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  1. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    No. Rampage was fun. Well, it's a bit early to make any real views on it yet, but the teaser trailer was awesome and hit the perfect tone for me. I'm hearing some rumours at the moment that aren't exactly the route I expected them to take, but nothing is ringing any alarm bells with me like the last one did. I like Jason Reitman's films and as Ivan and Dan are involved in it's creation, I'm hoping for the best. We'll see.
  2. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    Bad acting, terrible plot, awful script. I loved it!
  3. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    The shop generally stays open up to and during the event these days, with most photo ops on sale even on the day of the shoot.
  4. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    Yeah, for a smaller show, I can't see SM hiring multiple halls that won't really be used apart from as a corridor.
  5. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    As the hall being used is over the other side of Olympia, I doubt the same entrance hall will be used, if they have an entrance hall at all.
  6. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    But where will Tigger and Piglet sleep?
  7. Wrong Name

    Films watched in 2019

    You can do better than that. Are you even trying anymore?
  8. Wrong Name

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Katherine McPhee
  9. Wrong Name

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Yeah.... no
  10. Wrong Name

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Ian McKellen on my LOTR Poster! He signed above Aragorn, but he’s on there so who cares!
  11. Wrong Name

    Kane Hodder

    Although it's not impossible that he could, it would have been most likely that he would have been announced for Sheffield at the same time as London if he was able to. It would be great if you could keep any guest suggestions you might have in the Guest Suggestion thread, just to try and keep things nice and tidy. Thanks.
  12. Wrong Name

    No apparent ticket sales links on CMB and LFCC websites

    There's also a big "Buy Tickets" button in the top right of both front pages that take you to the Eventbrite pages.
  13. Wrong Name

    Guest Suggestions

    Hugh Jazz!!
  14. Wrong Name

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHAEL ENSIGN

    Met him before and he is truly lovely! Might have to send in my Ghostbusters poster for him as I hadn't started it last time we met.
  15. Wrong Name

    Guest Cancellation - Charles Dance

    aaah shucks