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  1. They don't call out as such, given all the guests sitting together and people there, it'd get lost in the crowd, but there will be a small white board at the head of the queue. You will need to keep popping back and looking at the board to see where they have called to, then join the queue any time after your number is up.
  2. Bus? TFL says you have to change a few times and it takes about 1 hour 20 but it won't be expensive. If you go on the TFL site, put in Earls Court or Olympia to Heathrow, then when the options come up edit your journey to only show busses, it'll show you the ones you need to get and the route. Alternatively call National Express and see if they have any pick up points around Olympia that go to Heathrow.
  3. It's just a feeling about Hugh so not based on anything specific, I know he does a lot of TV stuff, but I don't see his name a lot outside of that, attending events ect, but then again I'm not particularly looking so I may be very wrong. I didn't know he had done a signing event before, that's good to know. Of course, it might have turned him off it completely, some guests do one or two I guess and decide it's not for them, but at least it means he was willing in the past so maybe there's hope.
  4. It was through work, I used to see his nephew fairly frequently. And agreed, I love Hugh and would love to meet him. Both of them. But yeah, I think they are both very private, Hugh especially so I don't see it happening unfortunately. I kind of hope though that as one result of covid is the explosion of private signings and more people who wouldn't ever do an event being willing to do those instead, that might be a possibility. Ultimately you never know, guests who have never done one before have been booked after years of trying, so it is all possible, just very, very unlikely with some names.
  5. I think Richard and Stephen would be too big for these events. Richard has done events so he's a possibility for one of the LFCC or Collectormania shows, but I don't think Stephen has ever done one and I don't think he ever will unless circumstances dictate that he needs to. I jokingly asked one of his nephews once if his uncle would ever do a signing event and he laughed and said no. Things do change though so you never know, but if they did ever manage it, I think he'd be an LFCC guest.
  6. As the others have said you will want to consider his Diamond if you want to make absolutely certain you will get it. He's done a few events now but is always very popular so it's impossible to say if you will get him on a VQ. Even with a low VQ we can only say 'you might be lucky'
  7. They are legit, they are associated with Showmasters so it's all above board, they are just super slow and terrible at replying sometimes. Did you ask for it to be Becketted by any chance? I know they said recently that they were waiting for them to arrive back and would post them soon. With the Glasgow one though it may be that it's just slow. We have had some post strikes in the UK recently and then add international post into the mix and it may just have not arrived yet. The average ETA in the UK for SM can be up to 3 weeks after an event I'd say, and add on international travel to that. Re Thomas, it may be that they are trying to get him for Winter and will get him done there, but if that were the case they should communicate that. One avenue that you might try is to contact them via Imperial Signings who they trade under as well, and have a facebook page for.
  8. Or just buy a bigger house.
  9. I haven't seen it yet, I will if it's on streaming somewhere but I won't rush. I'm not sure how many people will want him for Morbius, but I assume there will be some.
  10. It's always so hard to judge, his last LFCC was his first appearance IIRC so demand was through the roof, but he has done other events since them, so he shouldn't be quite as busy. But he will still likely be busy all day, especially as you have the HOD/Marvel collectors who may want him now.
  11. I think they usually get updated around the time of the event
  12. The other alternative is to use the pre order service and get them to get it for you. It means you don't get to meet him for an auto, but you can have a photo with him and that sorts that out https://www.showmasterssales.com/collections/film-comic-con-birmingham-pre-orders/products/vinnie-jones-pre-order-nec2022-1
  13. And it should be noted that if it is a Diamond guest you are interested in, there's no guarantee they will get to VQ holders depending on how many DP's have been sold, their signing speed and how much other stuff they are tied up with. Most DP guests will see VQ holders though.
  14. Raylenth


    I don't think there's an official change or anything, some they do refund cash though. It might be a simple case that it's the smaller guests who it doesn't cost them much to refund that they do cash refunds for, but I'm guessing.
  15. PDF's for any ticket should be fine
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