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  1. I’ve seen these forum rants about dealers before, as per my previous post - I for one can’t stand the dealers. They remind me of those autograph hunters at premieres pushing fans out of the way to get to the celebrity! Thought I’d chime in again for a reality check. The last time I was involved in such a thread the upshot was that SM will not do anything radical about this as they depend upon the dealers attendance at these shows as much as the regular joe public’s attendance. They are also getting vast quantities of stuff signed so it’s all kerching, whether from my pocket or the dealers. I’m sorry this is not what a lot of you wanted to hear but I thought I’d let you know the ending of this particular story to save you from raised expectations...
  2. Pre-orders fine, but dealers really pee me off. If you’re stuck behind one as they get multiple same items signed I’d suggest going back again later. Not only is there the interminable wait but they tend to get the guest in a bad mood too - and who can blame them! Ok they're getting paid to attend but are also here to see the real fans, not fill the dealers coffers, who will sell on their autographs at inflated prices...
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Good suggestion!

    I’ll see your Noooooooo:(and I’ll raise you a Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!:((

  6. Guest Suggestions

    One of your suggestions, Clifton James died over a year ago unfortunately...
  7. Guest Suggestions

    A great line up of View to a Kill girls so far. Hoping they add the magnificent Grace Jones to the list -she would make this event a sell out!
  8. Credit card payment for autographs

    Any Mods want to confirm if this will be the case tomorrow? Getting close now!
  9. Credit card payment for autographs

    Cheers wjbleming - I’ve bought them before but as you suggest assume/hope they’ll be at this event too!
  10. Hi, too many cons this month mean I’m going to have to revert to plastic! Can I get autograph vouchers at this event by paying using my credit card? Thanks
  11. Guest Suggestions

    A second nomination for Nadim Sawalha please!
  12. Fantastic! (see what I did there?)
  13. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Cheers Raylenth! Hadn't considered a silver pass tbh, but looks good value!
  14. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Guys, I'm on the fence about attending but may get a ticket tonight to attend over the weekend or even a weekend ticket possibly. What's this about an e-mail with schedules etc? If I attend as just a regular punter how does that work for queuing for autographs? Am I even likely to get autographs if I'm not buying a silver, platinum entry pass? Really just looking to get Sian's and Marcia's signature, hence my uncertainty about attending... Any help you give is appreciated!