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  1. Raylenth

    Guest Suggestions

    Actually yes, lets move the giffing to the chat thread and leave this for the guest suggestions. I kind of forgot which thread it was myself,.
  2. Raylenth

    Possible new event?

    Good news about the new event but this is how surprised I am it's WLCC and not a GOT event
  3. Posting here as it's the main one, but this looks like an event rather than a guest
  4. Raylenth

    Guest Suggestions

    This would be far better at the moment
  5. Raylenth

    General Chat

  6. Raylenth

    General Chat

    The forum has been Purged.
  7. Diamonds get called first, so people without a DP just get called in batch order after the diamonds.
  8. Raylenth

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Thought I'd give this one a try, with so many platforms out there now there's a lot of shows to watch, so on the same strain as the film thread, if you watch a show in 2019, even an old one, let us know what you think.
  9. Raylenth

    Who are you meeting!?

    So what you are saying is this?
  10. Raylenth

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    Stuart's initial post is from 2018 and was probably made on the forum for the previous DST, he's then copied it here and not removed that line, this is the new forum for the 2019 event
  11. Come over here and join the other old people who don't know about young things any more.
  12. Raylenth

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    What other forum?
  13. Raylenth

    General chat

    It's not here. Hopefully @Queen_Sindel can restore it.
  14. Raylenth


    Hello Caz, I hope you enjoy your first LFCC when it gets here. There is a newbie thread in the LFCC forum, if you want to ask any questions please do, there's always someone around who can answer. Ignore the blue bear, he's lovely really.
  15. Raylenth

    Any news on dates?

    Nope, it would be in the event header if they are known.
  16. Raylenth

    Guest Suggestions

    Just be aware that it's just as likely it's Winter LCC - I just don't want people to get too excited assuming it automatically means a big GOT guest.
  17. Raylenth

    Films watched in 2019

    Please remember to tell us what you thought of it, even if it's only a few words.
  18. Raylenth

    Possible new event?

    Yeah Just seen that, on consideration, rather than a GOT event, even though they have used the font, it could be Winter LCC
  19. Raylenth

    Possible new event?

    Yeah, as it's to the Showmasters page rather than one of the show pages I think that makes sense. There would certainly be a market for it and I'd imagine it would be like the DST/Sherlocked ones.
  20. Raylenth

    General Chat

    I'd give it more time. Jason probably only got back today so will get them out soon, and yeah unfortunately at this point emailing will only slow things down.