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  1. Hi don’t know if this has been asked I missed Will there be any comic guest announcements as this is a big reason I come to Lfcc
  2. Hi all I was trying to purchase a make up photo shoot for Robert Englund and I can’t see it on the showmasters site, are they not being sold yet or have they sold out?
  3. Thought the DP gifts were fantastic this year thanks SM
  4. Not long back home just wanted to say thanks Showmasters The crew were fantastic that I had dealings with especially the red shirt at John Barrowman on Saturday But I have to take my hat off to the crew that worked Val Killmer queue on Saturday under difficult circumstances Sara Jane was polite organised professional talkative and helped the queueing go quick she was a star also thanks to red shirt sorry didn’t catch his name for the Welsh cakes well done Showmasters
  5. Have to agree with above crew at val killmer queue where brilliant under difficult circumstances and where so professional when getting abuse from public thanks you where great
  6. Definitely going to this prop shoot will get my son Damian’s photo taken with those
  7. Could it be Mathew Broderick as he is in London but his theatre commitment would make it difficult
  8. After seeing the clue I think it’s going to be Keanu Reeves and Christopher Walken. But I am usually wrong
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