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  1. That’s very impressive!! Big name for sure wow!
  2. Let's hope the energy returns at some point and that SM will have some jaw dropping guests again like they once did...
  3. Since the pandemic it all just stopped didn't it.... Also the reactions of some people on here regarding guests not being to their liking might have something to do with it.
  4. So true... I do miss the guessing games they had with guest announcements. Those were fun and exciting. Although lately the guests are always the same ones at each Comic Con...
  5. Why is there no general chat on this one? I find this lack of presence on the forum sad
  6. Love her in Star Trek, one of my favorite characters!
  7. Timothy Dalton Pierce Brosnan Ralph Fiennes Naomi Harris Ben Wishaw Andrew Scott
  8. Oooh that's cool! Too bad i can't attend to meet him
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