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  1. Wrong Name

    Films watched in 2018

    Apart from the odd Christmas movie, I haven't managed to watch anything new recently, except Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse which I absolutely loved! Not exactly a life changing film, but is a lot of fun and was everything I hoped it would be. Definitely one of the best Spidey outings we've had from Sony without any help since Spider-Man 2. Some Cliche characters and story archs in there but this is easily overlooked with just how beautiful the animation is and a lot of the humour and action throughout. Go see it!
  2. Wrong Name

    Guest Suggestions

    This guy doesn’t take a hint! Please stop opening new threads for suggestions.
  3. Ivy's on-screen Mum! Nice!
  4. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    I'm guessing they've sorted the error as I'm now starting to get emails from posts made during the last couple of weeks!
  5. Wrong Name

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Karl Urban Pom Klementieff Bernard Hill Jeremy Davies Richard Brake Shane Rangi
  6. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    I've found it to be a little bit flakey, especially when multiple threads are started at the same time (like multiple guests being announced). But on the whole, I have received emails for most things I have set to receive them from recently.
  7. Wrong Name

    Final Space

    I think you're getting confused with Lost In Space there buddy. Different shows.
  8. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    As stated in this thread: It is only in the National Hall. It could well be on two levels though as the National has the "balcony" type thing around the top.
  9. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    To my knowledge, this is only the second spring event (the last being a couple of years ago), although there used to be a regular Winter show. This is a lot smaller than Summer, and is only in one of the halls so yes, it tends to be quieter, but who knows how many people might attend? It’s never an easy question to answer i’m afraid.
  10. Wrong Name


    She was awesome in Cloak and Dagger.
  11. Wrong Name

    Forum Secret Santa 2018!!!

  12. Wrong Name

    Forum Secret Santa 2018!!!

    Give me your address Nate. I'll send you something real nice.
  13. Wrong Name

    Printed sizes!

    All photos are printed at the same size. I believe it is 6x9 inches.
  14. Wrong Name

    General Chat

    I’m planning a 4 hour lecture on the subject that I will record and release on DVD so you will be able to watch as many times as you need.