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  1. Absolutely gutted to here this news I met him a few years ago such a nice guy they havnt said how he died yet but my thoughts condolences go to his family and friends rip David
  2. Damn good guest it’s a shame I can’t go and £20 isn’t bad
  3. Am I ever going to meet him he always either goes on the day I can’t or goes to the event that I can’t attend
  4. Really lovely bloke did anyone get any info out of him about new red dwarf he said to me he’s hoping to make more lol wouldnt say much else
  5. Any one no if he is here today havnt seen him any way as my nephew wants to meet him
  6. Literally had 8 I was wondering what on earth was happening fort the event had cancelled or something
  7. A lot of cancellations at the moment
  8. I just received 8 emails saying that Ethan Phillips has cancelled did anyone else get that many ?
  9. Hell yes been waiting to meet him for a long time
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