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  1. Thoughts for next year

    Yeah, it was the BTTF 30th Anniversary special + Sigourney Weaver, Michael Gambon and many more
  2. Thoughts for next year

    Lets hope so. But 2015 will take some beating for me.
  3. Thoughts for next year

    Just remember to write the numbers on in felt tip pen! Or you may end up at a 2 watermelons and a bunch of cherries.
  4. Who are you meeting!?

    Maybe not for your first year, but you'll be a getting 30 autographs per show in no time I only started with two on my first show. Now I buy about 4-5 DPs (plus photoshoots and autographs) per show. That's not even a drop in the water compared to some.
  5. General Chat

    Children of Earth is what I show anyone that I want to get into torchwood, as it stands alone quite well and is probably the best made series. But series 2 will always be my favourite. That being said, I like Miracle Day too. Any torchwood was better than no torchwood
  6. General Chat

    Honestly loved Torchwood. More so than Who to be honest. Exit wounds is still one of my favourite television episodes.
  7. General Chat

    Shame the experience closed, or I would have recommended that cause that was good fun. But yeah, I bet there are loads of location tours.
  8. General Chat

    Haha don't worry! But yeah it's really cool. It's where they filmed the 'visitors entrance' scenes for the hub, out on the bay.
  9. General Chat

    You have to go to the Ianto celebration wall! If it is still there.
  10. Who are you meeting!?

    So far, my only confirmed ones are Megan Fox and Meat Loaf. I also want to meet Shauna Mcdonald (for her work in Spooks) Jewel Staite (for Firefly) And Lucy Davies + Eugene Brave Rock to add to my Wonder Woman 8x10s. However I have lower budget this year, due to attending an American Con, so the above 4 may have to change if another great diamond guest comes along.
  11. New Attendees advice thread

    I didn't actually know it was you at the time. But I guessed based on the number of your diamond pass then I saw you at the meetup and knew
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    It's always great seeing members at the con. Saw Raylenth in the BC line, and a few others dotted around. The forum meetup was so fun as well!
  13. New Attendees advice thread

    Oh wow I always keep my copy to hand, but i've never had that in any of my passes. One time, they didn't even clip my Jeremy Renner pass, they had to call me back.
  14. New Attendees advice thread

    Yeah, you obviously need to produce a copy of your diamond pass ticket (what you recieved when you ordered it) to get the pass its self. But after that, the little plastic pass is your ticket to all things Peter Capaldi!
  15. New Attendees advice thread

    For all previous years, you have been given the pass itself, which has a little icon printed on it for each thing you get (autograph, photo, mug etc). This icon is then hole punched as you redeem the perk, to prevent you from redeeming it twice.