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  1. You must have missed that announcement. Yes it has.
  2. I don’t think Ernie’s been confirmed for the new dates yet.
  3. Without proper mods on here these days, I doubt this will happen any time soon.
  4. Showmasters are saying that it is. Things could change depending on what the government do at the end of the month, but assuming things go as have been announced then there’s a good chance it will. Unfortunately it’s hard right now to know exactly what will happen.
  5. Without any mods around these days, you might be better off trying to ask SM via social media if you can.
  6. For some reason, his are on the pre-sales site... https://www.showmasterssales.com/collections/lfcc2021-pre-orders
  7. As they bought tickets for last year, the con HAS been postponed, so they should be entitled to a refund.
  8. There seems to be a weird thing that guests who were announced for previous shows don’t necessarily have tickets available on the store. I don’t know if this means that they haven’t reconfirmed or SM have simply forgotten to add them. However... The part you refer to about only being able to buy at the show on the website only refers to the autograph, which is the same for every guest. Photos and diamond passes SHOULD be available in the store. If they were sold out, then they would be in the store with a sold out notice next to them. It would be great if SM could actually confirm for people what is happening as it is very confusing right now, but I believe that they are just saying “all guests are on the website” then not selling tickets for half of them!
  9. I’m afraid ‘new-normal’ is likely to be around in some capacity for a while. Look at history and how previous pandemics and life changing events have effected society long after they were over. This is just something we will have to accept and live with I’m afraid.
  10. This is a decision made by the government. Showmasters aren’t going to spend money on it if they don’t have to. I’m not 100% sure what method of proof the government will require for these tests but if it’s something on the app, then I would strongly advise everyone gets it if they want to get in an event like this. This is the 21st century after all!
  11. No worries, it’s all very different right now. Just know that if everything goes to plan, all social distancing rules should be removed in June. With the way they are trialing these mass events next month, people need to take a Covid test just before attending, then it will go ahead as normal. Only you can decide if you want to attend though.
  12. As has been said many times before in other threads on here, if the government decides that events like this can go ahead, then it will. Like many other companies in the world, SM have suffered this year with not being able to hold their shows. Insurance companies will not pay out if they decide to cancel off their own back, so they would lose even more money. If you don’t feel safe going to a con this year, that’s fine, don’t go. Trust me when I say that there are many people out there looking forward to just being able to get out there and do things again though!
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