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  1. Mayhem

    Jacqueline Pearce

    Very sad, she was one of the big pluses about Blake’s Seven Didn’t realise until reading an obituary, that she was married to Drewe Henley (aka Red Leader in ANH) in the 60s!
  2. Mayhem

    General Chat

    Queen Sindel IS HAL... ”I’m sorry, I can’t let you do that Dave”
  3. Mayhem

    Pre orders?

    Yeah imagine they will start shipping Glasgow and Sheffield together.
  4. It took four passes of his table on Friday at LFCC to finally catch him, but it was well worth the chase... very funny and great guy to chat with. Surprised he wasn't already on the guest list, but he did mention he was possibly doing some filming this month and next, so may explain why.
  5. Mayhem

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Hah hah... to be said, I was glad I took some along...
  6. Mayhem

    General Chat

    Kenya... Kenya Kenya Kenya... forget Norway!
  7. Mayhem

    Pre orders?

    Yeah I’ll be buying tonight when I get back from Germany, and mailing first class tomorrow morning heh.
  8. Mayhem

    General Chat

    Depends if they port the forum database, and it’s just the overlying technology that’s being upgraded.
  9. Mayhem


    One of the reasons for meeting him at LFCC was because I suspected it was going to be his last con, way before the announcement came out, so I deliberately talked to him about our first meeting 20 years ago, and how things have changed in the SW fandom since. Wished him all the best for the future. He definitely deserves the retirement!
  10. Mayhem

    General Chat

    It rained on my birthday (typical!) but that’s about all we’ve had here for like six weeks now...
  11. Mayhem

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    No worries, sorry again, it was more from a “I suspect it won’t but it’s somewhat relevant to people’s experiences here” angle. Can’t locate the thread on FB currently to give you a link, but it was the “official” post from Jason @ Showmasters asking for feedback from LFCC. Which is why I figured mentioning it might be worthwhile as theoretically you guys could do something about it...
  12. Mayhem

    General Chat

    Yes, please tap the link to go through to my album for the event And yes it was Friday as that’s the only day I could make it (Sunday for example was my birthday! ). Photo was taken at around 8:30 so 90 minutes or so before opening. Not surprised everyone chatting or using photos given the early starts!
  13. Mayhem

    Pre orders?

    Jason posted on FB that he hopes today, but I’m not sure if send ins are going to be included. Will have to wait and see.