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  1. Chris1970

    Who are you meeting!?

    Peter.. Olufnz.. Blmfnm.. something..
  2. Chris1970

    Who are you meeting!?

    Wonder if a low VQ is recommended.. long name takes long time to write, take it from one who knows.
  3. Chris1970

    Who are you meeting!?

    And you need a 3XL Or the full name wont fit
  4. Chris1970

    Who are you meeting!?

    Just the surname is worth an auto.
  5. Chris1970

    General Chat

    My english was much better when I lived in Sydney, strange huh?! If you use a second language alot it sort of becomes a first. I remember the first year after I moved back to Sweden I even dreamt in english.
  6. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Thank you so much for the nice comment. It was a photo I found while I was sorting out my extremely unsorted photo collection. It is not recent, a few years have passed since.. But I took it down and decided not have have any photo here again. Just lost the will. For me it was one of the happiest days ever and I wanted to share it with the people, who I know, understand what I am speaking of. Not many here where I live would know what I am on about. Perhaps GoT fans. But I got such a comment, or FIFY as you call it, and for me it was not so nice and it upset me very much. I am thankful for all the nice comments I got but one negative is enough, especially when it is comes to something that is closer to me than anything else. I love seeing all your photos and your autographs here and see all happiness makes also makes me happy. I would never turn it into something negative, ok..If I might have written something that could be seen as negative but I try to keep most comment happy and a small tease/joke in it. English is not my first language and can always be improved. If that has not been the case, I am sorry. I might not know all your fandoms and dreams but I love reading about them and see the results. Isnt that what we are here for? Encourage our interest.. I was earlier reminded of, by a friend, that "The people who know the least about you always have the most to say".. Now, lets look forward to LFCC with so many dreams and wishes waiting over that weekend and today there will be another one, or two. Thank You.
  7. Chris1970

    General Chat

  8. True, that was yesterday.
  9. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Thanks, I will use it to my best ability. And give myself time. I'd rather be early than on the minute. Lucky enough I dont have to be there bright and early but I plan to be there in good time to look around.
  10. Chris1970

    General Chat

    I will visit the Palace as well while I am there, such a beautiful place. But the main reason is a concert.