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  2. Infinity War roll call

  3. Infinity War roll call

  4. General Chat

    That really sucks I'm sorry to hear that happened
  5. Infinity War roll call

  6. Infinity War roll call

    That's better. So, who do y'all think dies?
  7. General Chat

    @Nerd Who It’s ok luckily my Uncle took some photos of me having photos with the guests so I still have some photos Yeah that’s something I’m definitely going to do!
  8. General Chat

    *high fives*
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Warwick Davis and val Kilmer x
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Amanda tapping was booked last year, please get her this time. X
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Lauren Cohan and Scott Wilson xx
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Pleaseeeee announce Sebastian Stan and Letitia Wright today. I’m going to the midnight screening tonight!
  13. Infinity War roll call

    11 hourssss!!!!
  14. What House are you in?

    Maybe... wonder what it tells about me though
  15. General Chat

    Lol same I’m terribly awkward in social situations, even more so when meeting celebrities I admire, so I find staring at a camera helpful too Oh that sucks, I’m sorry to hear that, losing precious photos is one of my fears But luckily at photo ops you are always given your printed photo, and even if you lost it you could download the digital file from SM galleries again and make ten copies on your computer
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  17. Infinity War roll call

    Alright Mr Sucky McNoweary Pants
  18. General Chat

    The only reason I chose auto is because I went to a con once and had a load of selfies and then there was a problem with my phone so everything had to be wiped on it so I lost the photos I’d paid for it was so frustrating!
  19. Infinity War roll call

    I don't crunch, I suck.
  20. General Chat

    Exactly this! Also, I'm usually pretty socially inept/suck at conversation-ing so less to worry about on that front with a photo op
  21. What House are you in?

    You and me, peas from a pod. Birds of a feather. Or possibly two sides of the same coin. Different, yet the same.
  22. General Chat

    You just did
  23. General Chat

    Next person needs to say auto
  24. Guest Suggestions

    Having just finished 'The Alienist' (Which is brilliant btw) I'd love to meet Luke Evans, Daniel Bruhl and Dakota Fanning
  25. What House are you in?

    Omg My patronus is also a Nebelung cat. I’ve always been super happy with it because it looks a bit like my real life cat, but I don’t know how I should feel about it now...
  26. Natedammit's super fun vegetable game

    1 pea
  27. General Chat

    Photo! More personal for me.
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