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  1. AndyDrums

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER MAYHEW

    Got Peter today. He was in a fantastic mood and we had a good 5-minute or so chat, about the story behind the image I got signed. He was laughing and joking and was generally a great experience. May be down to the fact this show was a lot quieter than when he was last there.
  2. Really happy about this. Ian's played a few characters in the new Star Wars films
  3. Great guest! Makes me even more glad I was able to get him for £40 last year though :)
  4. AndyDrums

    Guest Suggestions

    The Young Ones reunion (obviously sadly never going to be complete), but I'd be happy with the 3 surviving members.
  5. AndyDrums

    Guest Suggestions

    Misfits guests would be awesome! Also, Josh Brolin, and a bunch of Star Wars actors would be cool.
  6. AndyDrums

    Guest Suggestions

    As cool as it would be, how many of us have £250+ to drop on his autograph?
  7. AndyDrums

    Autographs still wet.

    I've done it myself for a couple years, and it works fine. Whatever pen Garrick Hagon used on a photo recently, stayed tacky for days, so I gave that a spray and it's fine now.
  8. AndyDrums


    Friday afternoon, I was getting Alan Austen on one and waiting for Bob Spiker... A trader walked up to Frank Henson's table and wanted 70 items done. The girl working his desk quite rightly refused to let him have that many.
  9. AndyDrums

    LFCC programs...

    I managed to get one late Saturday morning, so they definitely exist.
  10. AndyDrums

    Guest interactions.

    All the guests I met this year were fantastic and the only one I couldn't get a photo with, was Tony Robinson. Ray Park was brilliant at the photoshoot and at the table. First image the pen was running out, so he signed another image and told me to keep the original. Tony Robinson was a good laugh. I spotted his board said "Tim Team" so I pointed it out and asked him who Tim was. He thought it was brilliant and wanted to find someone who's actually called Tim Team. Really nice guy and a lot of time for his fans, even if the crew were trying to hurry him up.
  11. AndyDrums

    Step counts?

    I only did 2hrs Friday, but still hit about 13000. Yesterday I was there from 7, and hit 26667. That and 4 hrs sleep two nights in a row, and I'm partly glad I'm not there again today.
  12. AndyDrums

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    Didn't meet him myself, but someone was saying that he was so quiet in the afternoon, that he had an open queue.
  13. AndyDrums

    Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Yesterday he was along the back wall on the far right. They were putting up new guest signs last night before I left, and his was still up, so he may be in the same place.
  14. Really hoping he shows up tomorrow! Had photo op last year, until he cancelled.