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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Man imagine if they got Viggo Mortensen.. looks like Sean Bean is up for doing events recently. Hopefully this means he'd be up for doing LFCC!
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Howard Shore Alan Lee John Howe
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Brad Dourif Andy Serkis Sean Bean Kurt Russell John Carpenter
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Return of the King turns 15 next year (!!!) so would love to see some LOTR guests attend for the anniversary, especially Bernard Hill and some of the big guys from the Fellowship.. Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood etc!
  5. Guests announcements?

    Emailed last week and was told that a preorder service would be available for Amsterdam and up on the site over the weekend. I keep checking back but still nothing.
  6. Guests announcements?

    Want to get a Billy Boyd auto from the show but the PO option doesn't appear to be on the site?
  7. Legends. Missed him at LFCC so will be seeing him in Bournemouth. Thank you Showmasters!
  8. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Any LOTR guests and I'll be a happy man :)
  9. Sounds like an absolute gent and im absolutely not jealous at all!! Someone kindly ask him to come back next year?
  10. Damn. Wish he wasnt announced so late.. maybe next year
  11. Is it too late to send pre order items to be signed at the show?
  12. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    Just posted on Twitter "I don't care for science. I'm more a mystical magic type." No doubt its Mads.
  13. Huge Guest Announcement- Friday - 7pm

    Please Showmasters.. PLEASE
  14. Would love it to be anyone from LOTR and The Hobbit! Specifically Elijah Wood or Sean Astin
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Surprised there's no LOTR guests this year. Still kicking myself for missing Dom Monaghan last year Would love to see a few quests from Rings and Sean Gordon Murphy as a comic guest!