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  1. Yeah I know, but since he stopped to take a few pictures with fans afterwards I might have had a chance to say hi, or just meet him in the street... Still feels very frustrating, but hopefully he’ll attend some official events again sooner or later
  2. I just found out that Benadryl Cucumberbatch visited my godforsaken hometown in Tuscany last week and stopped in a restaurant literally 5 minutes from my house and I didn’t know... I’m hating myself so much right now...
  3. Thank you! It’s a very simple video, but I just wanted to put the footage I’d taken while stalking the guests to some use Peter is so amazing he deserved his own video
  4. My very belated LFCC 2018 Vlog is finally up Well, it’s not actually a proper “vlog”, it’s basically a video compilation of guests signing at their tables (mostly Doctor Who guests like Tom Baker, David Bradley, Steven Moffat, Noel Clarke, Paul McGann, Peter Davison etc. + Katie Leung, Tom Welling, John Schneider & more). If you miss their lovely faces you might enjoy this
  5. Thank you, I’ve set that photo with David as my profile pic for now! I’m sure I’ll change it quite often, though, as I want to use my other photos as well, love them all! I’ve also put my TARDIS photo with David as my phone background, and my Saturday pic with Peter (the one with the fluffy hair) as my iPad background Are you going to change your profile pic as well, or will you stick to your classic Twelfth Doctor photo?
  6. I’m sorry to hear that I missed her in 2015, so I understand the frustration, but I’m very happy that I now I’ve had another chance to meet her. Since she seems very active on the convention scene, and to have an ongoing partnership with Showmasters for more conventions to come, I’m sure you will have an opportunity to meet her in the end. Don’t lose faith, your time will come
  7. She was lovely indeed, very nice and generous. She talked to me for a bit in Italian and asked me if what she was going to write in my auto made sense, which it did since her Italian is surprisingly amazing - it’s just a simple, “Nice to meet you. Kisses.” in Italian, but still feel very special to me, I’ve never had any autos personalized in my native language before She’s been announced for more Showmasters cons already, and she seems to enjoy meeting fans, doing talks and all, so maybe there’s a good chance you’ll be able to meet her at another event soon! Thanks! Sorry I somehow assumed you knew my name already but I didn’t mind you using my username, I’ll keep calling you R4 anyway because it’s just too catchy
  8. My favourite autographs acquired last weekend David Bradley Ingrid Oliver (in Italian ) Peter Capaldi I'm not going to post all of them and make another very long post. If you want to check them all out, you can find more of my autographs, as well as photo ops, selfies, and hundreds of photos from talks, signings and stalls, on my Flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmnB2Fux
  9. Almost a week after the convention, I finally finished scanning and uploading all my pictures. Here's my favourite photo ops from last weekend You can find more of my photo ops with actors, as well as selfies, autographs, props, and hundreds of photos from talks, signings and stalls, on my Flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmnB2Fux if you want to check them out Which one should I use as my profile picture? I don't know which one to pick, I love them all so much, please give my advices
  10. Still haven’t written a formal thank you, and now on my train to the airport I finally have the time, but no words can express how grateful I am for this convention. You created the best event ever for Whovians worldwide, and beyond all the complaining for too many Doctor Who guests it still isn’t addressed enough that you broke a world record, reunited almost all living Doctors, and made thousands of fans happier than ever before. The Doctor Who lineup was amazing throughout, not only the leads but also the brilliant companions and recurring characters. And it’s even more amazing considering they were only a small portion of the full lineup. I appreciated so much all your efforts and dedication in order to book as many Doctors as possible up to the very last moment with Tennant’s announcement, my favourite guest alongside Peter Capaldi. You were determined to create the best event ever for the Doctor Who fandom and you totally delivered. Thank you to the crew who allowed the whole experience to be smooth and satisfying, being as helpful and kind as they could even under pressure. For me no other event will ever match this one, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You made my Whovian dreams come true all at once, both on a personal level and collection-wise. Only problem I now have to find me new dream guests Luckily I already have a new entry to my must meet list: Jodie Whittaker I hope you will continue to have a special attention for us Whovians, inviting back some of this year’s guests - as well as new ones - to future shows. No other convention did what you did for us, and I doubt others will manage to do that or even try, so well done and congrats! Also thank you for the opportunity to meet a couple of people from this forum and chat with other fans, there aren’t many occasions to meet other Whovians or collectors where I live - and since this is a thank you post, thank you also to wjbleming and R4 for saying hello to me and chatting briefly, I’m incredibly socially awkward so I really appreciate it when other people initiate a conversation Hope to see you at many more events for years to come!
