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    Only those at work.
  2. Chris1970

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    Does not help with a pc..
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    Thanks I will! Big birthday and all. Couldnt hardly get better
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    Less than a month I will be back in London, for the first time since lfcc 2019. Plenty of things coming happening before lccs kicks off, really looking forward to it this year as there are so many I wanted to meet. All the other days I both know and dont know what will happen. But I have a very positive feeling about this trip.
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    Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Bonnie Aarons Taissa Farmiga
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    Ooo! Hugh Laurie!
  7. His character in that episode is epic. A kick ass performance.
  8. Might go for him this time, Fawlty Towers legend.
  9. DP booked.. now... Fantastic Beasts or Minority Report auto.. a month to think.
  10. Great guest! Nice to meet someone from my part of the woods.