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  1. Remember those couple of weeks when there were some new mods on here to help people? That was nice wasn’t it. I wonder what happened to those guys?
  2. https://www.showmasterssales.com/collections/dst-uk-preorders-2021
  3. From how the Film Fair was run at the weekend, it was down to the discretion of the guest. Only a couple of them from what I saw used a screen. None wore masks in the shoot from what I saw (but I have seen pictures from other places where guests have. Most were happy for the shoots to be as they always have been, even with some hugs and poses!
  4. As is always stated with these events, there is no such thing as a finalised guest list. Guests have even been announced during the show in the past. With a couple of months to go, anything could happen.
  5. I think it was at the same time as Collectormania, which was at least a couple of months ago. Can’t remember exactly when.
  6. You must have missed that announcement. Yes it has.
  7. I don’t think Ernie’s been confirmed for the new dates yet.
  8. Without proper mods on here these days, I doubt this will happen any time soon.
  9. Showmasters are saying that it is. Things could change depending on what the government do at the end of the month, but assuming things go as have been announced then there’s a good chance it will. Unfortunately it’s hard right now to know exactly what will happen.
  10. Without any mods around these days, you might be better off trying to ask SM via social media if you can.
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