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  1. Pretty cool! I started watching the show last year and I absolutely love it.
  2. Now that's a cool Bond guest!! Really unique to get here autograph!
  3. Still, I miss the old days when we had huge threads here with guest guessing and stuff
  4. Heartstopper Maybe I'm biased, but I absolutely love the series! it's unbelievably cute, honest, beautiful and it's an ultimate feel-good thing to watch. Kit Connor and Joe Locke are truly amazing and so well cast. All of the cast members are talented and very believable as the characters they portray. The vibe of the graphic novels is clearly incorporated in the show and the atmosphere is created very well. You just have to watch it if you want a sort of 'Mamma Mia feel-good' evening. I highly recommend it for an evening of sweet, honest, loving, LGBTQ teenage romantic drama with a good ending. +++
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