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  1. Hi the montage will be Pele specific. Thanks Mark Montage Moments.
  2. Thank you very much for your help on Saturday morning. it was really really was appreciated. x
  3. Gazza has made a video to show his fans he will be at collectormania. click the link to view the video. https://www.facebook.com/MontageMoments?fref=nf
  4. Hi There is a free selection of 10x8s on each guests table which is included in the autograph price.
  5. We will have our own stand as normal. With images of all the guests, football shirts, boxing gloves and Ashes urns. As usual our stand will be located next to our guests. Thanks Mark Grantham Montage Moments
  6. Hi Folks We have spoke to Paul's agent today and he is fine for the event and looking forward to meeting his fans. Thanks Mark Grantham Montage Moments.
  7. Please note that frank will not be signing any Belts. Thanks Mark
  8. Nooooooooo I was so looking forward to meeting him. Gutted. Off to sob in a corner, Sniff
  9. F1 guests would be fantastic. How about monster Jam Drivers. Dennis Anderson Adam Anderson Tom Meents Pablo Huffaker To many others to list. chances are slim, but hey ya never know. That would be fecking fantistic.
  10. You mean you only want Mickey Dolenz - what about Davy Jones or the rest of the Monkees ? Met peter a couple of Years ago. nicest guy in the world. would love to meet them all again. But Mickey is my child hood hero. one of my fist memorys of the monkees when i was a kid, was mickey sliding down a banaster in to a big pink cake. Lol Mike would be great to meet but that will never happen sadley
  11. All i will say is Micky Dolenz Please
  12. Mickey and Jan are together quite a lot, they work together most of the time as well. When she is not around he does worrie about her quite a bit, I think in a signing environment he relies on her a lot. it is sweet really. You will be please to her she did leave the table for a while. Thank you my day did improve, as did Mickeys. I enjoyed myself on saturday working with Mickey was an experience that i won't forget in a hurry, he has moments of pure brilliance. In case anyone wonders why he does the fist punching. He has arthritis in his wrists. some people have a strong grip when shaking hands, it can cause him quite a lot of pain.
  13. Can't have done as they're on Red Dwarf, not Starbug... They were serching for the Dwarf. Perhaps they found it. I know it is not explaned. I still recon they are trying to make out Season 8 never happened.
  14. I loved it. Found it very funny. Everybodys sense of humour is different My guess is that because both Doug and Rob had not done season 8, they decided to ignore that season 8 happened. and pick up from Season 7 . To be honest is no bad thing. Perhaps i am wrong but that is what i believe Would like to know where Holly is though?
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