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  1. Guest Suggestions

    and Rowan Atkinson to go with him, let's have a 'Blackadder' reunion
  2. Inquiry about cosplay prop

    I think they will check it when you enter the venue.
  3. Matt Lucas talking about LFCC on Graham Norton

    He was lovely indeed
  4. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Just seen Storks ans Spider-Man homecoming, really enjoyed them!
  5. I just love his voice and his charisma, he's so awesome
  6. You might have to it's only october and already there are 4 great guests
  7. Tickets

    Bought my saturday entry, now we play the waiting game untill the guests are known to consider buying a ticket for another day aswell
  8. Battlestar Galactica rules! Great news!
  9. Cool! Love him in Battlestar Galactica!
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Some more TLOTR guests please! Viggo Mortensen (as if) and ofcource Sean bean, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood.
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Pierce Brosnan please 007