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  1. Wrong Name

    Horror Fans - Discussion

    Hi cam, There is already a massive section on horror at this link: https://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?/forum/34-horror/
  2. Wrong Name

    Films watched in 2019

    Compared to my last updates, this is just a small one: Cinema Godzilla: King Of The Monsters - Big dumb monster fun! The plot is almost non-existent, things just happen, but that's not what you're looking for in a film like this. The monsters get a lot more screen time and some of the fight scenes are epic! I do still prefer the first film in this new series to this though. Ghostbusters - Saw this on the big screen for the very first time. This is the best movie of all time. unfortunately the screen I saw it on was not the best but I was surrounded by hundreds of hardcore Ghostbusters fans, which made it one of my best cinema experiences ever! Toy Story 4 - A great continuation of the franchise. If this is where they end it though, I'd be disappointed as it didn't quite hit the emotional notes it could have. Some great new characters and a decent plot. I'll be adding it to my collection. Brightburn - This turned out to be too much of a jump scare horror for me. I had been looking forward to it but I hadn't realised they were going quite as 'modern horror' with it as they did. Some parts were stretched out and there is a major plot point that doesn't get resolved. Not bad, but not as good as I'd hoped. Child's Play (2019) - I have become a big fan of the original movies lately (still working my way through them) so I was interested by this but wary as the quality of modern remakes hasn't been great. This did a good job of making it it's own thing, yet still honouring the classic slasher horror. I miss the personality of the original Chucky, and am not a huge fan of the A.I. stuff they did. And as much as I love Mark Hamill, having him do Chucky's voice took me out of the film as I could easily tell it was him. Home Child's Play 2 - A nice sequel to the original, continuing the story. This is a poor film in many ways but is great a slasher b-movie. Chucky on form! Child's Play 3 - I had been wary of this one due to it being linked to some serious events in the 90's, but honestly, this was the worst of the series so far. Chucky was on form, but the plot in the army base was a weird setting that didn't really work for me. Took me so long to realise the main guy was Jimmy Olsen from the New Adventures of Superman! Leprechaun 2 - Wow this was awful! I still had fun with it but the horror aspect was hardly there and everyone and everything in this film was dumb! I'll keep watching them though! Can You Ever Forgive Me? - This is a rare thing for me. A Melissa MaCarthy film I actually liked! She works so much better as a dramatic actress than when she does comedy. For me at least. Richard E Grant on form here too. Even though the acts she carries out are criminal, the film makes you understand why she does it and sympathiser with her. Good film. Creed - Had a rewatch of this, and still love it. A fitting continuation of the Rocky films Creed II - Well, I watched the first, so why not carry on? Also a great sequel. I hope we get more. Ghostbusters - I know, I watched it in the cinema, but a new anniversary Blu-Ray came out so I watched it with the fan commentary on. These guys know more about the film and how it was made than the people that made it! Worth a listen. Ghostbusters II - I carried on and listened to the first ever commentary track for GB2 with the cast and crew. Not nearly as informative as the GB1 fan one but still a good few notes in there.
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    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    The maths on that definitely doesn't check out.
  4. Wrong Name

    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    Even if they were announced (no way for Harrison. Hamill has more of a chance), I would still say that this is not meant as a clue. SM don’t give clues much anymore as it has caused problems in the past.
  5. Wrong Name

    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    Put a bunch of Ghostbusters fans in uniform together and we break out into this dance every ten minutes or so.
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    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    Someone has to fill in while the bear’s not here.
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    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    With how the forum is these days, it’s unsurprising that threads turn into anything, except what they’re meant to be.
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    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2019

    I believe that Rob Liefeld will be charging though.
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    You wish he'd said it more often?
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    Cheer up! You're on holiday!
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    Changing his looks aren't going to save what looks to be a bad movie.