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  1. I have a feeling that we won't see Jenna at events, but I have nothing really concrete to base that on and could be very wrong. I've heard things about her being very hard to get for the auto hunters so I just wonder if she won't be keen for signings as well. Hopefully she will though.
  2. You can only buy them on the day at the guests table. Please have a read of this to see how they work https://londonfilmandcomiccon.com/autographs/
  3. All we can say is that in the past they have allowed it as long as it's kept boxed and only taken out at the table and put away again. They haven't mentioned any change to that rule, and they will know that people will be bringing swords for him.
  4. I actually remember that one! They are nice auto's.
  5. AM shoot, all Diamonds will be called first. Get there about 15 mins after it starts I'd say.
  6. There is no seating in the photo booth, I assume what Steve is talking about is the central u shaped desk set up for bags and the printer, so an adult definitely can't sit on it. If you want your son to have the photo instead of you, technically he can't as it's a DP and they can't be transferred, but honestly, I don't see them refusing in cases like this, it's obvious your child won't be buying their own ticket. When you get into the booth, speak to the crew and say the shoot is for your boy, they should be OK with that - just saying to advise them as he won't be as quick as an adult going through and will need a bit more time
  7. You can arrive later if you prefer, if they have called your batch already you can just join the back of the queue. If they have reached VQ's, identify yourself to the crew and they usually try and slot you as far forward as possible, though you may need to join the end of the queue as DP's only have priority whilst they are calling DP's. They have changed the DP auto allotment now though so whilst you still get the one included, you can no longer get extra's at the same time, if you want more than one, you need to get a VQ and wait until that VQ is called. So if you only want the one included auto for each guest, then you can turn up a bit later, though make sure you factor in when they are in photo's/talks and don't leave it too late, but if you want extra auto's you need to be there to get a VQ.
  8. You would have likely only been able to get 3 as it's been 3 max for a couple of shows at least now. but I agree.
  9. They won't separate a parent and young child so he can stay in the queue with you but he won't be allowed in the photo which might make it tricky. You will have to ask him to wait a second for you to the side when you get to the front of the queue and collect him on the way out I think.
  10. When you go into the shop at the very top there's a tiny blue URL that says something like 'enter promo code', if you click on that before you select the ticket you want, put the code in and check out and it'll take it off your voucher balance. It may be that you can only buy one ticket at a time if you want to buy multiple ones on your vouchers.
  11. and also other reasons......like 'oh I need to go Saturday/sunday as well now'
  12. It's not unheard of for guests schedules to change and to become available for other days, but usually if they are only announced for one, it's because that's all they can do.
  13. Check the shop maybe to see what days there are tickets on sale for.
  14. No, Diamonds can't be customised. If you want a different shoot, you have to buy it on top of the DP.
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