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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - MARK STRONG

    Great announcement and at £35.....bargain. Good job yet again, Showmaster.
  2. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Huge stab in the dark here, Emilia Clarke for GoT collectors or Harrison Ford for Star Wars completists.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    I haven't posted in a while, but logged in because it's worth mentioning. But it's guests like Megan Fox which makes LFCC one of the best film convention if not the BEST convention in the world. Others just can not compete. Well done SM. Good job.
  4. Tara Palmer Tomkinson

    At 45 from a brain tumour. Life can be unfair.
  5. Big Guest Announcement Friday (10th Feb) at 7pm

    Someone mentioned Stallone. Technically he will be a first time signer because all he did was photos. However, I don't think it will be him (especially since on IMDB he is a busy man). Since I was right with Pele for Collectormania 24, I hope to be right on the money again. I reckon this guest will be an addition to the Back to the Future theme. Billy Zane? or as guessed earlier Elisabeth Shue?
  6. Sports Guest Announcement this Friday @ 7pm

    Called it. Do I win a diamond pass ?
  7. Sports Guest Announcement this Friday @ 7pm

    It won't be Sir Andy I'm afraid - this event clashes with Roland Garros/French Open. Considering the guests announced to date from football, snooker, and boxing - I reckon it's from one of those fields. Has Lennox Lewis done an event like this before? Or Pele?
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WILSON

    WOW, great announcement SM. I'm now tempted to go for the diamond pass. Sorry to sound like an idiot, is it a photo opportunity with Tom Wilson & the tombstone or is it photo with Tom Wilson separate and a photo with the tombstone (no Tom)? Also, I'm glad it's a BTTF talk - it sounds like there is going to be more BTTF guests (otherwise it'll be a Tom Wilson talk).
  9. Big Guest announcement Friday at 7pm

    Honey G. "You say Honey and I say G"
  10. Paid Talks watching for FREE!

    I sat in four paid talks and I have no issue if those who didn't pay were able to listen in on the talk. I'm at the talks listening to the guests. I would only have a problem if they snuck in a grabbed a seat. But that was never the issue over the course of the weekend.
  11. LFCC 2016 Feedback Thread

    I've been going to LFCC summer since 2010. In terms of venue lay-out 2016 was the best, ever. Do not change the formula.
  12. Who WOWed You At LFCC?

    All of the guests did. But more importantly, Showmaster for delivering the perfect LFCC.
  13. Photos Thread

    Here are my photos from Sunday: https://flic.kr/s/aHskAWgLXh
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - FAMKE JANSSEN

    I have been told this is how it always is. I can appreciate the touching as it is her personal space and not everyone is tactile however a hello or thanks even a quick nice to see you would be appreciated ohh amd an expression that didnt make you think shed rather be anywhere else. I mean jer bodyguard was almost in pic and said the thanks. Get over yourself Famke. Sorry I can't go along with the 'guests may be having an off day' excuse. I work in an office and have to deal with people face to face and over the telephone. If I was having an off day I would be expected not to bring it to work! No excuse for a guest not to be polite for a paying customer. I disagree. We're humans. We're not perfect. Famke only had two hours sleep. I reckon she'll sleep well tonight and be back to normal tomorrow.