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  1. Diabolik

    Tom Baker attending on 15th Sept

    For those making the trek to see Tom Baker I’ve just heard from the venue that he’s only going to be there from 12 until 3pm, with a photo shoot in between. VQ’s have also been given out and are already in the hundreds apparently. I’m en route now, having started out at 8am and won’t arrive until gone 2pm so it’s not looking good. Ive got to say that information about this event needs to improve in future as I wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known about Tom’s limited appearance time beforehand. We’ve also had some cancellations that have not been posted on the forum and were first pointed out by forum users. Just some constructive criticism before I get the backlash as the other event forums are usually on top form!
  2. Yeah, looks like she’s no longer attending...
  3. Ah right thanks - a case of “come and play with us Danny - but no Funko Pops!”
  4. Diabolik

    Tom Baker attending on 15th Sept

    Cool thanks QS
  5. Diabolik

    Tom Baker attending on 15th Sept

    Unfortunately my pay day is some way off so hard currency is in short supply ! Do these events sell the autograph vouchers so I can pay for them on my credit card? thanks in advance!
  6. Here we go again. Not getting too excited this time...yet. Given the amount of people waiting to see him and he’s Saturday only, he needs to be diamond pass (like the other times).
  7. Diabolik

    Tom Baker attending on 15th Sept

    Great news! I went to the last London Fair he attended and boy was the queue long! But well worth the wait! Tom is awesome!!
  8. Diabolik

    Guest suggestions 15th September

    Or Jeroen Krabbe
  9. Diabolik

    Beckett Authentication

    I personally think SM should provide this service free of charge, after all we’re paying for entry and for the signings, seems a bit of a cheek to then have to pay out to have it “authenticated” at the same show. I’m not saying SM should use Beckett, after all they are their own company, but even if they set up their own authentication service at the shows and provided this gratis with the autographs then I’m sure they'd quickly establish themselves as a market leader as their service and reputation would be beyond reproach. They could make additional money by charging to validate/authenticate autographs signed outside the shows. i remember when Diana Rigg signed at LFCC a few years back, SM had a trading card that they themselves authenticated. Something like this...
  10. Diabolik

    Guest suggestions 15th September

    Some good Bond guests going, shame I’ve met most of them before! What about Gary Raymond, Honor Blackman and John Cairney from Jason and the Argonauts? Or Michael Craig from Mysterious Island?
  11. Diabolik

    Guests you missed this year

    Still mulling over the what-ifs regarding Val Kilmer (should’ve met him!!!!) out of interest anyone know how far he got into VQ’s on Saturday (if at all)?
  12. Diabolik

    Val Kilmer Appreciation Thread

    Got to say, reading all these stories makes me regret not having met him. If he was announced for the next one I’d get a DP in a heartbeat...
  13. Diabolik

    HeartDT con experience/roundup

    Great to read, thanks! Already missing the con so happy reading this to prolong the experience!
  14. Diabolik

    Guests you missed this year

    I missed out on Val for exactly the same reason, ie his ill health. I just wanted to remember him as he was in Batman Forever or The Doors or Top Secret. As with you I’ve got my regrets too now...