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  1. Oh cool guest from the two latest movies!! And at a great price too!
  2. He was lovely to meet last time! Charming fella.
  3. Cool that he was able to attend this year, sadly enough I can't attend this year's event....
  4. Keep the Bond guests coming please!
  5. Wow nice! certainly now the new series have begun!
  6. With already three Bond guests announced, here’s hoping for some more!
  7. That’s very cool’ Roger Moore’s first Bond girl! And at a great price too!
  8. Well I do hope to ge this refund in the upcoming week. Takes long enough tbh…
  9. Only reason I was attending, already write to SM to het vouchers…I hope they won’t make any trouble…
  10. For those attending today; have fun later today!!!
  11. Indeed. Luckily for me I only plan on meeting a couple of guests over two days. So planning should be easy
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