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  1. No mention of his time as Wales national team manager in the bio
  2. True, but they still get the big guests, but I take your point and all the more reason as to why they should look after us punters…
  3. I was actually surprised the threads lasted as long as they did. I can’t count the number of posts I’ve had deleted in the past -and for genuine constructive criticism too. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, SM put money before their customers and even though we’ve all sworn blind that we’d not give them any future business, the minute they announce “INSERT GUEST NAME HERE”, we all come back…not ideal but what can you do when SM have such a monopoly?
  4. What’s any of this got to do with guests personalising at LFCC???
  5. This con is increasingly like watching all the Tory MP’s deserting Boris :))
  6. Or just someone who wants to pass it on to their kids in the future and wants some provenance for them that it was signed by the celebrity…not necessarily just flippers.
  7. I’m fairly concerned at the general blasé attitude to Covid at the moment, especially given the historic death toll and as we don’t know what the long term effects will be. Let’s not forget, the main reason that masks are no longer mandated is because Boris and his cronies got caught partying away whilst the nation respected the rules, to the extent that they couldn’t even be with loved ones when they passed on, alone. The Govt lost all authority on the subject once Partygate made the news. I won’t listen to that buffoon and his self serving cabinet about anything, let alone about “living with” Covid. His days in office are numbered… I’m not going to LFCC this year mainly because of the increased Covid risk, but having said that there aren’t many good guests left that interest me after all the cancellations… Stay safe everyone!
  8. Thanks for posting these. We’re you not tempted to get them all signed on the same shot?
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