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  2. 1st guests announced r the one and only Colin Baker & Sylvester Mccoy. Groovy!!
  3. In the latest statement he said he is determined to make it so this time so hopefully yes!! Groovy!
  4. Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern Joseph Mazzello BD Wong Wayne Knight Samuel L Jackson Sofia Boutella Christina Ricci Jenna Ortega Emma Myers Riki Lindhome
  5. Scout Taylor-Compton Malcolm McDowell Brad Dourif William Forsythe Tyler Mane Danielle Harris Hanna Hall Kristina Klebe
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  8. BARBARIAN (2022) 4/5 (No Spoilers) The less you know about this film, the better - I didn't watch the trailer, I just knew it was about an Airbnb house where one tenant (Georgina Campbell) arrives to find someone else (Bill Skarsgard) already in it. It's very original, surprising, tense, scary and filled with suspense - it's what every horror film should be without relying on gore, cheap shocks or a nasty villain to do the work. It's solid horror ruined only by its plot-holes and an annoyingly unsatisfying ending. Director Zach Cregger does an excellent job keeping you on edge and maintaining mystery through-out but the writing suffers not only due to plot-holes but also redundant character backstories. It's fine to have backstories but it often feels like they're only there to pad-out the 100 mins runtime despite how great Justin Long is in the film. I really wanted to know more about the antagonists and their backstories and why this s*** was going on because what we are told is just a bit weak. Also as ever with mystery-suspense thrillers, once you know everything it takes the enjoyment out of future viewings and gets boring very quickly with each watch. DON'T BREATHE (2016), THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS (1991) and even RESIDENT EVIL VII (the game) are other trapped-in-a creepy-house stories that reminded me of BARBARIAN but unlike them this film puts much more emphasis on mystery which it excels at - it had me guessing all the way through just who was the villain (is it Bill Skarsgard or not?) and what was happening. I'm hoping for a prequel.
  9. Jonathan Breck - Jeepers Creepers Sienna Guillory - Resident Evil Tom Baker - Doctor Who Rachel Weisz - The Mummy Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil Sigourney Weaver - Alien Treat Williams - Deep Rising Neve Campbell - Scream Nancy Cartwright - The Simpsons Jermain Defoe - Footballer Jill Scott - Footballer Kelly Bright - Footballer Ronaldinho - Footballer
  10. I really want some the walking dead guests considering we have just had the last batch of episodes the lack of guests from this show has been disappointing the past few years especially this year dosnt feel like showmasters is interest in this show
  11. Is he finally going to attend this time been wanting to meet him ever since you announced him first time round
  12. WEIRD: THE AL YANKOVIC STORY (2022) 2.5/5 (No spoilers) Who asked for a movie about this guy?! OK maybe he was huge in the USA but in the UK I seem to recall only 3 one-off novelty music videos and his cameo in THE NAKED GUN 33/3rd (1994). Of course I wouldn't mind if the movie was good but it sucked, never-mind weird. The core message of the film is, "just be yourself and do what makes you happy - even if you're weird" but it's not done very well - there isn't even an interesting story here let alone one of struggle like other biopics. There's heavy emphasis on Weird Al's longing for his dad's acceptance but its hard to take seriously when the film is a comedy - what's worse though is it isn't even funny. The film isn't really a biopic because it shoots off on massive tangents with so many events that you know obviously DIDN'T happen (Eg. the origins of 'Eat It', the Pablo Escabar incident). Evan Rachel Wood is good as Madonna and Jack Black makes a great appearance as Wolfman Jack. Radcliff is fine but does he have to be ripped to play Weird Al??!! I get that he chooses these low-key/lo-fi films and plays odd characters (like Johnny Depp does) to get away as far as possible from his Harry Potter image but in this one he just ends up looking like a Scouse - I just kept waiting for him to say, "Alriiight, alriight, cam down, cam down!!"
  13. Shall I start odff? denis lill carl weathers robin parkinson groovy
  14. Shall I start odff? denis lill carl weathers robin parkinson groovy
  15. Jenna Ortega - Wednesdays Addams Charlie Cox - Daredevil Eliza Taylor - Clarke (The 100) Tatiana Maslany - She-Hulk
  16. I’ll start us off with… Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern Joseph Mazzello BD Wong Wayne Knight Samuel L Jackson Sofia Boutella
  17. Really saddend to hear he passed away. I will always remember him from walker texas ranger which I never missed on Friday. RIP.
  18. Thaddea Graham (Doctor Who, Wreck, The Irregulars) Toby Jones (Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who) John Noble (Fringe, LOTR, Elementary) Lindsay Duncan (Sherlock, Doctor Who, SW: Phantom Menace) Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter, Andor, Killing Eve, Enola Holmes) Clive Revill (Star Wars, ST:TNG) Daniel Davis (ST:TNG, ST:Picard, The Nanny)
  19. I will say he looked a little frail at LFCC Summer, but didn't realise he was ill. Glad I was able to meet him then... maybe that's why he did the show? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11480561/Clarence-Gilyard-Jr-dies-aged-66-Gun-Die-Hard-star-passes-away-long-illness.html
  20. The movie She Said was a very good well acted true life drama. It was definitely a story that needed to be told. Not something to watch if you are looking for something easy and light hearted to watch but certainly an interesting film I would recommend seeing.
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  22. Probably unlikely, but couldn't make the Saturday at the winter edition (only went Sunday) and really bummed I missed out on Harry Lloyd and Jason Flemyng. So feel free to bring them back. Other than that, I still hope to cross out more names on the wishlist in my signature (I mean, some of these must be possible right!)
  23. Elisabeth shue, Thomas Ian Griffith, Martin Kove, William Zabka
  24. i'm not running the event, i'm just informing anyone browsing of the guests that have appeared in doctor who, or have some connection.
  25. Matilda - The Musical (the film adaptation of the stage play) was an entertaining film and faithful adaptation of the play. It was much weaker than the original film and the book but had some good performances and music. If you are a fan of the book or play you won't be disappointed.
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