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  1. General Chat

    Not in countries I named xD Celebs and crew might appear in US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, possibly Germany. Never in the eastern Europe. So that still remains a mystery XD
  2. General Chat

    Totally agreed. Just a couple of numbers for you: - Ant-Man and the Wasp early screening - Vilnius, Lithuania -> 2/3 people left right after first credits started rolling - Ant-Man and the Wasp premiere - Warsaw, Poland -> 1/2 people left - Avengers: Inifnity War premiere - Berlin, Germany -> 1/2 people left - Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere - GdaƄsk, Poland -> 3/4 people left - Thor: Ragnarok premiere - Vilnius, Lithuania -> I counted. 54 people stayed. 550 chairs in the cinema. It was sold out. You can do the math.
  3. General Chat

    I am happy that you are one of the people who know that. You wouldbe really stunned if you saw what I did during some first-screenings of recent Marvel films. 10 years went by and people still don't know...
  4. General Chat

    No probs I was that "someone" XD
  5. General Chat

    You don't even realise how relieved I feel right now.
  6. General Chat

    FINALY! It was hard for me not to spoil it for you
  7. General Chat

    Oh, it was indeed
  8. General Chat

    Always here to help! I can't wait already. By the way - that's my 500th post. Yay!
  9. General Chat

    ATTENTION ALL WHOVIANS! @R4wly97, @wjbleming, @Matthew Bleming, @Nerd Who and others xd Looks like we'll be getting a full trailer on THURSDAY.
  10. Countdown Thread

    Thanks Well, I'll at least know who to look for
  11. General Chat

    @R4wly97 have you seen the teaser? I LOVED IT!
  12. Countdown Thread

    Sadly, I can't seem to find this thread...
  13. General Chat

    I've seen it now
  14. Nice. Now I want to know your name Still, so happy now, yay!