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  1. Haha -yes that’s probably why!
  2. Ok getting nearer... (tentatively)will a diamond pass be made available please? I’m not one to volunteer giving away more money than I need to, but I think it’s probably a good idea given the number of cons he’s missed over the years and weight of numbers still wanting to meet him?
  3. Diabolik

    Guest Suggestions London Film Fair.

    Honor Blackman and Gary Raymond from Jason and the Argonauts would be great guests
  4. Diabolik

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    I initially read Jon Bernthal’s character name as “Shame”, which I suppose is all the more appropriate given the spam up!
  5. Well, his voice was in You Only Live Twice
  6. Diabolik

    Guest Suggestions London Film Fair.

    Some great For Your Eyes Only guests at these events but how about getting Topol to join them? Good crossover appeal for Flash Gordon fans too.
  7. Diabolik

    A Great Event.

    Great pics, thanks for posting. Denise Perrier’s no posed photos made my mind up about not having an autograph from her- I think she was the only one who wouldn’t which is strange at this event. By the way did Olga fly the plane over herself?
  8. Diabolik

    Paint Pen Advice

    Ok thanks QS :)
  9. Diabolik

    Paint Pen Advice

    Thanks Mayhem, it’s hard plastic, so hopefully a paint pen will work.
  10. Diabolik

    Paint Pen Advice

    Awesome, great update -thanks Raylenth!
  11. Diabolik

    Paint Pen Advice

    Awesome thanks QS - everything I needed in one convenient thread!
  12. Morning guys, I just wanted to pick your brains about paint pens - something I’ve never used before but think it may be appropriate for a plastic item I want to get signed. What are your thoughts about these? Any issues about using them and their longevity (the signature as opposed to the pen itself)? Any good makes of pen to recommend? Any colours to avoid? Etc. Thanks in advance!
  13. Diabolik

    General Chat

    Something tells me this won’t be the last Star Wars film, not by a long shot, put another way- “I have a bad feeling about this...” (Star Wars 77-83 fan -they should have left it at that)
  14. Diabolik

    Guest Cancellation - Michelle Forbes

    Are you not already out of pocket? Just curious if it’s not worth you going anyway if that’s the case?
  15. Diabolik

    Huge guest announcement, 11 October, 7pm

    Sir Pat Stew surely?