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  2. You did not want to join my Charles Dance Morris Dance Club so... no!
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  4. Ugh, I've seen a photo of the cupcake people's cupcakes and I want some. I'd come for just them if it weren't going to be a 5 hour round trip. Someone buy some for me tomorrow and bring them to me please?
  5. That's officially all of my guests cancelled. I'll give it a miss this time, but look forward to LFCC Summer.
  6. Well it's not deciding really but working out what means more to you. Many people prefer photo's because it's visual proof that they met the guest and they love that they can look at the photo and remember the moment. Others don't like photo's as much and prefer to get autographs as you can have a slightly longer interaction with the guest. It really is just about which you prefer. Personally I love getting autographs especially if I'm doing a cast multi signed item as I can look at my posters, have them framed and put up and I think they look awesome. I do get photo's but usually it has to be with people I'm really hyped about or it's related to my absolute favourite show/film as otherwise they don't mean a lot to me. I don't talk to the guests much as I'm not a great conversationalist and I'm not as into film as many people who attend these events are, so I can't wax lyrical with them about insightful stuff on their works. But you don't need to really, with the bigger names you probably won't get time to do that anyway. So I just usually say something like I'm glad they came ect, or something might rarely strike me that leads to a conversation - I met Zach Quinto at LFCC 2019 and got him on a Star Trek poster but actually told him I loved him in Hannibal so we had a brief chat about that which was nice. Deciding days is hard to discuss because it depends on too many factors - which days you can go, which days the guests are there, how many you want to meet and what else you want to do. If the guests you want are there Friday, that's a good day because it's the quietest of the 3 days so can be a little calmer, but if the guests you want are only there 1 day you have to see them that day. If you are looking for advice on how to do the event again it's hard because it depends on what you want, but a good way to start might be to go on a Friday and get a feel for it, how it all works, maybe see a couple of guests and you can see what you prefer between the auto's and the photo's. Then if you find you like it and want to do more you can try Saturday and/or Sunday. Saturday is the busiest day though and at LFCC it''s very busy. I'd not advise telling the guests about disabilities unless it's relevant to the conversation as it can put them under undue pressure, but if the situation requires it then do. If you are feeling really anxious and having trouble coping it would be fine to say that you have anxiety and to give you a minute or whatever you need. Also speak to the crew if you need help on the day, if you need a quiet place and it's fine to let them know why as they will understand then. Showmasters do have an Access pass for people who need extra help that might be worth looking into and applying for if you feel it would help you and you qualify. Here's the Access info for Spring, but it does the same thing at the other events as well https://www.londoncomicconspring.com/index.php/accessibility
  7. To reiterate what Tanith said, I've just finished watching the good place and have cried for like 50 minutes straight. It's a brilliant series and so well written.
  8. What Ray says. Early start tomorrow.
  9. I was wondering how people decide whether to buy just an autograph or just a photo at the photoshoot or both?. And do you plan what you are going to say to the guests before you meet them?.And how do you decide which days you will get the autographs and photographs on ?. Also, do you think it helps to tell the guests or anyone that works at the convention that you have anxiety or a disability?. I have anxiety and Asperger's Syndrome.
  10. Because I'm missing out on seeing Daniel Radclife this weekend, how about invitin him to LFCC?
  11. Sounds like a similar weekend to me.(Minus the hotel and wine).
  12. Well, she does want to be able to get there on time tomorrow so maybe not.
  13. I think you will need to ask the crew when you get there and ask where to go for Press.
  14. Busy day tomorrow. Sunday not so much. Only a few minutes walk from hotel to venue. Preparations coming along nicely when I walked past Olympia earlier. Having a quiet evening. TV, chocolate and a glass or two of wine. The weekend has definitely started.
  15. hello, I went to locate the places but did not see access "Press". Would it be possible to have details?
  16. We will be living it vicariously
  17. Some of you might be going to bed early tonight, so I’ll post now. Have a great weekend everyone! Looking forward to seeing your photos and autos as usual
  18. So the above diagram is correct as it's been confirmed on Twitter
  19. I'm reading this as Anthony is doing the panel but to be honest I also read it as the audio book features them.
  20. They haven't said and will be at LCC now I'm afraid, I think the best thing to do is to wait until they are back in the office next week and email the shop and ask
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