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  1. No, he seemed to be in a mood as he was a bit hoff.
  2. Well I can't spend it all on wool and strippers.
  3. Graham McTavish Cobie Smulders Andy Serkis Daniel Kaluuya T Tessa Thompson
  4. Better late than never, it's a lovely film
  5. Hi Chewer, they will post when they have anything to add so pretty much unless they say otherwise it's still on, but they won't comment other than that. If they have an official statement to make they will post it as soon as they can.
  6. Bet that took you as long as it took me to reply
  7. "Your Nate 2000 unit is currently unavailable as he is going through a mandatory reset. He should be back online shortly"
  8. Get Netflix and you can see Mads's butt in Polar.....
  9. I think everyone's watched it on Netflix. The simple answer is to get Netflix. but yeah, it they've removed it, they suck
  10. The tickets tab on the site works for me https://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/
  11. That's not Peter Capaldi?
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