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  1. Queen_Sindel

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    Unfortunately I had Carrie Ann down with DP Talk by mistake. Mark Worton is correct. What I wrote is only for clashes between Paid items. So unfortunately it's really unlucky, but a Change would not be approved.
  2. Queen_Sindel

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    I would still go to the Sales Table and explain. They may be able to allow an exception seeing Gina has no split shoot. I can't promise anything, but as Long as you are prepared you may be told "no" it's worth a try.
  3. Queen_Sindel

    pre order query

    I only see Charles Dance, who was apparently missed. We do have humans working on the shop, nobody's perfect. Daniel Portman has been removed. Those are the two latest cancellations. Is there someone I am overlooking who was also missed? EDIT: I missed Lotte Verbeek and Malin Ackerman who I also have reported. If I am overlooking someone else please let me know. EDIT 2: JasonG informed me that orders for the cancelled guests still listed will not go through, payment will automatically be rejected.
  4. Queen_Sindel

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    Sorry, but that Crystal ball donation we've been trying to run didn't bring in the required amount. Can't answer that, and I won't try to guess. Will all depend on how many tickets sell how fast. I imagine they'll try not to move too many Things around, but there is no guarantee for anything.
  5. Queen_Sindel

    Answers to FAQ

    Can we please try to Keep everyone's midns out of the gutter? This is the FAQ Topic after all. Some young ones may come here for info too.
  6. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    The game is on. If I can borrow a handbag. I'd take you down with me.
  7. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Could be interesting seeing TooTall declared his intent to put me in a buggle for safety numerous times.
  8. Queen_Sindel

    Answers to FAQ

    Not been to New Zealand or Australia yet, but yeah, I drink it in Europe and North America too. Tap water in some American places has a bit of a peculiar taste though. My friend Andrea can't drink any tap water in the Los Angeles area, it upsets her stomach too. She says she can taste the chlorine.
  9. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Someone said my Name?
  10. Queen_Sindel

    Answers to FAQ

    If that is Diamond Batch 8 you will be in the early shoot. Bring a portable fan.
  11. Queen_Sindel

    Entry points and pass collection

    First post has been rewritten for clarity seeing the same questions kept coming up.
  12. Queen_Sindel

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    Give it a try. They will be closing applications soon.
  13. Queen_Sindel

    Comic Book Signings

    I know, I know. I have asked again since I got the info first, but got the info it would be up "as soon as possible."
  14. Queen_Sindel


    Vous êtes trop gentil. Je n'ai jamais eu le français à l'école. Je l'ai appris en visitant Disneyland Paris. Jason a deux séances de photo dimanche. Votre numéro de lot sera dans la session de l'après-midi. Cette session a lieu dans la zone de session de photos A. J'y irais vers 16h30. C'est mon estimation quand ils appelleront votre lot. Vous avez bien compris. Les images sont imprimées dans la zone. Vous les récupérez lorsque vous quittez la séance photo. Si quelque chose ne va pas, les volontaires vous renverront à nouveau.
  15. Queen_Sindel


    Les deux photoshoot différents sont nommés sur la planification. Ouvrez le sujet que j'ai lié et regardez en haut de l'image. Votre billet est-il pour samedi? Si c'est pour samedi: vous pouvez être appelé en fin de matinée. Vérifiez autour de 12h20 dans la zone de photo C. Si la session se termine avant l'appel de votre batch, vous serez appelé au début de la session de l'après-midi. Cela commence à 16h05, également dans la zone de photo C. Si vous avez un ticket pour le dimanche, vous serez à coup sûr dans la session de l'après-midi. Cette session est dans la zone de photo A. J'y irais vers 16h30 et vérifier. Vous ne pouvez pas manquer votre tour. Vous pouvez y aller à tout moment après l'appel de votre numéro de lot. Tant que vous êtes là-bas avant la fin de la session de l'après-midi, vous aurez votre photo. Je m'excuse pour mon mauvais français. J'espère que j'ai du sens. Je voudrais demander à quelqu'un de me corriger, mais mon traducteur est allé faire des courses.