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    It has potential indeed
  2. Kurdamoni

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    Do we really?
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    Latest Guest Announcement - HUGH FRASER

    That’s soooooo cool! Love captain Hastings
  4. Kurdamoni

    Guest Cancellation - Frank Henson

    Thank the stars I already met him!
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    The end of a certain area
  6. Kurdamoni

    Who are you meeting!?

    You are a bad influence
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    Wouldn’t be a choice for me, I can only attend one day; Sunday if I were to come so it would be a rush to get in London in the morning
  8. Kurdamoni


    I stayed in the Abercorn house twice; cheap and clean, works for me only there to sleep anyway
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    Don’t tempt him
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    Guest Suggestions

    There is no such thing