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  1. Queen_Sindel

    Dates and locations for events no longer showing

    Sorry, I have been quite sick and forgot to follow up. I found the part in the admin Panel where I can add them myself. I will add them over the Weekend - no reason why they should not be there.
  2. Queen_Sindel

    General Chat

    Forms should be up soon, that's all I can tell you I'm afraid. I don't have a specific date.
  3. Queen_Sindel

    Question about ticket packages

    Sorry, the way I read your post there wasn't an actual question. The only thing I felt I could respond to was the vouchers being unusable, which is what I replied to. I did not read your post as you wanting the whole system explained at all. Sorry if my response annoyed you. You get 5 autographs for the Commander Package, that is correct. Of these 5 you get 2 assigned autographs. That's one Captain level (or similar) and one bridge crew level (or similar). Those names are not planned guest announcements, I am just using names for reference. Captain level would mean Kate, Scott Bakula, Patrick Stewart etc. I think Jeri Ryan was also put in that bracket when she appeared last time, and I want to say Nichelle Nichols too. Bridge Crew level would mean Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn etc. Those 2 are assigned to your ticket. You have those two safe. But: You can't change your assignment. If let's say there'd be Scott and Patrick appearing and you'd be assigned Scott but want Patrick you can't change that. The other 3 of the 5 autographs are vouchers, that is correct. You can pick any guest charging 20 Euro and use those vouchers on them. I will try to find out if you could use those vouchers on 15 Euro guests, cause from the wording on the website that is not entirely clear. I genuinely have no idea if there even will be 15 Euro guests. It seems 20 Euro is becoming the going norm in Germany. Destination Star Trek is a bit of a hybrid between the Hub/Chevron style hotel conventions and LFCC. Thus the system looks pretty weird in the first place. It used to be that way that all autographs were assigned in the Commander Package. That was changed because the attendees wanted a bit more flexibility. Including all autographs at Commander Level would not work because there's too many guests. Hub and Chevron have 5 to maybe 10 guests. I am aware that The Hub has had pretty large guest lists before, but those guests were UK based and often appearing one day only, thus no significant travel costs etc. that had to be taken into account. If the package doesn't seem good for you maybe get a Standard Ticket and add on the autographs? That would be the best way to make sure you get all autographs you and your partner really want, unless you want to buy the Admiral package.
  4. Queen_Sindel

    Question about ticket packages

    The guest list is not complete yet.There will be guests charging 20 Euro you can use the vouchers on.
  5. Queen_Sindel

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Are you British?
  6. Queen_Sindel

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Are you considered a Monster?
  7. Queen_Sindel

    Guest Days & Prices

    Don't I wish. And cross off the "S" please - currently I am flying solo, Stuart is taking a small break. As posted a number of times before, these topics are generally maintained by the office and not the mods. Sometimes they wish to "surprise announce" extra shoots or talks that way, so unless I am asked to I do not touch those tables. I have asked if I can help and update, but have not received a response.
  8. Queen_Sindel

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Are you British?
  9. Queen_Sindel

    Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY THOMAS

    Talk tickets have also quite often gone on sale with a delay. So Nothing to worry About just yet.
  10. Queen_Sindel

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Are you real?
  11. Queen_Sindel

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    *claps Applause* I am indeed Cameron Mitchell. So much for making it easy for Ray: the Bear got it again. There's an American Motion Picture Actor from the 50s of the same Name, that's where Modern Family may have got the Name from.
  12. Queen_Sindel

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Yes I am. - 12
  13. Queen_Sindel

    Eventbrite working OK for others?

    I haven't heard back, but maybe one of my "guys, something is wrong" messages was read then. Glad to hear it is working now.
  14. Queen_Sindel

    Guest Suggestions

    Not too long ago - 2017.
  15. Queen_Sindel

    Guest Suggestions

    The rule is still "if you can find the Event on Google with the provided info it is too much." We appreciate everyone trying to be vague. But for first timers or more rare guests unfortunately often enough even giving the Country (even a big one) is too much info, as it was the case for the edited post. I do agree that it is interesting to see where in the world certain guests do conventions. I also agree that it is not exactly likely someone flies to New Zealand to see a guest, but it has happened before. The reason for such edits is that the Forum rules have been laid out by SM and they say you can't discuss other Events on here, no matter the Country. Unless the Office tells us that These rules are relaxed and it's only UK Events this applies to the mods will Keep to those rules and amend references to Events in other countries too. If we'd go strictly by the book even "XYZ is doing a convention, can we get him too?" is too much because Name + simply the word "convention" brings up the other Event on Google.