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  2. Right, I'm all packed and ready to head off. I think it should take me a couple of days, tops. Mum made me some bacon sandwiches so I should be alright. I doubt there'll be 4g connection out that far, so I probably won't be able to post until I'm back. Wish me luck!
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  4. Thank you that link was helpful. We werent planning on going as couldnt get weekend passes for july so havent been keeping up to date with things lol... but now we are goung as managed to get weekend passed for nov so i will need to catch up ahaha
  5. I believe if you reply back and decline the vouchers you might have some luck. If you do keep them though I think they are valid for 2 years or you will be refunded after that if you haven't used them. there's a bit on the site about how they work https://londonfilmandcomiccon.com/voucher-guide/
  6. This is correct, you are entitled to a full refund IF a guest cancels or the event cancels. I find it BS that you're only given vouchers to use at "any other showmaster events" within one year (...actually according to LFCC's website, it's up to December 2022). This is actually breaking the law in a way, because in the event of a cancellation, any event HAS to refund if you request a refund.
  7. There aren't any mods in here monitoring posts I'm afraid so I don't think they will see it. As I mentioned their emails are on the Contact Us page on the website so it would probably be best to try via that way, just don't use the shop@ one as that's for sales stuff. Despite it looking like it is a forum option, the forum messaging system was never enabled.
  8. Yeah I’ve been waiting for Clark Gregg for ages now but gets cancelled if announced in November I can’t go offered vouchers. However it’s against the law so push for the refund
  9. Why has it changed to vouchers? Before if the guest couldnt attend it was a refund? Surely it should be a refund as payment was for a specific service/purchase which can no longer be provided if guest unable to attend. Also, how/where are the vouchers used?
  10. Unfortunately the following guests are unable to make the new dates in November, we hope to invite them to a future event sometime soon. Brian Cox David Warner Scott Ian Vouchers to the value of photo shoot tickets will be issued in the next couple of days.
  11. Omg so frustrated.. trying to book several photo op tickets.. run out of time as not much given...... so doing it a few tickrts at a time. bank blocked card cause several transactions... so had to spend ages waiting/ speKing to them to get it sorted. Anyone else think time limit when buying tickets isnt enough?
  12. Hi @showmasters :-) since I still don't know how I can delete my account by myself, I also still don't know to which email address I should sent my request and I'm only allowed to send zero messages per day this is the only way for me to contact you in order to let delete my account. If you have any questions concerning my request you can mail me via the email address that belongs to this account or you can message me via this forum. But please be aware that I can't answer then since I'm alowed to send zero messages per day as I already mentioned. Cheers, Manyota
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - Julius Le Flore Attending: Sat/Sun Autograph: £20 Photo Shoot: £20 Buy Tickets Now Julius worked on "RETURN OF THE JEDI" as one of only 3 stuntmen hired who could also act! HE IS NOT AN EXTRA OR BACKGROUND PLAYER! He was hired since as both an actor and stuntman he could perform many of the stunts needed for "RETURN OF THE JEDI"! This allowed him to not only be the stunt double for BILLY DEE WILLIAMS (Lando) but also to be numerous characters from the film that required stunts, and that includes: SKIFF MASTER YO
  14. For that you have to go to Mount Doom and ask someone there how to do it.
  15. paulm10

    Last Post Wins?

    This is a game that no one wins. Not even me!
  16. I would like to meet anyone from my signature.
  17. How can I delete somebody else's account?
  18. I don't think there's a specific one. If you go to the Contact Us page of the website you can find one that's not the Shop@ address and maybe there. I'm not sure if it'll be done though, you can try just making sure all your notifications are turned off and logging out I guess?
  19. I choose to infer from this that Tom Widdlestick as himself does not have much charm and wit, a position with which I happen to agree. (Yes, I do realise this is a pot/kettle situation)
  20. Just caught up on Loki's first three episodes, and I am LOVING IT!! I was initially really hesitant as to whether I'd actually enjoy it, but it's rapidly become one of my favourite entires in the MCU!! Owen Wilson is such a great choice for Mobius, and Sophia Di Martino is an excellent choice for her role (being vague to avoid spoilers). Tom Hiddleston is being Tom Hiddleston, with bucket loads of charm and wit, and I cannot wait for Season 2!
  21. To which email address can we send our request to delete the account?
  22. Last week
  23. Sagepay, who i believe Showmasters use, have been having a few issues the last few days. so id surmise this is where the issue is
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