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  1. First time I've ever missed this con.. Just hope they make more of an effort next year.. Get some good headliners
  2. Not for me this year but Can anyone confirm if it was busy today or....dead
  3. Brad Dourif Derek Mears Heather Langenkamp Matthew Lillard Nancy Allen
  4. Just hope we get some headliners now
  5. Big fan of Robocop" I've been dying to meet peter for year's but was really nervous as all I've seen is people talk about bad experiences with him but I fought he was great!! yeah he charged me extra £15 for 3 quotes on my poster that's fine..if your a fan you will pay that.
  6. Well we're getting a V movie so surely it's just a matter of time before we see Marc again
  7. I honestly think this con is dead...been like this for 2/3 years now..not that many headliners like Robert England or Sean Astin like a few years back
  8. Danny Glover Matthew Lillard Please
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