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  1. AndyDrums

    Guest suggestions

    Tim Rose would be the obvious choice, as there are already 3 Mon Calamari attending.
  2. AndyDrums


    I've left now, but at about 1:30, the sign said he was resting and would be back to sign from 2 until 4.
  3. AndyDrums

    First time attendee with a few questions!

    As Raylenth just said, VERY unlikely with Robert Patrick, if you turn up at that time. I got VQ 167 yesterday and when I checked at 3:45, he was only on number 80! I did eventually manage to get him, at about 5:30, but that was only because his queue has got a bit shorter, so they let 2 of us in. They were still only calling up to 120 at that point.
  4. AndyDrums

    General Chat

    They're in the programme. LCC Spring is 29th Feb & 1st March LFCC Summer is 24th - 26th July
  5. AndyDrums

    Peter Serafinowicz

    Was gutted he cancelled today, but I'm back Sunday, so hopefully he does actually attend, and I can get him then
  6. AndyDrums


    If you need him, don't wait! He's not getting any younger, and by all accounts, he's not been too well recently. Met Alan last year and he's a lovely bloke, with some great stories.
  7. AndyDrums

    Answers to FAQ

    Yep, Mike Quinn last year! Had to be moved upstairs and still needed more space. Ended up a VERY popular guest!
  8. AndyDrums

    Who are you meeting!?

    Doing Friday and Sunday this year, so hoping to meet a fair few; Robert Patrick Billy Dee Williams Peter Serafinowicz Erin Kellyman Corey Dee Williams Derek Arnold Tom Wilton Jessica Henwick Barbara Frankland Amanda Noar Annette Jones Alan Fernandes Ross Beadman Andy Bradford May add a few more smaller guests and a photoshoot or 2.
  9. Great guest! Was bringing a Cloud-riders multi shot to get Derek Arnold on, so will definitely be adding Erin to it
  10. Apparently someone at ILM has said that Alan was the person riding Marji, and not Bob Spiker. All gets very confusing!
  11. AndyDrums


    Now we need Warwick Davis for Willow...
  12. AndyDrums

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    He turned down 7-figures for Celebration. I doubt he's likely to do any more conventions, sadly.
  13. AndyDrums

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER MAYHEW

    Got Peter today. He was in a fantastic mood and we had a good 5-minute or so chat, about the story behind the image I got signed. He was laughing and joking and was generally a great experience. May be down to the fact this show was a lot quieter than when he was last there.
  14. Really happy about this. Ian's played a few characters in the new Star Wars films