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  1. It said Cosplay Photo/Groot as a heading in the last column on the Sunday. It's still there if you take a look at the pic on the original post. There's no mention of it actually having a time slot though
  2. That's cool. It won't be there on the Friday by any chance do you know?
  3. On the Sunday image it says "Cosplay Photos/Groot". What Groot!? Is there going to be a lifesize Groot to get our picture taken with?
  4. Damn. Just about everyone I wanted to meet has cancelled Unfortunately, for me personally, going to this is con is turning out to be a waste of time and money
  5. I'm still not quite clear on his role. Is R2 not just mechanical these days?
  6. Aw man so gutted. Was really looking forward to meeting him. 1 of the few I was planning to meet as well.
  7. That's great thanks folks. Haha, don't worry I wouldn't do that!
  8. How does it work with signings? Are they free or do you pay? Do you have to buy a book from them to get it signed? Can I bring my own book to get signed?
  9. My wife would love it if there were a few OTH actors. Especially Sophia Bush
  10. Star Wars Rogue One main cast and of course the never gonna happen Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Adam Adam. Warwick Davis Jake Lloyd Temuera Morrison Silas Carson Caroline Blakiston Leeanna Walsman Jimmy Smits Jay Laga'aia Ahmed Best Andy Secombe Taylor Gray Vanessa Marshall Tiya Sircar Stargate Richard Dean Anderson Amanda Tapping Paul McGillion Claudia Black
  11. Star Wars The Clone Wars will be 10 years old! Plenty of SW guests please and vioce over artists from The Clone Wars (and Rebels too)
  12. Funny you should say that. She doesnt have Padme's wedding dress but she has the yellow/pink lakeside dress and I have an Anakin costume. Close enough
  13. Was busy getting married in July and we both really wanted to go. Noticed the dates are the same for next year so guess what we're doing for our 1st anniversary!
  14. Another Sat only guest a real shame i cant make it until Sunday
  15. Why do I have to be getting married that weekend! I mean...eh...cool guest! To be fair we've debated leaving the wedding early and coming down from Scotland! We'll done Showmasters. Out doing yourselves this year
  16. Yay, none of my photo shoots clash Bought a stagate double shoot now. So excited!
  17. Obviously all of this is a good bit of fun but do Showmasters actually look at this? If so does it actually help them choose guests? I don't want the fact that Paul McGillion said on twitter he'd love to come, to go unnoticed! Please make it happen!
  18. Thanks. That all does make complete sense. Surprisingly I've been to quite a few cons in the past few years although you wouldn't think it I'm just panicking since there's so many people I want to meet. I think what I'll do is just book 1 or 2 shoots and then buy more nearer the time. Cheers for your reply.
  19. Anybody else scared to buy photo tickets in case they end up clashing? Or can you safely tell us that nobody clashes (as of yet!)
  20. Will post this here as well; I tweeted Paul McGillion to see if he is up for CM24 or Glasgow FCC and he says he'd love to go! Tweet Conversation Graeme Roger‏ @Groge511 Hey @PaulyMcGillion! Any chance you can make Collectormania Birmingham or Glasgow Film&ComicCon? Would love to meet you! 3:19 pm · 31 Mar 2017 2h Paul McGillion‏ @PaulyMcGillion Replying to @Groge511 Would love to go!
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