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  1. As already mentioned, yes, you pay for extras in the auto queue when you get to the 8x10 table. There is a limit to how many extras you can buy, it'll be mentioned on the pass details in the shop. The usual total limit for busy guests is 5, but for headliners the DPs may be limited to 3 - the one included in the pass and 2 extra's.
  2. There aren't any SM staff here most of the time I'm afraid so we only know as much as you. It's probably best to tag them on the twitter/facebook accounts so the social media team can let the office know. And just keep checking the schedules uploaded to the website as they said they would be the most updated ones
  3. Until they post or put up the floor plan, we don't know I'm afraid
  4. Talk areas – Where possible we will mark disabled seating but please bear in mind that all seating is on a first come first served basis. Please ask to speak to the crew who will direct wheelchair positioning or will try to accommodate an aisle seat if possible. We operated both free and paid talks at events and any paid talks will be advertised beforehand and require a separate paid for ticket. Your carer can accompany you for free to any talks you have access to.
  5. No one can say I'm afraid as there are no staff on here to answer. Hopefully they will, usually they do, it'd usually be around today/tomorrow that they released all the plans/schedules ect and they still have a week to do it, but ultimately we can't say if they will or won't.
  6. the facebook post about tickets they put up yesterday said that any tickets bought in the old shop before they split the days would be resent and marked 'complimentary' so these are basically your new updated tickets. They also advised just using the ones that will come through next week in the Eventbrite 'reminder you have an event' emails they always send.
  7. There pretty much aren't any I'm afraid. They pop in once in a blue moon but that's it, and Showmasters latest ticket post said they are out of the office now so won't be able to reply as much
  8. Photoshoots can be bought online (and at the onsite shop) up to 15 minutes before the start of the shoot.
  9. I think that was arranged before the LFCC cancellation happened even if it was only just released.
  10. The sale end date is under the title of each item in the shop. Photo's are up to 15 mins before the shoot, everything else looks to be the day it's for.
  11. If the batch number doesn't come back they will likely treat them all as 1 or 0. All tickets should update but unfortunately there's not really anyone official here to ask. Keep an eye on it in the next few days and if not email them
  12. I haven't got the schedule open at the moment but you can find it on the Prop shoot column (it's not a prop shoot but as is will be outside they didn't have a spare column for it so put it there)
  13. If it's travelling in general, hopefully the 2 weeks to the con might make a difference.
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