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    General Chat

    When we meet
  2. Kurdamoni


    Don’t we all…
  3. Kurdamoni

    Sean Connery

    My dream guest…
  4. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    You must give us a link to it or where we can find the magazine!
  5. Kurdamoni

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Or all three of them
  6. Kurdamoni

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Sounds indeed promising! A headliner
  7. Kurdamoni

    Funko Pop Collection

    I really want them all
  8. Kurdamoni

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Still Hoping for Timothy Dalton
  9. Kurdamoni

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Bond girls sound good to me
  10. Tonight's the night! Exciting
  11. Kurdamoni

    Funko Pop Collection

    I'm afraid they will bring out new ones every year....and there is no way of stopping
  12. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Maud Adams Maryam d'Abo Denise Richards
  13. Kurdamoni

    Photo from today.

    A lot of Bond guests attending in November, so I'm thinking about it!
  14. Kurdamoni

    Photo from today.

    Lovely photo’s! How was it? I’m thinking on going in november, how busy does it usually get?
  15. Gerard Butler has my vote too, love the man!
  16. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Preferably shirtless...
  17. Let’s hope for Some Bond guests!
  18. Kurdamoni

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    I acquired Monica Bellucci's autograph at a film festival in Ostend, Belgium. It was amazing to meet her, she really was an Italian goddess, floating on the red carpet.... She signed my James Bond book, took her time too, really wrote her entire last name, not just a scribble.
  19. Kurdamoni

    TV shows watched in 2019

    La casa Del Papel: amazing show, you have to watch it in Spanish tho, only that way you get the full experience. Downton Abbey: beautiful, great stories, great acting, the scenery and costumes are very well done, also a beautiful soundtrack. The Umbrella academy: funny, witty, great action scenes, the story is intriguing, can't wait to see the end, also great choice of songs
  20. Kurdamoni

    Funko Pop Collection

    Those new Funko's from James Bond...I need them....
  21. Kurdamoni

    Films watched in 2019

    Alita battle angel: I really enjoyed it, a very beautiful movie. the graphics were amazing, ofcource what you would expect from a James Cameron movie. The story was well done, impressive fighting scenes. Great acting, great music.
  22. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    Yeah I couldn't be happier I'm working on my fan letter as well for Sir Sean Connery And who is it Chris?
  23. Kurdamoni

    A Few Photos from the Show.

    Great to see all these lovely pictures!