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  1. Hopefully next year we'll be able to attend the Cons like we did before the crisis
  2. I think they will need some time to get everything back in order....Strange times after all. They'll get there eventually. I'm checking regularly too to purchase my Robbie Coltrane diamond pass....
  3. This way, we can at least pretend to have attended a Con
  4. True, having to be quarantined for 14 days would make this a very expensive Con
  5. But given the circumstances we may have to have a bit more patience I can wait, I'm just excited that the event might go ahead after all, be it postponed a bit.
  6. Yeah just checked this morning, nothing there
  7. Really want to purchase a Robbie Coltrane Diamond pass, since it's now 95% sure i'm attending... Any idea when these might come available again?
  8. Thanks SM! I’ve put it in my schedule I’m attending as soon as I’m sure! Can’t wait to meet Robbie Coltrane really...
  9. *sigh* If only he would attend one of the events
  10. I wouldn't keep my hopes up...but we'll see. I think the winter edition might go ahead tho.
  11. The wait for information concerning this is really taking it’s toll…
  12. Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom
  13. Couldn’t believe it at first… a great lady
  14. Iron Fist; boring beyond belief… the main character (Finn Jones) is the just boring all over. He keeps claiming things like: I’m the weapon, I’m the greatest warrior ever, I trained for 14 years in every martial arts technique… but he constantly gets his ass kicked. Every single thug fights better than him and he never uses the fist part from smashing it into the ground… pathetic. He’s the weakest character in the entire series and his acting is just appalling. The only thing that makes it worth watching is David Wenham In season one. Overall very happy they decided to end the show before it got even more embarrassing…
  15. Might attend this one! My schedule and budget allows depending on the guests!
  16. Here’s hoping I can attend the Spring event again next year!
  17. Wow, already a forum for this event! hoping for Timothy Dalton
  18. Well I guess some James Bond guests might be cool!
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