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  1. Pretty cool! I started watching the show last year and I absolutely love it.
  2. Now that's a cool Bond guest!! Really unique to get here autograph!
  3. Still, I miss the old days when we had huge threads here with guest guessing and stuff
  4. Heartstopper Maybe I'm biased, but I absolutely love the series! it's unbelievably cute, honest, beautiful and it's an ultimate feel-good thing to watch. Kit Connor and Joe Locke are truly amazing and so well cast. All of the cast members are talented and very believable as the characters they portray. The vibe of the graphic novels is clearly incorporated in the show and the atmosphere is created very well. You just have to watch it if you want a sort of 'Mamma Mia feel-good' evening. I highly recommend it for an evening of sweet, honest, loving, LGBTQ teenage romantic drama with a good ending. +++
  5. Snowpiercer season 3 I have to say, I don't feel the need for another season....this already was a drag at times. most episodes felt like they were just to fill up the gaps between the first episode and the finale. Without actually adding anything to the story...
  6. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: The secrets of Dumbledore The entire movie I was convinced that this was the last installment, only to find out they do want to pursue idea by making two more movies. which only makes this movie obsolete once again, just like the previous one. What actually happens? Grindelwald runs for election and loses, basically... That's it, no epic fights, no character development, just some more cute critters and boring storylines. Overall I thought it was really disappointing and unnecessary cruel at times (Grindelwald doing cruel things just because.) I do like Mads Mikkelsen, but Johnny Depp was a far better Grindelwald. Mads just plays...Mads. I was literally thinking with each scene 'what's Le Chiffre doing in Hogwarts?' I was constantly waiting for some cool scenes and epic battles, but none came. It was a political drama, more than a fantasy movie.
  7. Wow I'm kinda jealous about the Dolly Parton autograph! That's cool!
  8. Indeed, I'm not really a Reynolds fan...
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