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  1. Guest Suggestions

    i am still hoping for a few The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead guests please showmarsters do your magic any of them would do
  2. Brian Austin Green with Megan Fox!!!

    Pretty good actor he was don’t blink and that was good film
  3. General Chat

    Yep same here
  4. Very nice guest will be meeting him for sure
  5. General Chat

    i am excited for Westworld season 2 cant wait for that and obviously the rest of The Walking Dead season 8
  6. Who are you meeting!?

    If isn’t the word when it comes to guest announcements there will be plenty more to come and I’d imagine there will some exciting ones as well
  7. Guest Suggestions

    I think it was LFACCW 2013 or 2014 I was gutted when I couldn’t attend on the day he went
  8. Guest Suggestions

    i am also wanting David Tennant as i missed him when he came a few years ago
  9. Guest Suggestions

    I like your thinking
  10. I see you what you mean its almost samey
  11. Who are you meeting!?

    who i am meeting Diamond Pass Peter Capaldi { Bought } Autos Jason Momoa { Maybe } Iwan Rheon Rory McCann Ellie Kendrick Staz Nair Vladimir Furdik Sylvester McCoy { Maybe } Pearl Mackie ( Photo Maybe } Jeremy Bulloch Lucy Davis Toby Stephens katee Sackhoff Isaac Hempstead Wright Photos Lance Henriksen Toby Stephens