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  1. New Attendees advice thread

    As Rob said the app is out but I still think for the photo shoot booths large screen monitors where you can just have projected the session name and the batch they are calling is a relatively easy option though there is obviously a big health and safety issue with being able to have them safely there with so many people squashed in and rushing around.
  2. Thoughts for next year

    I think it would be more convenient for the majority of attendees for your Mum to move her birthday
  3. General Chat

    Probably this.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    I'd think you would not have too high a number.
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    It's only on the pass Rob so you don't find out until you collect it.
  6. New Attendees advice thread

    Hi Malty, yes, it's the same format but on a much bigger scale. The best thing to do is to apply for accessibility access https://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/index.php/accessibility or bring someone with you to help if you can. Alternatively, if it's acceptable to you the only other thing I can think of is to make sure you find the crew member running the queue in question and maybe have something printed up in bold clear to read type that tells them you can't hear what they are saying and need to be specifically informed when it is your turn.
  7. New Attendees advice thread

    No, tickets are all non transferable and non refundable I'm afraid Kelsey.
  8. New Attendees advice thread

    That's me, slow and steady!
  9. New Attendees advice thread

    Fair enough Same here. I think it's something that's unlikely to happen now that the Diamonds are established, but as it has happened before you never know.
  10. General Chat

    Nothing yet Viking, the threads will be on here if and when they are arranged.
  11. New Attendees advice thread

    No - at least it's never happened and I don't think it would.
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    Woooo! IT worked :)
  13. Films watched in 2018

    I'm assuming it's better than Jeepers Creepers? Because pretty much everything is, even diarrhoea.
  14. New Attendees advice thread

    It's working for me R, I have never used an Ipad I'm afraid so I can't answer that one. Maybe see if you can try it from a computer to see if it works https://giphy.com/search/neil-patrick-harris-thumbs-up I took the link from here, if you mouse over the first or second image and click on the 'link' icon in the top right I get a notification at the top that it's copied the link to clipboard, then I just past it here, enter and it loads itself. Alternatively you can select 'insert other media' in the bottom right of the text box here and 'insert image from URL' sometimes that works.
  15. Films watched in 2018

    Ted 2. It was OK, amusing in parts.