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  1. Yes, I advise you to just stop there.....
  2. Andy Serkis Also Andy Serkis Imagine Dragons Hugh Dancy Also Hugh Dancy Mads Mikkelsen Ray Liotta Sally Field
  3. I have seen pictures of the set up. It took a bit more space, but it worked.
  4. The problem is I think that queue jumping for clashes is never guaranteed, they say they will help where they can. If the first shoot is rammed though, they give priority to the people who have been called. The only thing you can really do if you have an impossible clash is to ask for a refund.
  5. I think this event has shown they need to rethink how they deal with a few things but I think it was definitely affected by the reduced space and not having many viable options maybe.
  6. I know it's easy to make suggestions from the outside where I don't know what's practical or affordable ect, but one thing I have said for years is the fact that I think they need A4 laminated sheets for each dept with how it works. They can punch a hole in and put a chain/lanyard on so crew can attach it to their trousers/belts/wrist and consult it when they aren't sure. So for the auto area it could list it by guest type, Diamond & non diamond, and then under each list who to call when. So DP Guest Call DP Batch 1, Batch 1-2 ect then All DP's and VQ 1-30 and so on. Then you can list all the rules, like where Access go, what priority they have in the queue and so on. It doesn't need to be huge with tons of info but a basic 'this is how this area works' that crew and attendees can refer to might be helpful. I'm pretty sure they did get handbooks in the past but unfortunately you can't make them read them. Having a laminated cheat sheet on them on the day is more accessible for everyone as people can refer to it in the moment. I've also said I think video's would help, both for crew and attendees. They can do video guides on VQ's, what may be the most likely outcome with headliners ect and they can post them once in a while so people can see them all year.
  7. Yeah, not that people were listening and leaving the shoot area's but so many people not being issue batches for him and Joseph wouldn't have helped.
  8. I think it depends on the guest. For the ones where it's a full cancellation, I'm sure they said you don't need to email that they will issue them. The problem there is that they didn't so people emailed to ask for them so they could use them for the show, but they should do with the rest when they are back in the office. If it's a guest moving to a different show, they will transfer tickets automatically to that one, so you have to email for vouchers if you don't want them transferred.
  9. Are you there today? If you are go to the Info Desk, ask to speak to someone senior, or if not contact SM via email/socials and tell them. I'd imagine they will have had Robert do extra's behind the scenes and you might be able to get one of those. Take a pic of your DP as well to show the auto part hasn't been clipped.
  10. Did you speak to anyone senior at the event about it?
  11. From a pic I've seen someone post yesterday there wasn't any barrier but he was stood apart. Close, but no contact, and it's the standard showmasters blue background
  12. The sales desk takes debit/credit cards
  13. If you mean the DP photo, the passes aren't customisable so you can only have the photo that's included.
  14. They are massively developing the plot, stuff like this isn't a short term project
  15. A friend with gold got given 2 numbered tickets for talks.
  16. It is actually possible. One event I went to fairly soon post opening up required proof of vaccination or exemption to get into the event, and then required proof to get into the auto area. They just added another stage to entry and had loads of people outside requiring to see everyone's NHS app confirmation. You were then issued a distinct wristband that showed you had provided the evidence. Then carried on with entry/security as normal. They also had a table set up near the auto area where you had to do it again and were issued another wristband that allowed you into the auto area. But yeah. No proof is required because they are following the gov guidelines which don't require anything.
  17. He was announced and is on the website as £35, and I'd assume that is the correct info. I'd be VERY surprised if he was £10.
  18. I can't remember what they said in the post about it but did they say it'd be quicker? I mainly remember the less wastage part of it.
  19. I'd say go and speak to the Info/Organisers/Sales desk at the venue. Make sure you have an easily accessible copy of the old tickets to show them.
  20. Impossible to say, sorry. As you say both are very popular, but they are very familiar with cons so I don't think either is especially slow. All you can really do is get the lowest VQ you can, keep checking back and hope.
  21. They just want to be certain that you in particular got the news I guess!
  22. Yeah everyone was surprised at how many people Jodie got through, I think she did all the DP's and got up to the 300's for the VQ's.
  23. They do to a degree, there's always people they can call on, but firstly, as Mfahey says you can't really ask lots of people to keep the weekend free just in case without actually booking them (and presumably therefore compensating them as well) and what if the back ups get work/sick/other? Additionally they tend to be UK people (you need to have them relatively local so they can get there quickly and last min flights don't cost a fortune) and they are either free or not. But chances are they can only get one or two people last minute and they might not be people you want.
  24. First red swirl is DP collection, second is the standard ticket entry. Blue swirl is where I think the gift collection is. So you can either get your DP and then go and queue to get in, or go queue first and get your VQ's and then nip back and get your DP's. But if you go for the second, I think you have to go outside (make sure you get your hand stamped if you only have a day ticket so you can get back in), go to the DP collection and then you'll have to go in via the entry queue again.
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