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  2. The “Thank You” Thread

    I wish I could have posted this sooner, but took ages to get approval for the forum! That said, we came over from the States, and couldn't have been more impressed by the wonderful crew at this event. A couple of special call-outs I would like to make: First, the gentlemen running the line for Christopher Eccleston did a marvelous job! Everything was controlled, orderly and well communicated. When he had to go on a break we knew exactly when to come back and our places in line were honored. Every line I was in all weekend went smoothly, but that crew had a level of professionalism that is very uncommon at events I have gone to. Now the biggie...I'm not going into details, but I had an issue on Friday with a guest making an error while signing a very special item of mine. One of the crew members noticed my panic and immediately elevated the situation to the next higher level. A kind woman led us to a closed off area and had us wait outside while she went in. When she emerged she introduced us to a fellow who said he could attempt to remove the error. I agreed, and waited nervously for him to return. When he did, I am thrilled to report that the error was removed completely! I have never encountered anyone at a convention who had the ability to alter an autograph, and the fact that someone who can is on staff at this event was incredible to me. Kudos LFCC! And thank you so very much!
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  4. That's not happened yet, so they aren't ready. There must be hundreds of thousands of them so it will take a little while to get them *all* sorted as I believe they prefer to have them all up at once rather than drips and drabs. As you already know there will likely be an announcement on this forum when they're all up, so keep an eye out for it. It will likely be a pinned topic like the previous announcements.
  5. Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    Thank you lovely! <3
  6. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    The Aztecs- Unpopular opinion here. I don't think this is one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever. Unlike many other people, I think this story is just very good, not perfect. Some of the acting isn't great, and the story just seems slow to me. However, the story deals well with the discussion of the morality of sacrifices, and introduces to the show's lore the idea that history cannot be changed, and neither the Doctor nor his companions can meddle with established history. I love that concept, and it is fascinating to see Barbara deal with wanting to change history for the better in her eyes, but knowing she can't, and yet tries anyway. The morality and concepts on display here are what elevates the episodes thematically, but I think that the surrounding story isn't that great. Overall- 8/10.
  7. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I'll look around to see if I can find any good reigns for future episodes. And yes, I will be watching the official animations for episodes which have them.
  8. grimm series cast.

    Bailey Chase (Lucien Petrovitch) Azura Skye (Robin Steinkellner) Madeline Zima (Emily Troyer) Wade Williams (Mark Holloway) Mike Massa (Anton Mengers)
  9. Fred Ottman Refund

    Yeah no worries, I will do. Thanks to you both :-)
  10. Fred Ottman Refund

    Unfortunately the pre orders refunds have to be manually done so aren't as quick as the Showmasters refunds. I'd suggest letting this weekends event get out of the way first then chasing him again maybe a week after - that should give him time to get back in the office after the event.
  11. Fred Ottman Refund

    What Raylenth said as beat me to it :-)
  12. My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    That’s true. I enjoy the audios too but remember Big Finish are starting off writing for audio. These Who’s were never meant to be audio only. It makes a huge difference. I find even a few stills can help envision the settings and story the exact way the creators did which can help understand certain aspects of the plot or characters behaviour. I know there are some on YouTube including a particularly good fully animated version of Marco Polo. I assume you will be using the animations when you come to them? So Reign of Terror will be the first you come across.
  13. Fred Ottman Refund

    Ok, thanks Raylenth appreciate the answer. Will await a response from Jason.
  14. Fred Ottman Refund

    The pre order service is not run by Showmasters directly so the people at the event can't help you or swap it I'm afraid, as they don't handle the orders/money for the pre order auto's. Jason G will get back to you but he's been busy sending the LFCC orders out and dealing with the next 2 events.
  15. Fred Ottman Refund

    I even directly messaged to the forum section and I didn't recieve anything about it back so I have tried various avenues. Just thinking if it was possible to use the refund amount at the sales desk on Saturday would that not be easier as a solution?? :-)
  16. Films watched in 2018

    Unfriended: Dark Web was a very tense thriller and much better than the first film. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was certainly not disappointed. The ending got a bit far fetched but it was certainly worth watching. 7/10.
  17. Fred Ottman Refund

    Yes , apologies should of been a little clearer with that.
  18. Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    Beautiful picture Broo!
  19. Fred Ottman Refund

    Do you mean you used the preorder service for your autograph?
  20. Fred Ottman Refund

    Hi guys, I have still not recieved my refund for the Fred Ottman autograph purchased via shop. Contacted them numerous times with all the details and have not had the refund or much contact back from the shop. I am attending the Sheffield event this weekend is there anybody there i could talk to or just exchange the money for like a photoshoot or something??
  21. They arrive when they arrive
  22. God. Basically it'll be a few weeks Adam, there's no set time frame so just keep an eye out
  23. Hi, does anyone know when the photoshoot pictures will be made available for purchase online (jpg files)? Someone at the info desk on the day suggested that they should be available a couple of weeks after LFCC, and that I should look out for a new posting on this forum. Any updates? Thanks.
  24. What did you get signed?

    I guess I could buy/find a spent/inert shell in the UK, but then I would have thesame problems to get in accross the pond in the opposite direction. Stupid idea. Prolly should forget about it. Thanks for the replies all.
  25. Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    I didn't know that, cool! :)
  26. Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    That will explain why his accent in Peaky Blinders was so good (even though it was Belfast/Northern Irish he did in that)
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