfortunately the mods have really Little Information about Details for the packages. As far as I remember in the past you got a personal schedule with this info when you collect the package.
  3. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Titanic Exhibition Centre. Thanks, changed.
  4. Queen_Sindel

    Cardiff comic con photoshoot times

    TooTall has listed all corrections that were made in his post in the original schedule topic. The Anthony Head photoshoot times were not touched.
  5. Queen_Sindel

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    Unfortunately the mods can't help with this.We do not have any Information about the packages and have not been involved with putting them together. You Need to contact enquiries@destinationstartrek.com I'm afraid.
  6. Queen_Sindel

    Sonita Henry Cancellation?

    Your guess is as good as mine at the moment. Trying to find out, but I doubt I am hearing back today.
  7. Queen_Sindel

    Next Guest Announcements - Next Week

    Then People will inevitably complain about no forewarning or the ever so popular "why wasn't this announced earlier?"
  8. Harry Melling clash will be corrected Wednesday.
  9. You best drop Jason a line through the contact form and explain that. He doesn't always come on here, this message may reach him too late.
  10. Queen_Sindel

    LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    The office does not deal with pre-orders, it's a separate team. They will only tell him to e-mail in. I've been told his e-mail has now been replied to.
  11. Queen_Sindel

    LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Yes, this is the correct E-Mail.
  12. Queen_Sindel

    Being William Shatner Party

    I'm genuinely sorry. The mods try to copy over Facebook announcements as soon as we see them, but unfortunately both Stuart and I have our Hands full with non-Forum issues at the Moment and sometimes miss stuff. I will Forward your comments to the Office.
  13. Queen_Sindel

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Scans removed. I am pretty sure we've been through this before, so please in the future keep to what Raylenth explained.
  14. Queen_Sindel

    Digital JPEG idea.

    That's just the reason. Way too time consuming.
  15. Queen_Sindel

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Plus the error was solved and he apologized? Seeing the attendee was still around and the error could be fixed immediately that was everything I would have personally expected of him.