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  1. Considering last spring event they had us queueing inside the unused hall before being moved along to get in, I'm surprised this wasn't the case again this year. At least the queue handling was a lot better Sunday, and perfectly in line with what I would expect it to be conducted. Didn't stop a few folks walking down the main road and trying to join the queue by the National entrance before being redirected to the true end of the line by the train station by security!
  2. A lot of the guests ended up like that, even Ian McD was pretty much small queue by lunch. The event on Sunday was really quiet, far quieter than I expected.
  3. Entry was better, how it should be done, each holding lane emptied in whole starting with the first (which I was in).
  4. I arrived 30 minutes before open and got VQ #25 so may not be massively overwhelmed today, have to see!
  5. What sort of VQ were they up to by the close of play? Judging how early to arrive tomorrow for VQ on him.
  6. Yeah heard something about the queue being split into several lines and then managed badly letting them into the venue?
  7. Hoping for better weather tomorrow then given I’ll be there early to queue.
  8. I usually wait for the guest list to mostly fill out before ordering tickets for the days I want, but always do it 2-3 weeks before the show!
  9. Or they suddenly introduce VQ for someone who originally was not on it, such as William Zabka, who got super popular from the get go on Friday and didn't slow down. I was already in the queue for him Friday morning (he was the first person I went to) when it started to get long and they put him on VQ.
  10. Plastic water bottles are not a problem.
  11. Yes, the Nikto on the skiff called Vedain. He also is generally accepted to be Vizam as well, one of the sail barge gunners. Weston was also Kensaric, one of the Endor rebel troopers. He had a lot of roles!
  12. Make sure you can keep cool enough when in costume. Don't bring any props or weapons that can be misconstrued as real. Expect plenty of people to want photo ops. And most important, enjoy yourself!
  13. JLM was in the year above me at school... would love the chance to shake his hand and chat about certain teachers hah hah...
  14. Send Jason G an email via the pre order site, omissions in the shop are usually just oversights.
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