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  1. Same old. That's why I always take my own photos now. Jeffrey Weissman actually commented earlier on how much better my photo was, than the version on his table.
  2. In the past it's been a couple of weeks, but the recent events have been much smaller, and yeah, it's been a few days. I'm expecting weeks, but if it's sooner, I'll be happy.
  3. Claudia was absolutely fine on Friday. Leaning on tall people and stuff.
  4. Jimmy Vee is Saturday and Sunday only. Was never meant to be there yesterday.
  5. The building works are worse than in spring. The entrance is via a tiny door at the top of the road.
  6. Not ideal, but if you head to the sales desk at the show, I'm sure they must be able to issue vouchers there, as they can exchange voucher codes for autograph vouchers.
  7. Nope. I remember seeing that post from Showmasters too, mentioning it's Chris' last planned UK appearance. Really hope he does make it over.
  8. I would imagine they'll try get Fiona for Winter, as Andor will be out by then.
  9. I emailed them instantly when he cancelled. Received my voucher a couple of days later.
  10. She's contracted for another event, it seems.
  11. Claudia isn't available in the Friday or Sunday stores.
  12. I'd personally love to see a bunch of Spaced/Cornetto Trilogy guests. Jessica Hynes, Dylan Moran, Paddy Considine, Kevin Eldon, Penelope Wilton, Lucy Davis, Julia Deakin, Bill Bailey, Peter Serafinowicz etc.
  13. Hoping for people from; Attack The Block Cornetto Trilogy Ghostbusters franchise More BTTF guests.
  14. Jodie was fantastic! I missed out on the diamond passes, so lined up early and a very generous person in front of me, took my Attack the Block poster with her item, to be signed. Jodie seemed genuinely pleased to see an Attack The Block item, which was nice to hear her reaction, and SO glad she's got a nice legible signature. Looking at the digital downloads, she got through over 1000 photos!!! Definitely a busy day for her!
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