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  1. Nice easy saturday for me, even get to attempt the quiz again this year, as cant do worse than last year
  2. Just watched the parent trap so the following would be cool Lindsay Lohan Dennis Quaid Maggie Wheeler
  3. For me I would love Terry Crews Dominic Monaghan Tia Carrere Lindy Booth As a headliner Jeff Goldblum and as a complete left field suggestion due to theatre work Alfie Boe
  4. My list is ever growing but look like this so far Friday photos Adam Baldwin Tom Felton Gina Torres Peter Serafinowicz Rick Gonzalez Rey Mysterio Joe Flanigan William Shatner Kirk Acvedo William Zapka Saturday photos Brendan Fraser John Barrowman Alfie Allen Blake Harrison Joe Thomas Robert Carlyle Carrie Anne Moss Val Kilmer Tom Ellis Jenna Coleman Sunday photos Emile De Ravin Christina Ricci Lana Parrilla Charlie Sheen Martin Sheen Plus want to plan in photos with Martin Kove, Robert Picardo, Zachary Quinto, and maybe Billy Dee William's And try to get auto from Billy Dee and John Barrowman if possible as well It's going to get busy
  5. Loved him in heroes, just waiting for sunday draft schedule before deciding what day to book
  6. It's strange I'm more excited for tonight's announcement than my holiday next week
  7. I think people are more into these announcements as clues have been given but obviously everyone cant be correct so i just hope that people dont react to badly if it's not who they think. A guest may not be right for everyone but to someone it is there whole world being announced
  8. Going by incredible moves line I'm going with Channing Tatum as he apparently danced about a bit in that movie where he played a magician called mike. Plus been in lead of many of films so fits second clue
  9. I'm jumping into the thoughts of Mark Ruffalo or maybe Tom Holland. 'Incredible' moves such as incredible hulk or dance moves such as 13 going on 30 for Ruffalo or Tom Holland in general when he starts Dancing
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