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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Yes I'd love him, also. X
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Dwight Schultz, dirk benedict, mr t, Courtney cox, Jenna coleman, Verne troyer, mike Myers and hulk hogan. X
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Eric cantona would be amazing x
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Lauren Cohan, Sarah Wayne callies, Alana Masterson and Norman reedus.. my favs from walking dead, anyone from walking dead. X
  5. Autograph in 2017

    My list of additions to my collection in 2017 were..... Annette tierney, bai ling, Camille coduri, sam jones, manu Bennett, summer glau, Beth Phoenix, Daniel Portman, christian(WWE), Dave prowse, dean cain, Ernie Hudson (met him at two events), Helen slater, honky tonk man, john barrowman, Kristian Nairn, marc warren, Ming-na wen, Nigel benn, carl froch, Paul gascoingne, pele, Ricky Hatton, Robert Patrick, Ronnie O'Sullivan, jimmy white, Sarah butler, Steve Collins, bonnie Langford, benedict cumberbatch, Christopher Lloyd, David morrisey, demolition ax and smash, Emily Kinney, john Cleese, Kristen Renton, Lisa Marie varon, Pamela Anderson, Sarah Douglas, socal val, Steven yeun, Tricia helfer, Zoe Wanamaker, pearl mackie, David warner, steffan rhordi, William shatner, David hasselhoff, Ian mcdiarmid, Jennifer Runyon and zach galligan..... had photos will all of these in 2017 and autographs with everyone I did not already have... heading for divorce in 2018 lol lol x
  6. Guest Suggestions

    how about the superman group shot again with the addition of gene hackman.... Jamie lee Curtis, Elizabeth shue, rob Lowe, Cynthia gibb, jodi lyn o'keefe, wentworth miller and Dominic Purcell please. X
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Jodi lyn o'keefe would be a great guest for Belfast. X
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    New York style would be awesome x
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Now I am most likely attending, thanks to Danny glover, I'd love to see snooker players, Stephen hendry and Steve Davis... boxers, prince naseem hamed and Lennox Lewis.... motorsport, Nigel mansell and jenson button..... television stars from any of the super hero franchises please.. X
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Yes to all. X
  11. Guest Suggestions

  12. Guest Suggestions

    I know I have asked before but David duchovny and Gillian Anderson double shoot please, also, Deborah Ann woll, krysten Ritter, Charlie cox, Finn jones, mike colter, Rosario Dawson and sigourney weaver. X
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER

    Want to meet Danny, this probably signs me up to my 4th collectormania, have to beg my wife lol. X
  14. Met pearl at Newcastle, she was so nice, meeting her again in London. Ty showmasters, great guest. X
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Mark hamill, billy dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, peter mayhew, and although a million to one shot, Harrison ford... some old school Star Wars. X