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  1. Boris Johnson might have some free time soon. Why not get him along and do a costume shoot in his clown makeup?
  2. As I said, this is not information that has been given out before, and I doubt will be this time either. Get there as early as you can would be my advice.
  3. Guests can cancel at any time due to many reasons. However I do know that Christopher has been in the UK filming recently, so my guess is that he could well still be here for that.
  4. We’re never given a specific time but it could well be from when the con opens.
  5. I’m not looking for any arguments but I think at this point, everyone knows about masks and those who want to wear them, will wear them.
  6. Diamond is usually 3 at a time, busy guests 5 at a time, none busy guests at their and the crews discretion depending on the size of the queue. If you need more you can queue up again but limit will be the same.
  7. Christopher Lloyd did one in 2015. I believe there have been one or two others as well.
  8. I know he’s cancelled now, but I wanted to point out that there have actually been diamond exclusive talks in previous years. Not many, but it has happened.
  9. Usually they just give you vouchers to hand over to any £10 guest. I don’t recall them ever doing a list.
  10. I believe Universal have had a bigger presence at LFCC in the past, more than any other studio.
  11. Jim Fye played the Scoleri brother and ghost jogger in Ghostbusters II, not Jim Fyfe. Trust me, I’ve met him. Someone’s messed up on IMDb.
  12. No, he is Jim Fye. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3939237/
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