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  2. Guest Suggestions

    Also may i suggest (as LFCC 2018 will be 10 years since Breaking Bad began) Giancarlo Esposito Jonathan Banks Bob Odenkirk Jesse Plemons Dean Norris
  3. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Yes I have and yes I did. Seems my reply to you is in limbo somewhere.
  4. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi QS, I have tried to send you an e-mail with regards to my outstanding orders from LFCC did you receive it??? I still have two items to be delivered and have spoken to Jason around 3 weeks ago. is there any chance you can give him a nudge when you possibly can??? I have sent emails to follow up and had no reply afterwards.
  5. Guest Suggestions

    i love to see David Bradley David Warner Wendy Padbury Lalla Ward Janet Fielding Bonnie Langford the thing is most of these guests are doable to come to Belfast and they will sell tickets and pics photos please showmasters get some of them :-)
  6. Today
  7. Thank you pearl for being so lovely and thank you showmasters for bringing pearl along, made all the aggro today well worth it. Made my day tbh. X
  8. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    cast of the 2003 version of Peter Pan, the Ghostbusters movies, Neverending Story, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins and Bedknobs & Broomsticks pls...? Peter Pan (2003): jason isaacs (harry potter) jeremy sumpter (csi, er) rachel hurd-wood (an american haunting) olivia williams (the sixth sense, manhattan, x-men) geoffrey palmer (tomorrow never dies, dr who, paddington) george mackay (captain fantastic, defiance) alan cinis (dark city, farscape) bruce spence (mad max, finding nemo, star wars) brian carbee (farscape) don battee (the matrix, x-men) septimus caton (x-men, jag) jacob tomuri (mad max, the revenant, avatar) phil meacham (the matrix, sahara) darren andrew mitchell (the matrix, san andreas) tory mussett (the matrix, boogeyman) brendan shambrook (superman, see no evil) saffron burrows (agents of shield, the bank job) ghostbuster/ghostbusters 2: dan aykroyd (saturday night live) sigourney weaver (alien, avatar) rick moranis (honey i shrunk the kids) annie potts (toy story, royal pains) william atherton (die hard, defiance) ernie hudson (the crow, oz, twin peaks) michael ensign (titanic, ncis) jordan charney (law and order) timothy carhart (mad men, castle) john rothman (daredevil, devil wears prada) john king (amityville, law and order) joe cirillo (splash, maniac cop) reginald vel johnson (die hard) christopher wynkoop (law and order) frantz turner (criminal minds, ncis, west wing) kymberly herrin (romancing the stone) peter macnicol (veep, american dad, agents of shield) harris yulin (training day, rush hour, bean, veep) jason reitman (juno, jennifer's body, kindergarten cop) aaron lustig (edward scissorhands, transformers, bedazzled) page leong (argo, the bourne legacy) mark schneider (the pink panther, babylon 5) catherine reitman (black-ish, family guy, american dad) dave florek (shooter, bosch, greys anatomy) george p wilbur (silence of the lambs, die hard) bobby brown (glee, tonight show with jay leno) judy ovitz (back to the future) tom dugan (the naked gun, kindergarten cop) robert alan beuth (greys anatomy) yvette cruise (greys anatomy) john hammil (kindergarten cop, young guns) ray glanzmann (rocky, kindergarten cop) alex zimmerman (naked gun, the flintstones) erik holland (titanic, stargate) philip baker hall (bruce almighty, madam secretary) neverending story: barret oliver (cocoon) gerald mckaney (house of cards) chris eastman (it, the flash) tilo pruckner (iron sky) noah hathaway (battlestar galactica) alan oppenheimer (he-man, she-ra) chitty chitty bamg bang: dick van dyke (dick van dyke show, mary poppins) anna quayle (casino royale) heather ripley (chitty chitty bang bang) adrian hall (jason king) mary poppins: julie andrews (despicable me, shrek) karen dotrice (upstairs downstairs) bedknobs and broomsticks: cindy o'callaghan (bergerac) roy snart (bedknobs and broomsticks)
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Daniel Logan
  10. Event Security Update

    I imagine this will b a huge put-off, particularly for those who may b travelling from afar. i hope this is just a one-off this time round for Newcastle.
  11. Hoping he is doing table photos as I’m not sure I can stay until his photo shoot!
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Couldn't agree more with some big horror names... Robert Englund and Jack Nicholson in particular!
  13. Event Security Update

    They are being very strict with bag size. I’ve got like a satchel/messenger laptop bag that’s only big enough to hold A4 and the 2 guys at the bottom of the steps almost didn’t let me through with it. Eventually they let me go up and they said it would be down to the security team right outside the venue. Thankfully I’ve been through a bag search and a scan and no one’s stopped me. But do beware as if it isn’t a handbag or carrier bag you may be stopped.
  14. COUNTDOWN!!!

    It had better be this big!
  15. Just over 45 minutes until doors will open so I thought I’d create the thread for all of your photos. I’m looking forward to meeting Pearl!
  16. COUNTDOWN!!!

    6 days to go and yes, I'm still very excited, I get to meet up with friends, immerse myself in all things Sherlock with other like minded people, hug Rupert once again AND there's a bouncy castle. I'm easy to please.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    Thanks Queen Sindel!!!
  19. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    Try showmastersevents.com as domain. I am really not sure why they have co.uk up.
  20. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    The statement made when he appeared was very clear. The mods almost never say this in response to a guest announcement, but this is not going to happen, sorry. I missed out on meeting him too and would love to have the chance - but at his age it is definitely health first, and we should all respect that.
  21. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I would love the chance to get to meet stan lee at LFCC even though he retired from uk conventions a while ago. But im sure he would be happy to do atleast one more because im sure many people form england like me would still want to get the chance to meet this legend. I would reccomend asking him if id liek to another event before coming to any conclusions. I'm alot of other fan would love to get another chance to see stan lee in london again
  22. Guest Suggestions

    Any ROTJ/Rogue One actors Tom Hopper
  23. Dave Prowse Empire Day

    Flight booked. Can't wait.
  24. Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CALLIS

    Oh wow, this is a great guest and one I've had on my list for a fair few years. Thanks SM.
  25. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    So I've tried to email the cosplay section of Showmasters but apparently I cannot get through as hotmail/live keeps saying that the email is undeliverable as it cannot go from outside live.co.uk, so idk what's going on, but I'll give it a few days or just leave it until nearer the convention to make sure.
  26. Guest Suggestions

    Scott Weinger, please!
  27. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    Thanks Raylenth. I am a bit worried because I have my MMPR White Ranger cosplay, however, the shield is made a bit wierdly (I'll put up a picture of it) and I dunno if that will get through the doors or not.
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