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  1. Queen_Sindel

    Big announcement question.

    Technically the pre-announcement said "great guest announcements." So take your pick and decide who's your favourite!
  2. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Too many announcements. I was hesitating a little unpinning something that is barely two weeks old.
  3. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    We could try to hold a Football Penalty Competition at the Show.
  4. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Hey, at least you got audience Points.
  5. I can't say them refusing. But if there's a Long line you may be asked to come back towards the end of the shoot's time. Reason for that is that the lighting would have to be set up differently, and it's less time consuming to just do it once towards the End than switching in the middle and then switching back.
  6. Queen_Sindel

    Guest announcement Thursday 23rd at 7pm

    Liar. That does not exist.
  7. Queen_Sindel

    diamond pass batches??

    Gold require VQ tickets for Diamond Guests. So db1, db2 etc. and once the Diamond Batches for the day are done normal Batches will be called.
  8. Queen_Sindel

    Answers to FAQ

    And this Ladies and Gentlemen is when you hurry and copy and paste without much proofreading. Corrected, thank you.
  9. What I have posted above is the legal situation that has been agreed on considering all circumstances. This is not the place for speculation please.
  10. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    I knew you were a Bear of many tastes, but that's a new one.
  11. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    The answer is no because all Japanese were in line for Mickey and Minnie already, and the friend who was with me had gone off for an extended restroom break. Which was a good Thing or I wouldn't have been bored enough to check that shop out in the first place.
  12. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    The last time I sang in public was 2017 in Disney World. One of the Hotels had a pin trading Station set up Halloween and wanted everyone who wanted to do a trade to do little Tasks. Mine was "sing a Disney song." They had a pin my friend Aaron was desperately trying to get. This being Halloween I was in Course in costume because we were on our way to the Party. So... picture Chip from "Rescue Rangers" Standing in the Grand Floridian Hotel in Disney World singing "Do you wanna build a snowman?" because I couldn't remember any other lyrics for the life of me. Oddly enough Aaron asked: "Is there a Video of this?" before even looking at the pin I did this for.
  13. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Trust me, you don't want me go singing the German Version for you.
  14. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    The date wasn't showing on the overview page. Amended now.
  15. Queen_Sindel

    Photo Shoot Props

    As long as you don't pull the Freddy Kruger glove with the knives on a guest without warning props are okay. Just be prepared to explain what you want quite fast. The photo session runs too fast for gifts. If you plan anything of that kind the autograph session would be the way to go. Usually we advise against food or bigger and bulky items. Can't see any issues with a sketch.