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    Winona Ryder Karen Doltrice - (Mary Poppins) Miss Jane Banks Helena Bonham Carter Albert Finney John Goodman Hugh Bonneville Catherine O'Hara Jada Pinkett Smith Please see if you can get any of these guys! thank you
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  4. Guest Suggestions

    Some old Blade Runner guests like William Sanderson or Daryl Hannah.
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Sebastian Stan, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pratt, Felicity Jones
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - IWAN RHEON

    wow, this is amazing. Damn it! I was going to go for one day one guest!
  7. I will be doing my usual Anna from Frozen. Unless I'll skip cosplaying this year. I will see
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    hmmm kinda tempting. I know, I am late to the party but I was not in topic since I wasn't planning to go
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - GRACE PARK

    Kono <3 I think I can sort some cash out for her as I love her in H50
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - JEWEL STAITE

    I saw on Jewel's instagram she's coming so I have to meet her since I love her since I was like 12. Plus she saw my comment on her instagram so I have to go! :) Just for this one guest. And I was going to skip this year! When I think I'm out, they're pulling me back!
  11. I know the feeling and it is a very special moment. I did the same with Mark Hamill back in 1980 and he answered back. Kept the letter of course. In 2016 I finally got to meet and talk to him. It is a moment you should really enjoy every second of. All the best!
  12. Films watched in 2018

    A Clockwork Orange (1971) Have somehow managed to avoid seeing this over the years. Good film- I can see why it was controversial at the time of its original release. The most shocking thing I found was the early '70s interior design (shudders). The most interesting part for me was how Alex was processed by the prison system. Malcolm McDowell was great in this; he's a very charismatic actor. It was weird to see Steven Berkhoff looking so young (and the guy from Robert's Robots was in it too-if you're under 50 google it :-D)
  13. 4 years ago, I received a letter from the man after sending one to congratulate his announcement as the Doctor... to think I'd finally get to meet the man after all this time just makes me excited! I'm sure he'll be surprised I've held onto the letter all this time.
  14. Hotels

    Stayed there last year and planning on staying there this year. Short walking distance to the con which is nice :)
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Probably too late for this show, but 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the release of Lock Stock - time for a principal character reunion, unless Statham is too pricey!
  16. Latest Guest Announcement - PETER CAPALDI

    Just bought my Diamond Pass, never been happier with a guest announcement
  17. Latest Guest Announcement - PETER CAPALDI

    Only when you make sure you are faster than the mod.
  18. Welcome Nerd, I hope you have a brilliant time at LFCC. Unfortunately you are not allowed to mention other companies events on here so you will need to edit your post. You can say you saw him in 2015 but just remove the next few words.
  19. Guest Suggestions

    Realistic guest suggestions: David Bradley (it would be a great double photo op with Peter Capaldi!) Matt Lucas (to go alongside Capaldi and Pearl Mackie!) Steven Moffat (to say a proper goodbye before next Doctor Who series begins) Billie Piper Freema Agyeman Unrealistic guest suggestions: Jenna Coleman David Tennant Christpher Eccleston Chris Chibnall Jodie Whittaker (lol)
  20. Jenna Coleman for LFCC 2018?!

    Now that Peter Capaldi has been announced as a guest, a 12th Doctor & Clara Oswald double photo would be a dream come true! Please make it happen! I've already met Jenna and she's adorable
  21. Bought the Peter Capaldi Diamond Pass a couple of days ago (along with Pearl Mackie's) and I've just been approved to the forum. LFCC 2018 will be my first Showmasters Convention and I'm so hyped! I'm beyond happy I'll have a second chance to meet him this July at LFCC 2018! My favourite Doctor!
  22. Guest suggestions.

    Looks like they've got half your request in!
  23. Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN WESLEY SHIPP

    John is a top guest, so friendly and has plenty of time for everyone. If anyone met Dean Cain at CM or LFCC last year, that's the experience John gives too.
  24. Having 2 people in a photo ?

    Yeah, you would have to buy 2 photos and you can have the 2 of you in the photo and have 2 photos with 2 different poses or have one each with Nigel Benn.
  25. Having 2 people in a photo ?

    Hi, Would I have to pay more to have myself and my 7 year old son with a sports star ? In particular Nigel Benn. Id like to give him a memory for the future. Thanks.
  26. Hotels

    Yep, we have. Stayed there last year and staying there again this year. Managed to get a good deal on a twin room.
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