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  2. I get what you mean, I’m working on getting my “Light at the end” signed I’ve now got Davison on it twice once on the front and now on the character page with Sarah Sutton, I’m hoping to have Colin and Sylvester on their character pages later this year, which is why an appearance by Sophie Aldred and Nicola Bryant would be lovely, specifically what I can get them on.
  3. Had the series come back in 2008 then it would be better as we’d get one every 5 years, but 2 years after a big number is ridiculous at best
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  5. In this day and age not many series make it to 3, let alone 6 or 60. No disrespect to Big Finish, but I'd have liked a box set like Light at the End or Masterful. Rather than several box sets. But that's just me being picky
  6. I'm sure Steve Moffatt said having a 10 year anniversary to celebrate the show coming back so soon after the shows 50th anniversary is just confusing and pointless. I know a lot can change in 10 years. But he's right
  7. Maybe they don't see 60 as a significant number, which is understandable, but then again not many series make it to 60, sorta the same reason i'm gonna chuckle for a good while if people in 2025 start questioning why theres no 20th anniversary celebration, because a few people have said their should be one for the revival, and im laughing because big finish had been handling the show for 6 years previous.
  8. Added David Boreanaz to these. Cant believe I'm one step away from completing my Smile Time photo
  9. Thanks,i thought that was probably what you meant,just got a bit worried there for a moment
  10. Last week
  11. PAST LIVES (2023) 3.5 (No spoilers) Celine Song's directorial debut is a touchingly sentimental romantic-drama with a difference - here the romance is only suggested and not actually brought-out into the open thereby brewing a special kind of tension. It's a very much not a glossy, cheery, Hollywood rom-com but rather a bittersweet story of paradise lost and misaligned destiny - one of the most realistic romantic films you'll ever see. The writing and performances are great and the story focuses on people and their relationships with each other - a romantic plot everyone can relate to which will leave you wondering about your own life. The ending was beautiful and thankfully it didn't end up being a fluffy cop-out just to 'please' the audience by giving them a happy resolve - its just not the kind of finale you might expect from a romantic drama.
  12. NO HARD FEELINGS (2023) 2.5 (No spoilers) This is nothing new; a teen sex-comedy featuring a typically mismatched couple who's relationship is based upon a lie in a similar vein to SHE'S ALL THAT (1999) and CAN'T BY ME LOVE (1987) only this new Jennifer Lawrence film is desperately unfunny and just awkward much of the time. The plot goes, Maddie (Lawrence) is hired by a rich couple to date their awkward teenage son so that he may build up his confidence before going to college. It's a fairly predictable story as wait for the inevitable scene where the son finds out the truth about his new "girlfriend" and her defensive claims that she actually has real feelings for him. It's a simple enough story but suffers from bad jokes, disjointed editing and some crappy acting from the supports - it feels like a streaming movie and not a good one. There's also some redundant characters (the male nanny) that go nowhere which could otherwise made some interesting plot-points. Jennifer Lawrence is also mis-cast in this role and you don't really buy that her character would do some of the stuff she does in the film. If they wrote her as some mentally-unstable nutter then it would've made sense but I was left feeling confused about whether she was meant to be a bitch or not - I certainly didn't root for her or feel any sympathy.
  13. We're at that stage where you would think shows would be finalising their Doctor Who guests with it only being a few months to the 60th I'm surprised that more isnt being made of it if I'm being honest
  14. The former. If I decide to visit a theatre (for example) that weekend while in London, I won’t be bringing a poster tube with me.
  15. As for LFCC itself, still waiting on new guests, but I've made some changes to my line up, namingly with Colin Baker, as I've switched him from "Mindwarp" to "Caves of Androzani" as i'll be able to get Peter Davison on that Tomorrow actually, and its reorganising the combinations i can get. speaking of that i hope LFCC gets Katy Manning and John Levene as i've managed to score a copy of "The Dæmons" signed by Richard Franklin, so unless he attends anything which is very unlikely, that'll be my best shot to get whose left of the 71-73 regulars.
  16. As for what we're not mentioning i've got my final number and £420 is the current amount, which yeah is a lot but as you said last chance for one of them, it'll go up to £435 if i can get the money together and use it on my script book of "The Tomb of the Cybermen".
  17. The signatures which are dedicated are thankfully on lesser items mainly companion Chronicles, and in those ones if i got the second actor from them i could use a silver pen and have the original name covered leaving the signature intact.
  18. Greeat groovy photos! I think my friend muddled himself with the dancers n facebook lol
  19. Nice finds all the same, are the personisations removable? I will be sending in my cyberman posters, as one guest in particular is in all probability a last chance to get.
  20. Do you mean because of potentially not being able to physically carry a poster tube around,or are they not always allowed by the organiser?
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