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  1. WayneLee

    Guest Suggestions

    Jeff Goldblum Micheal Keaton Eliza Dushku James Roday Noah Wyle Richard Ayoade
  2. WayneLee

    Guest Suggestions

    Following the huge success that was Meat Loaf back in July how about some other iconic singers that have also acted such as Dolly Parton for instance
  3. Excellent guest, was going to get photo in july but my schedule didnt allow it so time to correct that
  4. WayneLee

    Guest Suggestions

    Lets go with Dina Meyer Neil Patrick Harris Lindy Booth Jennifer Garner James Marsters Michelle Trachtenberg Nicholas Brendon Randy Quaid
  5. To go with Giggsy how about some of the class of 92 such as legends that are Paul Scholes and Phil Neville and to go with Dennis Law someone such as Bobby Charlton. On top of that anyone from the cast of Librarians would be cool
  6. Excellent guest, does anyone know what is the photoshoot upgrade part is in the diamond pass, are we expecting some more guests to go with Ryan.
  7. Omg, i have been asking for eddie for the past 2 years. This has made my year. So excited
  8. WayneLee

    Guest Suggestions

    With the children from the original IT being announced it would be awesome although i know very unlikely due to his health to get Tim Curry along with them
  9. WayneLee


    Excellent guest, got a photo with Jack about 3 years back at LFCC but now very tempted with Iron Throne picture
  10. WayneLee

    Step counts?

    I apparently only did 12,500 on average each day for the 3 days and that included walking to and from Barons court station each day. I guess mine is low as did 25 photos over 3 days so didnt move much from photo area
  11. Will the tardis photo be in the green screen area like with Matt and Chris
  12. WayneLee

    The “Thank You” Thread

    See i had complete different view as i was picking up my gold pass today there was a back log getting in if you didnt have your pass already, so even though at venue by 9 wasnt in the building until 10 past 10. The issue was queue was backed up with diamond pass pick up so held everyone up
  13. Thank you, absolutely no brainer for me as watching Chuck whilst it was announced and even guessed correctly for once. Can't wait to meet him
  14. WayneLee

    Big Guest Announcement- Tonight 9pm

    I hope its someone i want, maybe someone from Chuck would be cool as lost a couple of guests over past few days so have gaps in schedule now. Plus need to add to 23 photos booked as like a nice even number