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  1. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    *throws hands in the air* Our internet at home has been more dead than alive for almost a month now and they can't find the error. If this stupid provider now starts eating e-mails too maybe we can finally get out of the contract. *rubs temples* It was only a "I forwarded your question to Jason" anyway. Because as I said before, I am not in the office and have no access to the system. That is the only thing I can do.
  2. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Yes I have and yes I did. Seems my reply to you is in limbo somewhere.
  3. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    Try showmastersevents.com as domain. I am really not sure why they have co.uk up.
  4. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    The statement made when he appeared was very clear. The mods almost never say this in response to a guest announcement, but this is not going to happen, sorry. I missed out on meeting him too and would love to have the chance - but at his age it is definitely health first, and we should all respect that.
  5. We do have designated guest suggestion topics in each event section. Please use those and don't post suggestions in guest announcements. Things may get missed here.
  6. To the best of my knowledge they always had the same one at all shows for the photoshoots.
  7. Event Security Update

    We genuinely don't know more than what the venue has posted. If you want more detailed explanations contact the venue please. I would guess suitcases and hockey bags are out though.
  8. Event Security Update

    The first post gives all the details the mods know. If you register you can bring "costume bags." Unfortunately we do not have the definition of the word "costume bag", sorry.
  9. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    E-Mail the cosplay people please. All we can do on here is guess, and I can't guarantee when they come on here to check on posts.
  10. You mean why photoshoots start after standard entry only? At the smaller shows that's not unusual. A lot of locals choose only to buy standard tickets.
  11. Gary Kurtz

    Currently there is nothing planned. An event appearance will be announced here, a private signing on the pre-order page and probably on here too.
  12. The schedule should be announced about a week before the show.
  13. Always the chance one gets added last minute if the schedule allows it.
  14. Exeter Talk & Photo Schedule

    Yes, it's all e-tickets. You take the part of the e-mail with the code to be scanned.
  15. Correct, the shoot in the store is a green screen photo with the guest only. The green screen/prop ones without guests never go on sale online.