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  2. Once again, something to look forward to!!
  3. DON'T BREATHE 2 (2021) 3/5 (No spoilers) My expectations were high since producer Sam Raimi said a few years ago, "this is only the best idea for a sequel I've ever heard. No kidding." He must've been talking out of his ass or drunk. Opinions of the first film were split mostly cos viewers were expected to root for petty thieves. If that was you, you'll hate the sequel even more cos this time the villain is the hero. The sequel takes place 8 years later so we could assume The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) has learned to regret his evil ways but for the most part he's still the same character with the same motives. If you can get past the villain-hero switch, the film is actually quite enjoyable with some great tense moments...at least for the first half BUT once the villains' motives are revealed it just gets dumber. I found the first death unnecessary and it left me confused while there was some obvious exposition and no sign of the emergency services whatsoever. The writing is fairly clunky with ideas strung together with not much substance to back them up (there's plenty gaps that need filling). Yes, its a dumb film yet still manages to be enjoyable up to a certain point
  4. Htaplo

    christmas tv

    Hello, how did you choose your Halloween costume? I’m looking at the masks https://www.themasker.com/ , but I don’t know whether to take it or not?
  5. I'm being greedy but MOAR Harry potter guests would be awesome. I've missed getting their squiggles on my poster during covid so as many as I can get for this con would be great.
  6. Updated: 21st September 2021 Guest Name Attending Autograph Photo Shoots Talk Diamond Price Amy Bailey Sat £15 £15 Bill Randolph All £15 £15 Brian Cox Sun £25 £25 Colin Baker All £20 £20 Colin Salmon Sat £25 £25 Frances Barber Sun £15 £15 Lauren-Marie Taylor All £15 £15 Lilly Aspell Sun £10 £10 Mac McDonald Sun £15 £15 Matthew Devitt Sun £10 £10 Patrick O'Kane Sat £15 £15 Predrag Bjelac All £15 £15 Suzanne Bertish Sun £15 £15 Sylvester McCoy All £20 £20 Therica Wilson-Read Sun £10 £10
  7. Six more ignored emails later... I get a reply stating it was being posted yesterday and that I'd get the tracking details today. Of course, no further email.
  8. I attended a con in germany 2 weeks ago, only vaccinated or recovered persons/visitors were allowed, and there was no glass. The photoshoots happend in a secured spot on the outside of the con building. Guests were happy, customers were happy, no masks while taking the pic and a few hugs where shared.
  9. Awesome James Bond guest! Lovely that he moved to Spring
  10. Well my last post didn't age well. Asking for Mark Calaway and with the current news circulating around. I know it was a long shot anyway but I cant help but feel like an idiot now, as well as disappointed too. I wouldn't care, as said, I have been watching a lot of the old 90s-2000s wrestling as of late. This also includes various documentaries too and I kept telling myself how lucky I am that my personal favorite wrestlers all seem to be clean. Most of them seemed to be very well respected. If someone who I highly respected and heard great things about is not that great after all, then yes, now I too believe that in the wrestling world it is best not to have any heroes. Sorry if this post comes of as negative or too much for the forum. I just couldn't help posting something, especially after only having recently suggested the actor. A lot of it was just me wanting to express my disappointments too. Not sure if I should tune into the next episode on Thursday or not, I'm just dreading what I may now hear. Twitter certainly gives me a bad vibe. Maybe I'll refrain from asking for wrestling guests in the future ha! Childhood crushed!
  11. Thanks to everyone for giving their opinions/updates, guess we'll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed for no plexiglass--I feel like if we're at the stage where we need that, we shouldn't be having the con at all. Just a personal opinion though, I'm sure others would disagree, and the guests have the right to feel safe after all.
  12. From how the Film Fair was run at the weekend, it was down to the discretion of the guest. Only a couple of them from what I saw used a screen. None wore masks in the shoot from what I saw (but I have seen pictures from other places where guests have. Most were happy for the shoots to be as they always have been, even with some hugs and poses!
  13. The following guests are unable to join us for LFCC in November but we are happy that they have been able to move to our London Comic Con Spring 2022, taking place 26th-27th February. Colin Salmon Mac McDonald All photoshoot tickets for these guests will automatically roll over to Spring 2022.
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - Colin Salmon Attending: Sat Autograph Price: £25 Photo Shoot Price: £25 TICKETS Walter Steele - Arrow One - Resident Evil Dr Moon - Doctor Who Maxwell Stafford - AVP: Alien vs Predator https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0758760/
  15. Thanks for the info, glad it went well and roll on November.
  16. A couple of conventions at the weekend did use dividers for their photoshoots. We'll just have to wait and see. To be honest, it annoys me when I see pictures with, because (to me) they look rubbish; but it also annoys me when I see them without because (to me) it still seems too early.
  17. Probably gonna be down to what each guest is comfortable with
  18. I have seen photoshoots from a convention in September 21. No divider at all. There were hugs and arms around shoulders. If people are vaccinated or people have negative test results. Hugs and arms around shoulders is going to happen.
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