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  1. Confirmation requested. Unfortunately I don't have more info than posted here.
  2. I'll try to find out, but an answer before Monday is unlikely. Keep checking back in the shop. Sometimes someone notices the stock has run out before they see my messages.
  3. If the requests got through yes, they will be taken into account. Unfortunately I have no way to check myself. If you have no response by Monday I will contact the responsible person again.
  4. I've forwarded the info and now got a response that the press passes have not been processed yet and they'd be able to tell me "on Monday at the latest" for sure. I'm very sorry I don't have better news. If you haven't heard back Monday afternoon I will poke again.
  5. Yes, I am a hero or villain. Yes or no Questions, remember? I'll be nice though: hero - 5 Yes, my alias Begins with a letter from m-z. - 4
  6. Hint: probably movies would be considered my main medium nowadays.
  7. You've been on here for a while, I thought you'd know the drill. The Event is still taking place. If there's any Change to the Situation SM will update.
  8. I daresay it's the Mailing out part that was the Problem. The vouchers were very popular and it took lots of extra assistance to mail them out. Since the Sales were interrupted the Events have grown even more, so it would be even worse now.
  9. The Diamond Passes are day specific now. If you booked a Saturday pass you will see the guest on Saturday. So it doesn't really hurt to buy a full weekend ticket, you get an extra day to enjoy the show.
  10. Indeed, they haven't done them for a while. I think the issue was how the sales would be set up with Eventbrite, and that has not been solved yet as far as I know.
  11. I am pretty sure he was a split shoot for the last couple of announcements already.
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