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  1. General Chat

    I think a promotion is in place after LFCC for all of us
  2. General Chat

    What did I miss?
  3. General Chat

    Well yeah, aren't we all slaves of our society?
  4. General Chat

    Yeah okay, carefree years and all that but school was never something for me. I worked almost every weekend and vacation these last few years and I enjoyed it so much more than sitting in a classroom for 8 hours. I already have to pay everything except my food so nothing is really gonna change for me except paying taxes and stuff. I'm just a guy who likes to work instead of learning stuff that I will never need again in my life
  5. General Chat

    I have to give a presentation about my thesis today, wish me luck. I'm gonna need it But still, last day of school forever (hopefully)
  6. General Chat

    In a galaxy, far far away AKA Sweden ... CHRIS It is a period of civil CHRIS. Rebel CHRIS, striking from a hidden CHRIS, have won their first CHRIS against the evil Galactic CHRIS. During the battle, Rebel CHRIS managed to steal secret plans to the CHRIS's ultimate weapon, the CHRIS STAR, an armored space CHRIS with enough CHRIS to destroy an entire CHRIS. Pursued by the Empire's sinister CHRIS, Princess CHRIS races home aboard her CHRIS, custodian of the stolen CHRIS that can save her people and restore freedom to the CHRIS.....
  7. General Chat

    Just leave her, she is sooooooooo may 1997
  8. General Chat

    So is this a wrong time to mention that it's my birthday today?
  9. General Chat

    Sorry about your grandmother passing away R4
  10. General Chat

    I think you misquoted him
  11. Online Shop Closing Date?

    Here I was expecting he would just fall into that river behind him, kinda disappointed now
  12. Guest Suggestions

    If that happens it would be a shame not to include Davison as well All right, let's invite them all
  13. I'm in Spain on the 30th, still there is hope they can get him LFCC if they can get him for this one. Gonna meet him somewhere else anyway