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  1. I have a friend probably going to the other one that weekend, so I'm sure we may double up and I'll get graphs for him from LFCC and him from the other one for me.
  2. I must admit I’d overlooked the new dates when seeing the reschedule, and a possible clash, so that’s another con whose name has a non England country name in it?
  3. 91% of new Covid cases are the delta variant. Cases rising every week. Double jab only 80% effective against delta variant. The grand re-opening on 21st ain't happening imo, will be pushed back, and I'm not sure LFCC will go ahead either at this rate. We shall see.
  4. As Raylenth says, check the product description. Generally though, the MK address has been for the recent SW send in private signings, the Welsh address is the main address for Showmasters event send in.
  5. Considering his CV that's a bargain price imo.
  6. I think he means if they decide to cap the capacity of the event lower than the number of tickets sold after the fact. I would be more inclined to think they'd be more cautious and under sell tickets, thus maybe having some on the door.
  7. Ah hah, it was in reference to Saturday already being sold out, the carry overs of course.
  8. All the carry over tickets from last year?
  9. The first part of the first sentence and much of the rest is definitely correct. The evidence right now that having the vaccine doesn't completely prevent you from transmitting Covid if you have it but it does significantly reduce the transmission probability. The immune rate for AZ after two doses is way higher than 60%, new research suggests the 12 week wait serendipitously was the better option, and two doses can be actually in the 80-90% range. Higher than that if you wait 6 months, but who's going to do that?! I just want to point out that my comment originally was in direct response
  10. Really only if you’ve had both doses. And not even half the adult population has had both doses so far.
  11. Thanks. Sadly I’ve known quite a few people who have contracted Covid, including my mate Jason, who’s had it so long and still recovering he made the papers... https://news.sky.com/story/uks-longest-known-covid-patient-suffering-fainting-attacks-after-more-than-13-months-in-icu-12302521
  12. Slight ouch (got him for half that price two years ago) but still likely to get another.
  13. If you register the result online using the serial number of the test, yes, you would have to register it under your daughter's name. It won't show up via the NHS Covid app on your phone because that's personal to you and you alone. So you'd have to search the test result out on the NHS Covid website or similar. We had to do a Covid test for our two year old daughter about 8 months ago because her nursery closed for a week due to a Covid scare, and wouldn't let kids back when it reopened unless they showed a proven negative result.
  14. My second Covid jab is two days before the event so... whether I feel up to it let alone the risk shall be interesting...
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