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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Erika Eleniak x
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Anna friel, loving Marcella and since we already have Jamie bamber who stars in it..... no brainer xx
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Talia shire would be amazing x
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    Two amazing announcements tonight. X
  5. Amazing announcement, top quality wrestling line up guys, love it. X
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Maggie grace x
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Please bring Lauren Cohan x
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - KRISTANNA LOKEN

    She was in my top ten most wanted list and now I’ve met her, ty Showmasters. She was lovely, so humble, so beautiful x
  9. Opinions on the day Sat

    And kristanna did not cancel, Nate! Lol so happy x
  10. Opinions on the day Sat

    I had a great two days, met kristanna after years of trying.. she didn’t disappoint. Danny Glover was lovely, they all were, valene Kane was beyond nice! I had two issues, victor meldrew queue was not called in batch order and although I did not go gold this year I made sure I was batch one for all photo shoots but somehow was behind batch 3 photoshoots and was told to join the back of the line, ok...... my other issue was sorted on the Sunday by a lovely gentleman in a red Showmasters tee!, thank u sir!!! My son got John Wesley shipp photoshoot on the Saturday and as John was in different photo area to my shoot at the time, he queued and got pic himself, he is 12, the photo was poorest quality I have seen in 5 years of Showmasters events and 6 years of conventions on a whole, u could not see their faces. I marched over and johns photoshoots had finished, I went and complained to a lady in a blue tee and was asked, what do you want out of a photo? Ummmm to see my sons face! Nothing I can do! Undeterred I took it with me on the Sunday and the kind gentleman in red agreed with me! S**t that’s horrible were his words! He promptly took my boy to the front of johns line and got a perfect pic, he ripped the other one up thankfully lol.. my son and I had 32 photoshoots between us and got all our desired autographs over the two days of my personal favourite event. Cannot wait until my 5th collectormania event in 2019. Xxx
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Jessica henwick, I always love meeting her x
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Paul Hogan, Linda kozlowski or any remaining cast from the crocodile Dundee franchise x
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Deborah Ann woll and any other daredevil cast x
  14. Guest Suggestions

    Sebastian Stan x