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  1. Raylenth

    TV shows watched in 2019

    The Dark Crystal AOF Agree with what the others said, it's a brilliant series and there is little wrong with it. I also thought it had a LOTR vibe, especially the last episode. I love The Heretic and UrGoh. "Sorry we were late, we stopped off to make banners"
  2. Raylenth

    Ticket buyin question

    They should get back to you so I'd give it a couple more days, sometimes they aren't the quickest but do usually get back to you eventually. If you used the one above the 'enquiries' one, if you don't hear back from that, try shop@showmastersevents.com It's going to the same office but the shop one is specifically for ticket stuff.
  3. Raylenth

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes, yes, all good options.
  4. Raylenth

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    I like your suggestion good sir.
  5. Raylenth

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    I can't see Robert there, you lie, it's just a load of Not Roberts.
  6. Raylenth

    Guest Suggestions

    Well, I suppose they will do in a pinch but they aren't Robert.
  7. Raylenth

    General Chat

    Exactly! Now you are getting it. Oh and I wonder who had to clean up after Robert went to the great big savannah in the sky after that trip? Robert in the wild! With a big blueberry.
  8. Raylenth

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Hugh Dancy
  9. Raylenth

    LFCC Spring guests

    There is a Spring forum Joe with a guest request thread, you can post them there.
  10. Raylenth

    Photo from today.

    You should go and see Robert for sure.
  11. Raylenth

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

  12. Raylenth


    I want Robert please.