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  1. Yup. And all the food is plastic etc. It was cool to see all the fake set extensions and behind the scenes etc. A lot of mirrors used to make the place look bigger than it is. Here’s a couple of pics I took.
  2. It basically felt like it. It was part of the tour I went on at Universal Studios in Hollywood a couple of years ago. I wasn’t massively impressed as it did just feel like being in a supermarket. But I guess that’s what they were going for!
  3. Pretty sure @Raylenth has a photo like that.
  4. Pretty sure @Raylenth has a photo like that.
  5. Seeing as they famously hate each other, not sure them coming together would be a good idea! And if they didd I wouldn't expect a joint shoot or anything.
  6. Other people have already.
  7. I don't think anyone from SM is particularly reading anything on here since the mods all left.
  8. I think she was asking about the film, not what you were doing while watching it.
  9. They have said that they have a lot of money tied up in hotels and flights for guests. Most likely they are doing deals with those companies to move them to new dates. Keeping that in mind, it means that Showmasters themselves don't actually have the cash to be able to refund everyone if they offered it. The vouchers allow them to basically keep the company going at a time where a lot of companies are having to close because of the virus and lack of income. They have had some cash coming in from the autograph sales, but this probably isn't even close to what they would make from a regular year
  10. It is extremely rare that people who buy photos don’t get them as long as they are in the right place at the right time. In the 7 years I’ve been going to Showmaster’s events, I think I’ve only seen it maybe once and those were due to unexpected circumstances. So yes, if you buy the photo, you’ll get it.
  11. What If I made a third guest suggestion thread? Would that help?
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