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  2. Same here. Tried to book 11 photoshoots, when keying in details and selecting batch number it jumps from ticket 4 to 10. Unable to complete transaction. Any words of wisdom?
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  4. And saying about tempting people to announce guests, and the risk versus reward of send items in. With the me saying how nervous I was to send my Cyberman posters in for a signing, there's a chance to add Christopher Robbie to one of them. I have him on one, but not my the other. As we have said previously, the more autographs on the item the higher the risk. Also, rule number one. Dont send something you can afford to lose should the worst happen
  5. Ernie Hudson, you can understand, as his career has had a renaissance the last couple of years, with the new Ghostbusters films, and being a lead in the new Quantum Leap. But there are does seem to be one or two others who seem to cancel every show. Although Peter Dinklage was one of the exceptions, he requested to start filming a week later than needed, so could honour his commitments to appearing at LFCC
  6. Yes, I tried to post about this yesterday on here but the post wouldn't submit for some reason. Two of the guests you bought were the same for me and out of about 8 photo tickets on the Saturday, only about half of them gave me the option to provide info and choose a batch. In the case of somebody like Julian Bleach, who I anticipate may be quite popular, this could be a big problem, as some tickets didn't ask for batch numbers and even the ones that did don't have batch numbers on the PDF tickets so how are we supposed to show what batch we are should somebody decide to check?
  7. Some photoshoots let you click to buy and give the page to enter card details but don't give the ticket holder details on the page, have they sold out or is there a glitch? Julian Bleach Jacqueline King Karl Collins and Matthew Needham Specifically
  8. and yeah i get what you mean some guests have a tendency of not showing up its almost at a point why you wonder why they'd book them. aside from one scam in america where i was surprised anyone actually believed the host, i don't think there has been an event where it was sold around one massive guest and they just never turned up causing mass refunds or back-lash. the only one i can think of that i wanted to meet who never turned up was effectively Ernie Hudson but that was always given a valid reason.
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  10. Exactly the same as me, hoping for the best in regard to guests not cancelling, but at the same time, know it is sadly inevitable, Also, as ever, not believing that they are there until I can see them with my own eyes, especially with certain guests. It couldnt hurt to pack it just in case, as you never know what could happen, better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it
  11. That said i may have extra cash depending on the hotel deposit as the email says £50 but i'm being prepared as last time they tried saying £100 but i wanna see if that was a mistake on the part of the hotel worker.
  12. I hope we avoid anymore, but i'm being pragmatic and preparing for the trouble IE packing extra covers for the three guests i've taken off just in case any further developments arise, maybe i should pack an Extra Hines cover just on the off chance.
  13. You said the dreaded C word. Fingers crossed we can avoid any more for the guests we are looking to meet, at the very least
  14. Pamela Salem (pictured with Sylvester McCoy and Simon Williams) - 22nd January 1944 - 21st February 2024. So sadly this week has seen the latest in unfortunate passing's of Doctor who alumni with another two smaller guest actors passing, but the biggest has been that of Pamela Salem. Salem made her first contributions to the series in 1977 making a voice appearance as one of the Xoanon voices in "The Face of Evil" before the following week debuting as Toos in "The Robots of Death" a role she would reprise in the Kaldor City Audios, the latter of these two was the subject of deception via her agent who claimed she was the new Doctor who girl, inspite of her appearance being that of a sizeable guest star. however her biggest role for the series would enter in 1988 as she played professor Rachel Jensen in "Remembrance of the Daleks", whilst she only played the role a single time on screen it was in 2013 a whole 25 years later Salem would return to the role along with her costars in "1963: The Assassination games" a backdoor pilot which led to "The Countermeasures" a 1960's proto UNIT series which ran for 4 series before returning as "The New Countermeasures" spanning a full 7 series as the character before the range ended. Sadly i was never fortunate to meet Pamela, and she was one i would have loved to have done so, she was a prime example of making an impact in the show to where she was invited back to play the role so many years later and being met with positive reception, i was happy to see such a series come together and have been deeply saddened by her passing, by many means she has sadly become the latest in many deaths that have struck the Doctor who fan-base this year alone, as sadly we stand at 5 names.
  15. Ann Firbank has since cancelled on the spring show, and has now relocated to the July show, i'm hoping we don't see any further cancellations.
  16. We've had a couple of new guests, and needles to say no doctor who credits for either of them, and i've cross checked, they've the right time period and credits similar to many others who have, but alas neither have a credit, that is instantly detectable so i'll have to try and dig deeper as i'm not ruling it out at this time.
  17. Okay so i have a lot to catch up on and post so lets get on with it, i'll do individual posts so everyone can consume without mixing up info
  18. And just like that, the jinx comes to pass with two new guest announcements, and a couple moved to the summer show. The new guests havent appeared in Doctor Who that I can see. But Ann Firbank has moved to the summer
  19. Latest Guest Announcement - Phil Herbert Appearing: Sunday Autograph: £15 Buy Tickets Now Hermi Odle - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  20. Latest Guest Announcement - Derek Lyons Appearing: Saturday Autograph: £15 Buy Tickets Now Medal Bearer - Star Wars: A New Hope
  21. Max Laferriere & Ann Firbank are no longer able to join us for London Comic Con Spring this March, but we look forward to welcoming them both to LFCC in July. Photoshoot tickets for each of them will automatically roll over to LFCC. If you’re unable to attend, please email in by 29th February 2024.
  22. I saw news before I slept that Pamela Salem has passed away, I will right an obituary for her latter today as I do have work in a few hours
  23. I've had some news that means I'm likely not going to make the show, so I've rolled the dice and sent a dvd cover in for Collins, Madeley, King and Langford. Not an ideal situation, but I think for Collins and Madeley it will be a one and down convention. Or it will be at least a few years for Ruth Madeley at least.
  24. It's been confirmed on Twitter by another company offering Tom Baker's private signing. That he will no longer do in person signings. Which we kind of knew anyway. And not unexpected given his age
  25. Here's my full, super-exciting list: Death Note (watched years ago) Demon Slayer (up-to-date) Frieren: Beyond Journey's End (a few episodes behind) Attack on Titan (up to about ep. 54 I think) Tokyo Ghoul (halfway through s1) Taking a break on AoT for a bit, wondering whether to start Jujutsu Kaisen. Not sure if you can tell, but I've not exactly been a prolific anime watcher until recently.
  26. Finally ordered the 60th anniversary specials finally saved up enough points to get the set and not spend a penny on it. ironically still have a penny left on my account now. but now I’ll have everything ready to be signed as I finally listened to “Vesuvius falling” and actually really enjoyed it and I was dreading more Bernice summerfield after Epoch bored me to death after the first two entires
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