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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Happy birthday from me too! Could you please take some photos of your posters you have signed? I don't know about others, but I would love to see what you've collected so far and how do they actually look. Could you?
  2. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    OMG, this is beautiful! One more place for my to-visit list!
  3. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    If you will plan to go back, don't forget to write me, I'll make shure to show you some amazing places by myself
  4. General Chat

    OMG, you're so lucky!
  5. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    I am so happy you liked it! You can't even imagine, how many people live a lot closer to Lithuania than you (Latvia or Poland) and still don't visit, just because. That's why that sounded a bit out of ordinary.
  6. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    OMG, really? I am in shock, since a lot of people just don't even bother to try and visit my country If anyone's interested, my list: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Germany, France, UK (England & Wales), Russia, Ukraine, USA (Chicago), Bulgaria [Planning to visit Scotland for the first time this year, plus I will be going to US for an entire year with an exchange programme, so hope to travel there a bit]
  7. YALC 2018

    Just as a reminder, is she still going to be added? There was a whole batch of 20 new authors announced and she is still not on the main page
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Cole Sprouse! Or other people from Riverdale - that would be amazing. (Please, could you actually get Cole? He's my biggest crush ever)
  9. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    OMG, a thread for International users is on forum? How could I miss that? Sorry everyone, I was out on vacation without any Wi-Fi, so that's why I have been gone for 10 days. I am back now and looking forward to next announcements and LFCC itself!
  10. YALC 2018

    You go to this website: http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com Then scroll down a bit. In the left column you will find "Authors". A table located below Wrestling and Comics guests
  11. YALC 2018

    Thanks a lot I'll then stick to the LFCC one I think and go to YALC area later in the day, without any pressure Thanks!
  12. YALC 2018

    Thanks :) I also thought that as well.
  13. YALC 2018

    Hi, I thought I'd start a topic for YALC as I think there is no topics devoted to this part of LFCC. I would like to ask a couple questions, one might have been asked before, so sorry for that. 1. Does anyone know why only 19 guests were put on the website (while 20 announced on YALC Facebook and Twitter)? Cecilia Vinesse is missing - does that mean that she already cancelled or is there just an issue with posting her on http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com? 2. I saw there are 2 types of Three-day passes. A standard one and a YALC one. What are the differences between them? If I buy a standart one, not the YALC one, will I still be able to go to the floor where YALC is located and take part in all things going on/meet authors? Thanks for everyone who can help
  14. Would be great, thanks. I just didn't get the chance to buy one yet because of my finances and having at least an estimated number would help to know under how big pressure I am right now. Thanks.