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  1. I hate to agree with the Bear but Alan Rickman was brilliant and completely stole the show, the film's actual 'Prince of Thieves' one might say
  2. My kids undo all my tidying within 5 minutes of me having tidied. It's a great game we play where I tidy a mess, they make the same mess along with more mess, I tidy those messes, they send in more mess reinforcements, I cry they laugh, lather rinse and repeat ad nauseam. It's really fun I'm having a great lockdown
  3. Good to hear it's not an official thing banning buying certain things, cause it would be ridiculous if true. Yeah okay Pringles aren't as "essential" as things like milk and bread, but this is a tremendously difficult time for a lot of people and so we need to be looking after our well-being too. If a can of Pringles or a houseplant or a room spray etc gives someone a little bit of joy and helps them to keep going through isolation, I don't see why that should be a problem to add such things to a shopping basket along with the usual eggs, bread, pasta etc. It's an "essential" item in a different way imho.
  4. Bear-ly. There are a lot of polar-ising viewpoints and you wouldn't want to panda to pressure from either side without thinking it through care-fur-ly. That would be a political Boo Boo and sure to make many feel grizzly.
  5. Aw nooo I'm so sad to hear this :'( I'm genuinely at a loss for words, the forum absolutely will not be the same without you. You and Stuart both are awesome people and have done so so much here (so much that describing it as So Much is woefully inadequate), just, thank you for everything. I was so thrilled to get to meet you both last LFCC, sincerely it was wonderful and I hope to see you at many an event in the future. I tried to find a Ben Browder hug gif, instead have a Ben Browder kissing gif Very best wishes to you both xx
  6. It is indeed, a cough and/or temp and it's 1 week isolation and 2 weeks isolation for members of the family with no symptoms. And thank you x
  7. My daughter developed a cough this morning so we are all in isolation now for 2 weeks too. She's fine with it, I'm sure it's nothing, just a necessary precaution. Remind me, is daytime drinking frowned upon or have I imagined that?
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, best wishes to you both and take care xx Hope you're feeling better soon xx Very best wishes to you too xx (It was surprisingly difficult to get a capaldi hug gif, I'm learning that his Doctor wasn't a hugger...)
  9. I hate myself for this, but it's There goes Mr Humbug, there goes Mr Grim. Not the point I know I know! I'll see myself out of the thread now.
  10. Saw that too, completely forgot I'd seen it, happy about it all over again
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