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  1. Chris1970

    Forum Maintenance - Saturday November 24th

    -> Things you can do while waiting for the forum to come online on Saturday:
  2. Chris1970

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Had a pretty Big Bang weekend myself.
  3. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    I am not going to draw my own conclusions out of that but a boy gotta hope for some good news, even if it hurts my account.
  4. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    I can highly recommend Kevin Sussman and Guy Henry! Fantastic guys.
  5. Chris1970

    General Chat

    I am watching Miami Vice first season on the hotel room. Havent seen so many neon pink or blue shirts since I was 14, or white trousers for that matter. And the music!... right now it is Frankie Goes To Hollywood with ”Relax”.
  6. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    More ”Vikings” and ”GoT” guests and you will crash my account. Please, go ahead SM..I challenge you to overheat my account!
  7. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Brian Posehn Caitriona Balfe Sophie Skelton Tom Cullen Sabrina Bartlett
  8. Chris1970

    General Chat

  9. Chris1970

    General Chat

    You need it on the site where they sell tickets, should be included in one of those boxes you have to click, so even if 99% of us do not read it at least we have accepted the rules. And if anyone is denied..tough luck. You click..you read. I know some places, seen it happen, where ppl have been denied entry..even airlines..unless they change.
  10. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Alexander Ludwig Travis Fimmel Ivan Kaye Alex Høgh Andersen
  11. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    It is the only photo op up for sale with them, no seperate. Look for IT Kids in the shop for both days. £76. Autographs are individual.
  12. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Linus Roache James Caviezel Fiona Dourif Esmé Bianco Faye Marsay Sara Dylan