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  1. Gif Free Soccerball World Cup Serious Talk Thread

    Excellent result for Mexico now lets see if Brazil can go one better than what all the 'favourites' have done so far
  2. Guest Suggestions

    I've just started watching The 100 and Agents of shield so anyone from either of those shows would be awesome
  3. Gif Free Soccerball World Cup Serious Talk Thread

    Hopefully Germany learn to play football at half time as they are my pick to win the whole thing
  4. Gif Free Soccerball World Cup Serious Talk Thread

    Personally i am a geek and i am looking forward to the world cup, i even have the Uruguay vs Egypt match on at my desk, but just dont tell my boss
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Please can we have Lindy Booth Erica Durance Kristin kreuk Eliza Taylor Christian Kane Brett Dalton Scott Caan
  6. What have you not watched?

    I have never seen the godfather films either, anything harry potter related, 99.99% of disney or pixar films never seen them. Stranger things, heard of it but no idea what it is and never seen any of the saw films, or nightmare on elm street films
  7. So, who're you seeing this weekend?

    I thought i would play it simple this year, 13 photos on saturday being Danny Glover, Robert Englund, Ade Edmundson, Mads, Richard Wilson, Kevin Pieterson, Billy Boyd, Phil Taylor, Sylvester Mccoy, Joseph Marcell, Ellie Kendrick, Aimee Garcia and Michelle Ryan Then sunday 3 photos being Anton Lesser, Neil Ruddock and England Legends and 14 autographs from footballers attending on sunday
  8. Just noticed on the schedule it mentions 'live auction' on both days, does anyone know what sort of bits they normally auction off.
  9. Apologies may be going blind but cant seem to find Richard Wilson's photoshoot time
  10. Guest Suggestions

    How about as Soccer Aid is being played the weekend after this event some of the celebrities playing in the game as they will be in the country getting ready for training. Names such as Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, Damien Lewis, Eric Cantona, Jamie Redknapp and Dan Carter. They will also go nicely with people aleady announced for collectormania that will be playing as well such as Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen and Kevin Pietersen
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from the cast of Librarians or Person of Interest would be good
  12. Guest Suggestions

    With the Arsenal 1971 team reunion about to be announced some time next week it would be amazing to have a few of the invincibles team to go with them. Plus some old school wrestlers Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, Mean Gene, Paul Roma Also worlds strongest man competitor and game of thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson would be so cool but dont want to be to greedy
  13. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - NEIL RUDDOCK

    Ruddock is a complete legend, cant wait to meet him
  14. Guest Suggestions

    With the couple more liverpool guests announced today maybe someone like david james to go with them and potentially some more sports guests for saturday