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  1. Well done on getting Roxann Dawson - I'd definitely have wanted to meet her.
  2. CosmicAvatar

    Dates and locations for events no longer showing

    Thanks, QS. Hope you're on the mend now.
  3. CosmicAvatar

    Dates and locations for events no longer showing

    Hi QS, any update on when the dates and locations will be added to the sections, please? It's very useful being able to see them all in one view rather than clicking on each site to remind oneself of when the events are taking place...
  4. CosmicAvatar

    Latest Guest Announcement - AMANDA TAPPING

    Good stuff! Last time she was here was before I saw her in Sanctuary and Supernatural, so it's great to have another opportunity to meet her.
  5. I loved TBBT as well, although I'm well aware of its many faults. Your comment about The Expanse reminds me of the incredibly long queue for Armin Shimerman's Quark photoshoot at DSTE a while back. Got chatting with other attendees (as you do), and at least two recommended I watch that show (and some con friends of mine backed them up at subsequent events). It starts slowly in S1, but keep at it if you can - it starts off as one thing and ends up being something completely different. I absolutely loved it - one of the best shows I've watched recently (so glad it's survived cancellation and is coming back in December!). The only other show I've really liked recently is Instinct. I completely agree with the criticism that Alan Cumming doesn't have the physical presence to convince as the character they originally wanted him to portray, but fortunately they stepped away from that aspect and let him shine in the ways he does best. And it was shot in New York, one of my favourite places (I've actually walked past the building they used as police HQ, although I remembered it from the remake of The Tomorrow People). And then of course they cancelled it. *sulks* I do still love Grey's Anatomy, mind. It's mindless fluff for most of the time, and then it just sucker-punches you in the gut. I think I've cried more over that show than any other (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Joss Whedon knew how to bring The Pain). Grey's is coming back, right? I'm too scared to check right now. Oooh, and I like The Blacklist. That's still going. There. And The Rookie was enjoyable. Hoping that comes back too (haven't heard anything to the contrary). Conclusion: I really am not watching a lot of TV these days. And I used to watch a LOT. I don't know whether you have a point there, or it's just my advancing age. p.s. do NOT watch Neighbours. Natedammit is being a bad bear again.
  6. Is there any particular reason why the dates and locations of each event are not showing under the main title any more? I waited for a bit in case it was a glitch, but they don't seem to be coming back, and I haven't spotted any posts on the subject.
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    Another potential GoT guest for my collection...
  8. CosmicAvatar


    Oooo! I really don't want to go to this event, but you're making it VERY difficult for me. (Hoping she doesn't cancel this time.)
  9. CosmicAvatar

    Latest Guest Announcement - CLARK GREGG

    Gaahhhhhh! I did not want to come to this event! OK, SM, I give in.
  10. CosmicAvatar

    Price of Diamond Passes

    That's the thing. You have to decide for yourself whether it's worth the extra cost. And sometimes, oh, yes, it is.
  11. CosmicAvatar

    Guests you missed this year

    Hayden Christensen. I really wanted to meet him, but he would have taken me well over my budget. *sigh*
  12. CosmicAvatar

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    OK, here are mine (I can't remember how many I can get in here at once, so will attempt the whole lot and split if required): Ian Whyte (7'1" to my 5'4") Gina Torres Brendan Fraser Ian Somerhalder Carrie-Ann Moss Zachary Quinto Peter Serafinowicz Peter pretending to feel up my bicep (tee hee) Iron Fist group shoot Tom Ellis Lucifer Wings shoot Ethan Phillips Tara Fitzgerald
  13. CosmicAvatar

    Showing friends and family

    I share mine with family and friends. My parents recognize several guests I've met (my Dad in particular as he's a pretty big geek himself), and my other half and friends are mostly geeks too (a lot of them go to cons/signing events anyway, and others still get it, even if they wouldn't fork out for a guest themselves). I've never had anyone disparage my collecting habits.
  14. CosmicAvatar

    Iron Fist cast

    I'd met Jessica and Finn before for GoT, but wanted to show them all some love for Iron Fist as well, so got autos from all three, plus the group shot (the latter is one of my favourites from the weekend as I actually managed to ask for a pose and we're all grinning in it!). Very glad I met them again. The talk was fun too.