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  1. Not in the slightest! After all, if there's anything anyone knows about me it's that I rather like Benedict Cumberbatch!
  2. As Melliot says. He's always extremely popular so they know he's a sure thing if they get him back, and with the new franchises he appeals to even more collectors now.
  3. Last time i looked the pre orders hadn't been updated so it's probably still the same. Give it time and check back later.
  4. Black Widow. It's an enjoyable film and done well, though it's not going to be one I watch again more than likely.
  5. That is true, you did not. And it wasn't your fault the silly guest couldn't read.
  6. Or on your Defenders poster which was already ruined anyway and was ruined after as well
  7. A paint pen maybe? Posca are generally quite good, but I'd suggest testing it as well if you can.
  8. I know they are busy and have a lot of events on their plate and as a long time attendee I appreciate the work they are putting in to put the shows on. All I can really say is that other events have cleared their guest pages with no visible problems and it makes it far easier for everyone to know who's coming. Even separating the guests into different sections for reconfirmed and still waiting would be helpful.
  9. As far as I've seen not every US con does that, I've seen some where people are standing very close but not touching, and one recent UK small event had the guest and attendee distanced on a bench with a flower arrangement in view between them - sounds odd but for a non mask/non screen distanced shoot it worked and looked good. So I don't think there's really a standard to go by, but I can't argue it'd be a surprise if there's screens.
  10. All tickets for entry are in the shop if you have a look there, but I think Friday was still available before, it was Weekend, Gold and Sat entry that was sold out so Friday should still be fine. The venue has given them permission to operate at full capacity now.
  11. Strong disagree there I'm afraid. I have no idea how hard or easy it is to remove people already up but as the website is essentially the main store front for the show it should be prioritised to be updated. People shouldn't have to hunt around different socials and multiple posts to find the basic info of who's attending and who isn't. There's also the fact that technically speaking people are being advertised as attending and have tickets online to buy who haven't officially reconfirmed. Additionally, there are currently 2 guests on the website who are also scheduled to appear at another event the same weekend. I don't know who's actually got them booked, but they can't be doing both, and if they aren't doing LFCC they need to be removed, if they aren't doing the other event then they need to remove them.
  12. I think it should be valid straight away. Did you check you def entered the code right? The other thing to do is there's a page where you can check the value on the voucher, it might be worth doing that and if it doesn't show/anything then you might need to message them again and let them know, if it does show the amount then I'd say the voucher is active and working. You can check the balance here https://giftup.app/place-order/5faf68d5-c327-449a-82aa-8c076c4bf51a?platform=Hosted
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