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  1. CosmicAvatar

    Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *dashes off to shop*
  2. It was so worth meeting him last year! If I could afford it, I'd probably do it again.
  3. CosmicAvatar

    No apparent ticket sales links on CMB and LFCC websites

    Ha! I guess I've been around too long. So used to looking in one place. But seriously, the CMB page really should get rid of that "Tickets to the event can be purchased here soon" message as it's a bit misleading...
  4. CosmicAvatar

    No apparent ticket sales links on CMB and LFCC websites

    Oooops, I see ticket links against individual guests. Fair enough (I'm so used to a link on the front page I never thought to look at the guest links). Ignore the above in that case...
  5. Not sure if I'm missing something here, but I tend to go to the websites to check for any guests I might have missed and access the ticket sales links, but for Collectormania Birmingham the website still says "Tickets to the event can be purchased here soon," and LFCC doesn't seem to mention tickets at all. Any reason for this, please? Not everyone comes to the forums for links, and even on the forums it's not always easy to find them.
  6. CosmicAvatar

    Latest Guest Announcement - JG HERTZLER

    He is wonderful - well worth meeting.
  7. Another GoT guest I'm hoping will turn up at an event I'm going to be attending...!
  8. Augh! I'm not going to Bournemouth. Hoping she'll turn up at LFCC or Collectormania Birmingham sometime...
  9. Oooo! Wonderful guest. Might well have a crack at another auto if he's not too busy...
  10. Awwwww. I was hoping to get an auto, seeing as I missed out when he was at LFCC. Never mind.
  11. CosmicAvatar

    What's included in a Gold Pass?

    Based on previous experience, you get to choose the talks when you collect your Gold Pass goody bag. Last year, I remember collecting my bits and pieces at a booth by the Gold Pass entrance. If you turn up early enough, you'll be given your Gold Pass wristband in the queue, so that bit can be sorted out right away; if you're after more urgent stuff like low virtual queue ticket numbers for Diamond Pass guests for whom you don't have a Diamond Pass (even Gold Pass users have to get VQTs for those guests), do that first after you've got in, then come back and pick up your goody bag. If you're not in a hurry, of course, you can rock up when you feel like it, get your wristband then go straight to the booth and pick up the goody bag and select your talks then.
  12. Sweeeet! So glad after he cancelled on us for Bitten all those years ago...
  13. CosmicAvatar

    What's included in a Gold Pass?

    Gold tickets are up? Eeeee! Time to spend money!