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  1. Typically the Spring/Winter set ups are pretty much the same as Summer, just smaller, so entry points will be different as they don't book all the halls. November I think, because I have a vague memory of people talking about it, they had a table set up inside somewhere where Access passes could be collected. But I'm not sure where the collection point for Diamonds was (or it was the other way around, and they did Access at the entry door, but you had to go to a desk inside for the Diamonds). November was different to usual though as they had a problem with the venue on their normal set up days and could only be there to set up on the Friday, not the Thursday as usual so they couldn't offer early collection of passes as they didn't have time. There aren't any issues with set up this time, and as it's only a 2 day event, they should be setting up as normal on the Friday, and will hopefully be able to offer early collection of Gold/DP's as usual. However all I can say at this point is that until they post what the entry and collection procedures will be, it's all assumption and we can't give you firm answers.
  2. I'm thinking that Jodie Whittaker or Paul Rudd are most likely
  3. If it is a first timer that's a few names out including Jensen as he's done events. Jodie is as always a possibility though I'm not so sure as they said they have been trying to get them for a while and whilst I never know if it's a formal thing or not, the Who mains don't usually do events until after their tenure on the show so it may be too soon for her to start, but who knows.
  4. I just saw this, very sad.
  5. Don't Look Up. Mildly amusing in places, but I found it over all depressing. An impressive cast list and an interesting take on what would happen with a world ending disaster with Trump's America, it's a long, but reasonably watchable film. If you do watch it, it has mid/post credit scenes,
  6. I think it'll only happen when they are able to officially announce what's happening as they have done tonight with Robbie. Once they know if they can get him back or not they will I guess either announce his rebooking or issue people vouchers.
  7. Dolittle, because I thought, what the heck. After I watched it I also though what the heck. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be but wasn't far off. Not a film I'll ever bother watching again.
  8. Agreed. I enjoyed it very much but I agree with this and am wondering how it'll hold up on a rewatch once the excitement of the surprises isn't there any more.
  9. I had to get a second Amazon one as the first arrived very damaged.
  10. Honestly I think the answer is 'sometime between 2 weeks ago and the future'. I'm not meaning to be sarcastic, but the radio silence from organisers at the moment (not just SM) is frustrating.
  11. Unfortunately there's no answer to this as anything we say would be 100% a guess. You never know but there's a few events there already.
  12. Well, I did think of that before posting but at a certain point if you haven't seen it there is a risk of reading stuff
  13. I looked it up to remind myself and it says that he wanted to unleash it on the world in an insane attempt to help - he'd been traumatised by the death of his family and made it his life's work to stop terrorists, and in his mind he could do that by having control over everyone, probably in a way that if you attempt to harm people, he could just instantly kill you to stop it.
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