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  1. The_batflash123

    Guest announcement at 7pm tomorrow

    I'm in the same time zone/country But I'm also having problems remembering if it's + 1 hour or -1 hour sometimes.
  2. The_batflash123

    Guest announcement at 7pm tomorrow

    How about 124 minutes?
  3. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I am a fan of the show, already have some locations on my list but the list is endless by now. Thanks :) Edinburgh is the one I really want to visit. Never been to Scotland before, I really like castles and ruins. I didn't know there were locations of the Da Vinci Code close to Edinburgh. Never seen Trainspotting, is it any good?
  4. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Booked a hotel in London for 2 days in march for LFCC spring. Since I don't need to go to work, the 2 days turned out to be 18. That escalated quickly Planning to do a journey across the capitals of the UK and Ireland (and probably the Isle of Man). Does anyone have any recommendations that I need to visit as someone who loves natures, history or some iconic movie landscapes?
  5. The_batflash123

    Guest announcement at 7pm tomorrow

    I hope they announce some great names in the next 2 months. They already have some great guests but nobody that got me superexcited. But like I said, 2 months to go and if I take a look at what we got for LFCC last year in the last 2 months (Matt Smith, Sam Neill, ...) I'm pretty sure that they'll get some great names for this edition.
  6. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Just booked everything (except my train) today so I'll be back this year for even more fun :) I hope the line-up will be as a great as previous years, already a few Classic Doctor Who actors and of course the one and only Lando Calrissian, so that's great.
  7. The_batflash123

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    Great announcement SM. Surprised she's not a DP guest if she's only there for one day.
  8. The_batflash123


    Also a late happy birthday (yesterday) to our favorite old companion
  9. The_batflash123

    Latest Guest Announcement - EDDIE MARSAN

    This is the guest I never knew I wanted to meet untill they announced him. Very happy with this announcement. The World's End is still one of my favorite comedy movies of all time.
  10. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I had the hard choice between two things that weekend so I finally decided to spend some money and just come to London for the saturday and go to the other one on sunday. Also bought a George Lazenby DP and some photo ops.
  11. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I want that Detective Horse
  12. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I took a picture of Capaldi from the table because the crew member said we could take one even if we had our own items but we couldn't buy a second autograph because of the amount of people did still had a DP on sunday evening.
  13. The_batflash123

    Christopher Eccleston Appreciation

    I asked him to pull a silly a face and he told me he already had a silly face. Very nice guy
  14. The_batflash123

    Photoshoots online???

    This is a stupid question of mine but I always just scan my pictures but the ones online, are they free or do we have to pay for them?