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    The 1000’s Game

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  5. Matthew Bleming

    Animals A-Z

  6. Matthew Bleming

    Up in 10s

  7. Matthew Bleming

    The Number 7 Game

  8. Matthew Bleming

    100s and 100s

  9. The Friendly Dalek

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Robot- This feels very much like a Pertwee story. I have no issue with that. Tom Baker instantly excels as The Doctor, and the other regulars are great. Harry Sullivan is a wonderful companion, and I Ian Marter did more than one series. The effects of the Robot look very good for the time, I think. However some of the supporting characters aren't well fleshed out, and are unmemorable, with pretty poor dialogue. Bar those few characters this is a very strong start to the Baker era. Overall- 8/10.
  10. Matthew Bleming

    First person to post number

  11. Matthew Bleming

    Counting Backwards

  12. Matthew Bleming

    The Number Game

  13. Matthew Bleming

    Up in 5s

  14. Matthew Bleming

    The Alphabet Game

  15. Matthew Bleming

    Yet another number game

  16. Matthew Bleming

    Last Post Wins?

    I win!
  17. VikingGrrrl

    Up in 10s

  18. Matthew Bleming

    Up in 10s

  19. Today
  20. mrbond22

    Guest Suggestions

    cheeky girls scooter status quo steps s club 7 meat loaf alice deejay tom jones Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lady Gaga Cher Lloyd Elton John britney spears Cher Victoria Beckham and other music
  21. Spacecadet is here

    Next Years Dates....

    Well, Here you are, Next Year Destination Star Trek Returns....
  22. mrbond22

    Guest Suggestions

    danielle harris Fiona Dourif Jennifer Tilly Alex Vincent Catherine Hicks Christine Elise Chris Sarandon Krysten Ritter winona ryder kate beckinsale Emma Watson Hugh Jackman Milla Jovovich Ruby Rose Jessica Biel abigail breslin Emily Browning sandra bullock kate winslet Maria Conchita Alonso Priscilla Presley Brighton Sharbino the walking dead cast
  23. Matthew Bleming

    General Chat

    Well done R4!
  24. Peter Capaldi Fan

    General Chat

    Looks like next week I shall be watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa! Unless I find a super sized spider there
  25. Broo

    General Chat

    Massive congratulations @R4wly97!
  26. Tony1975

    Guest Suggestions

    With it being the final season of Big Bang Theory it may be easier getting some of the main cast
  27. Raylenth

    Guest Suggestions

    Well, I thought she was, I know I read it somewhere and was sure it was an official statement, but I can't find anything about it now
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