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  1. Yaassss it's amazing right??? So so so so good!!! Ooh where you going? Hope you have a fab time! :) Er, on topic, yay (again) for announcements!
  2. I'm not meeting anyone yet so far so I'm hoping the opposite Cast from Haunting of Hill House? Lost Boys? SG1? DCEU? Why isn't it Friday yet??
  3. Oh gosh wonderful guest, loved the Supergirl movie growing up!
  4. Broo

    Films watched in 2019

    Deadpool 2, a lot of fun, couple grumbles with it but overall imma Siskel and Ebert it and give it two thumbs up
  5. Broo

    General Chat

    I am genuinely laughing out loud at this
  6. Bahaha if it were Henry Cavill my husband knows there'd be no point in even *trying* to argue against my going
  7. I'm hoping it's *not* someone I really want to meet cause otherwise I have to try to convince my husband to let me attend this!!
  8. Broo

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Eee yay! Love The Good Place, every character is a gem and it's hilarious!
  9. Broo

    General Chat

    Of triangles? Unusual specialist subject to be an expert on but hey whatever makes you happy!
  10. Oh I love her, so friendly and chatty, a wonderful lady meet her if you can :)
  11. Broo

    General Chat

    @natedammit lol I hadn't realised that particular geographic triangle had been heard of outside of Edinburgh..!
  12. Broo

    General Chat

    I shall take photos when training it down to London for lfcc in the summer, I feel the extra tourists who will be there at that time will really add to both the marvelling and the 'ffs'ing
  13. Broo

    General Chat

    @Wrong Name that was actually an entertaining read, the next time I'm at Waverly (a fairly regular haunt since I've lived here longer than @R4wly97 has been alive...) I shall try to view it with a little of the wonder you did rather than the usual"ffs people move quicker I need to get to my platform!!!"