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  1. I'd like to side with Gillian here... but who knows heh... the truth is out there...
  2. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    Only doing one shoot on Friday, and surprised to see it's late on, but hey, that just means I can run around getting autographs for the first six hours heh.
  3. New Attendees advice thread

    A one day guest... you may need a very low VQ. Sometimes only the Diamonds have gotten to see someone depending on the numbers sold.
  4. The Matt Smith one is suffering the same issue, I’m sure someone will be along to clear it up...
  5. Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2018

    They usually get their own thread in due course.
  6. I’ve actually only done Saturday at LFCC once, I’ve generally gone Friday or Sunday. As Raylenth says, there is a definite difference, for Friday it probably depends on whether people want to take the day off to attend.
  7. One of the interesting things I find is how people’s signatures change over the years for various reasons. I first met Peter about twenty years ago... I’m tempted to get another autograph this time to see how it differs from the last one I got a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away hah hah). Back in the days when Dave Prowse was easily the most expensive at a fiver and you weren’t sure to push the boat out heh.
  8. Eventbrite down?

    Ordered from the store about 2 hours ago without issue, so could be temporary blip.
  9. New Attendees advice thread

    Leather ring binder with A4 ring acid free sleeves for my photos and also signatures on (certain US con) panel name placeholders...
  10. Was going to meet him in Germany the following weekend, but may grab him here instead!
  11. Pity he’s Sunday only, but a great announcement!
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    If you are getting the photos done early enough batch wise, you could always grab the VQs, get the photos done, and then have the guests sign the photos you had taken.
  13. New Attendees advice thread

    Well depends who, anyone over about £25 will be a VQ, so you'll need to grab those and maybe queue early.
  14. Always gets rescheduled for when I’ll be busy... was free last night
  15. You really wanna do it tonight as England kick off?