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  1. Wrong Name

    Films watched in 2019

    We've been wondering that
  2. Wrong Name

    Films watched in 2019

    Yes. That’s why i’m here.
  3. Wrong Name

    Films watched in 2019

    Youngsters? It was given the name A New Hope in 1981 when it was re-released into cinemas.
  4. Wrong Name

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    You can only pre-buy autos through the diamond pass (of which I believe only Christopher Lambert has one) and that guarantees you the auto. Otherwise you can only by autos at the show.
  5. Wrong Name

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    Click on it
  6. Wrong Name

    Guest Suggestions

    SM presents Ravcon 2019
  7. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    Forum photoshoot?!
  8. Wrong Name

    Photo's are up

    Usually, the photographer will take a shot of the guest by themselves at the start of a session to make sure the lighting is right, etc. I imagine it is on page 7 as Jenna May have had 2 shoots and the one from the start of the second shoot has accidentally been added to the store.
  9. Wrong Name

    LFCC Pre-order = arrived!

    Yay! he signed it in the right place this time!
  10. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    You got another cold?
  11. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    Has Raylenth and Nate popped over for a visit?
  12. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    Nah the voices in my head tend to be loud, annoying and idiotic. Some of them just constantly scream. It's fine. I can't talk about who 'they' are. I've already said too much. Some souls must be saved.
  13. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    You can always pack a bag anyway? I find it’s always best to have a bag packed incase ‘they’ ever find me.
  14. Wrong Name

    Guest Map Next Year

    Really? I don’t remember seeing that.