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Latest Guest Announcement - Sam Neill

Appearing: Saturday / Sunday

Autographs: £65

Photo Shoot: £65

Talk: £20

Diamond Pass: £185

1x Guaranteed Auto

1 x Guaranteed Photo Shoot

1 x Talk (day TBC)

1 x Print


Captain Borodin - Hunt For Red October
Grant - Jurassic Park
Dr William Weir - Event Horizon
Sir Richard Martin - Bicentennial Man
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey - The Tudors
Major Chester Campbell - Peaky Blinders
Actor Odin - Thor Ragnarak
Old Mr. McGregor / Tommy Brock - Peter Rabbit







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OK, I will now share with you my super secret plan. Step One:  Take selfie with giant Jeff Goldblum statue. Step Two:  Print it out and bring it to LFCC Step Three:  Ask Sam Neill to au

Diamond Pass booked... now can we ask for a last minute Jeff Goldblum announcement and a dual photoshoot.... Psyched about this announcement, thx SM      

I feared the worst so I started doing my research:  

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