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  1. The_batflash123

    Possible new event?

    Took some days off from work that weekend so I could attend if I like the line-up.
  2. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    She's never allowed in Birmingham in the first place, she's still wanted there. Dead or alive... But she was talking about London Comic Con
  3. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    WITH the exception of Spring and Summer editions
  4. The_batflash123

    Possible new event?

    My bet is still on big GoT cast members for LFCC. Like having almost all the Doctors last year, now they have the main actors of GoT.
  5. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Who says you are allowed to come back next year?
  6. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    It looks like LFCC Spring Will be back for another edition next year 29 feb-1 march 2020
  7. The_batflash123

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Don't usually except a lot from Riverdale because it can be very bad at some point but this week was just the worst episode I've ever watch from any show. It's just too cringy.
  8. The_batflash123

    Possible new event?

    I'm thinking about a full line-up GoT for LFCC with Kit and Emilia or a GoT con. I think a second spring edition would make more sense then a winter edition.
  9. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I guess she would have been all over the this place already if she won
  10. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Don't know if any of you watch Supergirl but anyone who saw this weeks episode? What do you think of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor?
  11. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I guess I should visit those auctions more often then
  12. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    I've asked myself this question ever since I saw guests sign their posters. Does SM ever sell the posters behind the guests at the end of/after the event? Would one pay more for such a one of a kind collectable item if it was signed?
  13. The_batflash123

    General Chat

  14. The_batflash123

    General Chat

  15. The_batflash123

    General Chat

    Are you one of those people who can see into the future? Tell me, do we have proper flying cars in the future?