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  1. Salo Gardner

    this was posted on Facebook Salo Update: We tried again friday but he had just had a physio session so wasn't up to it. I feel your frustration but we are really working hard to nail a date with him.
  2. Salo Gardner

    Did you see the Facebook update? If not apparently they went to him twice and apparently he's turned them away twice as he's not been up to it !!
  3. Guest Suggestions

    OT STAR WARS guests Admiral ackbar - Tim rose Amanaman - Ailsa Berk At-at commander - Julian glover B-wing pilot- David stone Ev9d9 - richard Marquand General madine- Dermot Crowley Hammerhead - Jon berg/ Phil Tippett Imperial gunner - Steve gawley/joe Johnston Nien nunb- Mike Quinn Power droid - rusty goffe Ree yees - Paul springer Romba - Debbie carrington Snaggletooth - Alf mangan/hazel allen Squid head- Gerald home Tusken raider - bob spiker Walrus man - Tommy Ilsley Warok - John Cummings 21b - Danny delk/Ron hone/Roy Rodgers/randy thorn and of course Luke skywalker himself- mark hamill
  4. Guest Suggestions

    That would be an amazing photo op, all 4 of the crew!!!!
  5. London Film Fair

    Yes hopefully in the future they'll add it to the forum!!!!
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Julian glover
  7. Hi, I've asked on a Star Wars autograph site on Facebook and apparently that is not him in either
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Scream queen Danielle Harris and any Michael Myers and Jason voorhees !!!!
  9. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Received my lfcc lot today 1 photo isn't there and 1 is the wrong photo I ordered:( I'll be messaging after the Amsterdam con
  10. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    Cool I'll be keeping an eye on the pre order service !!!
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - GABBY WONG

    They're probably be putting them up soon on the preorder site as they normally do after London has finished
  12. Me him at lfcc, nice guy !!!
  13. Pamela Anderson

    I've got ...... ? What have you got, I need to know!!!!