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  1. General Chat

    Ah sorry, didn't realise!
  2. General Chat

    I'm so sorry, that's really terrible
  3. General Chat

  4. New Attendees advice thread

    Phew! Thank you for humouring me and responding, that was actually rather nice of you x
  5. New Attendees advice thread

    Just in the process of printing out the tickets, and I've noticed on each ticket under "Payment Status" it's saying "Eventbrite Partially Refunded". I'm presuming this is because I upgraded one of the tickets from photo op to Diamond Pass. Is this going to be a problem on the day? Likely me just being paranoid but wanted to check anyhow, sorry! :)
  6. General Chat

    Impressive self restraint there tbh! I can imagine the 'closing your eyes and counting to ten' approach was well utilised too
  7. General Chat

    We've been together 17 years, nothing surprises him anymore
  8. General Chat

    I had to laugh, that's such a Mum thing to do isn't it! He is, so long as the bear is housetrained and the plundering and pillaging by the viking is kept to a minimum he's okay with it
  9. New Attendees advice thread

    Friday and Sunday are both pretty quiet for me, Saturday is gonna be busier with fitting in all the blackadder actors' autos and photo ops amongst others...
  10. New Attendees advice thread

    Not gonna lie, I'd be a bit stressed with that... presume you packed yourself an energy drink to dash between the 3
  11. General Chat

    Haha they tolerate us well
  12. General Chat

    This is how my husband feels about it he humours me very well with it all though <3
  13. Countdown Thread

    AhhhhhhhhhhhHhhHHHhhhgh single digits!!!!!
  14. General Chat

    Crikey yes! She's gonna have an amazing first con! :)
  15. General Chat

    Incredible lfcc for dr who fans isn't it! :)