  11. Inviting Jodie Whittaker, maybe? (SM I dare you ) Anyway, fantastic photos, man!
  12. Pretty sure they weren’t Showmasters. The three dealers in front of me had Diamond Passes, and the red shirt staff member at the queue reminded them they could only get 5 autos max each. They followed the rules and didn’t even take that long, it’s just that it really puts off the actors. They weren’t rude or anything, but they obviously didn’t care about Chris as a guests at all and acted as he was a money making machine, shoving poster after poster under his nose saying “sir please sign this... and this... and this”. I think Chris has openly said in the past that he doesn’t like dealers at stage doors etc., and he did look a bit annoyed (first he was cheerful then turned very serious, rolling his eyes at their requests etc.), but I guess he couldn’t refuse to sign for them in that situation. Being immediately behind them was unfortunate for me, I tried to make it clear that I wasn’t another dealer, I called him by his name and said I was happy to meet him, but he was still quiet and looking annoyed. Then when he handed me back my autograph he seemed to notice that things had turned a bit awkward and gave me a very warm goodbye, offering to shake my hand and all, so in the end it didn’t go bad. Apart from this, my only real low was the whole ticket situation with David Tennant, like the online store collapsing on itself, the tickets sold at the sales desk not being treated equally to online tickets, all the resulting confusion and initial chaos at the photo shoots - which was however resolved pretty efficiently. Anyway, SM is not even entirely responsible for this, it was mostly Eventbrite not coping and David being massively popular, and this “low” is basically non existent compared to David Tennant attending in the first place. It was a miracle to have David at this con and his announcement made me so happy (and stressed, but mostly happy ). Now I finally have two proper photos with him after meeting him once before at a stage door, and if I had to queue for two hours at the sales desk and at the photo shoot in order to meet him so be it, it was totally worth it Everything else was a high for me. I was extremely impressed by the organization, there might have been some delays but coordinating such a huge event in such a smooth way from entry to photo collection is astonishing. Don’t take this crew for granted, guys, because events internationally wished they had this level of organization, sadly I can totally assure you this is not how most companies or countries do events. The location is great, and seriously it wasn’t neither hot nor overcrowded. The temperature was warm and the air con was good, it was much worse in my hotel room or at home, don’t be so British guys Also I not once was stuck in the crowd unable to go where I needed to be, even when I was running from one overlapping photo shoot to the next on Saturday and Sunday, again believe me there are plenty of events so overcrowded you are literally unable to move. Finally the guest line up was the best, and it’ll probably remain the best for me for a very long time, 9 Doctors together at the same event was something I would have never dreamt of!
  13. It was a blessing that we could witness both his hairstyles tbh I was glad he gelled his hair so my photos from Saturday and Sunday look different, too Btw as I’ve already said, Peter was the absolute best guest I’ve ever meet. Such a genuine person, so passionate and empathetic, so caring and understanding of his fans. He totally gets how important these events (and fandoms in general) are for us because he’s a massive geek, too. All the Doctor Who guests I’ve meet were amazing, but for what I’ve seen Peter really went the extra mile to connect with everyone.
  14. Kind of regretting not even trying to get a VQ ticket for Tennant, but then again I was in at 9.40am, had 8 photos back to back, a talk, had to queue over two hours for Eccleston and Smith’s autos, so I guess it was never going to happen for me... I was kind of impressed that Eccleston and Capaldi still personalised and chatted with everyone even in late afternoon, they were really dedicated to their fans. Matt Smith was the only unpersonalised Who auto for me, and knowing that he did personalise in the morning is even more frustrating. I’d have got his auto earlier if I could. Still very happy with my auto, but meh it could have been better...
  15. Peter Capaldi remembered me from yesterday’s auto session. Well, I met (stalked) him twice yesterday and three times today so now he properly knows me. Like we’re totally best friends At my second photo, he greeted me saying, “Ciao, nice to see you again,” then at the Doctor Who group photo he started telling the other guests that I was coming all the way from Italy and how a huge Doctor Who fan I was. Matt and the others went “Oh wow.” It was nice, I died a little bit inside. Surprisingly Ingrid Oliver speaks Italian perfectly because she used to live in Rome, and she dedicated my auto in Italian which never happened to me before, it was quite special. Also she recognized me at her photo shoot and messed up my name a bit but she was close. Christopher Eccleston was super annoyed at the dealers just in front of me, you could see it in his face that he was irritated while signing multiple items with random quotes. I was immediately after them and he was still annoyed so he was mostly quiet, but at the end he looked me in the eye apologetically and told me that he appreciated me coming to see him and I swear he gave me exactly the same look he had in the “Run!” scene with Rose in his first episode - the small part of me that was still alive died in that moment. Generally all the Doctor Who guests were amazing, taking a few moments to talk and making you feel like they were actually pleased to meet you. Shout out to Steven Moffat still signing and taking selfies well after 6 pm.
