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  1. General Chat

    At least he is happy, but that is not Thor, vikings never had horns...or wings for that matter, on their helmets.
  2. General Chat

    And me! But Thor and I look the same so easy to mix us up.
  3. General Chat

    Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! I love thunder!
  4. General Chat

    When you land.. look up.
  5. Words hardly invented while I was in college. The era of Overhead projectors, banda machines and working those slides until you had nightmares about them.
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Perhaps a nice clinic who do research about nightmares..
  7. Countdown Thread

    But lfcc does not start on Thursday, lets not make into an Olympics (even though it will be at Olympia) which can start a week early. And for the record, I fly in on Wednesday ... need to get over the jetlag.
  8. Countdown Thread

    Well, tomorrow.
  9. Countdown Thread

    And an experience richer. Even if it is 2nd, 3rd or 4th time there is always something new.
  10. Remember there is an existing risk that entry ticket could be sold out if you want to go on Sunday, unless of course you already have one.
  11. If we say yes everybody will get their hopes up. If we say no, and then he does people will get disappointed as they missed it. So like with everybody nobody knows. Just have to wait and see, previous posts are a good guide what might or might not happen. Basically, expect nothing and hope for the best.
  12. Gold Pass £10 Autograph Vouchers

    No. They have made a note. I requested -1 and snow but the look I got.. so I requested not higher than 18.
  13. Gold Pass £10 Autograph Vouchers

    I have ordered cloudy and 18 degrees.