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  1. Thoughts for next year

    Hang on ... are we talking Easter bunny or Playboy bunny?!
  2. Con Blues

    Yes, The 349th Dr, a clone of David Tennant’s great great grandson
  3. General Chat

  4. General Chat

    @KurdamoniYea.. some violence to every sore muscle will be needed.
  5. General Chat

    I am going to Bath on the Monday morning, booked a half day at the spa. Give my body a jump start.
  6. Con Blues

    I have seen LFCC at the year 2538, so there will be chances..ok, it was a dream but a very vivid dream
  7. General Chat

    R4 Monday morning: ”Aw, soo tired..call in sick and sleep all day”
  8. Thoughts for next year

  9. General Chat

    Last year I had a nice dinner after each day at the LFCC, back to the hotel and gone by 10pm
  10. General Chat

    Believe me, you will fall asleep pretty easy the same night. It will be plenty to do.
  11. New Attendees advice thread

    But number helps.
  12. General Chat

    Haha! True. I tell them that I simply wont be at home so and so date.
  13. General Chat

    I hope I am It is a pretty good job, alot of freedom. I can very much set my own work schedule and plan abit better around events or holidays.
  14. General Chat

    Or easily fooled No, not a pro. Just doing my stuff. And as long as they are happy with me, I am too.
  15. New Attendees advice thread

    Very unexpected