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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - RAY PARK

    If that comment is based on what I think it’s based on, yeah, I suspect there’s a verygood reason he is doing two cons this summer
  2. Flick, the Gestapo! What? No, I said Flick, the Gestapo!
  3. If I go, and make it along Friday, I will have to do this heh...
  4. New Attendees advice thread

    Was it a photo bought at the table in the con, or did she bring her own? I've found certain home made prints and photos to be especially bad for absorbing Sharpie ink, and the ones at the show should be fine. Fair point on the metallic ones taking a little longer to dry than regular colours, I'm usually getting things signed with silver or gold (depending on the background colour), and leave more time for them to settle than black before they go into the mylar sleeves. All I will add here is that I got some items signed over 20 years ago and the autograph is still in the same condition at the time it was written. Then again, I tend to keep most of my collection out of sunlight
  5. As many of us predicted then...! Nice... definitely a good scoop.
  6. Or preparing a second mortgage hah hah...
  7. Certainly feasible...
  8. No one has answered my pondering on Vin Diesel, but he's probably done something in the past...
  9. I was trying to recall if Tom Baker had done stuff, and thought, probably yes.
  10. Was having another think... has Vin Diesel done cons? I know others in the FnF series have done cons, but wasn't sure about him. Ditto GotG. Six hours to go now...!
  11. If it's someone that I need to buy the DP for (and I've never bought one before) then yeah, I'd be buying the bloody entry ticket at the same time!
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    May not be able to go all three days, that's why I've usually waited, and in the end, I've never done all three days at one of the shows. So that pass would be a little waste.
  13. Sorry @Queen_Sindel, I overlooked the fact that even the mention of another con isn’t really allowed. I can understand why, but it does make for difficulties in cross referencing facts heh. My next thought had been Liam Neeson, which would be aces, for both Star Wars and Taken. I can also see the logic behind thinking it might be Eccelston. Suppose it’s as good a point to ask... will Diamond passes for said mystery guest go live at 7pm tomorrow with the announcement?
  14. My first two thoughts were Arnie and Harrison, but as people have commented, while I have not heard of either of them doing an event in the past, that doesn't mean they have not. 7pm tomorrow is going to be interesting... @Queen_Sindel what event(s) have they done that would disqualify them, out of interest?
  15. Queuing times?

    To be honest, based on past performances and the like, if you're going Saturday and want a specific person who's under VQ, I'd almost say 2-3 hours before opening. There have been occasional times when the only people able to meet a guest have been those with a Diamond pass.