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  1. if you get Daniel Radcliffe I’d be a very happy bunny
  2. I’m thinking johnny depp to go with his mate Alice and if it is I may cry
  3. Can I upgrade a Samantha Morton op to the duo with cassady mcclincy? If so how do I do that :/
  4. Trying to buy a cassady mcclincy photo op but when I go to choose a batch Charles dance is in there aswell :/ this happened with Samantha Morton aswell
  5. Okay thank you I was just checking to see how many batches were left not buying until next week so hopefully it’s fixed by then :)
  6. When I add a Samantha Morton photo op into my basket why does it say at end when you choose batches Saturday and then there is also a Sunday selection aswell when all I’ve put in my basket is a Saturday op
  7. I thought Matthew lillard for Saturday had been changed but on this one it’s still the same as original
  8. Watching stranger things to make time go quicker it’s not working
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