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  1. Hi I know they can’t sign the pop 2 pack but can they sign the rock candy 2 pack thanks in advance for your help
  2. Thank you showmasters my slaughter lambs pub sign will get signed
  3. Clyde

    Send in service

    There is possibly of me not being able to go to this event is there going to be send in service can’t seem see one if anyone can help thanks in advance
  4. Clyde

    Saturday queue feedback

    Yes he did Mark Henry was his favourite and he was such a lovely person a true gent SM staff where great cosplayers where really nice he is already talking about next year and can’t wait to go thanks for asking
  5. Clyde

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Highs Meeting my Doctor Tom Baker so nice and Mark Henry going above and beyond with my son I could never thank him enough also having a great chat with Lance Guest all the guests I met where great 99% of showmasters where fantastic lows sm needs to work on auto queue bigger signs for info at queue and of course the yearly con bashing in forums because they didn’t get experience they wanted Sm work on making LFCC better every year Queues before opening where fantastic this year as someone who used 3 different ones depending which member of the family was going I am already looking forward to next year where I know SM will bring more improvements Thanks to all at SM
  6. Clyde

    LFCC 2019

    2019 can’t come quick enough Sm some hard work to beat this year
  7. Clyde

    Saturday queue feedback

    You should be ashamed of yourself I don’t what world you live in. If it’s equality you want, you don’t know the struggle. Why don’t you go to LFCC next year with headphones on turned up full blast, hands tied to your side, then be completely anxious about people touching you in crowded rooms and you’ll maybe understand what my autistic son goes through every time he leaves the house thats equality, you do that and I’ll start listening. He’s been like this his entire life, 22 years, so I think those extra 10 minutes at the con are deserved
  8. Clyde

    Saturday queue feedback

    I take great offence to this my 21 year old son has hydrocephalus and severe autism. We got let in 10 minutes early and my daughter went ahead to get the VQ tickets for the guests that he wanted. My son has what is known as a hidden disability, meaning he looks like there is nothing wrong with him. If you are shallow enough to begrudge people who continuously suffer through like 10 extra minutes so they’re not trampled and shoved by everyone else. we had to jump through hoops to get that help including needing letters from doctors. It’s not easy to get an extra help pass. Of course there will be abuses as there is in any system, but did you forget about the gold pass people who also get in 10 minutes early. If you want to guarantee that special guest then pay for your diamond pass. We went all weekend, and my son only went Friday and guess what? We queued right alongside everyone else those other two days. I think with all the stuff my son has to put up with in life he deserves those 10 minutes So many disabilities are different or hidden, how can you be sure all those helpers weren’t needed. Certainly I needed my wife and daughter to help with my son. PS he had a lovely time. SM were fantastic as was Mark Henry - his favourite guest
  9. Just want say thank for making my autistic son first big con a great success Friday was perfect for Him he got to meet everyone but Ray Park the crew where great even those hot conditions but a big thanks to Mark Henry who was so nice and friendly towards him at the autograph table in the morning and then remembered him at the photo shoot in the afternoon made his day won’t stop talking about he was brilliant with him Thanks for that he went above and beyond
  10. Was on holiday when announced she was not amused at spending time to find wi fi and to buy dp but I don’t care as I get to meet the best Doctor there has been
  11. I won’t be able to go on Sunday so will he be taking pre-orders? Can’t see him on the pre-order site yet. Really would love to get my Rory the Roman pop Signed
  12. Clyde

    Nick Castle info please

    That would be good if it happens
  13. I’m abou,t to pay for the pre order but not sure how much Ineed to pay for the return postage. I am sending 6 Pop vinyls and one figure. Please can you advise. thanks David Clyde
  14. Clyde


    Gutted was looking forward too meet him he he can make coon soon