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  1. They've generally let you get three autographs (one included in the price of the DP) per visit to the table, so two additional.
  2. Doubtful, but given barely anyone from SM is here, you'll have to email the show admin
  3. Have you tried booking anything for LFCC Summer and used the codes?
  4. That’s live Star Wars for you. She also has an exclusivity clause with a certain other website (not SM) which might add a slight premium.
  5. Given the Young Sherlock cast for June, then Sophie Ward?
  6. Sucks though re Sunday, I was going to meet eight folks, but between the cancels and moves to Summer, that ended up being just three. So I was in and back out of the show within an hour, which isn’t good also for the vendors present. Sunday was super quiet, I barely saw anyone going near the vendors unfortunately.
  7. Sounds like Jodie was an absolute star and trooper yesterday. In addition to the two photo shoots and talk, she got through 300 DP folks AND another 300 on the VQ if true she must have come back to sign way after her talk too. Now that’s dedication!
  8. Sucks if true, with the other moves to Summer from Spring, I was already down to just four guests here, now it will be three.
  9. The entry tickets are non refund. You’re buying entry to the show, whether or not the guests you want to see are there or have cancelled.
  10. No, it's finding people willing to go to Milton Keynes :p
  11. Yeah issue with a number of the SW getting shunted to Summer.
  12. Didn't go to the November show, a friend of mine did and got something signed for me from Brian, he did comment the line moved slowly.
  13. Given no one seems to slap you down for this nowadays anyhow, but SWAU have private signings with Dorian and Corey Burton right now. I’ll be sending in for Burton on Disney projects to finish them off… finally!
  14. SM said on FB they will issue a day or two before the show given as said, the guidelines could change again.
  15. As Rayleigh says, any Diamond Pass guest has a limit of three items per visit to the table, regardless of whether you have a DP, gold pass or regular VQ ticket. The issue we don’t know yet is, how fast does she sign, and how chatty will she be with everyone who she sees (witness Meatloaf’s previous LFCC appearance to see how slow it could be). SM make more money from the photo sessions than the autographs, so it isn’t surprising there’s lots of photo shoot slots.
  16. Where did Brian Cox get mentioned as there’s nothing on FB?
  17. If she's just doing one day, I am 99% behind buying a DP, because you're going to struggle otherwise imo. I can see why she was down for this event not summer because the Spring was struggling a bit for higher profile peeps.
  18. Depends if that's first time anywhere in the world, or just first time in the UK of course...
  19. As someone who often wears black t-shirts, it would have made for interesting shoots for me too.
  20. Pre pay usually means also booking a time slot for the person in question, and then it's up to the organisers to make sure they stick to the time frames. The first time I encountered this was when the new organisers took over Star Wars Celebration in the US a few years back, and for the most part, they were successful in getting the people through the lines on schedule. As for DP for Brian, I imagine because he was only there one day, from a few people I spoke to he's been on their list to meet for quite a while and get stuff signed, so I'm not surprised he was popular and many DP got sold.
  21. Gotta admit, that's a funny photo, and damn someone made the same Red Dwarf quip.
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