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  1. Broo

    Possible new event?

    @Chris1970 all the points for that gif, I adore him, such a good actor <3 on topic, half an hour to go!
  2. Broo

    Possible new event?

    I'm very very curious! Bring on 7pm!
  3. Broo

    General Chat

    Yup that was totally what I was saying, well done son.
  4. Broo

    General Chat

    You're the one using a Taylor swift gif, so who's the real loser here... Fingers crossed for you @R4wly97!
  5. Broo

    Films watched in 2019

    Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It was... *makes indistinct noises and vague gestures". Much preferred the first one.
  6. Broo

    Possible new event?

    My thought was an event rather than a guest announcement too :)
  7. Broo

    General Chat

    Yay! Hopefully we'll get to bump into each other this year, lovely as it was to wave from afar x
  8. Broo

    Films watched in 2019

    Watched The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind last night. Good film very well acted.
  9. Broo

    Post ya Photos..

    Awesome photos @Chris1970 and @Peter Capaldi Fan!
  10. Great write up of what sounded a fab con experience :) thanks for sharing!
  11. Broo

    Post ya Photos..

    @maxcat those are awesome! Especially like the one with Christopher Fairbank, looks like it was fun :)
  12. They're definitely a nice surprise but I like knowing beforehand to look forward to it :)
  13. Broo

    General Chat

    Bring it!