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  1. Broo

    RIP Stan Lee

    Tremendously sad, R.I.P Stan Lee x
  2. Broo

    General Chat

    Wasn't personally :) I'd actually seen that before, they're made with the intention of looking cute for kids to eat for dinner. Not quite hit the mark there eh...
  3. Broo

    General Chat

    Not... technically... a zombie bear but... equally horrifying...
  4. Broo

    General Chat

    Will do next time I'm on :)
  5. Broo

    General Chat

    Think less "out of order" and more "ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff" @R4wly97 did I get that right?
  6. Broo

    General Chat

    Edited it
  7. Broo

    General Chat

    Ah gotcha. Enjoy your weekend :)
  8. Broo

    General Chat

    Ohhh you're in Edinburgh? What brings you to my neck of the woods? :)
  9. Broo

    General Chat

    Go go go!! :)
  10. Broo

    General Chat

    My mind suddenly goes to this
  11. Broo

    Digital photo's for 2018

    @Queen_Sindel love, strength, and very best wishes to you x
  12. Broo

    General Chat

    @R4wly97 really fabulous photo! :)
  13. Broo

    General Chat

    Yup, first name announced who I want to meet I'll be booking the three-day entry pass... And then I'll proceed to check I've definitely booked it every week up until July when I'll check at least three times daily...
  14. Broo

    Guest Suggestions

    Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker. A girl can dream eh!
  15. Broo

    General Chat

    I'm so behind with TV shows generally - me n the mister are only just catching up with Breaking Bad! Nae chance of keeping up with anything current