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  1. Guest Suggestions

    With Red Dwarf season 12 finished i would love the Dwarfers to make an apperance at LFACC next year and to make it more worth it its also the 30th anniversary come on showmasters you no it makes sence
  2. Red Dwarf Season 12

    The question i would like to ask is it better the smeg and was it worth the wait to me i say it deffently was and i cant wait for Season 13 to be made
  3. Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2018

    As far as i know this is all we are getting for year next haha
  4. Hurray my first GOT guest will have to get a decent GOT poster
  5. Guest Suggestions

    As i am rewatching Torchwood again it would be nice to a reunion John Barrowman Eve Myles Burn Gorman Naoko Mori Gareth David Lloyd Kai Owen Tom Price James Marsters So far i have only met 2 of them please get them for next year
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Thats a deal but we have to add Peter Dinklage to it as well
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Add Masie Williams as well
  8. Matt Lucas talking about LFCC on Graham Norton

    I want him to come back he was one of the best guest showmasters has had
  9. Photoshoot etickets

    Didnt we get that at this years event
  10. Nice guest annoucement will add her to the list
  11. years of regret

    I am currantly on Series 2 of Ep7 now and i am still enjoying so i say bring on the Game of Thrones guests for LFACC next year i will be starting a new poster for it and i am a big Tyrion fan along with John Snow closly in second
  12. Tickets

    the tickets are there now just about to order them and then I say bring on the guests
  13. Tickets

    just tried to gets some tickets but it doesn't look like they are there at the moment would be possible if someone could send me a link to it as t keeps saying it is password protected
  14. Guest Suggestions

    more requests and my regular requests The Walking Dead Cast Fear The Walking Dead Cast Dr Who Cast Game Of Thrones Cast Star Trek Original Series Cast Star Trek The Next Generation Cast Ripper Street Cast Sherlock Cast Red Dwarf Cast X Files Cast Vikings Cast WestWorld Cast Futurama Cast South Park Cast Marvel Universe Cast Actor requests Sly Stallone Arnie Laurence Fishbourne Stephen Lang Emilia Clarke Andrew Lincoln Thomas Jane David Duchovny Sean Bean Kevin Bacon Ethan Hawk Tom Cruise Mark Hamill