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  1. Nice, shame it's not for lfcc but I'll defo be doing the send in for him !!!!
  2. Finally got round to finishing umbrella academy, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Might have to start a poster, hopefully I can find one at the show
  3. Some more Friday the 13th guests would be cool especially ari Lehman!!!
  4. Well the new Ghostbusters film is out in 2020 ...... so ......
  5. From dawn of the dead (1978) David emge and Ken foree
  6. Triple h, does that count or should I say HHH ???
  7. He walked passed my wife and was whistling to himself with a smile on his face
  8. Was gutted not to get her auto today, not really sure what was going on with her queue today !!!
  9. Was on top form today, cracking jokes and making people laugh!!!! Him and cj Graham need to do a show together!!!
  10. What a lovely man, really chatty and a pleasure to meet !!!! He had to dash to the loo and the showmaster blue shirt was even singing his praises saying how nice he is !!!
  11. Met him today, such a lovely man!!!! Chatted to my 2 kids and then told me that I have a beautiful family!!!!!
  12. Looking forward to seeing him on Sunday!!! Was he on vq at all ?
  13. Was he vq at all ? Just trying to gauge who to rush to first? Cheers
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