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  1. How could you miss out the king in red dwarf lol
  2. Same as nick frost no reconfirmation for him either
  3. Black summer guests would be cool
  4. Hi I have got photos booked for nick frost if he isn’t rescheduled to an event or an event that I can’t make it to would I be able to have a refund
  5. Loving all these Red Dwarf guests seriously want to go
  6. Hopefully they can give all that option if they cancel this one
  7. That’s strange maybe we will here about it in a few days I think we all know it’s going to get postponed at this point
  8. I may get one at the end of the month depending how much I get and if anyone else is also announced by then but thanks for reminding me
  9. I am attending this year I was gutted to miss last year my list so far and I am sure it will grow in time Robbie Coltrane auto and photo debating weather to get his diamond pass Clark Gregg Auto and Photo Nick Frost Auto and Photo Sacha Dhawan Auto and Photo Veronica Cartwright Auto
  10. Any chances of Samantha Morton being rescheduled
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