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  1. I do frustrate myself with getting annoyed with stuff like this as I know they do it for reasons, it's just you can't help thinking 'was there no other way?'. Like couldn't they have said that the Preds ship sent a signal ahead to start the defrost process, seeing as it was entirely automated anyway, and that way they could say the eggs were laid and developing ahead of their arrival. But alas, film logic will be film logic. And agreed about the PredAlien pregnancy thing. Again, we know nothing about Predator reproduction, so maybe they do it that way, but it was stupid. The only other film in the franchise I hate as much as this one is The Predator.
  2. I think this is them https://www.firstchoicememorabilia.com/?fbclid=IwAR0SVakicds60NcUuBFxcYC-xjdY-ujGuZG74CGqqW1DEhOTMZAD_w-VMb8
  3. Old ones but AVP1 and AVP2. I've seen both before but I was bored and it's been a long time. AVP 1 isn't terrible but it's far from great and it does suffer from some plot inconsistencies (saying the maps show the pyramid is directly under the whaling station but then showing the 30 degree Predator made tunnel runs from the town to the cavern with it in disproves that location) and some annoying points - we know from inference that the species the chest bursters incubate in can influence their final form/abilities, but the writers made it all happen far too quickly when it's not a new species they were incubating in to explain their seriously rapid development. OK we are never given a specific timeline for these things to happen in, but it seems like they went from egg hatching to fully developed Xenomorph extraordinarily quickly. The queen wasn't unfrozen until they activated the step plate in the entrance, but we are shown that within what can only be a few hours, the face huggers were fully developed in the eggs, they attached and laid the chestbursters who almost immediately emerged from their hosts and then they fully grew within 30 mins? (Given the archaeologist posited that the pyramid reoriented every 10 minutes after that phase started and there was only 2/3 alterations). AVP2. There's pretty much nothing positive I can say about this film. I know the darkness issue is pretty infamous, and the stated reasons for that, but lets face it, even if it was reasonably lit it'd still have been awful. The directors said it was a combination of low budget and wanting to keep the aliens all in darkness so that you couldn't see it was actors in suits, but all of the other films had the same issue and did it so much better. You can keep them hidden for the most part, and still light it well so that the audience isn't left wondering if they need to go for an eye test afterwards.
  4. I know where you were this weekend Nice auto's though and Smile Time was one of the best episodes!
  5. I know this reply is late in the day but that other cancelled event is also a Showmasters event. They run the Brick (Lego) events.
  6. We can't help much I'm afraid, you would unfortunately just have to keep contacting the shop and asking for the tracking info. If you are on Facebook, the guy who does the send ins runs this group so you could post there if you don't get any joy https://www.facebook.com/groups/249654405921178. I hope it turns up.
  7. Agreed, I saw it this morning. It was really well made and deserves all the kudos.
  8. Might be worth emailing in to see if they have it. The crew member manning the desk may have handed it in.
  9. There have been other cases with comic guests where they charge, and charge higher prices, if they are a bigger name, and it does happen with the actor/artists as well some times, but it would have been good if they had listed her price in advance.
  10. I managed to get Paul easily yesterday which was good, doesn't he have the tiniest signature though! He had no queue when I got to his table so it was a quick visit. This may be common knowledge, but I'll add it in case it isn't, but Paul said the cover of Goth Opera was originally much bloodier but WH Smiths complained so they had to tone it down!
  11. Sorry you were disappointed, but personalisation is never included or guaranteed, and in fact it's expected that headliners won't personalise because they are usually too busy. I know it's disappointing, but the Diamond pass included an auto/photo/talk - day dependent, so you did get everything your pass included. I know they are expensive but the extra charge on top of the combined price is the cost of priority access and guaranteeing the auto. It doesn't include the right to personalisations/quotes. US cons charge the same price as the auto for personalisations and quotes, so when guests do them in the UK and don't charge for it, we are actually quite lucky.
  12. Generally they will slot you in at the start of your group - ie if you have Diamond go at the start of the shoot, if you had Standard, go when they are calling the last Diamond group and they will probably put you in before the Standard batch 1's but ultimately you need to go to the shoot in good time and talk to the crew.
  13. You need to contact Showmasters to ask. Use the email info on the website. It's unlikely they will roll it over unless the guest has been announced for a future event, but you can talk to them about a refund.
  14. He needs to contact Showmasters I'm afraid, tickets are non transferable so you probably can't pick up someone else's DP without SM having given permission first.
  15. He's in the sending in your own item list so I'd guess it's an oversight and they have missed him
  16. Ahh yeah, it was a wallet. I kept my Mads mug, but not the Gina wallet, I gave that to a friend who loves Firefly.
  17. The gifts are usually tailored to the guest they are for, the Diamond gift for Mads Mikkelsen last time they got him was a mug with a still from Hannibal on it. The Gina Torres DP was something Firefly related but I can't remember what it specifically was. The gift is really just something small and extra, it's best not to factor it in when you are deciding whether to buy a DP or not. As Mfahey said, the mark up, the difference between all the items added together and the DP price, is basically a 'fee' for guaranteeing the auto and priority access to that guest before non DP holders.
  18. Obviously without any announcements it is all guess work, but lets face it, LFCC is heavily attended by Star Wars and Doctor Who guests as they are Jason's passions, so time will tell, it doesn't mean the guests will be free to attend, but it won't be a surprise if they get a load for Winter, if not for Summer.
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