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  1. Excellent, I was really hoping he would be announced again
  2. Call me impressed
  3. WayneLee

    Films watched in 2019

    Watched Sharknado 5 last night, let's just say it's a cinematic masterpiece for all the wrong reasons but has cameos and appearances from so many people from Nichelle Nichols to Katie Price. Might even give the 6th film a go now
  4. WayneLee

    Guest Suggestions

    Alicia Silverstone Lucas Till Tia Carrera Christian Kane Lindy Booth Michael Palin James Spader Chris O'Donnell Robin Tunney Emily Deschanel Jennifer Garner Maggie Q Nicholas Lyndhurst Jeff Goldblum I think that's it for now, let's make me happy
  5. WayneLee

    Wrong Names Wround Up! - Spring Edition

    Good write up but I would say we killed the quiz, however as I forgot to go back at the end to actually see who did win it, mentally I will say we won
  6. Can it be checked what days he is appearing as above states Saturday only but photo tickets are available for both Saturday and sunday
  7. Looking forward to these next announcements but kind of want it to be someone I don't want as already have 13 photos and 10 autos for that weekend with sports and film stars. Plus in my opinion it will take something exceptional to beat Eddie Hall as a guest, he is my guest of the year for any con so far
  8. WayneLee

    Guest Change - Katee Sackhoff

    That's disappointing but solves problem when I booked photo shoot with her on the wrong day. Onwards and upwards to LFCC summer
  9. A complete no brainer photo shoot booked
  10. WayneLee

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAIN GLEN

    Double boom, great guest
  11. WayneLee

    Guest Cancellation - Charles Dance

    Gutting but maybe another time