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  1. There was a forum crash?
  2. Broo

    General Chat

    Big guest is Henry Cavill. Big development is lfcc is now to be a Battle Royale with the winner to get a date with the attending guest of your choice. Weapons are whatever is selling on the stalls. Choose wisely.
  3. Broo


    I have spent way less this year compared to last (and I'm not saying this in any negative way against this year's guest list, the lineup is awesome imho) so I'm being greedy and hoping to add moarrrrr
  4. Broo

    General Chat

    Just watched it now, and it does! Nice!
  5. Broo

    General Chat

    Of course you do.
  6. Broo

    General Chat

    Frankly I'd be worried if it weren't
  7. Broo

    General Chat

    So I had the misfortune of being exposed to screenshots to the Cats movie and suddenly Sonic the hedgehog ain't looking so bad...
  8. Broo


  9. We've spoken about this before Chris...
  10. Broo

    General Chat

    Aw that's awesome <3 get her to play Yellow Car, that might keep her distracted for a solid 10 minutes
  11. Broo


    Picking up the passes on the Thursday and feeling all excited for the festivities to begin is genuinely one of my favourite things of lfcc
  12. Broo

    Answers to FAQ

    Sorry @Queen_Sindel!
  13. For me if it's not someone I want to meet then I get to order a Martin Sheen photo op, win-win here :)