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  2. Guest Suggestions

    Jason Please get Laura Dern some one for star wars fans and Jurassic Park fans win win
  3. Today
  4. Guest Suggestions

    The surviving cast of the A team
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Greg Sinestro Tommy Wiseau Other actors from The Room
  6. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Avery Brooks from star trek and American history x would be great guest to have.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Cast of Ghostbusters 1, 2 and Ghostbusters (2016)
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Cast of Ghostbusters 1, 2 and Ghostbusters (2016)
  9. 2018 Anniversaries

    Quantum of Solace is 10 years old next year, so some more Bond guests? Olga Kurylenko, Daniël Craig, Judi Dench, Rory Kinnear...
  10. Diamond Passes...

    My experience isn’t that elaborate as anyone else’s here ofcource, it’s only gonna be my third LFCC
  11. Oh right will have to purchase asap! Thanks!
  12. Showmasters appreciation thread

    Compared to a recent nightmarish event I went to in Manchester your events are very well organised fair and enjoyable
  13. Cosplay props/weapons

    That one will definitely require an orange tip and exact playing by the rules. Way too realistic looking. Anyone could spray paint a gun blue.
  14. Ticket sales have already started.
  15. When do we start buying tickets for this event etc? Sorry not been on this site for a while so don't know what's going on?
  16. Cosplay props/weapons

    So I know I sent a message about ten/fifteen minutes ago; but I hope I'll be able to take this with me to collectormania next year. I know it's got a ring around it (it's black, not red or orange, but I'll see if I can get that sorted!) and it's made of ABS with some Zinc Alloy/Metal parts though it will get checked (I know cos of new rules since what happened last year with Jason David Frank), but it will be holstered at all times whilst I'm in my scooter. Edit: I know I had a check on the rules of what is fine and what isn't fine, and it says that if it has a orange or red tip (I'm not sure about black lol), it's fine as long as it doesn't fire.
  17. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Fantastic 4 2015 - sucked, cheesy dialog.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Guest Suggestions

    Gabrielle Christian Mandy Musgrave Elise Bauman Natasha Negovanlis
  20. Guest Suggestions

    Marama Corlett, Katherine Langford, Frank Grillo and Robert E. Grant
  21. Guest Suggestions

    I would cry if Julie Walters got announced, I know there is a very slim chance, but she has been such a big influence in life...I just love her!! Also, any chance of any X files guests?
  22. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I would die to meet Julie Walters...I honestly think I would burst into tears...she has been such a huge influence in everything I do
  23. Diamond Passes...

    Maybe it was lanyards this year then. I make my own custom lanyards each year for my passes and just had the chain in a drawer so assumed this year was the same as past years.
  24. Diamond Passes...

    I had a lanyard aswell this year, dogtags last year. Brings back memories indeed, I want more Diamond guests
  25. Diamond Passes...

    Ahh the memories.....
  26. Diamond Passes...

    I got a proper lanyard, not a ball chain with my pass.
  27. Diamond Passes...

    Yeah, that's definitely a laminate, NOT a dog tag. Nice keepsake, though! Thanks for clarification!
  28. Diamond Passes...

    The chain is like a military tag, but yeah, the pass is plastic. Here's my cumberpass from this year:
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