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  1. Well guys... it's been a fun time on here. But now the time has come for StuartG and me to step down as an Admin and a Moderator and move on. We have always loved helping people and making the experience better for everyone at the shows. Also we have made some great friends on here. Raylenth, Nate, WrongName, Broo, wjbleming and a ton of others that would take too much time to name. But all good things come to an end. I'm sure Stuart will say something later too when he gets a chance. We are a team, discussed this step and made the decision together. It hasn't been an easy decision, but we feel that we are making the right choice. I have no clue when someone will remove our ranks on here, but we are stepping down as of me typing this. We won't be gone from events and you may find us on here on occasion to chat, but we will no longer be working for Showmasters. See you around hopefully! *hugs everyone*
  2. Question: what is worse? A Bear Posting or a bored Bear Posting? Normally I'd close because yes, very similar. But there's a lull in everything and People are bored. So carry on.
  3. At least you still have a Tesco you can go to. The Supermarket here at work closed down for "renovations" without any sort of notice. So no lunch for me cause the new security checks didn't give me enough time to go elsewhere and I didn't bring anything thinking I'd grab something with the rest of the Shopping.
  4. It's no better if you are still in the office. We have so many working from home that the system doesn't cope. Neither do online meeting systems. Got tossed out of a half hour meeting four times this morning.
  5. I am indeed Wolverine. And by Definition I am a Silver Age character. Classics are Golden Age normally. For once I give a direct hint and the Bear's mind goes wandering to even more obscure places than usual.
  6. Is this a guess? And my favorite Wrestler is/was The Sandman. With Bret Hart probably the runner up. Kevin Nash just wished he was my favourite.
  7. I did not on TV/in movies. So no to the question the way you phrased it. - 1 Hint: I am not Disney either.
  8. Baby Yoda makes everything better.
  9. There is no different answer to that than the last roughly half dozen times this question came up unfortunately. As soon as there is any update it will be posted. especially if there is an official event ban from the government. As long as there is no update there is no change, the event is taking place. SM is not randomly keeping information from attendees, dealers, guests or anyone else. They are monitoring the situation until the time has come to make a decision, like everyone else.
  10. What my semi-official assistants have said. Germany has over 1.000 cases by the way, and today the tickets for a large Computer convention went on sale. That's Held even later than LFCC. We can only wait and see. If the Government decides a ban SM will of Course cancel, but we are far away from that yet. The Rotterdam Show happened too despite the Netherlands having cases.
  11. I guess I should be happy you didn't recommend Italy.
  12. Gentle reminder: Yes, just stating the Name of a Country can be too much. If the post has enough info that the Event can be found on Google it is too much info. For smaller countries with a limited number of Events the Name of the Country is enough to find the Show. We've been through that repeatedly. I know that some People think the rule is dumb, but unless SM tells me that rule is off I have to enforce it. Technically even the Pictures on here are too much. StuartG and I agreed that we will leave These Topics open as long as the not naming the Shows rule is respected. So please keep to that rule of thumb,
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