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  1. General Chat

    I've been robbed. After I worked so hard to steal it myself too.
  2. Very nice guest at an amazing price! Surprised he's not been kept for tonight's announcements!
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - IVY WONG

    I've met Ivy, and yeah, it was a bit different from meeting older guests but she and her Dad were lovely.
  4. General Chat

    He's part of Showmasters and a mod on here. He lives up to that name and I promise you, you won't miss him at a con if he's about!
  5. General Chat

    No running or you will feel the wrath of Too Tall!
  6. General Chat

    I buy on the website because it's generally easier to see everything, but as an iPhone user, I have all the tickets stored in the Wallet app that I use at the show and don't print anything. With the amount of tickets I've bought over the last few years, I think I've probably saved a small forest from being cut down!
  7. New Attendees advice thread

    That picture looks nothing like me
  8. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Bruce Campbell
  9. General Chat

  10. New Attendees advice thread

    I wanna report that this thread has gone off topic.
  11. New Attendees advice thread

    In GB2, he is called Slimer in the credits, but no one refers to him as that in the actual film. But in GB one he had not been named that. No.
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    On another note, there have been two people who are credited as playing Slimer in the GB films, Mark Bryan Wilson in GB1 , and Robin Shelby in GB2 (Robin also did the voice of Ms Slimer in the film we do not speak of). I have had the please to meet both and can say they are absolutely lovely people and would love to see them as guests at any SM event (along with any and all GB1984 and GB2 guests).
  13. New Attendees advice thread

    I would. Random facts: Slimer was originally called "Onion head" all through production and was only given the name 'Slimer' for the cartoon (Although the term 'Slimers' is mentioned in the film). Also, his character was meant to be a tribute to John Belushi who was originally intended to play the Venkman role before he passed away.
  14. New Attendees advice thread

    Ugly little spud, isn't he?
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Not at all. There could be reason that he wouldn't sign it at the time, such as him promoting the theatre show so he might have only been signing those items. I could be wrong as well. I said that I'm not sure why he wouldn't. There could be a very good one that I am unaware of. Edit: Also, the things QS said.