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  1. Kyvire

    General Chat

    My guess, autocorrect changed “cute” into “foute” which is the Dutch word for “wrong”
  2. Cool! Very pleased with this announcement
  3. Yay, absolutely LOVE Rumple!! Diamond pass without blinking an eye
  4. Had the pleasure of meeting Emilie last year, she's lovely! Good job, SM
  5. YES!!!! Such a great announcement! I'm going to LFCC again!
  6. Kyvire

    grimm series cast.

    First time I saw an episode of Grimm, I didn't really like it but I ended up loving the show. It would be great to meet the cast!
  7. Kyvire

    Virtual Queues

    Just setting the record straight here, there's still VQs where necessary, but Nick Castle has hardly any queue left. I don't know who else had a hard time with the VQs, that's just who I've seen mentioned on here
  8. Kyvire

    General Chat

    Our Queen has given them as a reward for guessing announcements correctly, or when she's in a cheeky mood (mostly that)
  9. Kyvire

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    Ah man! I was so looking forward to meeting him! You're breaking my heart but can't be helped
  10. Flynn Rider, huh? Nice, might just have to pop over for an auto
  11. Kyvire

    Big Guest Announcement- Tonight 9pm

    Ooooooh!!! Who will it be?
  12. Aww no!! Here's hoping you manage to bring him back soon
  13. Kyvire

    Answers to FAQ

    It'll all become clear once you're there, don't worry. I remember when I first went, I had read everything available on the forum and still felt scared. But on the day there were a lot of moments where I suddenly understood certain things I had read. You'll be fine