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  1. The Addams family (animated movie 2019) enjoyed it, great villain and a fairly good story. A lot of moments where I laughed out loud. Absurd humor, but I really liked it.
  2. They really plan to take over Olympia all of the time
  3. Long way yet to July, my guess is it will continue as planned (for now)
  4. Quarantaine day 6; my hobbies are a god send to keep busy, a huge garden with flowers and multiple patios are handy too to keep clean
  5. So sad to see you leave we will miss you! Hopefully I’ll see you guys at one of the events!
  6. As from Monday I’ll be home for at least a month since all musea and galleries are closed… plus side is my garden will look beautiful
  7. My government advises us to go out as much as we can, but only with 2
  8. Frozen II: not as good as the first one. It was an overall pretty good Disney classic. Nice graphics, humor was alright. Though the songs let me down a bit, there was no memorable song like in the first movie. Story wise it was an original script. Toy Story 4: not as good as the third installment, however they never cease to amaze me what kind of plot lines they can come up with. The villain was pretty amazing, the muzic was great and the character evolution was executed pretty good. The story continues and it was a very ballsy move for a character like Woody.
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