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  1. Oh wow! Massive fan of Farscape, so this is an incredible announcement! Eeep! I can just hear D'argo shouting Crichtooooon!
  2. Thanks! That's good to know. I think I prefer the LFCC way as you don't know who you might manage to get on a given day, whereas at LFCC if you're at the point where you can see the pictures and paying then you're getting that autograph. But I shall just have to think carefully about who I want and just hope to get them. If not, then I have a picture of them and can always take that with me if the guest ever returns. Or, as you say, bring my own prints. Not sure where to get good prints before the event though, as I do like the selection that is usually on offer at LFCC (I assume DST will be similar on that front!). It's good to know I have to get a picture in advance, as otherwise I would have just assumed it's the same and would probably only have found out after I'd been in the queue for a bit - so this is really helpful, thank you!
  3. I'm toying with going to DST for the first time too this year (I love LFCC and it would be great to go to a Star Trek specific event!) so this is really helpful, thank you. I noticed one of the differences mentioned above between DST and LFCC is that you have to buy the photos before getting an autograph. Is there one section where you go and all the photos are there for you to pick the ones you want, or are they near the queue for that particular guest, but the only difference is that you have to buy them first? And what sort of price are the photos to get signed? As obviously the cost of the autograph will depend on the guest, but I am assuming the cost of the prints will all roughly be the same price as they're mostly all 8x10s...?
  4. I suppose it really depends upon what you want to do and what you'll be comfortable doing. I started out doing one day but now I usually do the whole weekend, as I can then spend different days on specific things. Friday is my day of looking round the stalls and getting my bearings, as it is the quietest day and am able to chat and relax a bit more. If there are guests who I want to meet who are doing the Friday then I try for them that day too, as that way if I don't get them I still have Saturday and Sunday (depending upon which days they are attending) but I can usually get a Friday guest on a Friday as there are fewer people. But there are also fewer guests on a Friday, so that is also worth considering. Saturday I just go for it - it is quite a queue heavy day, as I do autographs and the occasional photo. I know it's going to be manic, so I make sure I bring lots of water and an electric fan. But I also tend to chat with the most people on Saturday, as I am queuing for so long I get chatty with the people near me. There is often a really good vibe on the Saturday too - but it does get really busy and there are periods of the day when it can be difficult to move around. Sunday is less busy than Saturday, but not as quiet as Friday and can be spent doing the things I didn't get to do on the other days, or trying to meet the guests I didn't get to meet on the previous days. If you go all three days, you tend to have a bit more time to do things like the talks as when doing one day I found I had to limit the talks I went to, otherwise I would miss other things. This is why I do all three days and is entirely based on my own experience! If I only was able to do one day, it would probably be a Sunday though. As the guests I want are usually there, but it's a bit quieter. So it depends on you and what you enjoy/want to do. I can appreciate it's a bit of a trek for you to come to London. I live an hour and a half away, but because of train times ended up getting up really early (Sunday I was up at 3:30am to get there on time - but that was my choice and isn't something that would suit everyone!). I love the environment, so I do all three days. But you could probably get away with still getting a good experience on one day, or just on a Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Both those pencil cases sound awesome! Aw, I want both of those now!
  6. Once again the crew were amazing. I love that you often see the same people year on year returning to crew the events and they are always fun, enthusiastic and really helpful (and often very complimentary of outfits!). Massive thanks to them for spending the weekend on their feet, dealing with hundred and hundreds of people with different queries and needs, often in very hot conditions too. I genuinely think you're awesome and do an amazing job. Unfortunately, I did encounter quite a few rude con=goers over the weekend who were either just rude, or were tired and frustrated and were taking it out on the crew. One woman next to me when getting the VQ ticket for Val Kilmer kept snapping at the poor woman giving out the tickets and then, when she got one, kept snarling at her saying "I need two tickets. I SAID I NEEDED TWO TICKETS". The poor woman had hundreds of hands all waving in front of her wanting VQ tickets and this woman just kept snapping and snarling until she was given a second VQ ticket, all the while other people were wanting tickets and asking questions. I know the urgency to get the VQ tickets, but things like 'please' and 'thank you' go a long way. Everyone is trying their best. And this is why I think the crew do such an incredible job.
  7. I'm sorry that some of you seem to have had some issues with talks as a gold pass holder. I wasn't a gold this year, but was told for a couple of the free talks I attended that I couldn't sit in the front two lines because they were reserved for gold only. It might have been a mistake on the talk you went to, and that's a shame, as obviously you should have priority seating for a free talk. But for the talks I went to they seemed to have it sorted and were even checking to make sure the people sitting in the front two rows were gold and moved a few people on who weren't.
  8. I loved my DP gifts - the quote on the wallet for Gina Torres made me laugh - "We live in a spaceship dear" as I had only just watched that episode of Firefly and it will make me think of that particular section of the episode. I liked the USB stick for Christopher Eccleston too; "Lots of planets have a north" They are almost too nice to use! Like others have mentioned, I was fully expecting to get another mug or a print, so it was a pleasant surprise to get these. I see there are several different ones mentioned on here - does anyone know what the ones that haven't been mentioned were? I'm just being nosey, so no worries if not!
