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  1. 1 week on - still buzzing

    I wen I went straight from going one day (in 2014) to doing all three (2015) and never looked back. You get the best of all worlds: Friday you can look around and get autographs without the large crowds (and maybe even score table selfies and longer conversations depending on signage and the people behind you). Saturday you get to see the big guests and talks. Sunday you get a nice happy middle ground in which you can comfortably shop and get autographs. Not to mention that if you go on all three days you will never miss a guest
  2. Shangel's Oh-So-Detailed LFCC Review

    Well enough XD a lot of work to do, it feels like my brain is fried. But today was a good day for progression. Lfcc was a good distractor, lets have another one!
  3. My first LFCC!

    Another good read (lots of those going around tonight). Your first experience sounds eerily similar to my first experience back in 2014. I too only went sunday, and was initially cautious as the saturday had been manic Stan Lee Saturday and thus I had heard lots of ... interesting stories about the organisation. Like you I had also been to (shifts eyes) another convention for 5 years prior to going to lfcc and was so much more impressed with the guest side of lfcc. I've since cut back the amount of time and money I spend at...the other place.... and now save most of my con money at lfcc. Believe me, if you carry on like I have, you'll need all the money you can get for those diamond passes
  4. Shangel's Oh-So-Detailed LFCC Review

    It's taken me 3 hours in between regular life but man this was a great read. Really heartwarming and motivational. Especially the David Morrissey bit. I'm behind on my masters dissertation and that part was really the get up and go I needed for tomorrow. You're a great writer mate.
  5. I kept a rough Diary at LFCC

    Interesting to read your views on Daniel Portman, because I always think he makes the GoT talks something special. In ny opinion he was only overshadowed this year by Pilou, and last year I felt he was by far the best person on the panel. I've never met him at his table (i've never had the free finances) but my friends have, and they say he is really funny. I guess it is possibly his sense of humour just not coming off right for everybody. Good read though!
  6. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Oops, sorry about that. I did a quick check to make sure that I wasn't covering other points, but I must have missed that :/
  7. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    The only real downside I could see to this is that it further affects non Diamond GA people. If a gold can just walk straight up to a guest and join a queue (after diamonds), it will keep the queues at capacity, preventing people with low VQ numbers from joining. This means that the guest will likely see less VQ people. At least with the current system, if a gold gets a diamond pass guest's autograph, they use a VQ ticket, so the VQ keeps moving (in theory). The golds still get the priority they pay extra for (providing they are let in on time), whilst the non golds percieve the queue as moving quicker. People have already been complaining a lot about SM giving out unobtainable VQ numbers (ie 500 +) and about VQ numbers remaining low, and I think this would only aggrivate them further. It also may be a bit difficult for volunteers to follow, given that I have already read reports of people not allowing gold passes to join the back of non diamond lines, giving extra priority to diamonds by moving them to the front etc. It may just be best to keep it as simple as possible to avoid any issues. P.S as a guy who always gets GA with a handful of DPs, the opinions above are not ones I share. I've never had a single problem with the current system (providing everyone gets what they pay for) i"m just offering my two cents from what I have read.
  8. What guests do you want to see next year?

    One tv series that i"d love to see more guests from is spooks! One of my favourites and it has a lot of actors/actresses that others would love for different reasons: Richard Armitage Shazed Latif (so close this year!) Lara Pulver Matthew Mcfayden Rupert Penry-Jones Sophia Myles Kit Harrington And more!
  9. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    Great read! Shame you missed those talks though, they were all really good this year
  10. Crew Appreciation Thread

    Just remembered - A big shoutout should go to all the members of Peter Mayhew's queue on Sunday. Firstly, the red haired male crew member who was handeling the queue was very helpful answering my intial queries (when he was going to be back, was he on VQ etc). Secondly, all queue members for Peter were great at managing the people who were trying to use his queuing space to take pictures of other guests (as Peter was on the end on sunday). It can't be easy to keep doing and saying the same things, and it prevented something really annoying from continuously happening. Finally the Blonde female crew member who acted as his assistant stood out the most. As many people have said before, Peter sadly can be quite withdrawn at times (he is getting on a bit, I don't blame him). Unfortunately the time I chose to go up was one of those times and sadly he didn't really want to interact with me. But the aforementioned crewmember was really kind , asking me about my day, taking a genuine interest and thanking me for coming. It was good quality customer service, and really made me feel happy to meet Peter, despite the fact we barely spoke!
  11. MC at the talks

    There's a few of them I believe so you may need to specify. I really liked Darren, who MC'd for some, and just organised the fan question process in others. I thought he really knew what he was doing. But I have seen other problems with other MCs before
  12. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Was that right at the end of the day? If so I have to agree the guy sorting the queue was great and the other guy (or at least someone similar to him) was just being a total idiot
  13. Right let's try this https://m.imgur.com/a/tYyeK
  14. Working on a pic now
  15. An issue that I foresaw (and it sounded like it came up based on a previous post) was that this year the passes had a day printed on them (I saw some with stickers, but not many). This day obviously referred to the photo, but this was not made clear on the pass. It just read: Number 123 - Friday. Last year everyone I saw had passes with a sticker on that said 'photo on X day'. Just printing a day on the pass may lead to confusion amongst volunteers who don't know the DP rules that well, who thus may assume that it's a pass for that specific day. I didn't have this problem, but if some attendees are being told this, then it may be best to specify on the pass that the day refers to the photo day (perhaps through stickers like they had in 2016)