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  1. As someone who often wears black t-shirts, it would have made for interesting shoots for me too.
  2. Pre pay usually means also booking a time slot for the person in question, and then it's up to the organisers to make sure they stick to the time frames. The first time I encountered this was when the new organisers took over Star Wars Celebration in the US a few years back, and for the most part, they were successful in getting the people through the lines on schedule. As for DP for Brian, I imagine because he was only there one day, from a few people I spoke to he's been on their list to meet for quite a while and get stuff signed, so I'm not surprised he was popular and many DP got sold.
  3. Gotta admit, that's a funny photo, and damn someone made the same Red Dwarf quip.
  4. They’ve announced gold and diamond passes, and three day passes can be collected from 1pm on Friday
  5. Some may, but generally things wind down from 5 so don’t count on guests being around for the last hour
  6. https://www.yourparkingspace.co.uk/locations/show/4294937505?gclid=CjwKCAiA7dKMBhBCEiwAO_crFPnYleFOBfBwIBTYRREUnZzalq264bpYGgkheRWKZCL8vDTSExnMsBoC5kcQAvD_BwE £20 for the day
  7. I was going to say he was down for doing another con in the UK before Xmas, but having checked the site, he's no longer listed.
  8. They've posted Nick Frost is confirmed for this event now on FB. However Ray Hassett has been moved to Spring.
  9. Not heard of him confirming elsewhere yet, best send an email through to SM to ask.
  10. Best place to check is probably SM’s FB page, this place is pretty much a tertiary concern nowadays...
  11. Probably gonna be down to what each guest is comfortable with
  12. As Collectormania got postponed, Dave Barclay?
  13. How about removing everyone off the website until they are reconfirmed? I think that’s what is annoying many people, the uncertainty on some guests.
  14. 1) No, but email SM and they may be able to swap it over to Saturday for you. 2) Email SM again on this, I believe should be. 3) See above, contact SM, generally you can't but because the show dates are rearranged, they are allowing refund vouchers, which I guess you can reuse to buy Sunday.
  15. I have a friend probably going to the other one that weekend, so I'm sure we may double up and I'll get graphs for him from LFCC and him from the other one for me.
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