  9. What a weekend! It's so lovely to hear about everyone's experiences - it sounds like most were really positive, which is fantastic. I know there is that old saying about not meeting your heroes, so it's nice that so many stories here prove that wrong. I attended all three days, with Saturday being my busiest day (unsurprisingly) and Sunday was my amazing Firefly day. Ok, time for my fangirl moments... Friday My first guest of the day was David Morrissey - what a lovely man! I went to get an autograph (thankfully the line was pretty short at that time) and was able to chat a bit to him. He seemed like a really friendly guy and, as I was getting a picture of the Governor, he signed it with 'Welcome to Woodbury' which sounded so sinister with the dark picture of him with his eyepatch. Loved it! And when he saw I had my phone in my hand, he asked whether I wanted a photo. Well it would have been rude to say no! But I was so surprised as I hadn't asked or expected to be asked that it is a tad blurry, but still delighted with it. My second guest was Sylvester McCoy - I had already met him at the Spring one, but wanted a picture of him as Radagast and he was just as friendly as before. I complimented him on his waistcoat and he smiled and agreed it was a good waistcoat. I said I had met him before but wanted to get the picture of him as Radagast and he laughed and said of course I absolutely had to. He seems very quick to smile. In the afternoon I met William Shatner, who was someone I have wanted to meet for a long time. He was polite and said hello and thanked me but didn't seem inclined to chat, so I didn't spend very long with him (I understand that not all guests want to chat and was still very happy to have met him!). The only slight niggle (very slight!) was that nearly all the pictures of him as Kirk had a different event's logo on them. My last guest of the day was Billy Dee Williams who was friendly and has such a lovely smile still. Was thrilled to have met him. I didn't get to chat much with him as there was a bit of a queue at that time, but was so happy just to have met him! Saturday Oh my gosh, what a day! I had planned to be pretty busy on Saturday as I wanted to try and get as many guests on my list as possible so that I could relax more on the Sunday. I had a diamond pass for Christopher Eccleston so started the day with a photo shoot with him. He smiled, said hello, shook my hand and we had the photo. I thanked him and he shook my hand again - all in all a lovely man, but I will speak more of him below. I was really lucky and straight after my photoshoot with Eccleston I managed to get in to the queue for Val Kilmer and was ridiculously excited (I mean, it's Val Kilmer!) as he was signing my picture of him as Madmartigan I told him how great he was in that (and basically everything) and smiled and thanked me. The only sad thing for me was that I was worried about how ill he seemed, and I heard later in the day he was struggling a bit (I only heard this from others, so I don't know whether it is true). I am constantly amazed at how much people will do for their fans and meeting Val was definitely a highlight for me. After that I decided to go for the angel wings photo - I know it's not a guest, but it was still a fun experience. They even had a box for short people like me to stand on so that the wings weren't coming out of my head... I love the different prop photos on offer, though that was the only one I went for this year. I then queued for Christopher Eccleston's autograph and when I met him again he smiled and we chatted briefly (his queue was quite busy!) but I did manage to talk to him about Shakespeare and he said how he loved Shakespeare too (I was gutted to miss him in Macbeth and told him so!). He seems like a genuinely nice man, and remains very polite. My next guest was Brendan Fraser and I had to try so hard not to go to pieces as I absolutely adored him in the Mummy (and many others, but particularly the Mummy!). He was as charming as you would expect and smiled a lot whilst chatting away. When I told him how much I loved the Mummy and how I now studied ancient religion he said I was Evie! I practically skipped away after meeting him! After Brendan I met John Barrowman. JOHN BARROWMAN! I was delighted when he was announced as I have wanted to meet him for ages and he was EXACTLY as you would expect. Just as cheeky and good fun. I managed to briefly talk about Doctor Who and Arrow with him, which was brilliant. When we were talking about Captain Jack I said he has got to be one of the cheekiest companions and he laughed and said he IS the cheekiest, no question! I then went to the Jason Isaacs talk and as anyone who went will tell you - it was brilliant. And what an amazing free talk! He seemed very at ease on stage and was cracking jokes about his different roles and the types of questions he normally gets asked. A really enjoyable experience and I was glad I went. Christina Ricci was my penultimate guest and she was lovely and smiled at me and thanked me, but she had quite a queue so I wasn't able to chat to her. She is so iconic though, and I was very happy to have been able to meet her. It was a real surprise when SM announced her. I went to the Adam Baldwin free talk in the afternoon and really enjoyed it. I haven't seen everything he's been in, but will definitely want to see a few more things now. He was also very complimentary of other people, which was lovely to hear. Final guest of the day was Carrie-Ann Moss. Wow! She was lovely and I asked if she would be willing to write 'The Matrix has you' on the picture and she said absolutely. Whilst writing she did warn me that, of course, the Matrix does already have me... I then ended the day with Barrowman's talk. And what a talk it was! Having seen him do talks before I knew that whatever happened, it