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  1. So was this for paying for autographs with your credit/debit card funds or can you no longer just pay cash for autographs at some of the desks?
  2. So if a guest cancels are SM now refunding diamond passes in cash? Someone told me they are deferring the diamond passes if the guest is scheduled to another event or refunding by vouchers after 2 years if the guest is a continual no show. If that’s the case I can see why people would think twice about buying one.
  3. I couldn’t attend today unfortunately but I’d love to hear how things went, see any photos etc. Feel free to comment and add pics here, much obliged!
  4. Yes whatever happened to these forums? They used to be buzzing…
  5. Ah right, thanks Wrong Name, I suppose that one was a previous event, though the next one is on November 5th.
  6. What happened to the London Film Fair forum page? I couldn’t see this listed with the other event forum pages. Is this event no longer affiliated with Showmasters? Thanks.
  7. Great pictures, thanks for posting.
  8. Beg to differ, been to enough of these cons over the last 20 years to know. You’re assuming a long and laboured discussion about each item to be signed, which SM staff are quick to stamp out. This is how it goes: Quick greeting, several items passed conveyor belt style to the guest, signed in quick succession, job done, thanks given and attendee on their way. So to recap - one single greeting, multiple items signed, thanks and cheerio. Negligible signing time or discussion involved. Next customer please, by the way no reason for attendees to hang around all day to have additional items signed causing congestion. This new way means attendees have to hang around, go back with the VQ, creating even more queuing, additional greet time and discussion, inevitably slowing down the process unnecessarily whilst creating general annoyance for con-goers all around. Re DP’s not being fulfilled, ultimately if people haven’t got an item signed from the DP, this more likely comes down to SM overselling them. The upshot of the new rule means that you not only have an undervalued DP in terms of SM overselling it, but then under-delivering in terms of VFM. This leaves a nasty taste even before you consider the legality of arbitrarily changing the terms/conditions post sale of the DP’s. As the late, great Stan Lee (whose last U.K. appearance was so bungled and oversold by SM, thus giving rise to the DP) said: ‘Nuff Said.
  9. Great photos- why were there no desk photos allowed for Susan George?
  10. Would love to have attended this one, did anyone get any photos?
  11. Getting up to 5 or so extra items signed at the same time by the one guest doesn’t slow down anyone else, certainly as much as having to re-queue with a VQ ticket will, or indeed having dealers in the queue getting 50 plus items signed at a time. Genuine answer.
  12. “M doesn’t mind you earning some extra money on the side Dryden, she’d just sooner it wasn’t from appearing at Comic Cons…”
  13. Well yes, that’s what the rewording of the DP amounts too now, you are right. But nevertheless we were previously allowed to purchase further autographs at the same time, which if nothing else meant a majority of punters could get their autos, leave and avoid any congestion issues. Oh wait, sorry this is SM, over crowding at venues has never been an issue, has it? No two ways about it, a major beneficial facet of the DP was getting everything you wanted without having to wait inordinate amounts of time. For me it was certainly persuasive when asked to pay £40 -£50 more for a DP. It’s definitely not the cruddy mug or print that makes me feel better about a DP purchase. The fact that SM changed the wording after purchase for a lot of customers is sharp practice, pure and simple. I’m not going, so I have no skin in the game here, but I’ll certainly think twice about purchasing a DP if this becomes standard policy going forward. Frankly though, I don’t think it will because it is a recipe for disaster, as SM will likely discover over the con period. Good luck to everyone getting all their David Tennant/Matt Smith autos…
  14. Exactly! I had a DP and didn’t even collect a VQ from the person stood with the placard, just walked the 5 foot or so, and then back to the signing desk - ridiculous!
  15. It’s a stupid decision, make no mistake, but over the years this has become SM’s stock in trade. It will just lead to lost revenue and arguments on the day, especially involving those who don’t frequent this, increasingly sparse forum. I thought the whole point of bringing in the DP was to prioritise those who’d paid the premium, not least, so they can get everything they want in one fell swoop. I remember meeting George Lazenby at the Winter con several years ago. I had 9 items for him to sign, ok over the permitted amount - I think it was 5 at the time. Despite the fact that there was no one behind me, the SM lady sat with George made me walk back to the front of the (empty) queue, only to walk back to the desk for George to re-sign the remaining 4 items, as he was still signing the first lot. Utterly pointless under these circumstances. Still at least it gave George a chuckle…
  16. Sad to hear the news that Robbie Coltrane has passed away.
  17. Cheers my friend! Sorry you can’t make it by the way- be good to catch up!
  18. Good to see some more guests added to the site, but Anne is down for both September and now November too - are we to take it she can no longer make September’s show and has rescheduled for November?
  19. No mention of his time as Wales national team manager in the bio
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