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  1. @MichaelJGGonna want to edit that comment or it's gonna be deleted. Even though you didn't name it, people can look up which con you're talking about. Believe me, I have a warning point for this and there are no loop holes Or there are but I just haven't figured them out yet.
  2. So Peter Capaldi is gonna be the third guest? Just leaving this comment here for @Peter Capaldi Fan to agree with me.
  3. @The Friendly Dalek I think it's a great way of organizing when you have less then 10 guests but above 10 it would just get confusing (for me).
  4. That's actually the one I wanted, not lying about that
  5. And while others got a title, I got a warning point for being a bit naughty. So which of us is the special one? Not me
  6. Here's just an idea for the DP, why don't you guys are SM make an agreement with Beckett and include a COA which would make a nice extra on the DP (I think when a DP is 60+ pounds more than the price of a auto+photo it's justified).
  7. When it's 16:42 in the US but your body still thinks it's 01:43 (Time in Belgium)
  8. I wanna tell you all about my trip to Seattle but since it's gonna be overshadowed by R4's story, I'm gonna wait a few days PS love the photos R4
  9. When you're waiting to board your flight for a 15 hour trip and your only thought is that you don't be able to take a look at the announcements(s) at 7pm
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