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  1. Films watched in 2018

    Cinema A Quiet Place - Nice concept but ultimately a standard monster horror story with less talking! Still enjoyed it though and would watch again. Avengers: Infinity War - My film of the year so far and honestly I think it'll be hard to beat. Definitely now my favourite Marvel movie. Thanos is the best comic book villain we have seen and this is his movie. The film handles the multiple big personalities of all the leads from the MCU really well with nearly everyone getting their turn to shine. I realise this is no record, but I saw it 4 times (which is a lot for me!) and can't wait to watch it again! Deadpool 2 - A great sequel for the franchise but not quite as good as the first. I laughed from the opening to end of the credits and Ryan Reynolds does a great job again of bring the merc with a mouth on the screen. The story wasn't amazing but was still an enjoyable watch. Solo: A Star Wars Story - This one didn't do much for me. It was ok. Nothing offensive to the universe, but nothing really stood out as an awesome scene that will stay in my memory forever, and even The Last Jedi had that! Very standard action film that was entertaining enough. Donald Glover did a great job as Lando (as he does with everything he touches!) but Alden Ehrenreich just was not Han Solo for me. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom -- This was basically what I expected it to be. None of the Jurassic Park sequels have managed to be as good as the first but this one doesn't take last place for me either (JP3 still easily holds that title). I was hoping the story might have moved further along than it had since the last Jurassic World and it seemed to tread over a lot of the same ground as it and a couple of the other movies, but it still had dinosaurs and dinosaurs are cool, so I liked it. Home Making Fun: The Story of Funko - I don't collect any Funkos but I do enjoy documentaries on Netflix! This was kinda cool. Was nice to see how the business got started and grew to the monster we all know it to be today. They have been around a lot longer than I realised, and the recent HQ in the states looks amazing! I, Tonya - I really enjoyed this, and that's something I never thought I'd say about an ice skating movie! A bit more violent than I was expecting and the characters are as messed up as they are funny, and considering it's based on real events, that's not cool! If you can handle every other word being a curse word and strong themes of violence then give this a watch. Black Panther - Hadn't seen this since my first watch at the cinema. Still a really good film and great edition to the MCU.
  2. New Attendees advice thread

    Usually the host will ask the guest a few questions at first then open it up to the audience. People put their hands up and a crew member then has a wireless microphone that they take round the room to whoever is gonna ask the next question, sometimes selected by that crew member, sometimes by the host or even the guest.
  3. Online Shop Closing Date?

    Not just wifi, but the networks themselves. I remember one year at Earl's Court when the EE network crashed due to so many people being on it.
  4. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Orlando Bloom and Alfred Molina
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    Actually, yes. Mads Mikkelson once had a diamond pass released after his initial announcement I believe.
  6. I personally think it's SM trying not to use the word 'big' or similar as that has been interpreted different ways causing some... confusion, shall we say. I don't think it is a clue as SM have not been keen on doing those recently either.
  7. Guest Cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    I didn't see them, but I would say that the same collector's books will be used for LFCC and that they just included some pics of past events, one of which happens to be with Jonathan. I would not take it as a hint of any kind.
  8. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Jim Cummings, Jess Harnell, Kevin Conroy, John DiMaggio, Letitia Wright, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic, Rob Grant, Roserio Dawson, BILL FREAKIN MURRAY!!! (and Jan Vogler)
  9. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    It's stuff like this which is why I don't write much on here anymore.
  10. General Chat

    They have said that it is guestS, but that could mean one for each or it could mean several. I very much doubt we'll get any more info before the announcement now.
  11. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    You know my answer to that.
  12. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    THIS!! Very much this!
  13. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Tanith is a big Saw fan so people are just trying to raise her hopes. For no real reason.
  14. General Chat

    I think we’d all choose Jeff Goldblum, right?
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Michelle Ryan was announced for Sheffield and Birmingham at the same time though? Well, 15 mins apart if you want to be fussy (have a look at the time stamps on the announcement threads)