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  1. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I want that Detective Horse
  2. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I took a picture of Capaldi from the table because the crew member said we could take one even if we had our own items but we couldn't buy a second autograph because of the amount of people did still had a DP on sunday evening.
  3. The_batflash123

    Christopher Eccleston Appreciation

    I asked him to pull a silly a face and he told me he already had a silly face. Very nice guy
  4. The_batflash123

    Photoshoots online???

    This is a stupid question of mine but I always just scan my pictures but the ones online, are they free or do we have to pay for them?
  5. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Back home, no more being banned on this forum I had DP for Capaldi, Smith, Eccleston and David and I got all of their photo and signatures so I'm happy Did everything I wanted except Sam Neill talk or I would have missed Smith and Capaldi's signature. But I don't really care about talks that much. Got a selfie with Bradley, Davison and Mike Quinn for free. I asked Ingrid Oliver to do a silly pose but she forgot so I got second one for free. Matt looked the other way in the Doctor Who group shoot so I got another one for free but I really enjoyed the first one much better. Also, after running from booth to booth for 8 hours on sunday I ended up at my last shoot with the Izombie cast. I was really tired and hungry and I kinda forgot I was still at the convention so I just looked straight at a wall without even realising the picture was being taken. Luckely the actors were so nice to do another one because I looked like I smoked a lot of weed in the picture. But yeah, only regret from this weekend is Steven Seagal. It looked like he could fall asleep any minute.
  6. The_batflash123

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Just buy one for Matt while you're at it
  7. The_batflash123

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Am I the only one who had one for 2 hours already? Didn't have any problems (except for the wifi that keeps falling away everytime but it's free so hey, I don't complain) Meeting all the new Doctors tomorrow + Davison. I can die in peace now
  8. The_batflash123

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    We can only collect his DP tomorrow I assume? I have a free hour now
  9. The_batflash123

    Tom baker photo shoot issue

    I didn't Mean it in a Rude way but he's always half An hour late. It's nothing new.
  10. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Thank you Fred from the sales desk. Because of this legend, I still got my autograph of Tom Baker after the miserable queueing system at his table.
  11. The_batflash123

    Tom baker photo shoot issue

    Half An hour late, standard Tom Baker
  12. The_batflash123

    New Dr Who Group shoot

    Gonna buy one tomorrow, a few less signatures is a small price for this photo op.
  13. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I got sure I got 001 for Tom Baker, 120 ...
  14. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    So the internet of Novotel won't allow on me to go on the forums, great