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  1. Chris1970

    General Chat

    And I can be the rare bonus for whoever comes to LCC Spring
  2. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Brad Dourif Jennifer Tilly Léa Seydoux Rosamund Pike
  3. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    A variation of Lord Of The Rings guest would be very very welcome.
  4. Chris1970

    LFCC 2019

    True, no point guessing. *sigh*
  5. Chris1970

    LFCC 2019

    I am going to play it cool and just aim for LCC Spring 2019. I have other plans for July but I will also wait and see what will happen after the Brexit, which is only some 3 and a half weeks after LCC Spring ’19.
  6. I bring mine to work for scanning of a few reasons. First, I am lazy..their works faster. It is a laser scanner and it is way too expensive for me to get my own, and my friends at the advertising dept know how to use it way better than me Ok, the size are big but the bonus thing is they ”mend” the photos for me, light..blur ..colour.. whatever. I have tried but not the patience. This service cost my a bottle of whisky and it is worth it.
  7. Chris1970

    Digital JPEG idea.

    And then there is size as well, RAW are not small.
  8. Unless SM offer the digital copies in RAW-format (jpeg I guess) having your own photos scanned with a good scanner makes no difference. I have scanned mine and there are no visable difference, and it also depends on what monitor you use.
  9. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Robert Patrick would be cool. Kimberley Nixon
  10. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Helena Bonham Carter Linda Hamilton Julia Sawalha Paul Giamatti
  11. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Some more I wish could come: Bonnie Aarons Sigourney Weaver Yaphet Kotto Naomie Harris
  12. Chris1970

    General Chat

    And I am getting my treat on Friday 7th September
  13. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Demand to work 4 am to 12 pm so you can take part in forum fun.
  14. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    A LOTR he would sign. Some dude tried to get a hobbit poster signed at Killer Joe, Orlando kindly said he cant. That dude looked so sad that the saddest person in the world looked happier. I have met Viggo but that was before LOTR, mid 90’s. Did something for swedish tv and I was an extra. If Viggo would come I know exactly what I will talk with him about. He is a very nice guy, for being danish.
  15. Chris1970

    General Chat

    I know... in a normal enviroment I would never post the badger and crocodile videos.