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  1. CatherineRice

    Olympia Entrances and door access

    Why cant extra help passes be collected on Thursday please ? Will it be possible to buy photoshoot and talk tickets in person on Thursday to avoid massive queues on Friday ?
  2. CatherineRice


    There doesn't seem to be a standard (non tardis) photoshoot with tom on the draft schedule.
  3. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    No, never. What would that achieve?
  4. CatherineRice

    Preatorian Guard Refund

    Pinned on the forum.
  5. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - RICHARD WILSON

    Noel hasn't cancelled.
  6. I love the three Doctors photoshoot on the Sunday, and I'm sure the fact that its at a replica Tardis console will be extremely popular. But can I put in a request for a "plain" photoshoot with them all as well ? I would much rather have that to be honest. Anyone else ?
  7. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - AUSTIN AMELIO

    Hmmm, would have preferred £25 but not terrible.
  8. CatherineRice

    Showmasters gift vouchers

    Can they be used for sport guests ? As I understand it these are brought in by another company.
  9. CatherineRice

    Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    First post and website say Kate Dickie Sunday only, but photos on sale for both days. Could we have clarification please ?
  10. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - MATTHEW MODINE

    Is that you John Wayne ???? BEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER
  11. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - PAUL MCGANN

    Great guest, but can we please, please have a three Doctors shoot *without* the console ?
  12. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - KIM HARTMAN

    Fantastic - but a shame the photoshoot seems to suggest there won't be more Allo Allo cast.
  13. CatherineRice

    Latest Guest Announcement - SARAH DOUGLAS

    Marc McClure would be another nice addition.