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  1. Yes Starbuck is a definitely auto and pic
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Any horror guest will do me fine
  3. I think Ron Perlman will be first guest announced or is that wishful thinking
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Yes it's started FLASH GORDON. Sam Jones,Max Von Sidon,Melody Anderson,Brian Blessed,Timothy Dalton,Topol,Peter Wyngarde,Deep Roy and Richard O'Brien Hellboy. Ron Perlman,Selma Blair,Doug Jones,Luke Goss,Anna Walton and Jeffrey Tambor Nick Frost Simon Pegg Any Star Wars , GOT , Harry Potter , Doctor Who Rocky Horror Picture Show (1974) and Star Trek HORROR PLEASE Doug Bradley, Robert Engunld, Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly,Sid Haig ,Tony Todd,Bruce Campbell,Jeffrey Combs and Linda Blair any of these please p.s and Johnny Depp to keep her happy
  5. Tobe Hooper has passed away

    Met him at lfcc this year was great spoke to everyone yes his queue was taking a bit of time but so glad I waited too meet him rip
  6. Funko Pop Collection

    I have over 230 pops all in the box converted garage wife says it's like a shop kids call the nerd cave and I have about 30 pops signed I don't get pictures signed only action figures and pops
  7. My wife and I would like to thank the cosplayers who were so nice to our son and let him have pictures with them and thanks to great Sm staff who were all helpful. Special thanks to Tamara at the doors who then took him up to meet Tatanka who was also brilliant with Damian all above and beyond your duties it's nice to go somewhere where everybody is so good with someone who has autism. You all have made his first experience at a con worth while we all thank you very much and he can't wait to come back next year, the smile has not left his face all night. Would highly recommend to other parents with autistic children.
  8. Have you done any others looks fantastic
  9. Met him in London this year was brilliant very nice and talkative
  10. Best day for cosplay

    Cheers for that will probably take him Sunday should have said he's 20 but still my kid
  11. I am going all weekend but my autistic son loves seeing the cosplayers and he is only going one day just wondering what day would be best for him
  12. 100% Horror Event

    I thought the horror guests at London where great saw most of them favourite was Tobe Hooper year before saw Tobin Bell both had a chat with me both very friendly would love purely horror con but can't complain with the quality Sm get for there cons
  13. I am definitely going to this I thank you but my wife doesn't