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  1. Chris1970

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    Havent seen the first one.. or, actually any animated Disney at cinema since Robin Hood..
  2. Chris1970

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    That dinner party episode made me think of a certain time back in the 90’s. I will dm you later today on twitter. Got to do with names.
  3. Chris1970

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    Party ..you mean File Peter?
  4. Chris1970

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    @R4wly97 Ok, now we all know your name and where you live..AND your card number. You cant hide from me anymore... .... Luke Skywalker at 221b Bakers Street. I will call you even though you try to fool us with your fake alias.. Sherlock Holmes..pff ha!
  5. Chris1970

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    Watching ”The IT Crowd” on streaming..I not watch only one episode. This will be a late night.
  6. Chris1970

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    @Raylenth Got my order from Statesidesstills yesterday, pretty fast delivery. Three for an event next month and two for LCCS.
  7. Chris1970

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    I think I need a more powerful computer to run that, so no.
  8. Chris1970

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    Recycle in the 70’s?!?!
  9. Chris1970

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    In my 70’s home, each Friday, the local brewery took their 60’s truck around the area selling softdrinks from the back.