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  1. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Next guest; Hugo Weaving
  2. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Next suggestion; Taylor Lautner
  3. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Oh Yes…
  4. Kurdamoni

    Digital photo's for 2018

    I love watching those photographs, makes me more excited for the next LFCC
  5. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    Next suggestion; Zac Efron (preferably shirtless)
  6. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    A Classic
  7. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder, some people will probably think she's not a good doctor, but i'm glad so many of you liked it, I haven't watched it myself, but I've heard good comments
  8. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    How old do you think it is?
  9. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    You’re mean
  10. Kurdamoni

    2019 Anniversaries

    Let’s agree to disagree…
  11. Kurdamoni

    General Chat

    And to you!
  12. Kurdamoni

    Guest Suggestions

    WoW that would be amazing!
  13. Kurdamoni

    2019 Anniversaries

    Do we really want to remember that one?
  14. Kurdamoni


    Thx Raylenth I'm sure he will be!
  15. Kurdamoni

    2019 Anniversaries

    Oooh good one!