  16. Meeting David was amazing. Both his photo shoots were very busy and chaotic as you would expect, there were some misunderstandings with the tickets sold at the sales desk, one person passed out in the queue, etc. but the staff had always everything under control. At the beginning I was thinking, “Oh god, how is this going to work out?” but was really, positively impressed by the end. I was one of the last people at both his shoots and I think they overrun only 10-15 minutes max, the photo quality was great as always, and still the sessions didn’t feel rushed at all, at one point David even had the time to do a little dance between one photo and the other The only thing I’d like to point out for the future - and this might not be the best place, but it did mainly apply to David’s photos - photo tickets sold at the sales desk do need a batch number written down. It would have saved a lot of stress and complaining. Since people buying at the sales desk were among the first to get through to the online store and book tickets, we would have had virtually low batch numbers, and it was a bit unfair to be pushed to the end of the sessions. It wasn’t a problem in the end, but it would have avoided a lot of stress and running around for the people who, like me, had clashes with other photo shoots and had to time everything carefully. Just saying, though, don’t know if SM could even be able to solve this situation or it’s all down to Eventbrite...
  17. Good luck, Matt Smith still not here... Eccleston was Diamond only, and at this point Smith and Capaldi will probably be too, they both have hundreds of DPs left to go through...
  18. Got my auto eventually. Now in Matt Smith’s auto queue, another long wait...
  19. Still have Smith and Eccleston’s autos to get. I’m Diamond for both, but I’m stuck in Eccleston’s auto queue, 30 minutes delayed
  20. It was really nice to meet you at the talk Hope both your photos went well, I eventually managed to get my Tennant photos too
  21. Reporting back for @R4wly97 and any other Capaldians meeting him tomorrow: he’s beyond amazing, the best guest I’ve ever met. He was so welcoming and energetic at the photo shoot, doing poses for everyone, giving hugs, and taking people’s hands, making you feel like he was waiting especially for you. He did his classic dramatic pose in my pic He was equally amazing at the signing session, but he’s a really slow singer so prioritize his auto if you want it done soon. He personalizes every auto and talks for a few moments with everyone, which make the experience extra special but also take up more time. He only reached DP number 240 today, so unfortunately high number DP holders and everyone with a VQ ticket missed out. I was one of the last people to be called (I’m DP number 99 but I naively left him later in the day...) at 6 pm, but he still dedicated my auto with his trademark personalization (Cosmic to meet you + Dr. ?), and he spent a couple of minutes talking about Italy, Scotland, which other Doctor Who guests I was meeting, shaking hands and all. I can’t post my photos now because I’m using a super slow hotel wifi and I’m running low on mobile data, but I’ll upload everything in the next few weeks once I’m back at home Apart from the Tennant announcement, he was the highlight of my day. Enjoy his charismatic face and fluffy curls tomorrow
  22. I’m still in shock after this announcement, after meeting Peter Capaldi I didn’t expect this day to get any better I managed to buy a TARDIS photo and a standard photo at the sales desk - it was hectic but in hindsight it was also priceless to witness all the excitement when Tennant got announced, everyone cheering, people rejoicing when they got their tickets and all. I’ll keep checking back the store app in case a DP becomes available, but I’m pretty satisfied already - since David is my favourite living actor I’m trying to get everything I can Thanks SM for making this show the world’s best event ever for Whovians, we’ll never forget this weekend
  23. Why is everything David Tennant unavailable, did he sell out already??? Standing in the sales desk queue trying to get his tickets one way or the other...
  24. It’s the Doctor Who group photo that was just released yesterday. I bought it at the sales desk rather than online because the mobile app is not always super reliable and, being it a very expensive photo, I didn’t want to take any risks. But the photo is still on batch 1 at the moment, so it’d be a bit disappointing if I ended up being batch 8 or something... Maybe I should have asked before buying it but I didn’t cross my mind at all that the sales desk could not follow the same batch numbering...
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