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  1. The Alphabet Game

  2. Counting Backwards

  3. I'm bored game

  4. General Chat

    Now I can finally relax. Saw the new Star Wars movie today. Now just wait for the new Jurassic World.
  5. Who are you meeting!?

    Well, I hope for a wider mixture the final weeks ahead. Multi-genre con should be multi. I am all for unexpected guests that maybe no-one thought of or very few suggested but when they are we will love it, those guests are best, and those that covers several areas of interests. I might have a few booked but still far from last year, far from the same amount of bookings as I was the same time last year. I keep my hopes up the following weeks ahead. If not.. so be it.
  6. General Chat

    A normal Wednesday
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WELLING

    As a history buff..that attracts me alot.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WELLING

    Lovely city, gotta go back one day.
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WELLING

    Plus a possibility vendor might sell them at LFCC.
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Requesting some more Game Of Thrones: Roger Ashton-Griffiths Natalie Dormer Diana Rigg Indira Varma Gwendoline Christie Carice Van Houten Hannah Murray Michelle Fairley Nathalie Emmanuel Alfie Allen Aidan Gillen Iain Glen Rose Leslie Richard Madden Jonathan Pryce Faye Marsay Ben Crompton Joe Dempsie Natalia Tena Esmé Bianco Roxanne McKee Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Liam Cunningham Tom Wlaschiha
  11. General Chat

    Amazing! And I know I wont have to wish you will have a great time..coz I know you will
  12. General Chat

    Maybe ... a little perhaps..
  13. The Movie/ Year Game

    1972 - The Godfather