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  1. Terrible news to have woken up to. I first saw him in Get On Up playing James Brown and loved him in the role. I was ecstatic hear he had been cast as T'Challa in Black Panther and so impressed with what he brought to the character. He will be greatly missed.
  2. I was posting about my opinions. I care enough about myself to make posts about me.
  3. Looking at your Facebook, it does look to be set to private. I’ve never tried posting from there to here though so you probably know more than me! If it does work then those privacy settings seem pretty useless to me!
  4. For the record, I didn’t care.
  5. I would imagine you need to have your privacy settings for the picture set to public as well
  6. I hope you didn't hassle him to get that?
  7. Nope. I steal my Netflix from someone else's account.
  8. That does actually work in the UK
  9. I believe that he does private signings at home these days (which where the recent photos were taken). It is VERY rare that he actually attends an event.
  10. Is that just a picture of Mr Bleming before he lost his hair?
  11. You might want to edit your post, as it's against forum rules to mention any non-Showmasters events on here.
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