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  1. Zachary Quinto or Sofia Boutella! Or why not both! And any Discovery would make me happy.
  2. Chris1970

    Possible new event?

    Yes yes yes!!!
  3. Chris1970

    Possible new event?

    Well, I can provide a city called Vasteros with a larger than football ground size indoor arena that can provide an ice floor and snowy hills. Non ice for those with baby feet.
  4. Chris1970

    Possible new event?

    And if it is a seperate con and at the same time use ”Winter is coming” it cant be located in the UK, you need a winter. I know a good place with a good name to be used for a genuine GoT Con.
  5. Chris1970

    Possible new event?

    That would be fantastic! IF it is a seperate con I hope it wont happen until early 2020.
  6. Chris1970

    Possible new event?

    Think guests to lfcc and CM25
  7. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Anya Taylor-Joy Kate Beckinsale David Suchet Julia McKenzie Julian Sands
  8. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Her silence might say something. Perhaps won. Maybe still in shock.
  9. Chris1970

    General Chat

    If my memory is in working order I think some of the, if not all, IT kids did so at LCC Spring. Remember seeing something of that.
  10. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Kind of but I just see the same pattern in the build up of a trailer these days so I might as well wait until the movie is released, plus about the time the trailer is out the premiere is usually not that far away. It got nothing to do with what movie or tv-series. I prefer not to point out Marvel or DC out of respect for those who like it and I know there are many of you who do. I get the feeling some might think I talk about the new Marvel one that is out, but this is my general view of a trailers. When it comes to Marvel and DC I only touch a tiny part of those two big cakes (Cloak & Dagger and Legends Of Tomorrow). That is enough for me. I am a huge GoT fan but I can admit I have not seen any of the teasers or trailer of the upcoming last season. I can wait. But I can take a wild guess there are short dialogues, dark scenes and clips of the dragons. I can wait until April 15th, not so long to go anyway. So, no critics to any franchise at all, just like I wrote earlier, for me a trailer is 5 selected pages of a book of 400 pages. I can wait until the whole thing is released and get the whole picture instead.