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  1. Why cant extra help passes be collected on Thursday please ? Will it be possible to buy photoshoot and talk tickets in person on Thursday to avoid massive queues on Friday ?
  2. There doesn't seem to be a standard (non tardis) photoshoot with tom on the draft schedule.
  3. I love the three Doctors photoshoot on the Sunday, and I'm sure the fact that its at a replica Tardis console will be extremely popular. But can I put in a request for a "plain" photoshoot with them all as well ? I would much rather have that to be honest. Anyone else ?
  4. Can they be used for sport guests ? As I understand it these are brought in by another company.
  5. First post and website say Kate Dickie Sunday only, but photos on sale for both days. Could we have clarification please ?
  6. Great guest, but can we please, please have a three Doctors shoot *without* the console ?
  7. Fantastic - but a shame the photoshoot seems to suggest there won't be more Allo Allo cast.
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