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  1. Any information about which one specifically?
  2. First and only time I met Ken was like 20 years ago heh... finally a chance to get an Admiral, not Captain, Piett item signed!
  3. Still waiting on my Sheffield items actually... the others I ordered came through eventually, so I'm hoping this is the case here as well...
  4. Yep, please add, don't have him currently :)
  5. Only recall seeing one person in that sort of attire in Jedi, unless I'm mistaken here, so odd that it isn't him. Is this him now?
  6. I think the first time I met Dave was like 1998, it does seem around 20 years ago. Before he really started doing the "is Darth Vader" line as well, as the item in question only has his signature on it. Time catches up with everyone, and with ANH now being 40 years old, many of the people from the original trilogy are going to be gone before we know it...
  7. He's also on one of the sail skiffs during the Sarlacc sequence, there's a couple of shots of him on there out there...
  8. Don't suppose there's a shot of the pilot he played in the Cantina?
  9. Harry Fielder

    My order should be with you Jason for this :)
  10. Preorders. How to?

    Yes, I was speaking to Jason about the next couple of shows, and he was working to get Sheffield and Glasgow up over the weekend.
  11. Do toploaders damage autographs

    That is possibly the key part heh... I rarely display anything I have, sunlight is always the enemy...
  12. Jessica Henwick Appreciation Thread

    Met her at last year's LFCC, she was lovely, we joked over the fact we had both been glitter bombed by Carrie Fisher. How little we'd know what would happen months later sadly...

    Kenny Baker last year by any chance?

    Yeah, very sad, presume this is the reason for the cancel, he had fallen ill and didn't recover Didn't realise he was 91 though...
  15. Do toploaders damage autographs

    Those quite often actually Persephone. All my autograph stuff waits to be dry, goes in a mylar sleeve and then into the toploader. It's also how I send my items in if I can't attend a show.