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  1. Red Dwarf Season 12

    I've been enjoying it.
  2. Guest Suggestions

    He would definitely be a popular guest, along with any other Marvel TV peeps.
  3. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Hi SGA, if you want guests for a specific show it's always best to post in the request thread of that forum, this is more for generic requests.
  4. years of regret

    Ohh a programme about Dick King Smith's famous book in a railway station?
  5. Photoshoot Prop Suggestions

    It's not as easy as just suggesting things I'm afraid, someone has to have the prop to rent to them.
  6. years of regret

    Argument Invalid. Does not compute.
  7. years of regret

    I disagree with your disagreeing.
  8. Themed Vehicle on Display

    OK, slightly odd SM.
  9. years of regret

    Watch it. Say to yourself you can't regret what you didn't know about but don't deprive yourself of it's brilliance.
  10. Sherlocked UK 2017

    If your photo isn't on the download website Mimi you need to email them.
  11. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    It's only the ones on the sites as far as I'm aware Homer.
  12. Tickets

    FYI in case anyone has missed the fbook post but tickets are now available to buy.
  13. Sherlocked UK 2017

    We've been bumped off Who dunnit? It is officially over
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - Terry Farrell

    Why limit yourself Rob? Go for both.
  15. London Film Fair

    Yeah, hadn't seen that till you said it Mr Lemming.