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  1. Obviously without any announcements it is all guess work, but lets face it, LFCC is heavily attended by Star Wars and Doctor Who guests as they are Jason's passions, so time will tell, it doesn't mean the guests will be free to attend, but it won't be a surprise if they get a load for Winter, if not for Summer.
  2. The door line was brilliant and I'm glad they left it in. I don't know if it's MCU fatigue but I haven't been this pleased with any of the other recent stuff unfortunately.
  3. Nobody: I finally got around to watching this film and it's a fairly decent offering in the genre, and was enjoyable to watch, but it is pretty much a John Wick knock off. Still, it was decently done with a good cast and storyline. Guardians Of The Galaxy 3: I thought this was really good and the best thing the MCU stable have produced in a while. I don't know how it'll stand up to a rewatch when it's on Disney +, once you know what's coming, but it was a very good film.
  4. I only just booked off the back of the Mike Coulter announcement. I did want Clark originally but he's cancelled so many times I think my enthusiasm for him has long worn off. So for me there isn't anyone else I really want either.
  5. DP bought but I'm fully expecting him to cancel
  6. Short story short, the ones who did it regularly all left and I guess at that point, the office was more focused on maintaining their socials and IIRC things had/started tailing off here anyway so I guess they thought there was no need any more for a full time moderator.
  7. I'm guessing you won't get an answer to this, there's not really any mods around any more and other than posting the announcements I don't think they really maintain the page that much any more.
  8. Most events have a limit as well so you might not have been allowed 6 in it anyway. Usually the limit is 4, though I'm not sure about LFCC at the moment.
  9. Clive Owen Joel Edgerton Ioan Gruffudd Ray Winstone Ken Stott Ray Stevenson
  10. Stuff that's not flat - hats, figures/statues, sports equipment ect
  11. I think it's just too complicated, it means that every pass would have to be custom printed. They can't just say 'print 1000 of them for X' each one would have to be custom printed and priced and that would be a logistical nightmare.
  12. Most of the big events don't really get the behind the scene's people, unless they are big/cult type directors ect. It might be because typically they don't charge for them so there might be less incentive to get them, but that's a complete guess. For collectors of series it's nice to get the people behind it as well, but for the BTS people, it might be best to concentrate on the smaller shows for them, or the dedicated Who events that take place in various locations around the country. London Film Fair is a good event for smaller, older guests, but I don't recall seeing them getting any non actors either.
  13. That's good to know, thank you for that. I have one of his novels I was thinking of taking if I come.
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