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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Sophie turner, Maisie Williams and Sean bean... stark family shoot with bran. X
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Ke huy Quan from the temple of doom and the goonies.. top bloke. X
  3. Guest Suggestions

    I met James Toney at collectormania 4-5 years ago, how about his nemesis, Roy jones junior, who coincidentally retired from boxing last week. X
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Griswold reunion, Beverly d’angelo and Chevy chase. X
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Yes please, kurt Russell, my friend adores him and I would love to meet him myself lol x
  6. Guest Suggestions

    With Bret Hart being in the uk at this time, I’d love to meet him again, add him to my wrestle mania book and get a photo shoot for my son..... Bret Hart, please x
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Dwight Schultz and dirk benedict x
  8. Guest Suggestions

    David Haye and Evander Holyfield, both cruiserweight and heavyweight world champions x
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Tim robbins and Morgan freeman x
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Matt Lucas for the treble shoot with pearl and Peter. X
  11. Agreed, triple shoot would be amazing x
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Grant guston to go with John Wesley shipp from the flash x
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Kurt Russell, Jenna Coleman and Julianne Moore x
  14. Got my photo shoots with both him and bill, I will add a 3rd, a joint shoot if they go live.. great guest, so pleased x