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  1. Yeah this is the general consensus online, because most other cons are not having issues (albeit Manchester had a few late cancels, mostly we think from stars getting twitchy feet about attending events during the strike).
  2. Only went Sunday, arrived at opening time, and apart from a short queue with newly introduced VQ for Scott Adkins, I got through everyone I wanted to meet in 90 minutes. Debating waiting on my low VQ for Chuck, but it would have meant sticking around until at least 2:30pm, and didn't fancy it. Maybe I should have as apparently he's never coming to Europe again (he IS 83, I can't blame him!). Hey ho, maybe ask someone in the US to help me if he does a con there in the future. It felt quieter, even for a Sunday, most people seemed there for Clark (no surprise with the DP carryovers), Danny T and Chuck aside from Scott. There's also the fact there's no link any more on the main LFCC pages to the forum. Thus, no new traffic, you will only come here if you know it exists or stumble upon from a Google. The push to get everyone engaging on FB or Twatter instead.
  3. Anyone who has gone today, can they confirm Ray Hassett is there? :p
  4. Conversely though, you get to do six photos with him... scope for poses and things heh
  5. Funny you mention that, someone claims to have seen Liz listed on the LFCC Spring site (and took screengrabs to prove it) but the listing was removed, so she may well be coming, they accidentally listed her early.
  6. It is, difference between standard photos and flats etc and bulky sports pieces.
  7. Probably best to contact SM directly, no one from SM comes here now really
  8. Couple from Jon Berg, ILM legend
  9. I will say he looked a little frail at LFCC Summer, but didn't realise he was ill. Glad I was able to meet him then... maybe that's why he did the show? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11480561/Clarence-Gilyard-Jr-dies-aged-66-Gun-Die-Hard-star-passes-away-long-illness.html
  10. Before you queue to get in. Although you could go in, get a stamp, go back out and then collect the Diamond pass, and go back in.
  11. Having spoken to SM support about discrepancies on the website versus FB versus Eventbrite vs the thread here for days people are attending, the thread here appears to be the gospel.
  12. They had been reissuing but I say take the original tickets if they don’t.
  13. I had emailed SM about the VQs for DPs on one autograph and this is the response: The current limit is 5, however this may change due to demand. So, get there early for a low VQ, and I’d almost say use the VQ first if possible, and then use the DP.
  14. We also have the answer on Clark Gregg, not coming this month either…
  15. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but there's this extra bit of text (bolded by me) pertinent to some of the guests attending LFCC Winter who are on Diamond Pass. This is from the tickets page itself. David Tennant Diamond Pass Sunday Select quantity: David Tennant Diamond Pass Sunday price: £220.00 Sales end on 19 Nov 2022 The Diamond Pass Upgrade is tailor made to David Tennant. This pass DOES NOT include entry so please purchase entry tickets or a Gold Pass to validate it. This package includes: 1 x Exclusive Diamond Pass Dog Tag. 1 x Standard Photo Opportunity with named guest on Sunday. 1 x Guaranteed in-person autograph with name guest on Sunday. This can be on either your own personal item or a 10x8 supplied by us. If you wish to buy more you will be required to get a virtual queue ticket and rejoin the queue later. 1 x Exclusive Diamond Pass Gift Queue Access. No virtual queue ticket is required however Diamond Pass Holders will be called by number. Your number can be found on your pass. Very sneaky. Some of the guests, you get just your one included autograph and that's it, you can't buy another two while in the queue, you'll have to grab a VQ if you want any more.
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