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  1. latest guest announcement - SHIRLEY CONRAD

    Cool, shame she isn’t coming to LFCC
  2. Films watched in 2018

    Just saw the ‘Lego Ninjago movie’ liked it
  3. That and kill a few thousand people with a giant laserbeam
  4. Just join the rest of us saturday
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Wouldn't that be something...worth a Diamond Pass
  6. As a fellow Bond fan I understand completely, great guest! Die another day was my first Bond movie I saw in cinemas
  7. OH MY GOD...yessssss!!!!!! One of my favourite Bond vilains!!! Photoshoot booked, great announcement SM! You made my day and at a great price too! Love it!!!!
  8. Guest Suggestions

    That and he already did his last ever European appearance...
  9. JB (Bond) Guests

    I'd love some more Bond guests! Sean Connery?
  10. Choose 5 guests you want in 2017! :)

    1 Sean Bean 2 Pierce Brosnan 3 Timothy Dalton 4 Robbie Coltrane 5 Ralph Fiennes
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Seems to me that GOT is already present enough, so maybe some other franchises? The Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Stargate SG1...
  12. Suggestions

    I think you better post this in the ‘guest suggestion’ thread
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - IWAN RHEON

    Nice one! A Guy we loved to hate not one for me, but my friends will be stoked
  14. Guest Suggestions

    Timothy Dalton would be a dream come true...
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Second all of these