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  1. General Chat

    Fair enough, she is cute, but I don’t think this ‘guy’ you know is her type. If you know what I mean.
  2. General Chat

    She was very sweet, super excited to see everyone, and quite chatty. Why do you ask?
  3. General Chat

    This was with a Posco too, but red isn’t their best colour as it’s a bit pale. Their other colours are much brighter. I love the colour of this blue one
  4. General Chat

    My Doc Ock, and Ian McKellen autos in the 2018 auto section were done with a Gold Posco
  5. General Chat

    I have tried both the Posco water based and Sharpie Oil based now, and I have to say that after hearing such good things about the Sharpie ones, I was disappointed. Not sure if it just didn't like the poster I had but the pen did not come out well and was not as vibrant as I would have liked. I think I'll be using the Posco from now on, even though it takes a long time to dry.
  6. Nichelle Nichols

    I have some bad news for you on this one...
  7. Digital JPEG idea.

    Not sure what you mean here. It seems that SM's system doesn't allow for photos to be available digitally straight away, or I would imagine they would have already started doing this. As for having the 'add on' I would think that they would charge the extra £5 on each ticket for this, which is just the same as the people who actually want the digital version, going to the site to buy it.
  8. Main Stage Talks.

    There were signs up saying no videoing at all the entrances to the main stage
  9. Any advice?

    As much as I agree it's a horrible situation and I hope clairefun recovers soon, I do get why Showmasters do it. If they allowed refunds for this it would just open it up for people to take advantage of and would come up will all sorts of ways to bend or break the rules. It has to be refunds for all (which could lead to many, many issues) or refunds for none or the system just won't work.
  10. General Chat

    Yeah... can't see those lasting too long on here.
  11. General Chat

    Like everything at the moment, it has a place on the schedule, but no times that it will be available.
  12. General Chat

    Here is the current 2019 schedule for you...
  13. General Chat

    It’s a good song, what’s the problem?
  14. Nicely done. Glad you had a great time.