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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Michelle pfeiffer please. X
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Jenna Coleman please and pearl mackie x
  3. Also pearl was a personal milestone for me today, my 100th showmasters photo shoot (102 now) and also my 10th showmasters convention.. Looking forward to many more. Xx
  4. She was lovely, she said that she couldn't believe that I had travelled from Ireland just to meet her. I hope she comes to lfcc. X
  5. Thank you pearl for being so lovely and thank you showmasters for bringing pearl along, made all the aggro today well worth it. Made my day tbh. X
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Lauren Cohan, Maggie from walking dead please. X
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Would be awesome x
  8. Event Security Update

    It is a bit of a nightmare for me as I'm travelling from Ireland and have my two children with me.... I can't check in to our hotel before 3pm so I'm going to have to make my way to our hotel when we land at 8am and ask them to hold the bag, making me late to enter the arena... I think searching a bag should suffice really as I have pearl mackie merchandise that I will now have to transport in carrier bags with the risk of rain. To tell the truth, only for pearl mackie I would pull out of the entire event but hey, its pearl so I will jump through hoops. X
  9. Guest Suggestions

    After the success of john Cleese this year, why not Del Boy himself for 28th July 2018... mr David Jason, also that plonker Rodney could tag along also, Nicholas lyndhurst.. a double shoot would make many, many dreams come true. X
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Maybe Phil the power Taylor from the darting world also as he retires in January x
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Have met Ronnie O'Sullivan, jimmy white, Shaun Murphy, mark selby and Neil Robertson at past showmasters events, would love ding and some old school, Steve Davis and Stephen hendry. Any snooker addition is welcome. X
  12. Was meant to meet her in London also but will meet her eventually.... as long as pearl mackie doesn't cancel then I'm very happy to travel. Crossing my fingers and toes on pearl making it... x
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Peter capaldi and pearl mackie double shoot. X
  14. Guest Suggestions

    Corey Feldman please x
  15. Awww no, we are Saturday only, oh well, pearl mackie more than makes me happy to travel. X