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    Getting closer
  2. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    Oh come on, admit it
  3. Ooooh exciting Timothy Dalton please!
  4. Kurdamoni

    Luke Perry R.I.P.

    I was shocked to hear about this...
  5. Kurdamoni

    Shane Rimmer R.I.P

    He was an absolute legend, nice guy and always friendly, rest in peace Shane!
  6. Kurdamoni

    RIP Nadja Regin

    RIP Nadja, you were amazing!
  7. Kurdamoni

    James Bond news

    The anticipation begins
  8. Kurdamoni

    RIP Peter Mayhew

    He was an absolute gent! Rest in peace big man!
  9. Amazing! met her before, she's awesome.
  10. OMG that is awesome!!!! I've been wanting to meet her for so long!!!
  11. She is amazing in Coronation Street!