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  1. Really lovely bloke did anyone get any info out of him about new red dwarf he said to me he’s hoping to make more lol wouldnt say much else
  2. Any one no if he is here today havnt seen him any way as my nephew wants to meet him
  3. Literally had 8 I was wondering what on earth was happening fort the event had cancelled or something
  4. A lot of cancellations at the moment
  5. I just received 8 emails saying that Ethan Phillips has cancelled did anyone else get that many ?
  6. Hell yes been waiting to meet him for a long time
  7. Maybe some one to do with Star Wars considering kenobi is coming out then
  8. Pedro Pascal just seen how good he is in mandalorian
  9. Dam sat only was hoping he would join Doug on the Sunday but still lovely guest announcement can never have enough of rimmer
  10. So do I we had every one waiting on the forum for the guest to be announced I loved all that
  11. More guest announcements tonight at 7pm
  12. Definitely Doug naylor for me
  13. Yes I am I never attended last year am hoping to go this year take my nephew to his first one if the right guests gets announced fingers crossed
  14. I agree as much as follow showmasters on Twitter and Facebook I’ve always enjoyed being on the forum
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