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  1. Hey, that's the 'rarely' part of it and why we never say 'never', I mean Mads did 2 LFCC's on the trot so you never know.
  2. Raylenth


    It would still be there but would say 'sold out' if it was bat.
  3. Raylenth

    General Chat

    Hurry then, you have time for a loo break
  4. Raylenth

    January 18th, New guest!

    It's near enough to count
  5. Raylenth

    General Chat

    I guess everywhere as usual, so all of the above.
  6. Raylenth

    General Chat

    Maybe it was just you?
  7. Raylenth


    And? Seriously though, get him to sign the film that had his most significant/on camera presence if there's one that stands out a little more?
  8. Raylenth

    What's included in a Gold Pass?

    Apart from what's right..... Anyway, yay gold passes!
  9. Raylenth

    What's included in a Gold Pass?

    Thanks for finding out Queen (guess we have to hope they don't all queue at once) Partly wrong
  10. Raylenth

    What's included in a Gold Pass?

    That. It reads both ways to me though. My first thought was that they mean they will have a separate queue for the Golds for busy guests
  11. Yup, tomorrow at 7pm, big announcements across multiple shows.
  12. Could be some C26 in tomorrow's announcements?
  13. Raylenth

    What's included in a Gold Pass?

    Queen, one thing that might need clarifying ASAP if it's possible is this: In the event of large queues, we will implement a Gold only VQ system. There's discussion already about if it means, if it's effectively a dedicated Gold line, and if so how will it work, or if it means diamond guests will be seen in this order Diamond, Gold VQ then VQ, and Gold VQ, normal VQ for the big names.