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  1. Sounds great, I'm very jealous!!
  2. What few things do you have planned so far? :)
  3. General Chat

    Oh hun I am so sorry, sending heartfelt best wishes to you all xx
  4. Guest Suggestions

    I was just thinking the other day about it being 30 years since Willow, Warwick Davis in particular would be a dream guest :)
  5. General Chat

    That really sucks I'm sorry to hear that happened
  6. General Chat

    *high fives*
  7. General Chat

    Exactly this! Also, I'm usually pretty socially inept/suck at conversation-ing so less to worry about on that front with a photo op
  8. General Chat

    Photo for me :)
  9. General Chat

    They're so oiled up I bet moments after this photo was taken the poor guy in the middle went flying up in the air like a bar of soap out of wet hands
  10. General Chat

    Oh that's wonderful to hear you had such a positive second experience with him, video recording too? Amazing
  11. General Chat

    Did this for RDA last year actually, best decision ever, the second photo was far better than the first (which was a total deer in headlights look) and, you know, hug . Buy two photo ops. Buy five.
  12. Countdown Thread

    And to think Britain's Got Talent rejected my application on grounds of "this is a family-friendly TV show". Nice to see some appreciation of my unique skills on here though.
  13. Countdown Thread

    Your baths are very different to mine...