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  1. What was Cassady's queue like? I met her in Germany, and she was exactly as you described her here. So enthusiastic and bubbly, one of my top meets. She also had one of the longest queues at the event (at least when I was in it), but there was more of a walking dead theme to the guests .
  2. Yeah that's so true. I like to try and make each con I go to a big event. So I'm doing lots of things over that weekend, as opposed to going to an event for one or two guests. LFCC works perfectly for that, but often my budget doesn't stretch to doing that multiple times a year. It means I have to exercise a lot of self control if I see a 'must meet' being advertised somewhere else. More money for Showmasters though and I'm never disappointed with my choice
  3. This is so me. I used to just do LFCC, so I could spend big. Then I just had to go to a con in December, so it became 'lets just have a cheaper LFCC'. Now I'm going to a con abroad in March, so it became 'lets not do LFCC'. Then Riz Ahmed was announced so it became 'just go and get him on your Rogue One poster'. Following this week of announcements, i'm resigned to the the fact that it'll probably be LFCC as normal, so I'm trying to pick up extra shifts at work
  4. Now I've got the hang of photos, thought I would share my signed items, with a few anecdotes where relevant. First up I met Shazad Latif. I'm a big Spooks fan, and have been collecting signatures for a number of years now (although you can't see it from the picture). I was so excited for this one, and he didn't disappoint. He seemed really happy to see Spooks, as it was his first acting job. He excitedly showed the DvD cover to his helper, and pointed to a little picture of himself on the back. We got talking about his character, and how great his final few episodes were. A fantastic inte
  5. Apologies if this should be in general chat, but as it's to do with the LFCC programme, I thought I would ask here. Are all the conventions advertised in the LFCC programme affiliated with Showmasters in some way? By that, I mean are they safe to talk about on the forum. There are a couple that I am planning to attend for the first time, and wasn't sure how much detail I could go into on here if I have any questions/ want to discuss my experiences. I couldn't find pages for some of these conventions on the forum, hence my hesitation (but wouldn't have thought SM would advertise rival con
  6. I don't really use Insta. But I gave you a follow anyway :) I normally just put my pictures on my FB
  7. Edit: Well embedding those pictures didn't work. Back to the drawing board I guess!
  8. Did anyone else see Noel Clarke around Obviously he wasnt a guest, but as I was queueing for Tom, he came and said hi to both him and Jason. It was really cool :) Wish I could have stuck around and asked for a photo
  9. I don't know... I had Christina Ricci cut through my line, and turn to apologise to me. I wouldn't mind that happening again
  10. It made my wife's whole con meeting him. It was only her second LFCC (I still had to play the part of guide) and she was so so happy with the whole experience. She did the almost touch pose from vampire diaries, and keeps looking at her picture with such adoration .
  11. The biggest high was seeing my wife meet Ian Somerhalder. She had been looking forward to it for so long, had her pose all planned out any everything (some kind of 'almost touch' for any vampire diaries fans) and it all went perfectly for her. I sometimes feel a bit used to the whole meeting celebs thing, so it's sometimes hard to get starstruck. But seeing her so giddy was amazing. Also Hayden was such a gentleman, so polite and really took care to ensure guests got what they wanted :) As mentioned, the lack of cancellations, general manner of most guests, smooth runn
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