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  1. Great start for a For Your Eyes Only pool girl reunion, what about getting Tula as well, as she made all the headlines at the time of the films release!
  2. Diabolik

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    (Drax like slowness) how can it have been Drax if he wasn’t in the picture?
  3. Diabolik

    Guests & Selfies

    I’ve never quite been able to understand Shatner’s autograph - at least the beginning part - is it a W hence, Will or William or a B for Bill. The Shatner part is just about legible, the small looking “l” in the middle perhaps being in fact an S with the taller letter next to it bring the “h” and the noticeable “t” beginning the line at the end which presumably comprises the “ner”. Fact is he does it so fast I’m sure I’m wasting my time analysing it!
  4. Please don’t cancel!
  5. Diabolik

    What did you get signed?

    I got one signed too on Saturday so over the years I guess you’re right he’s seen loads of these...
  6. Diabolik


    Was there anything special about the pen? If not maybe he just felt obliged to give you something in return.
  7. Diabolik

    General Chat

    Seconded! She put you at ease and suggested different poses, put me in mind of the chap with the tropical shirts some years back who had the same rapport with the attendees.
  8. Diabolik


    That’s awesome - I love the fact that the Doctor Who is so popular in the twilight of Tom’s life and he is revered so dearly! He is a national treasure!
  9. Diabolik

    Wrong Names Wround Up! - Spring Edition

    Really great account of your day, thanks
  10. Diabolik


    Toby was great I thought, he answered my questions about Bond at the signing desk and even did a Gustav Graves sneer at the photo shoot on request! Top guy!
  11. Diabolik


    Did Tom arrive on time? I know he has form for being late, just wonder if that may have been a contributing factor?
  12. Diabolik

    General Chat

    I was sad to see, (or rather not see?) the DP thread was no longer there. As Dent says I’m a supporter of the DP’s but there is a very tangible fear that they are no longer going to be the invincible way of guaranteeing the autograph- you just have to read between the lines in the Tom Baker thread to see how worried people were when extra DP’s were announced after they sold out. As Dent says the fact that Tom had to stay on vindicates these fears imo. i thought the DP was a great idea but Im afraid of it being supplanted by an even more expensive platinum pass or some such costing even more to confer the rights the DP passes were invented to give...
  13. Diabolik

    George Lazenby

    Yes agree, no reason I asked was maybe he was a bit slow in getting with the con vibe. Be interesting to hear how he was later in the day or on Sunday too...
  14. Diabolik

    General Chat

    Is there any chance of un-pinning the threads so we don’t have to navigate to the second page to read the most recent posts? I get why the pinned posts are there but the shows over now so I don’t see why those threads take precedence now, thanks