would be fabulous, wild and probably with quite a few obscenities thrown in. I was right! What a fun way to end the day - he was totally brilliant and it could have lasted another few hours at least! Many people asked two questions (greedy!) and he talked about so many different things he's been in and had some brilliant stories to tell. If he comes back I will definitely be getting a photo with him next time! Sunday - my Firefly Day I started the day with Adam Baldwin and said how much I had enjoyed his talk the day before. He thanked me and we were able to chat a little as there weren't many people waiting first thing. He also signed my picture of him as Jayne with one of his ruder quotes from Firefly, which I wasn't expecting! But made me smile after I saw what he'd written. I then went to get my only non-Firefly guest of the day - Jason Isaacs. I wasn't actually planning to meet him this weekend, as I couldn't really afford to meet anyone else, but had enjoyed his talk so much I thought I would at least try... He was lovely and we talked about his different things. I also said how much I enjoyed his talk and he thanked me and wanted to ask about my dress (I was wearing my Firefly dress) so we talked about that a little too, as he was explaining why he hasn't seen it. A lovely experience. I then queued for Gina Torres and was so delighted to meet her. She is basically completing amazing and has played such incredible women (and, also, doesn't appear to have aged at all...? I need her secret!). I was thrilled when SM announced her and was very happy to have been able to meet her. Early afternoon it was then time for my photo shoots, first with Adam Baldwin and then with Gina Torres. Both were lovely again and greeted me warmly. The photographer very kindly did a portrait style photo to get my dress in both. I was completely awkward with Gina, as I went to shake her hand and she went in for a hug, so then she stuck her hand out and I went in for a hug... Yay for being completely overwhelmed! But she was so lovely and even took one side of my dress to pull it out so you can read the quotes on it. I was absolutely delighted with both pictures. It was then time for Gina's talk - I was lucky enough to get to sit in the front row and really enjoyed her talk. She wasn't afraid to really give quite detailed answers to questions. Sadly I did not win one of the signed DVDs on offer, but was so happy to just ask a question (it was actually the first time I have ever asked a question as I am usually too nervous!). My final thing for the day before going home was the Brendan Fraser talk. That man is brilliant and doesn't seem to have changed at all. He started out by asking why no one has told him how friendly and complimentary con-goers are. He spent the time laughing and telling funny stories (his laugh is brilliant and completely infectious - you just can't help but laugh with him!). I was sitting near a few rows back and put my phone up to take a photo - I swear he looked right at me, smiled and winked. It was a lovely way to end what was a completely fabulous weekend. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!
  10. I'll confess that he was on the top of my 'if one of my primary guests cancels then I can afford him' pile (I can only afford a few and so then have to prioritise) but after such a brilliant talk on Saturday just had to meet him. His talk was brilliant and he seems very relaxed doing this sort of thing (contrary to what he said in his talk!) and it was a pleasure to meet him. Now I need to go and see whether my bank is willing to accept a kidney as part payment... Definitely no regrets though!
  11. The schedule looks great so far! And I am loving the amount of free talks there appear to be this year - there are some really good ones! I can't wait to see the map once it is ready to see the layout for all this, as it looks like it's going to be a good way of getting it all done. Also, oooh, look at the pretty colours...
  12. That's such a great picture! Definitely jealous of the hug, but still absolutely thrilled I got a photo with him at all. I would love him to come back and do another one, as he seemed so lovely.
  13. The preliminary schedule is looking really good so far! I'm really impressed with some of the changes that have been made too, as I think that's going to make it much easier around the photo areas. And it's great that the prop photos are open for longer, as I usually miss doing a prop photo because I run out of time. There are a lot of talks I want to go to as well. Not long to go now...
  14. I'm thrilled with the guest announcements tonight! And the ones that have been announced so far - it's an incredible line up! I hope you have an amazing weekend too
  15. It's such a great announcement! She was such a sweetheart when I met her - I hope you have an awesome time meeting her!
  16. You're right. There are still some amazing guests that I am over the moon to meet, so am not letting this spoil what was a great announcement! As then the person who did it wins.
  17. That's such a horrible thing for someone to do. I feel for the fans, but also for everyone at SM, as they will have to deal with the fallout from someone's actions. It's such a sad thing to happen after an incredible amount of announcements this evening, which everyone should be buzzing about, rather than now dealing with this.
  18. Aw, yay! That's amazing news! I thought my chances of meeting her were pretty slim as she was doing one day, so this is brilliant news!
  19. Aw, I was hoping to be lucky this time. Hopefully next time
  20. Wow! So happy right now! I'm seeing the Matrix at the cinema next week to celebrate it's anniversary. This is even better!
  21. You're right. It's no big deal, really. Guest announcement. Pft. Who cares?
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