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  1. Since we have Shatner and Koenig. Would be awesome with George Takei and Nichelle Nichol if posibility exists.
  2. Here is my experience. Signing: I got a very hearty Hello nice to meet you, then... a presales dude squeeze in and getting 10 autos in a row, totally annoying Chris and made him do a more sloppy signature cause he got fed up signing, not as talkative. But even so he was polite to me. But that ruined it partly for me cause it just lower his mood... Photo: Very pleasent! Saying hello, being very friendly. Doing a great smile for me on the photo. So I think that he had for the most part a pleasent day. But the vendors and presales ruined things!! To sum it up, It was a real nice photo moment. And Signing would have been really nice I think if it wasnt for the sales guy squeezing in.... So I hope that he comes back one day!
  3. Yepp this was a low for me. Got a very hearty hello from Eccleston. Then a person squeezed in got 10 signatures for the presales and that was it... He got annoyed and I saw it clearly that his autograph got more sloppy cause he got fed up with signing that many in a row not getting abit of rest by having a few words with the fansl... So thank you SM for partly ruining that moment for me...
  4. Well, its not about causing confusion or creating a hassle. Its about making a good product better. Thats why I suggested looking into it how this could be solved in a good way, and if it can be solved in a good way. Cause the question has come up alot. And thats why I just suggest that its worth looking into, no need for further discussion really And btw, Megan Fox!!! Thumbs up! :)
  5. Thats something that I suggest SM look into. Cause its mostly the bigger fans who buy Diamond passes. And they would propable be the ones wanting special photos, so an upgrade of the Passes would be something nice to go with the Diamond.
  6. Well since we have 4 doctors already I think it would be nice with the rest of em :) From old. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Paul Mcgann The New David Tennant, Matt Smith and Jodie Whitaker
  7. Ive seen many talking about Eccleston. He would fit the bill... And as for legendary. Well It has been said a couple of times if I recall correctly in the series that people thought time lords was a legend.... And also the thing with the completing a collection. With Mackie and Peter Capaldi on the guest list... Eccleston is pretty much the only new doctor who hasn't attended the SM shows. and all companions has been at SM events aswell I think.
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