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  1. Could end up in hotel longer, especially if they have covid before end of 10th day and charged extra if they have it on 2nd day
  2. I reckon perspex glass separating them from fans and wearing a mask
  3. They won't cancel, they will just keep postponing until they finally can do convention.
  4. I can't personally seeing it happen, the vaccine won't get here quick enough and no way would SM ever operate at a loss
  5. Refunds would have been better as now you only have a 2yr window and what if dates are bad for people who want to go, or this virus lasts longer than 2yrs
  6. That maybe so for Photoshoots, but what about autographs, you think they will have perspex glass, or will it be like at shops where you have fan go up to table and guest walking backwards, then fan walking back a bit, like it was a weird new "con dance"
  7. The longer they delay cancelling, the more they earn on interests in bank.
  8. everyone knows there will be no social gatherings until a vaccine is created
  9. Just keep eye on all Showmasters events, since no one is allowed to advertise rival events, so if she goes elsewhere you won't find information on this forum
  10. Missed Martin Kove, he was only one I wanted, as he had done loads of great films
  11. Wasn't it just, when you are waiting to meet the "man of your dreams"
  12. Why not tell the offender off, or report it to security, instead of waiting a year to say something
  13. Lots of grown ups wear t-shirts, especially ones related to the guest they are meeting
  14. And when Robert England was there, I was in danger of close to passing out, due to how unbearable the heat was
  15. No, now I won't be able to meet the hero's sensei of Karate Kid
  16. I have wondered why some actors, who have cancelled are still showing up to pre-order, surely it could look like they are still attending
  17. Would be nice to have some idea, so people have enough money for actors as well as comic guests as well, without looking like an idiot, when they ask for a fee, only to find they don't have enough, not easy to get cash from machines and most of them charge
  18. One thing I never got, there was a wrestling guest at LFCC, but had no photoshoots and sign saying "no photos" at table
  19. Having Velvet Sky love my Annie Social t-shirt and that she is still friends with her has been my best, although that was In Million Keynes but still run by Showmasters. Meeting Melina this time
  20. Sucks that William Zabka is last on Friday, it's a cruel summer and after moving from New Jersey, I had to learn Karate from old Chinese dude, that makes it feel like a chore
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