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  1. Brilliant! Missed the opportunity to get his auto last time he was at a Showmasters event, so it's great to get another chance.
  2. Although this has not worked in practice for me yet as Clark Gregg and Amanda Tapping have been rescheduling on me since 2020, the ticket should be refreshed in Eventbrite nearer the event, at which point you download it again, I suppose, or wait for the reminder email that goes out about a week before.
  3. Auuugggh, I still need his auto, and I fear a DP may be the only way to do it. On the positive side, it should be quieter on Sunday, even though I was hoping to limit myself to the Sat...
  4. If if helps anyone waiting, I emailed last Thur (23rd) and got a reply today. Was querying the outstanding balance on my Robert Beltran DST voucher and asking after Roxann Dawson vouchers as I hadn't received anything post-cancellation. The very nice Felicity from the event shop combined them into a helpfully descriptive new voucher and sent it to me (so with luck I can now use it to buy a photoshoot at the LFCC). *cough*
  5. I was all, "Gene Hunt! EEEEEEEP!" And then I was, "But I promised myself I wouldn't start collecting from any more fandoms!" And then I thought, "But it's GENE HUNT, dammit!" Gold Pass and photoshoot bought. *sigh*
  6. Sorry I haven't been in here for a while, but you read my mind! I actually bought this one from Stateside Stills the same evening...
  7. Diamond Pass bought! Now, will they have Warlock pics or am I going to have to try to buy some from somewhere? Arghhh...
  8. I was considering using part of my Robert Beltran cancellation voucher on a photoshoot with John Billingsley, who is a fair bit cheaper. Does anyone know what happens to the remainder of the voucher, please? It doesn't say anything about how it works on the voucher email, although it does mention a "balance", which suggests that if I use part of it, a "balance" will be left...
  9. Can't believe I've only just spotted this. Just to add my thanks for all the hard work you've put in over the years. Your modly rulings shall be most missed. *sniff*
  10. Agreed. Much as I'd love to see some of the guests, I can't see it working with social distancing in place. It'll be a shame if I can't go, as I've missed only one "main" LFCC since 2004. Will wait and see how things progress over the next few months, but suspect a voucher in my future (at least I can spend it on LFCC in 2021, so thanks to SM for that idea)...
  11. I've had that image too. I did go to LFCC Spring, but it was a stressful experience wondering whether I'd put myself at risk, and that was before this wretched virus really took off. Wondering how to cope with full-on social distancing at LFCC (especially with reduced space) is not a comforting thought. (Can you imagine how the entry and photoshoot/auto queues would look?) I understand SM not wanting to cancel prematurely, but I'd rather it be cancelled than go ahead and me having to miss it for safety's sake. This thing is not going away any time soon. Oh, well. We'll just have to wait and see. So depressing, though.
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