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  1. Would he a great one to add to my Hot Fuzz poster.
  2. More cast members from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Bill Bailey, Olivia Coleman, Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent etc. would be awesome
  3. https://www.showmasterssales.com/collections/lfcc2021-pre-orders/products/karen-allen-pre-order-lfcc2021
  4. How is it jumping the gun? The actress herself has confirmed it. It was obvious anyway, when she was announced for a US con, just 5 days before LFCC.
  5. Yeah, I emailed as soon as I realised. Only response so far, has been "we've received a lot of emails. Bare with us". If the press is to be believed, then it doesn't look likely 21st will go ahead as planned, which will put any new date, much closer to this event.
  6. I somehow managed to book up a diamond pass for Riz, plus 2 photo ops for Saturday, and totally forgot to book my entry ticket. As there was no warning, I'm guessing/hoping it may be a precautionary measure, in case restrictions aren't lifted on 21st June.
  7. Met Ian three times in total today. Got 4 items signed and he was chatty and happy to do short quotes on all 4. Photoshoots are what they are, but he was pleasant there too. Then I went back and got 1 last item done, cos I know I'd kick myself once his price goes up, and again, he was happy to add a quote. Really nice signatures and a true gent on every occasion. Hopefully showmasters get him back again soon.
  8. Oh brilliant! I did wonder why he was Saturday, and the other 2 Rogue One "engineers" were Sunday. Thanks for letting me know
  9. I met Colin today and he was great. What I do have to comment on though, is the choice of images on his table (or lack thereof). Colin did stunts for Mark Hamill in the original trilogy, as well as in various other films, yet I think there were only 4 images on his table. I planned to get 5 or 6 from him today, but ended up only grabbing 3 (and 2 of those were my own images).
  10. Met Samantha today and got 2 autos. Having been up since 5:30, I wasn't quite prepared for just how positive she is! Lovely women, who had all the time in the world for everyone there.
  11. I guess Nick Hobbs cancelled too. Though, no-one seemed to have any info.
  12. Another engineer :) Hopefully you can get the others, to complete a multi
  13. Tim Rose would be the obvious choice, as there are already 3 Mon Calamari attending.
  14. I've left now, but at about 1:30, the sign said he was resting and would be back to sign from 2 until 4.
  15. As Raylenth just said, VERY unlikely with Robert Patrick, if you turn up at that time. I got VQ 167 yesterday and when I checked at 3:45, he was only on number 80! I did eventually manage to get him, at about 5:30, but that was only because his queue has got a bit shorter, so they let 2 of us in. They were still only calling up to 120 at that point.
  16. They're in the programme. LCC Spring is 29th Feb & 1st March LFCC Summer is 24th - 26th July
  17. Was gutted he cancelled today, but I'm back Sunday, so hopefully he does actually attend, and I can get him then
  18. If you need him, don't wait! He's not getting any younger, and by all accounts, he's not been too well recently. Met Alan last year and he's a lovely bloke, with some great stories.
  19. Yep, Mike Quinn last year! Had to be moved upstairs and still needed more space. Ended up a VERY popular guest!
  20. Doing Friday and Sunday this year, so hoping to meet a fair few; Robert Patrick Billy Dee Williams Peter Serafinowicz Erin Kellyman Corey Dee Williams Derek Arnold Tom Wilton Jessica Henwick Barbara Frankland Amanda Noar Annette Jones Alan Fernandes Ross Beadman Andy Bradford May add a few more smaller guests and a photoshoot or 2.
  21. Great guest! Was bringing a Cloud-riders multi shot to get Derek Arnold on, so will definitely be adding Erin to it
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