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  1. Omg amazing and such great value. X
  2. Stephen hendry to go with Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor would be amazing. X
  3. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Throw in some original magnum pi cast also, please x
  4. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    I’d love her to return also as I forgot my poster, left it in Ireland lol x
  5. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    I enjoyed meeting a James Bond so much yesterday that I’d love another, pierce brosnon, imagine the duo pic with Robert ‘the world is not enough ‘ x
  6. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Dennis Waterman (minder), Dempsey and makepeace (Michael Brandon and Glynis barber), Pearl Mackie, Peter capaldi and Matt lucas(for the trio photo op), Ted Danson and kirstie alley (anyone from cheers), Karen Allen, ally sheedy, Richard Dreyfuss, billie piper, Pearl Mackie, Pearl Mackie and Pearl Mackie lol xx
  7. Great fighter, the boxing legends op is very appealing x
  8. Hanklily

    Guest suggestions for DST 2019

    Whoppi Goldberg, kirstie alley and Dwight Schultz please x
  9. Hanklily

    Guest Suggestions

    Amber heard for an aquaman duo. X