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  1. I'm guessing Mandeep is busy because of CSI Las Vegas. Hope SM can invite her when she's free.
  2. I have seen photoshoots from a convention in September 21. No divider at all. There were hugs and arms around shoulders. If people are vaccinated or people have negative test results. Hugs and arms around shoulders is going to happen.
  3. The positives are the guests that will still be coming in November. That's great news and good job SM. The sad thing is the possible "new normal" which may prevent hand shakes with guests. But we still get to meet them.
  4. There are also online market places that offer lodging (not hotels) e.g. air bnb
  5. I will be playing close attention to that event as well. That's a city that is also easy to reach by train (London to Brussels, Brussels to Koln, Koln to Dortmund).
  6. This year and last year I had to travel from London to Birmingham. I wasn't really fussed as Birmingham is easy to reach by train (I'm home in time for dinner :)). Isn't there a 2020 show in Germany or is that another organiser (feel free to delete this sentence mods if it is).
  7. I said it last year, but say it again this year. Selling tickets through Eventbrite is awesome. On the train on the way to the NEC, I booked two photoshoots for the same day on my phone. I don't do things last minute but wasn't sure when I was arriving. HINT: If buying photoshoot tickets on your phone, make sure you are at a station as signal is sketchy in between stops. Back on topic...Sunday was a breeze. Photoshoots with George Takei, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Alice Eve. All went on time.
  8. All pros for me. It was a busy weekend for me personally so I could only do the Sunday. Took a train from London, arrived 10:35. Through the door 10:45. Realised that I could do the Rapp/Cruz duo photoshoot. Went online, paid for it through Eventbrite and started queuing with ticket at 10:50 (I saw the queue for on the day photoshoots and saw it was long - but I must stress how quick and easier it is to do it online). Had photos with most of the Discovery season two cast (Sonequa/Isaac, Wiseman, Latif) - missed out on Doug Jones so hope he returns in 2019 . Saw dealers, displays and museum in between shoots. Caught the 13:00 train back to London helping me to arrive early enough to complete my other weekend chores and chill. I achieved all that because: 1. The schedules were published early 2. Eventbrite photoshoots tickets still available up to point of scheduled shoot time 3. Lots of space...lots and lots of it 4. Everything ran on time I'll definitely go to the 2019 show - haven't met George Take yet but hope to see the new season two cast members there too.
  9. This is great news...can't wait to see the new stars in season two
  10. Going this Sunday but keen to see your pics.
  11. There's a Tesco Express across the road. You're allowed to leave and return. Just make sure your hand gets stamped.
  12. After reading other members' messages, I have to agree, good job to the volunteers. I can single them out but they all deserve praise.
  13. I hear you point re: prices. But encouraging these stars to come over isn't cheap. Nonetheless, they also rarely come over. I'm referring to the likes of Steven Seagal, David Duchovny etc. The only way too see them to to travel across the Atlantic and flights/hotels are in excess of a photoshoot price. In my opinion, the price offered by Showmasters is fair and no hobby comes cheap. As for the digital photos, from my experience, cloud based facilities and the time taken to upload them do not come free.
  14. I had nine photoshoots on Sunday, whilst some clashed, I had no problem. Had a chance to sit and rest too. So turned out to be a very relaxing event. With the line-up this year and ease for me today, arguably one of the best LFCC for me (been going since 2010).
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