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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    No, never. What would that achieve?
  2. Preatorian Guard Refund

    Pinned on the forum.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - RICHARD WILSON

    Noel hasn't cancelled.
  4. I love the three Doctors photoshoot on the Sunday, and I'm sure the fact that its at a replica Tardis console will be extremely popular. But can I put in a request for a "plain" photoshoot with them all as well ? I would much rather have that to be honest. Anyone else ?
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - AUSTIN AMELIO

    Hmmm, would have preferred £25 but not terrible.
  6. Showmasters gift vouchers

    Can they be used for sport guests ? As I understand it these are brought in by another company.
  7. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    First post and website say Kate Dickie Sunday only, but photos on sale for both days. Could we have clarification please ?
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - MATTHEW MODINE

    Is that you John Wayne ???? BEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - PAUL MCGANN

    Great guest, but can we please, please have a three Doctors shoot *without* the console ?
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - KIM HARTMAN

    Fantastic - but a shame the photoshoot seems to suggest there won't be more Allo Allo cast.
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - SARAH DOUGLAS

    Marc McClure would be another nice addition.
  12. Extra autographs with diamond passes.

    But why does it specify the five for Momoa but not a dozen others ?
  13. Just wondering - Momoa DP says you can buy up to five more if you want to. Meat Loaf says one more. Most of the others (I haven't checked them all) don't specify, so does that mean you can't have any extras ?
  14. I've had a GP for the last few years and it included two vouchers to use for £10 autographs of our choice over the weekend. I was just about to buy one for this year and as I scanned over the small print, it now says that we still get the vouchers, but they are for guests that SM will nominate two weeks before the show. I'm sorry, but this is terrible. What if I don't want those guests ? What if they attend on a day that I don't ? Two years ago the GP chill out room (with complimentary refreshments) was discretely withdrawn, and we have all seen the discussions about how people hate the GP not working for Diamond guests. We are getting less and less for the same money year on year. Let's not start the "I would never buy a GP" conversation because it goes nowhere. I'm just a bit disillusioned getting less and less for my GP each year. See this more as constructive feedback.