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  2. Disappointing but not totally unexpected. Jonathan Watson was announced on Facebook recently but there is not mention of him on the forum. Is he definitely attending? Edit: I can see he has now been added to the list in the Guest Days & Prices thread. Good news. More 'Two Doors Down' guests are welcome.
  3. Unfortunately due to work and personal commitments Genevieve Gaunt and Ari Lehman are now unable to join us for our Glasgow event, we wish them both well and hope to invite them to a future event soon!
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - Jimmy Vee Appearing: Sat/Sun Autograph: £25 Photo Shoot: £25 Buy Tickets Now R2-D2 - Star Wars Gringotts Goblin - Harry Potter Skovox Blitzer / Bannakaffalatta - Doctor Who The Graske - The Sarah Jane Adventures https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1835544
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - Elodie Grace Orkin Appearing: Sat/Sun Autograph: £20 Photo Shoot: £20 Buy Tickets Now Stranger Things - Angela https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8756447/
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - Marina Sirtis Appearing: Sat/Sun Autograph: £30 Photo Shoot: £30 Buy Tickets Now Deanna Troi - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, Movies & Picard https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000642
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - Dean-Charles Chapman Appearing: Saturday Autograph: £20 Photo Shoot: £20 Buy Tickets Now Game of Thrones - Tommen Baratheon 1917 - Lance Corporal BLake Before I Go to Sleep - Adam The King - Thomas Into the Badlands - Castor https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2835616/
  8. Unfortunately, due to a change in schedule Jack Gleeson is unable to join us for Film & Comic Con Birmingham / Collectormania. We look forward to seeing him at Film & Comic Con Glasgow and hope to welcome him to Collectormania again soon.
  9. Wrath of Man Could have been 30 minutes shorter
  10. PREY (2022) 3.5/5 (No spoilers) I was surprised this film was green-lit so soon after the disastrous reception THE PREDATOR (2018) got so as a fan I felt so lucky we didn't have to wait another decade. For me the Predator films are like my favorite football team; I want them to win (make good films), hate them to lose (make bad films) and I support them whenever I can buying merch and paying to see the films. After the great reception of PREY this new Predator film is like a tournament win! The new film's strengths are in the form of it's characters, their motivations, the beautiful cinematography and good balance of drama and action. The Predator itself is a great villain, more ferocious than we've ever seen before but the lack of practical effects for his face especially is very disappointing. Unfortunately, the Predator also looks too different here (more like something from PAN'S LABYRINTH) and even Alan Silvestri's famous theme isn't used so it doesn't feel like a Predator film. There's also a heavier emphasis on horror here and our protagonist isn't the seasoned tough action-hero we're used to. But the story is good even though the climatic battle was a bit underwhelming - I was hoping for a lengthy big showdown (with no dialogue) like the first two films. PREY undid the mess of the last film and made the series about HUNTING again and thankfully spared us of anymore stupid super/upgraded Preds - what we get here is the film we should have got or at least a definite step in the right direction. Now things are finally looking-up for the series, hopefully it will soon succeed in tempting Arnold back.
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  12. Any chance of Pam Grier always wanted to meet her. Mike Judge for Beavis and Butthead is on my list. Singer Carla Harvey for Butcher Babies would be a good one too.
  13. I have been rewatching '3rd Rock From The Sun' a lot on All 4 and I think you guys should get all the cast John Lithgow Kristen Johnston French Stewart Joseph Gordon Levitt Jane Curtin Simbi Khali Wayne Knight Larisa Oleynik
  14. I find the guests list quite small compared to other collectormanias over the years
  15. The website says a little different to what's on here for the star wars guersts
  16. Just bear in mind Tom Baker will only do London-based events now.
  17. Will this apply to the sports guests? Just thinking that the people visiting these won't be your usual Showmaster's events attendee's so if their guest cancels will they be forced to attend an event they wouldn't normally want to or wait 2 years for the refund?
  18. Sports People. Sugar Ray Leonard. Boxing. Anthony Joshua. Boxing. Chris Eubank. Boxing. Steve Davis. Snooker. Stephen Hendry. Snooker. John Parrott. Snooker. Ken Doherty. Snooker. Bryan Robson. Football. Lou Macari. Football. Alex Stepney. Football. Ally McCoist. Football. Brian Laudrup. Football. Murdo MacLeod. Football. Henrik Larsson. Football. Ian Wright. Football. Andrew Cole. Football. Dennis Wise. Football. Neville Southall. Football. Peter Reid. Football. Andy Gray. Football. Alan Shearer. Football. Ronnie Whelan. Football. Andy Townsend. Football. Ray Houghton. Football. Pat Bonner. Football. Gary Lineker. Football. Terry Venables. Football. Peter Shilton. Football. Pat Jennings. Football. Norman Whiteside. Football. Sammy McIlroy. Football. Mickey Thomas. Football. Bob Wilson. Football. Mo Johnston. Football. Willie Henderson. Football. Stuart McCall. Football. Pierre Van Hooijdonk. Football. Pat Crerand. Football. Ron Atkinson. Football. Martin Buchan. Football. Mike Summerbee. Football. John Wark. Football. Stevie Nicol. Football. Alan Hansen. Football Terry Butcher. Football. Tony Woodcock. Football. Viv Anderson. Football. Dion Dublin. Football. Jimmy Greenhoff. Football. Barry Fry. Football. John Fashanu. Football.
  19. TV and Film guests. Terence Stamp Superman Sir Mark Rylance Bridge of Spies Robert Davi James Bond Ray Winstone Various John Barrowman. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow Robbie Coltrane James Bond, Cracker, Harry Potter Christopher Ellison. The Bill Sir David Jason. Only Fools and Horses, A Touch of Frost. Famke Janssen. James Bond. Brian Murphy. George and Mildred, Last of the Summer Wine. Tom Baker. Doctor Who. Dame Judi Dench. James Bond. People from S.W.A.T. American TV Series People from Magnum PI. Old and New TV Series. People from Hawaii Five O. New TV Series. People from Arrow. TV Series
  20. Really saddend to hear she has passed away. I will never forget the time I met her in person.
  21. Iain de Caestecker is not supposed to be 65 for an autograph, is he?
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