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  1. Kurdamoni


    Indeed a hard one...
  2. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    30 is already way too hot for me
  3. Kurdamoni

    Statement From Jason

    Well Sean Connery would be legendary ofcource, seriously tho; I love LFCC, it’s an amazing event!
  4. Kurdamoni


    Still contemplating wether or not to go on Sunday
  5. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Thank you
  6. Kurdamoni

    New Prop shoot

    Oooooh that’s cool!!!
  7. Kurdamoni


    Getting so much closer
  8. Kurdamoni

    Who are you meeting!?

    Something like that yes
  9. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    I really enjoyed it actually. Looking forward to the second one; ‘Death on the Nile’
  10. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    The New Poirot
  11. Like how not to interact with other people?
  12. Great guest! So glad to have met him, good that he’s A DP guest now, he’s always busy