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  1. That’s not the same and you know it... The fact that SM have previously accommodated in-door queuing for these events completely undermines your attempt to ridicule me. Early queuing at these events is a given, especially when diamond passes are not made available for some guests. In fact I’d go as far to say it’s encouraged by SM if you want to guarantee meeting any guest who will be in demand, hence their giving out VQ tickets. Ultimately I’m not moaning, I’m just trying to provide some constructive feedback to SM-we don’t all have a furry hide to cover our backs...
  2. A luxury??!? You are having a laugh...
  3. What was that then? Perhaps this says all you need to know about how well received the latest Doctor’s outings have been...
  4. Yes, I’ve got to stress that this was the venue staff not SM, but I do feel an earlier appearance by SM staff is warranted at these events to minimise any disruption. The venue staff don’t give 2 hoots that you may have queued from 5am and then get moved behind people who arrived 2 hours later and end up substantially down the queue. At least if someone from SM is there they can help reorganise the queue, if not prevent any of these misunderstandings from happening in the first place. Also I should say that having us queue out in the wind and rain was shocking. I saw people queuing for their early photo shoot with Charles Dance soaked through. Furthermore one of my lithographs has water damage where the torrential rain seeped through my folder.
  5. Almost certainly that’s the reason, frankly I’m surprised as many guests actually attended, not least ones who have a history of cancelling!
  6. What sort of number VQ was he getting up to by close of day?
  7. By badge do you mean the ID card, or did I miss a freebie?
  8. Yes it was free after all- great fun this, I got in fairly early with no hassle but by the afternoon there were long lines of people - definitely worth waiting for though.
  9. Queuing to get in this morning is a joke. Queued one place from 6am and been moved 3 times, losing my place in the queue each time...
  10. Ok Thanks Raylenth that’s good enough for me.
  11. Agreed. This event seems to be the Summer event’s poor relation in terms of organisation. For those of us looking to queue early some indication as to where to go would be helpful not least to save us from queuing in the wrong place...
  12. Cheers Raylenth, I think it was just the mention of getting tickets in the blurb that made me ask - presumably that just refers to entry tickets though.
  13. Cool! Is this free to have your photo with or do we need to buy tickets?
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