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  2. Pedro Pascal just seen how good he is in mandalorian
  3. The Sophie Aldred/Janet Fielding duo photo isn't mentioned above.
  4. Interesting Simon & Lauren have photoshoots and not recorded on here as there being sold in the shop.
  5. Thanks Raylenth. I must admit I felt the same way about Robert Englund last year on Sunday and didnt have Diamond and I managed to get him even with long que and he is extremely slow signer just cos he loves his fans which you cant argue with!! I think Lloyd has a greater pull than Englund though possibly I think I will bite bullet on Chris DP Friday but last question, can I purchase 3 additional autos while I am there? SM on FB chat said I could but the terms say only 2 with the 3rd needing a VQ and queing?
  6. If you absolutely do not want to miss getting Christopher's auto, I would recommend considering his DP. I get that you don't want the photo portion of it and it's lot to pay to guarantee getting to see him, but I agree with Wrong. Christopher has never been a fast signer and even with a low VQ there's no guarantee you will get called. Don't forget that if they do entry properly as well, Gold pass holders go in first so will be collecting VQ's before general ticket holders. It's always really hard to judge, especially as Christopher hasn't sold out for DP's, so you could be fine, but all you can really do is decide if it's something you are willing to risk.
  7. It can depend, especially on if there are big guests only doing one day but on the whole, yes, Friday is usually the quietest day, followed by Sunday and Saturday the busiest. And by calling it the quietest, that means in no way is it quiet!
  8. Last week
  9. Just another question. I've always gone on a Sunday thinking its the quietest but in theory isnt Friday better as most people are at work?
  10. It might be a good idea to email the shop team with your order number to see if they can help
  11. Some of these have been common at conventions, but I've yet to meet them: Jason David Frank Austin St John Johnny Yong Bosch Amy Jo Johnson Karan Ashley Caroline Munro Martine Beswick Valerie Leon Robin Askwith Simon Bird James Buckley
  12. Anyone any idea how long these vouchers usually take? I bought my tickets with her a very long time ago and the dates never got updated so the tickets no longer show up in my ticket section of the Eventbrite app. Just worried about actually getting the voucher after such a long time.
  13. Yes, diamonds will be called first. As for what time he’ll get to VQs, I would say don’t hold your breath. Christopher is a notoriously slow signer and has in the past, not made it passed the diamond pass holders.
  14. So a question guys - i've been to LFCC a few times and dont particularly want Diamond as im not interested in photo I only want autograph but I have 4 posters I need Christoper Lloyd on and plan to go on the Sunday. My question is if I arrive early (like 8am to que) assuming i'd then be in the first bunch in, are the VQ tickets given out immediatly for Christopher and what likely wait is there for the first batches to call, as I assume Diamond all need to come first? Just trying to estimate a time i'd be able to get to Christoper as I have a lot of other autos I need to get too
  15. It's a body actor for Darth Vader in the upcoming Obi-Wan show (not Hayden Christensen).
  16. There

    Bacon Numbers

    Marlon Brando's Bacon Number is 2 Marlon Brando Played In The Godfather With Robert De Niro Robert De Niro Played In The Sleepers With Kevin Bacon Next is William Rufus Shafter.
  17. Ooh wonder who **TOP SECRET** is in the guest days and prices topic. 25 for photo and auto.
  18. I had a cancellation repaid in cash at the last show, so why are some getting vouchers and some cash ?
  19. It's been panned. I think it lost a lot of people by casting Zac Efron as a father. I've not seen it but it has encouraged me to seek out the Drew Barrymore version which I've not seen since the mid 80s.
  20. So the usual ones appear quite regularly: Tom Welling Michael Rosenbaum Erica Durance Laura Vandervoort However we rarely/never see the following appear here in the UK Kristin Kreuk John Glover Annette O'Toole John Schneider Eric Johnson Callum Blue Cassidy Freeman Aaron Ashmore Justin Hartley Michael Mckean Alaina Huffman Kyle Gallner Any chance we can get some more of the main cast appear at future showmasters events so we can complete our autograph/photo op collections?
  21. Firestarter was an adequate thriller. Certainly not the best adaptation of Stephen King's work. It had some good moments but felt like it could have done better.
  22. she would be a fantastic guest for any convention to get, hopefully one day she will do some whenever she can find time around her daytime tv show, podcast, magazine, makeup and homewares company!
  23. I saw some mentions for Fairuza Balk, I've read that she doesn't travel by plane, so she would be unlikely to be at a UK/European event I believe.
  24. Erin Karpluk An amazing and underrated Canadian Actress
  25. is Anjli still coming to Birmingham shes not on website yet i still have my ticket ?updates if possible :-)
  26. Interesting, a bit of a cross-dresser eh?. How did that turn out for you? Ha! I was kind of referring to myself, since I am a female and I assumed the challenge that you mentioned was directed towards me. My attempt at trying to correct you, sorry Out of curiosity where did the term grrooovy come from? I'm going to guess you are an Austin Powers fan?
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