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  1. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Having watched the dark knight rises (again) last night, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale. X
  2. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Chuck Norris x
  3. Diamond pass purchased at 7.01 lol. Top quality guest. X
  4. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams x
  5. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Alanna masterson, Erika eleniak, Dennis Waterman and Robbie Coltrane. X
  6. Amazing x have had him twice previously at Showmasters and has cancelled both, hopefully he will make it. X
  7. Hanklily

    Who are you meeting?

    Brandon routh (photo and auto) Iwan rhoen (photo and auto) Laura vandervoort (photo and auto) mechad brooks (photo and auto) John ratzenberger (photo and auto) Natalia Tena (photo and auto) finn Jones (diamond) jessica henwick (photo and auto) elizabeth Webster (photo and auto) ryan giggs (diamond) steve Davis and Dennis Taylor (duo and autos) phil Taylor and bobby George (duo and autos) my son photo shoots brandon routh, mechad Brooks, Helen slater , iron fist duo (we hope), John ratzenberger, Man Utd legends, nathalia Tena, Sarah Douglas, Snooker duo and darts duo..... x
  8. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Just watched Shazam today so Zachary Levi (again) and mark Strong, please x
  9. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Erika eleniak would be amazing x
  10. Delighted as I was only there Friday and Saturday last year, same this year so I’m delighted. Diamond pass, 2nd only to Christina ricci on my list. Well joint 2nd with karate kid stars, super pleased. X
  11. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Alanna Masterson please x
  12. Alanna Masterson please x