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  1. Chaos Walking. Not the best film ever and the plot had a lot of holes in it and some of the plot points didn't make a whole lot of sense but it was OK and not as bad as I thought it would be. Not something I'm going to be too fussed about watching again but it was OK.
  2. I think with the send in, even in the past, when it's been fine, it's been fine, when there's a problem it's generally been not the best.
  3. The Current War: Not a whole lot to say about this film, it was good and an interesting watch but nothing terribly special. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: I wouldn't usually watch a war film as they aren't my thing but it's got Martin Freeman in it. I've had this a while and have finally watched it and enjoyed it. It's an interesting record of what it was like to be in Afghanistan in the early years if the war.
  4. It's not been done for a long time so it's hard to compare as the show is a lot bigger now. I think the last time they had a friday evening session was the last year at Earls Court when they had Stan Lee. I didn't go myself but I recall people saying they managed to get Stan easily on Friday when it was Mental on Saturday.
  5. The Courier. This is a really excellent film and a fascinating true story. Go see it!
  6. Free Guy. I really enjoyed this. I didn't find it laugh out loud funny or anything but it was amusing and a well made film, the attention to gaming detail with things going on in the back ground with players characters was well done and there was also a surprising cameo and related scene. All in all a very good film.
  7. You need to email the office posey, only they will be able to help you with that, they should allow it though
  8. Has Clark Gregg reconfirmed then as I've not seen an announcement about it?
  9. The images in the photo library are all visible to me and I looked at some of the earliest 2006 folders to see if the oldest were there
  10. Is Pee Cap in it? I didn't know that. They need to advertise that better
  11. Raya And The Last Dragon: Slightly disappointing, even for a fantasy film some of the storyline was stupid which detracted from it a bit. A nice story and very pretty but ultimately a bit of a let down. Knives Out: I really enjoyed this. Amusing and a good story that was well done and avoided being predictable. I'm looking forward to the next film Edge Of Tomorrow: Surprisingly I enjoyed this. I was a bit apprehensive as I thought some of Cruise's recent films had been slated a bit so wasn't expecting much but this was good. Bill And Ted Face The Music: Meh. Not sure I really liked the ending for a couple of reasons so it's a bit of a disappointing end to the franchise.
  12. Not in the slightest! After all, if there's anything anyone knows about me it's that I rather like Benedict Cumberbatch!
  13. As Melliot says. He's always extremely popular so they know he's a sure thing if they get him back, and with the new franchises he appeals to even more collectors now.
  14. Last time i looked the pre orders hadn't been updated so it's probably still the same. Give it time and check back later.
  15. Black Widow. It's an enjoyable film and done well, though it's not going to be one I watch again more than likely.
  16. That is true, you did not. And it wasn't your fault the silly guest couldn't read.
  17. Or on your Defenders poster which was already ruined anyway and was ruined after as well
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