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    It might be. Have you bought that shoot already before Sylvester cancelled? Have you been refunded?

    I believe that's a mistake which should be fixed... @Queen_Sindel would you be able to look into it?
  4. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Ah ok thank you.

    Ken Colley Photo shoot is being advertised at £10 but when i go to book it, its £15 plus £1 when you go to purchase ? Which is the correct price ?

    Ah - I suppose I'll have to book two separate shoots then. What a pain (just in terms of time).
  7. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    yes, last year in the US apparently.
  8. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Does anyone know if Liam Neeson has ever appeared at a convention before?
  9. Countdown Thread

    There ain't a gif out there to convey just how deeply unimpressed I am by this statement
  10. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    I’m guessing: Matthew Broderick Kurt Russel Molly Ringwald
  11. Mystery Machine

    Scooby-Doo was a huge part of my childhood, so I would love to see the Mystery Machine attend! I would still lose my mind if I saw it!
  12. Countdown Thread

    Lost Boys is not horror, its a Chick Flick
  13. Countdown Thread

    The brief moment of the hilarity of this would not be worth the subsequent never sleeping again I feel Despite the Lost Boys being my favourite film ever, I dont generally gel with horror films. They work far to well on me...
  14. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Had a chat with a mate of mine, he says Winona has done conventions in the early 90’s, which so would rule her out.
  15. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Maybe it's prince Harry or William since they were both born in the UK in the 80's. Let us not forget they wer a cameo in TLJ
  16. Will Smith has already attended a convention, I believe. I'm pretty sure it was in Brazil. I'm loving these guesses! Winona Ryder would be fantastic!
  17. Guest Suggestions

    Javier Botet: Been in so many great horror/thriller movies https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2306701/
  18. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Let's face it, it could very well be a guest no ones's thought about who's gonna blow a few people's minds once announced! Either that or someone everyone's thought of and no one is surprised about it.
  19. Prop limitations at venue?

    We’re current in discussions with the venue and if we need to amend the prop rules this will be posted in all the usual places.
  20. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Yes, just wait and see. The risk is high we are heading for a ”Harrison Ford-moment”. I bet it is a great guest and some of us will be over the moon.
  21. Today
  22. Countdown Thread

    Let the munchkins see it! They'll love it! It is! Think my brother has it on blu ray, will have to get round to watching it again!
  23. Countdown Thread

    Might give it a go then
  24. Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves
  25. Countdown Thread

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in it, it is good. Good story. Worth seeing.
  26. Countdown Thread

    That movie looks disturbing…
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