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  1. Awesome James Bond guest! Lovely that he moved to Spring
  2. Must be such a nightmare to renegotiate with every guest
  3. I'm even considering buying the Nightmare on Elm street 4K movie just for Robert to sign...
  4. Maybe contact the SM people? Or just wait for a couple of days for them to pop up. Probably just a bug or not yet updated.
  5. I think that's our 'rank' on the forum
  6. I’m sure the only thing you’ll see will be smiling faces! I know I will be
  7. Timothy Dalton I’ll keep repeating it untill he comes
  8. Since the event has been moved to winter, I can now surely attend if budget allows my list so far updated; Robbie Coltrane DP Antony Carrick auto Ray Hassett auto Jim Dowdall auto Colin Salmon auto & photo Ben Browder auto so looking forward to attending once again!!!
  9. Actually this isn’t so bad, as it so seemed I couldn’t attend the summer event anyway… but November is possible
  10. So sad to hear!! I've met him a couple of years ago. Great guy! RIP
  11. I will get my first vaccine dose just before the event so lucky me!
  12. Cool! He's lovely, I met him a couple of years ago.
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