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  1. Geordies are famed for not wearing coats.
  2. Managed to meet everyone on my list. I normally get 9-10 diamonds but I'm always rushed to fit them in, so this year I limited myself to 5 (actually turned into 4 as one was Alex Kingston) so I had a much more relaxing time and I added extra photo ops on the day if I knew I was going to be able to make them.
  3. Doesn't help that I have a completely different hairstyle and colour each year!!
  4. If there's one guy that needs to come back, its this one. Blake was so nice, very friendly and happy to do selfies.
  5. He was in no rush to get through the autographs, or he wasn't when I went to see him and made sure everyone had a few minutes chatting with him. I'm not surprised he had a backlog of DPs to get through but he is absolutely worth the cost and waiting in line for as it made the experience special instead of feeling like a conveyor belt. Then I had to consult a map to find my way out of his eyes.
  6. I wasn't going to meet him as I've not seen him in anything, but he kept looking over when I was in John Barrowman's queue and I thought why not. Took until the end of the day but I'm glad I waited as he was an absolute sweetheart.
  7. He wasnt VQ when I saw him yesterday morning (Saturday), although he had a queue of people all day I don't know if they were handing out VQs in the afternoon.
  8. He's staying in my hotel, lovely friendly guy, quite chatty. I'll try and see him for an autograph tomorrow, although he looked very busy today.
  9. I didn't even know he had cancelled today until I went to the photo op. Nothing on the app or social media that I can see to say whether he is going to be there or not.
  10. Was not expecting Charlie Sheen as an announcement. Always nice to have surprises
  11. Excellent news, means I can spend more
  12. Thanks, I do remember using a card at the sales desk a couple of years ago, but I can't remember which one it was.
  13. Yes, I'm glad Eventbrite does as I get all my photo ops and diamonds with Amex
  14. Regarding this, does anyone know if the sales desk take American Express? Unlike Visa and Mastercard, not everywhere accepts Amex.
  15. I agree, they said they have a guest to announce so why keep it under wraps for a week. A day or 2 is more than a reasonable wait.
  16. He was absolutely lovely to meet last year. I'm glad he had enjoyed it enough to come back
  17. Wow what a bargain price, considering all the films/shows she's been in. To me she is a bigger name than some of the more expensive guests.
  18. Saw him announced on fb and I've been trying to think where I know him from - then I saw it mentioned above - Life on Mars. Great show.
  19. How did I miss this announcement. Totally gutted I missed him!
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